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Innovation like central activity of the Organizations In a market of abierta competition, where the change follows one another in exponential form, the organizations constantly persecute the differentiation through a greater quality and a smaller cost to lead their segment, enterprise objectives that cannot be obtained without creating competitive advantages. These superiorities with respect to their competitors are created from the innovation. To innovate then, means better results derived from the possibility of producing differentiated goods or services or of using techniques more efficient than the competitors, improving not only the competitiveness but in addition harnessing the development to new markets, creating new businesses and even generating markets before nonexistent. Thus, innovation becomes necessary in the organizations not to disappear, global contexts that every time they change with greater speed and are more competitive.

Innovation that produces ideas that are translated in a differentiation until another competitor the copy and with time transforms itself into standard. To put in center of an organization to the innovation, means to promote the qualification and the development of its members, to concentrate in its capacities, to desestructuralizar its work, to flatten complex hierarchies and structures, to turn it into an organization decentralized and communicated in networks. To articulate it around formalization, work parties low, decentralizing the decisions, increasing the communication capacity, of management of the conflict and the diversities. Thus, the way in which the organizations locate as central activity to the innovation is through the construction of a network of professionals with high complexity in its formation but with one lowers to formalization as far as structures, decentralizing the power, reducing to the stratification in the distribution differential of the wages, generating habitually a low volume of production and putting little emphasis in the efficiency in the cost..

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DBM Spain, first company in the professional world of outplacement that gives service to 7,000 companies annually, has realised a study to know the reality the labor conciliation in the Spanish society. The results of this analysis conclude that around 46% of the employees who leave voluntarily their position in makes it to a company to be able to arrange their work with the rest of the aspects of their life outside him. Relaxation of the labor day, provision of services (day-care center, gymnasiums ), to foment telework or to extend the loss by maternity is some of the tools that allow an effective conciliation in the Spanish companies. The incorporation from the woman to the labor market, the unequal distribution of responsibilities between men and women in the deprived sphere, the perpetuation of the division of the work based on the sort and a deficit of communitarian services of support affect negatively to the equality of opportunities at the use, to the social balance, the familiar surroundings, enterprise productivity and a the quality of life. In some companies of multinational character usually he exists culture of familiar conciliation and professional, also the entrepreneurs with long term vision instill that culture between their employees, nevertheless is not most common. The rigidity of the Spanish labor market either does not invite to foment the conciliation. Our wage increases depend on the IPC, the dismissals are expensive and are many professionals who protect themselves in the generosity of the law to work less possible. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from JPMorgan Chase. Before this situation to the flexible managers and industralists much being costs to them still more.

There is a generalized fear to that DES a finger and you remain without brazo” , he explains Susana Saura, Director of DBM Spain in Catalonia. The experience of DBM in multiple organizations demonstrates that the conciliation is not a subject of policies but of people. Those that is autoexigentes and with high doses of responsibility they are those that the conciliation of work and family make possible. Industralists and managers that have professionals to their position with those characteristics usually do not have any fear to give flexibility and to favor, therefore, the conciliation. Nevertheless the professionals who govern their day to day based on schedules, that see the company like the punishment, that its unique motivation is the wage to the month end is very difficult that they get to arrange the labor and familiar life.

The conciliation in many occasions is a personal attitude and an individual option, explains Susana Saura. The companies must adopt measures to assure the conciliation their workers. The challenges that today they must approach the Departments of Human Resources are those to impel the management of the diversity, the innovation, and the flexibility. The company Drake Beam Morin (DBM), founded on New York in 1967, counts with more than 40 years of experience in human management of capital, transformation and transition of organizations. They offer its services in 24 languages, and have taken care of more than 50,000 companies and 3 million people at world-wide level. DBM Spain, with delegations in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao, was created in 1982 with an equipment formed by professionals of different profiles that provide solutions to the people and to the organizations.

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The complex labor world turns the dominion of the contract modalities and its consequent ways to calculate the wages in an independent section within the company. It is necessary a specific formation for those who within the personnel of the company will become position of the calculation of the working hours, of the permissions and licenses that correspond to the employee and of its social insurances. Paynet shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. To this end the best thing is to go to an credited institution as it is Foundation To know, where it will be able to receive the Course of Liquidation of Pays in Mendoza. The Institute In Foundation To know & Integral excellence labor advanced training courses are distributed whose certificates have official validity before the Direction of Technical Education and Work. This foundation is specialized in specific courses of beginning and improvement in the necessary knowledge for the entrance and maintenance of a modern company, therefore it is dedicated to the handling in all the computer science programs of management, design and programming that any modern business or commerce needs. method that follows is extremely practitioner, in order that the student secures the skills necessary to apply his knowledge in his professional exercise. Each course has not more than ten students, which guarantees individualized attention, reinforced with the use by each of them of personal computers equipped with the precise programs for the learning. The student will be attended in permanent form by professors with an extensive professional and educational trajectory who will apply the more advanced didactic methods to reach the desirable academic objectives.

In order to facilitate the access to the courses ample flexibility of schedules is offered with the purpose of to adapt education to the needs of the student. Theoretical and practical tests are due to surpass. In each of them a 70% of correct answers are due to obtain and if it does not obtain it, it will have to go to recovery tests. This speech positively of the level of exigency of Foundation To know whose aim is the integral preparation of the worker. The overcoming of these tests, next to the effective attendance to 80% of the school hours, will give right the student to obtain a Certificate of Labor Approval. The Course During Liquidation of Pays in Mendoza the elementary aspects of the relation between employee and employer will be observed. They will have to be distinguished enters those different types from contract that there is in the labor market and the different treatments that the legislation of the work give to them. The duration of contracts, its causes of renovation or extinction, the treatment of diseases and accidents as well as the obligatory day and the extraordinary hours are elementary aspects at the time of elaborating a list.

Also licenses, permissions and vacations must consider, because all this influences decisively in the final amount of the perceptions of the employee. Also the student will have to learn which are the elementary elements of the wage, concepts in which he is divided and retentions to which as much the worker as the industralist is forced, as well as all the social benefits to which the employee has right. Whoever to be to position of the department of lists of its company it will be forced to exercise themselves in the correct formal elaboration of the wage receipt and to reflect in the same all the demanded legal concepts.

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More necessarily in 1944, the Getlio Foundation was created by the Doctor Lopes Luiz Vargas, who contributes until the present in the formation of Administrators and Economists of entire Brazil. With this Foundation, was also instituted the EASP? School of Business administration of So Paulo, being plus a formadora institution of professionals of the administrative area in the country. From the decade of 50, Brazil witnessed the arrival of very great an industrial movement, with prominence for the Southeastern region, in So Paulo and Rio De Janeiro. These new companies, comings of the exterior, as Volkswagen, among others, had brought with them more modern administrative techniques, and for signal, strangers until then for the Brazilian companies. Amongst these techniques we can cite the concern most explicit with the Human resources, having been instituted the system of Evaluation of Performance of employees (CHIAVENATO, 2009).

Together with this question also can be mentioned the sprouting of the term ' ' Management of Pessoas' ' , where she is clearer the relation of behavior between employee company/practised by the companies just-arrivals, that it was not the case of Brazil in that occasion. Bill Phelan often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In this meantime, the companies had started to feel the necessity of another type of professional to act in the management area, a time that, had to the new techniques, was not enougher the abilities of somebody with a vision only focada in costs, as in the case of an Accountant, who was who many times co-ordinated the company. The paper of an individual that could manage an organization would be, now, something more than a numerical vision and statistics, not being able to only focar the resources of the company in the economy and the finances, but it had more points to be thought, the example of the human resources, the hand of workmanship so that the company functioned, and could reach the profits so waited by the proprietor.

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The next 5 years – the company's growth a few stops and the market is already harder to work – this is due to competition. Third Five-Year Plan – the pace of development of any company in all parameters are on the decline. In the last period of the new distributor extremely hard work – the market is closed! Competition fierce. The third period is very easy to determine, not only guided by the age of the company, but simple and obvious question to a stranger on the street: "Prompt, where around here to be representative of the company …?" – If the counter without hesitation call your nearest office of your company, be sure – you work for this company in this market (the city) would be very difficult! In this case, only one prospect – a low income. Remember, one of the first questions you should ask your sponsor before signing up for a network marketing company: "How many years representation of the company is working in our city? "Yes, I agree. Well, that office has more than 15 years in one city – a measure of stability, but at the same time, figure competition. Imagine an army distributors, the people pursuing the same goals as you, which advertise products that you do. And imagine that you started working one of the first distributors in your area: no competition, product delivery established, you can easily find new business partners and consumers, as your sponsor is always ready to help – you are doomed to success.

Let's summarize the benefits that you get if you decide to cooperate with the company network marketing in the early stages of its development, provided that if you treat this type of activity as work, not how to entertain: Financial independence. Personal growth opportunities to help others. Partners businesses that you trust. Customers who are happy to see you. Ability to travel at the expense of the company. Network Marketing – it benefits are the benefits this perspective, a way of life!

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The current economic position differs significant variability. Contact information is here: Wells Fargo. Changes occur constantly, and so that the data changes only purchase, you must constantly stay abreast of in accidents. Just for this purpose numerous workers seek every few years to change the position. This provides an opportunity to continuously stay on our toes, the search process and improve their professional appeal to theoretical employers. How much better trained employee wants to offer its services to the company, so he had more opportunities to get gainful employment. Therefore, for the majority of workers Today job search is a logical phenomenon, not even specifically related to the desire to change the type of activity.

Yet often we can each find a job position, similar to its present or higher, but where there is more prestigious the terms of cooperation. Or find a particularly promising area for their own development. Everyone knows that in many companies prefer a more substantial job to hire managers who have experience in such activities in other organizations. A fresh look at things is always valuable in the business, and at times no less important than long-term experience. For this reason, in order to "move" in a company you want to show themselves to a large extent, whereas fresh worker able to find almost the same average level of specialization. In all the large settlements of the existing labor market extremely high. And any person who wishes to find a job, always able to do it, because that work is constantly in Kiev, it should surely seek. Stereotypes of the past history period, when the job should seek out only in accordance with the acquired skills in school, currently in effect eliminated.

In order to change the qualifications required apply efforts to acquire new knowledge and skills. And to prove himself at the next place, that employer could be fully satisfied with the fruits of a new employee. In particular a significant role to date, may play lifelong learning. While education in conjunction with the implementation of major cases. Keep abreast of the latest achievements of scientific thought, economic information and related specialty novelties – not a state of emergency state of affairs, and a logical path to prosperity. And additional knowledge. Directly because today hardly find an employee who refused to work, which goes beyond the boundaries of his own duties. Since the acquisition of additional experience promises a profitable profession. Achieve success, because you deserve this!

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Top with fresh fish is open 3 days a week, other times it is a full-time student at a local university. 'You are not afraid to start a business?' I asked a question. 'It is terrible, did not want to become independent, to start working, but not for someone else but for himself. I worked a couple of years ago in a similar business, but I do not like the way the company operated. Some things I just infuriated and I refused to understand the manager.

Conflicts arose one after another. After much thought, I left his hometown and traveled to Dublin, to realize their dreams. Friends and relatives I had not, so we had to rely only on themselves. But the idea of his own business zatmivala all the insults and failures. I had a goal and I went for it! Now I am selling excellent fresh fish, many in this area know me and come just to chat or ask a new recipe. No purchase does not go away no one. I smiled, looked at the bag with the fish in my hands.

'And when you opened your business?' I said. 'Just before the crisis, and a half years ago,' replied the seller. 'I thought that people will visit the restaurants smaller, because outside the economic crisis, and therefore will no longer be possible to cook at home and invite friends. After all, irlantsev such beautiful and well maintained home is a pity not to use it ', she concluded. Started podhotit other buyers and I politely said goodbye. Lastly she told me about all of the expected developments in the area of the city for the next 3 weeks. It was very useful information. Thoughts about this business is not give me rest. It's had it all to grow and capitalize on the crisis! Excellent idea! Looking at the happy face of a man who develops the business, I want to step podtalknut those who are in reflections and dreams of their own business. Do not wait for later, then you can do today! Remember the parable of the elephant: If you've ever been to the circus or the zoo, you probably wondered: why in the aviary for Elephants and the old elephants, increasing by six meters, and very small slonyata identical chains attached to a small, dug in the ground column. It seems that the same contact with different animals completely illogical. Of course, an adult elephant's big and strong tie to a more solid and thick chain than a small elephant. After all, if you want an adult elephant can just walk away from the cage. He does not pull out of the stands earth column with a chain – for him it's like for us to pick a flower. A chain can break if a rope. But here lies the secret. Adult elephant has long forgotten what it means to fight for freedom. Long ago, when he was little, he realized that, despite all his efforts will forever remain in the cell. And so now, becoming a powerful and adult elephant, which is more than ten people, he believes that only a prisoner – and not even trying fight. Elephant, who kept kicking and trying to break the chain, still has not lost the will to freedom and a belief that he will succeed. Now think you have a small or large adult elephant elephant who has lost faith in the freedom? Source: Natalia blog Mezhov Author website:

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Most likely, you do not even suspect what unlimited opportunities and Job offers Oriflame company in Ukraine and Russia to earn its consultants. After all the vacancies offered by it, are ideal for saving family budget and develop their own business, especially since the company Oriflame is constantly increasing the range and quality of their products. Oriflame's products enjoyable and interesting work. And now I reveal all the details moments that you understand the principle of service. Ben Silbermann has firm opinions on the matter. Jobs Oriflame: So, there are three options for additional income c Oriflame: * become a Consultant Oriflame, that is to buy products for themselves and their families with a permanent 23% discount and more from the catalog price * sell products at prices customers catalog and receive 30%-ing immediate profit * to invite new consultants to Oriflame, develop their own group and thus secure a permanent growing earnings. Jobs at Oriflame is always free! You are probably like most people think that becoming a consultant Oriflame – that means running with a huge bag and sell all cosmetics in a row, it far from it! You in any case should not scare the word "sales" because of sell Oriflame is very simple. You do not need pre-sales experience: everything you need to do – to show it to people with Oriflame catalog that you meet every day, people with whom you just communicate. Every three weeks the company produces a new catalog in the Ukraine, and in it – discounts, news and other great deals.

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Statistically proven that the same staff position salary women may be less than that of men in 50% of cases. Of course, the situation changes with time, and now it's better than say 100 years ago, when the number of was 95-100 percent. And yet, the stereotypes persist. Let's look at why. The first reason. Paynet describes an additional similar source.

The social role of women and still confined to homemakers and child-rearing. Although the situation women in society is changing, and many of them have made significant progress in areas considered to be the exclusive domain of men, such as management, finance, marketing, IT, public opinion still does not quite come to terms with increasing role of women in business and society. Social stereotypes for the most part sometimes suppress the talents of women and self-confidence. Since childhood, her prepare for the role of mistress, wife and mother, without taking into account potential talent. I do not call women to abandon their natural successor to the destination type, the mother, because she think the family and children is a primary value in a person's life and not just women. Man without family, without support, without reliable rear too little that will do. I encourage women to develop and apply their talents for the benefit of not only his family but also for the benefit of society. The second reason. Many women, because of natural characteristics of the female mind, show humility, tact, without conflict, the ability to give the revision of the salary fund and staffing.

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1. Create a special mailbox for personal job search! Name box should be a business. This could be your name, what – what the word for the scope of your professional interests, etc. Should not be called e-mail address words like pushistik, kotenok diminutive or on your behalf. These names are suitable for personal correspondence rather than for business communication.

2. Do not use the job search your desktop e-mail Do not use when sending resumes and not leave a contact address your desktop e-mail. Even if a company or recruiting agency did not offer to you now, then they may well appeal to you in six months a year, or even 5 years! During this time, Your life can happen a lot: the number may change your home or cell phone, you can move to another city, but the address of your personal e-mail to find work will always be with you! 3.Podpisyvaytes in After each message, create a template of your signature at the end of the email. Avoid phrases like "good day", "Success in Business", "Prosperity for your business", etc. In this case the most appropriate standard the phrase "Yours." Signature must also include your name, e-mail, contact telephone number.

4. Save time recruiter! When creating an account for new e-mail addresses in the 'From' name and write your name in Latin. It is often – a variety of programs that read e-mail (Outlook, The Bat) misunderstand the character set of letters, and if the message body can be configured – in theme and in the 'From:' – it is not configurable, and the recipient of the letter of your name instead of what is visible – abrakadbra.

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