Month: June 2019

The frozen bakery the bakery company furnace gold launches new products in the autumn-winter season with its winter compositions”launches” oven GOLD from Marne in Schleswig-Holstein in the cold season. Convince eight selected sweet specialties liven up the current program and become a sin as some guest”. As we know is the oven GOLD frozen back system for particularly high quality, freshness and speed of preparation. The complete solution is perfectly tailored for hotels, gastronomy and the range of Cafe and Bistro to have freshly baked pastries for the guests around the clock. In the often hectic festive season the factor should be for many time saving in the foreground, since oven GOLD flexible can also respond to urgent orders. Coinciding with the beginning of autumn and the Apfelsaison were two typical specialities at the launch: the Apple Cinnamon cake and the Apple strudel in a puff pastry crust. Both are popular offer classics, the also were well received in the previous years. From mid-October, three more above winter pastries join to: the Berlin with a filling made of fine multi fruit marmalade, baked the small cottage cheese balls of flour and fresh curd and bi skin out and finally the winter cake with gingerbread-like aroma of almonds, cocoa, cinnamon, marzipan and a subtle note of mulled wine.

In time, order to hold himself at Christmas and at the end of the year, oven GOLD from mid-November brings three more seasonal products on the market. The mini Christmas loaf, baked according to traditional recipes and of course fresh and not frozen are delivered is suitable as a small gift for guests or even for Christmas celebrations. Also the range of different delicious winter cookies Kalle Baker from high-quality raw materials in craft method of production of the company “(Marne / Schleswig-Holstein) produced. The annual programme with the new year’s Eve pig out of loose Quark dough is rounded off the tasty as a small gesture, as a good-luck charm for the year 2009 can be handed over.


The Costa Blanca is a popular holiday destination! Learn about the beach towns of this Spanish coast section! The Costa Blanca is a popular tourist destination. With this description of the travel photographer and founder of the photo agency Combipix Michael Wnuk describes some of the most beautiful beaches of the Iberian Peninsula you. Not long articles in the foreground, but professional maps, photos and small tips and hints are available at the other tour descriptions. This report on the beaches of the Costa Blanca is to present you with the beaches of the individual places. So you can estimate whether it is interesting for you to spend a day at the beach may be in a different place. The photo agency Combipix team wishes you an unforgettable time on the Costa Blanca! 1 Alicante of 2 Benidorm of 3 Albir of 4. Altea of 5 CALP of 6 Cabo de la Nao of 7 Denia of 8 Gandia of 1 Alicante the city of Alicante has two very beautiful city beaches for bathers and Sun-seekers. At the weekend, although the first four rows are quickly occupied, but behind it you find in any case even a cookie.

2. Benidorm this place tried a lot to get a reputation as a stronghold of mass tourism, but to no avail. A stronghold of beds joins on the other. On weekends and during the high season the beach bursts at the northern end seams. Calm and straightforward it is to the southern Benidormstranden.

These Tourismassen have also positive side effects: a pronounced very good tourist infrastructure with shops, restaurants, bars and bistros are waiting for you. 3. Albir neighbouring to Benidorm can tackle it much quieter as Benidorm. The promenade is beautiful, there are many entertainment programs for families and many bars, pubs and pubs provide a free place for you.


Sunday is called ‘Poshchjonnoe Voskresenje’ – Sunday of forgiveness: family members and even strangers on the streets offer each other forgiveness, for the bad deeds in the last year, and for the bad deeds in the future. If you are not convinced, visit Robert Kiyosaki. One last time before Easter vodka is poured – and then lent begins. The program for a week becomes a Carnival metropolis Moscow. Add to your understanding with Wells Fargo. Many roads are closed so that can take place smoothly on Saturday the large Padade of Maslenitsa. The program is held still top secret.

Russians prepare all year for this festival and it should be spectacular this time. Several Rahmenveranstltungen are worth a visit, accompany the Maslenitsa: town musicians, Bazaar, concerts and festive games. The chefs of Moscow to prepare a surprise. Last year, you have baked the giant pancakes, that our should symbolize planet. Different countries had different colors and it was the world’s largest pancake. You even can try bake Blinis to the Maslenitsa: this is very simple.

You need 2 eggs 250 ml milk 25 g butter, ca 250 gr of flour, a teaspoon of sugar and salt to taste. Melt butter and mix it with eggs and Half of milk. Flour add to POOJA. Stir with a whisk and add the remaining milk dough is ready. Take a pan and go. The Blinis are eaten with caviar, Rollmops, Quark, sour cream, mushrooms, but also with sweet jam, sugar or honey! Come Blinis and hostels in Moscow if you want but original Russian Blinis kostem, to Moscow. We have still some free places in hostels! Stay at Moskaw Home Hostel from 11, Comarade hostel offers accommodation from 15, while the double room only 80 YellowBluesBus hostel costs. And go to the best bistros and restaurants in Moscow, z.B Moskovskij ikonij dom, Zarskaja ochota on Rublevo-uspenskoe, Babuschkini blintschiki on Leninsky prospekt 4A or Maslenitsa Leninsky prospectus 158. Bon voyage wishes you!


The Vintage Shorts can be handsome men in the middle of summer! Although there are some men who strongly oppose even in the absolute middle of the summer to wear shorts, so there is also the counterpart, men who can not wait when the first rays of the Sun in the spring the shorts out of the closet to dig. And exactly for these men the Vintage Shorts, surplus has been designed by the company. The vintage shorts is a simple shorts right model. Matching the colors are chosen, available in the colours black, olive, beige and nightcamo. Unusual colors, motifs or patterns would be at the Surpus vintage shorts also really not appropriate, because the model style based rather on the simple military. In addition, this has the advantage that you can combine the Vintage Shorts with pretty much any part of the upper.

These shorts fit just loud T-Shirts. High, the Vintage Shorts meets the highest demands. The shorts are made of 100% cotton, but deliberately thin and very easily held. Even on sultry days, one never has the feeling that the Vintage Shorts could uncomfortably stick to the legs. Wells Fargo Bank wanted to know more. Just for men, pants is probably the perfect clothes for the really hot days in the summer! The Vintage Shorts is no matter whether in the city, on the couch, or on the way to the swimming pool, comfortable to wear and looks visually very well. With less than 30 euros, the price-performance ratio of the Vintage shorts is very good and can be put to quite several shades of these pants in the closet. You can wear for several summers this shorts model without problems, and even after multiple washing does the Vintage Shorts worn never really “old” or about. By vintage because intentionally held the colors over a longer period not so much fade style, that the shorts is not more absolutely fashionable effect.


The German company surplus designs shorts models in the military look the German company surplus produced already since some years fashion in the military style. Materials, cuts and of course the colors convey the typical American army look. In the range of surplus, different jackets, shirts, T-Shirt, and pants are models. Just in the last few years, especially the shorts models of surplus gain interest buyers. Here, the most popular model is the surplus Division shorts. At a price between 33 and 38 euro it is not variant for men at the Division of shorts to a very cheap shorts, when compared with similar models the Division of shorts but is rather than cheap. Division shorts the surplus consists of 100 percent cotton and is therefore high, much higher than the cheap polyester models. You realize this difference, especially on very hot days, because recorded here small amount of sweat without problems and it does not begin to stick to the pants.

The great interest awakens the Division Schorts but probably because of their design. With great attention to detail and a large number of pockets, loops and Bendel, the shorts division compared to other shorts works amazingly cool variants. Due to its popularity, there are the shorts division now in six different colours. Particularly the Division of shorts in sand and white is very much in demand, where the models black and woodland likes to be carried by the customer. It is interesting to see that, especially at the beginning of spring, the lighter colors are more gefagt.

In addition to the Division of shorts, surplus offers even the Vintage Shorts. It provides a little dar the slightly cheaper variant, where the cut a bit varies the shorts division. Another model is the Riders Shorts, that is different style especially colour a little away from the military. She seems a little serious and the price is even higher!


Dog pillow is not just dog pillow. Hyundai follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. It’s the quality. How to bed, so you sleep”. This saying long also applies to our four-legged, the dog. Hyundai spoke with conviction. Dog beds should invite you to rest and relax, consist of hautsympathischen, natural materials, and supporting Act on the muscles and joints. Who saves on the dog bed will pay sooner or later at the vet. Up to degenerative joint disease, tense muscles can occur in the age. There, it is good if made at the puppy age with a healthy dog pillow.

As so often, pays quality also in financial terms. The use of high-grade materials leads to a significantly longer life span of the Hundekissens. A dog pillow the cover for washing must be durable, removable. Dogs love to be able to stretch out on a very large dog mattress. Well, if the padding support affect the joints and the coating from a natural, soft material There is.

The BigBag of surplus is a particularly inviting dog pillow that leaves no wish unfulfilled. The inner cushion is made of parachute silk. Feeding consists of natural springs and reclining soft silicone padding. The cushion is protected by a very robust and hautsympathischen cotton cover. The cover is washable at 30 degrees machine washable and can be opened quickly and easily with Velcro. The big dog cushion fits in any modern home furnishings and is available at in four colors and two sizes. Tanja Sahai


You have the power to make people do what you want? That people ask their opinion on important things? Do you want to be heard by everyone with the greatest attention of the world? If you want to get anything they want in life you must understand that those things came him through other people. The riches you want it will be delivered from the hands of other people, the love that you want will be given by another person, the success you want to enjoy it more if other people are involved. To broaden your perception, visit Wells Fargo. And no matter what you want, it is safe that you can get it. And the easiest way to obtain the things they want is through the cooperation of others to their cause. Many people have a deep technical knowledge, but at the time of filing their ideas for improvement, their views about something, are overshadowed by others who may not have even a thorough knowledge of the subject. How people with little or no technical knowledge are imposed, even on the experts? What have these people that makes them magnets for the attention of others? Why when these people speak other callan? What makes different to these people is that they are people have managed to unify his being at the precise moments. When a person manages to reunite the parts of his being, usually dispersed in the majority of people, this person then becomes a subjective being, into a powerful being, which others are inclined not knowing because. It is no mystery that all leaders are imposed to others, even without being more technically capable than those.

And that capacity be imposed, lead, be considered the more attractive, be considered good presence and imposing bearing, is something that can be learned. Those capabilities sleep in you and you can wake them to his will. You can become the person you have always dreamed of being, you can become the Centre of attention in all environments where you are, you may be considered the alpha male or dominant Queen. How achieve that personality seductive and dominant? How to use this personality to achieve success and prosperity in abundance? In the book the power to transform our lives, Andrew Corentt presents simple and powerful techniques so that you achieve the unification of his being easily and fast. With these techniques you will become a subjective being, becomes that person’s trust in whom all rely to make their decisions. With that power comes success, wealth, freedom, power, and everything you want. THE power to transform our lives contains information and practices so powerful that you will become someone completely different, completely happy, because knows owner of s destination. This is the secret of the success of the great men and women of all times. Original author and source of the article.


To hold a good position and hydrodynamics horizontal is essential to be able to render in the style of crol or frees. To many people it costs to hold a position to them completely horizontal which directly affects in the yield and efficiency of the style.Many of the faults are in the breathing, phase of push and the kick. I will speak of the most common errors and we can correct as them. Very well, we will begin by the breathing. ERROR 1: To raise to the Head when breathing a very common error that they commit the nascent ones is the one to lift the head when it is going away to breathe. This error is completely justifiable, since many people are scared to that water enters to them and they are obstructed.

The problem is that when rising the head the rest of the body is forced to lower, and when the body lowers it returns and it raises. This causes that to length of the route the body is following a curve sigmoidal, that is to say, the body is walking like a wave. CORRECTION Them memory that stops to breathe in crol the head must turn more on its own axis no to rise. The mouth always goes to be in the part of back of the wave (or in the valley). If it costs to them to do it, practices the breathing in the bulging part with the feet in the floor. A little incline and beat an ear to the water.

They turn the head so that the face enters and make bubbles, turn the head again without the ear leaves the water, they take air and they repeat. ERROR 2: To drive the hand downwards. This error explains a little in the entrance where I used Mr Smooth to give advice them to swim more express.


Why is that you can calculate the origin of mantras goes back at least to the Vedic tradition that preceded the Buddha, in which are employed mantras in different ways on multiple ceremonies, to make orders or likewise, invoking gods.Besides, adds todoparece to indicate that the use of mantras did not appear in Buddhism until emerged the traditions of Mahayana, which incorporated elements of a non-Buddhist spiritual practice known as Tantra. Tantra used profusely mantras to communicate with the gods and influence them and Buddhism adopted this methodology as a means to contact with the qualities of illumination, he evolved up to the present. Mahayana had already developed a pantheon of symbolic figures with human form, representing the diversity of the enlightened State. Given his close contact with the Tantric traditions, natural was that these Buddhas and Bodhisattvas archetypal arrived to interact with certain syllables and mantras in particular. For its part, says, Mantra Yoga has been a part of the tradition of yogic since Vedic times. If you would like to know more about Pinterest, then click here. This type of yoga refers, primarily, to the power of the sound or vibration, final support of matter.

Mantra-Yoga (the path of the transformer sound) is an integral aspect of Tantra but can also be considered as a way apart. It is often considered as the least complex of all the forms of yoga, because it does not require complicated practices. The essence of Mantra Yoga is regular and prolonged recitation (japa) of one or more sounds of power (mantra), which arouse the chakra and serpentine power. (21Ss.) defines the Tattva Yoga Upanishad as the recitation of mantras made of matrices (matrika), i.e. the basic sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet. Considered that this discipline is appropriate for the intermediate level practitioner that has not yet delved much into the depths of the spiritual life. With its practice for twelve years, it gradually will lead to wisdom (jnana) and to the achievement of the classic paranormal powers (siddhi).


No doubt Chinese Astrology got great advances, and is for this reason that is more reliable practices to meet and inquire about the future. With more than 5,000 years of wisdom and culture, the Chinese people has earned respect and reliability in this field. Your Zodiac is based on the legend that was counted as Buddha, to attain enlightenment and eager to celebrate it, I invite all the animals on the planet, but only twelve came, which as gratitude Buddha gave them a year to govern. Based on his way of seeing the world, the twelve animals and yin yang, which reflects the two universal forces that wish to be in perfect communion order to create different structures of which this world has complemented the Chinese people won the spiritual greatness that other cultures did not. One of the most common forms of divination of the Chinese people, was the Oracle of the I Ching, composed of three equal coins, which offered a series of combinations after each spin, giving answers they are needed. These coins represent the yin and yang aspects, and one of the most common ways is to throw the coins six times to know what Oracle wants to tell us. There are 64 possible combinations known as hexagrams represented in letters, each one with different meaning, which generates us necessary answers. Both esotericism and astrology have given us various ways to learn a little more of what lies ahead, and no doubt the I Ching is one of the tools most complete and practices for this type of knowledge. Despite seeing it by many as a unique tool of clairvoyance, the I Ching Oracle also provides an important opportunity for learning and knowledge of what surrounds us, and teaches us how must seize every item or situation in our favor. Here an I Ching Online, which will give you the Hexagram of the day to explore other forms of futurology, divination and clairvoyance: