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In the Dutch Veldhoven is on the 26-27 02 the annual 3D fair RapidPro held February 26-27 the annual fair for 3D printing, RapidPro, in the Dutch Veldhoven will reopen its doors. On the RapidPro everything without exception revolves around 3D printers and accessories, and of course the latest trends in this area. Every year companies in the Netherlands and Belgium arrive here, to present the latest developments in the field of 3D printing. Laymen will wonder how many vendors there alone for this area in these two countries. The featured technologies are developed that it would trust them to be, soon to make the leap into the private areas of the consumer. The technology exists for 20 years, but it was affordable and profitable until the last years into just for large corporations. But in recent years there has been a big boost.

The hardware is cheaper and more manageable with every passing year. On Crowdfunding platform forums collect constantly just like Kickstarter several teams very successful money for bringing their innovative ideas to market. Currently camera is collected there, for example, for a 3D comes out with a camera and using a 3D sensor capable of is to record three-dimensional movements too, what else has provided a significantly more expensive and unhandlichere equipment. But what are the latest trends around the three-dimensional pressure? It will be especially curious scanners and large print formats on the recent progress made in 3D. 3D scanners can be used to reproduce three-dimensional shapes and figures for later playback with a 3D printer, without having to program the form with a typically necessary CAD program. This technology will be important for it to make the 3D printer suitable for mass production. Because without a 3D scanner must the user either with a CAD program itself can program the desired result, or get the code available. Also for larger projects using 3D printing technology to can, without having to print many small parts, the size of the possible pressure is becoming increasingly important.

Major construction projects can be implemented today by means of 3D printing, but here many items need to be summarized. This affects the stability of larger projects. Probably one of the reasons why you also today still not print out the own House. While at the smaller 3D many small businesses as innovators turn out scanners that work with multiple cameras, there are rather large corporations who take on the task of innovators in large developments, such as large-format 3D printer. You find more information about the fair at: Tobias Redlin for

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Certainly, each of motorists familiar with the situation, when a variety of circumstances, lost the only copy car keys, the keys remain in a closed car, in a word you find in extremely difficult situation. This material is not a guide to the dissection of cars with their hands – on the contrary, a balanced argument and consideration of the reasons for doing it yourself is not necessary. So, let's consider possible options for your actions. Try to discover the car and make it you can own, without professional help. In this case, the problem can be divided into two logical parts: penetrate inside and start the car. View the car in several ways: the key (but within the framework of this material, we are faced with a situation where it's not), smashing a window (before you do this, we recommend first contact with the dealership, servicing your car, and learn about the next date of recording the service and the availability of glass for your car in stock), and open one of the locks the car affordable for you.

It is unlikely that in this case you will have with them the necessary professional tools for opening locks, and what ye shall possess the necessary skills. Likely to recall previously viewed movies, you become a search for a long, narrow metal object resembling a school ruler, and try to slip it between the door and the rubber-sealing glass, trying to influence the mechanism of the door opening. Reveal car, for example domestic production, without damage, can, using the wire length is one meter. At one end of the wire is bent about 5 cm, after which it must pass through a seal door at the top. If the keys are in the car – turn off the alarm will not be difficult, but if they lost – is more complicated and goes beyond the material in this article. For purposes of this material, we assume that the penetration of the passenger compartment was successful. The task is complicated in that case, if the only set of keys after all was lost, so start the car with the key does not seem possible.

Again, remembering the American cinema, you can try to find a bunch of wires under the steering wheel and assume that you are able to find it. What's next? Pick off all the wires and try to do it at random? Doubtful. By this time you had to fully assess the chances of handwritten autopsy car and abandon the idea. Perhaps the only sensible option in this situation is to call a specialist on opening locks of cars without any damage. In 90% of cases, call the master ensures the safety of the castle and its continued operation. The remaining 10% of cases apply to situations where parts of the castle have physical damage or defects. In case of loss of key specialist can make a duplicate key for your car and synchronize it with your car's immobilizer. But remember, in the case of a specialist, a condition for the works is the presence of the applicant's documents confirming the ownership vehicle, but in their absence, a prerequisite is the presence of a policeman and the applicant at the opening car. Another important mention is that the master of lock picking car successfully cope well with a safe, reinforced and door locks. But again, only in the presence of an apartment owner or premises.

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Frankfurt/Vienna / Zurich, May 26, 2010: Over a third of search queries of the Personensuchmaschine Yasni aimed at the search for suitable people to terms. The Personensuchmaschine has last autumn as first supplier worldwide successfully positioned Web-based people search using terms in the market. On the basis of any keywords such as occupation, location, company, or ability experts on specific topics or competitors can be searched with first free targeted new business partners, qualified employees. While shortly after the launch of the new people search, yet 9 out of 10 searches involved the background search by name, is now wanted in over one-third of searches for suitable persons to specific terms. With the first background research in addition the reputation and qualifications of found persons can be checked quickly and easily. The current development shows that we are on a good way to establish ourselves as a guide for the service provider and expert search in the net.

The users can realize We offer a substantial added value with people search compared to traditional search engines, closed networks or cumbersome business directories in paper form”, explains Yasni CEO Ruhl. Against this background is reversed it to be increasingly important, sufficiently visible to the relevant key words on the net for candidates or experts. To optimize their own visibility and presence on the Web, first offers a free people-Expose under ex pose. About first names with the first search engine anyone can free Internet far right people key words such as company, profession, location, and all the information about one’s own or other people. Registered users can consolidate their information even with an own free Expose and actively present themselves to matching keyword in the search results. Yasni is management with 30 million queries a month the most popular starting point for people search and reputation. Contact Florian Schutz yasni GmbH email: phone: 0177 -.

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Business leaders in the region meeting with foot-ball legend Gunter Netzer in the Rhine EnergieStadion what to do football with investment? At first glance not much but for Gunter Netzer, sporting and economic successes were already increasingly close together. An open discussion with the football legend and the investment adviser Patrick ear village on the border between sports and investment strategy with the participation of Conference participants is entertaining conclusion of a varied daily program of this year’s GmbH Managing Director day in Cologne. “Our aim is on the one hand, compressed with key information on current topics and recommendations related to the successful management of their GmbH to supply the Managing Director,” explains Dr. Hagen Pruhs, Managing Director of the VSRW Publishing House and editor-in-Chief of gmbhchef Magazine: at the same time, we want to offer a forum for exchanging experiences and networking of the Managing Director as well as the speakers with each other. ” The topics of the eight lectures ranging from the consequences of balance sheet law reform over the question of how the assets of the GmbH Managing Director can be protected from accessing liability, up to new ways in the regional marketing a 35 minutes. As speakers the magazine has regained gmbhchef a number of high-calibre experts from accountants and law firms, accounting firms, financial institutions and companies (see program below). After the success of the two previous GmbH Managing Director days in Cologne, the company moved to a larger location has become necessary this year.

Therefore, the event will take place this year in the ClubLounge North of RheinEnergieStadions. Directly in the connection to the lecture room, participants can visit the accompanying trade fair. Companies in the region are about their services and products provide many of them with a direct reference to the topics of the seminar. More information and registration possibility under.

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Grau Data on the DMS EXPO 2013 data easily and securely between business partners exchanging with agorum, it needs a protected and trusted space. Exactly for this purpose, the agorum Software GmbH developed a highly secure platform: the DatRoom allows in the future to provide documents from the DMS such as Web-based agorum core online or offline through various clients for Windows, Mac and Linux and mobile devices. Thus, the DMS manufacturer offers a solid in-house solution which puts highest data security and provides control territory companies, because when exchanging data is always indirectly on the DMS resorted. A genuine, safe alternative to file sharing services that work together with external database provider on the Internet. Learn more about the DatRoom, which was created in cooperation with grey data AG, prospects on the DMS EXPO 2013, stand 5C63. Ostfildern 06.09.2013 agorum with the DatRoom the open source document management system core is a smooth data exchange between companies and guarantees such as suppliers, partners, or customers. The application combines the strengths of a file sharing system with which a DMS: the DatRoom is among other things browser-and operating system-independent, can be used Web-based and offline, promotes cross-site data exchange and any kind of device integrates into DMS workflow.

In addition, companies control all the permissions and accesses to documents with the DatRoom itself. It can be sent for example access links which are periods for certain and concede, for example, read, change, or upload right. In addition the agorum is intuitive and self explanatory to use core add-on module and the recipient of access links requires no own DMS to access documents in it. In the framework of the DMS EXPO 2013 from 24th to 26th September 2013, the agorum Software GmbH together with the technology partner Grau data AG introduces the data exchange platform. The release of agorum core DatRooms is planned for early 2014, as the module is currently in the development stage.

DMS Expo 2013 date note: Open source document management, agorum Software GmbH when: Tuesday, 24th to Thursday, 26.09.2013 where: Stuttgart Exhibition Centre, Hall 5, stand 5 C 63 more information about the company: further information on the DMS Expo: l/agorum-dms-expo-2013 agorum where-it-works / document management system core: the agorum Software GmbH is the manufacturer of the open source document management system agorum core. The company celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2013, because it exists since 1998 in Ostfildern/Nellingen, close to Stuttgart Airport. From 2002 the development of agorum core started in 2008 the two Managing Directors decided Rolf lang and Oliver Schulze, the DMS to provide open source software. Since then, agorum has established core as a highly flexible and easy to use document management system/enterprise-content-management-system in the market. Distributed and integrated is the DMS directly from the Manufacturer or about the approximately 50 contractual partners in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and of Switzerland. Press contact: agorum Software GmbH Stefan Rocker / Natalie Swiss E-Mail: / bird Valentina str.

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Students between individual and group language courses can choose schools with modern facilities in England, Malta, Spain, France, Italy, China and Morocco. Correspondence in English, presentations in French, negotiations on Chinese, training courses on German, expert texts on Spanish or Italian meetings. Without a professional course, today a candidate has such requirements. In the Rhine-Main region and beyond many companies on Sprachcaffe trust when it comes to the language training for their employees. At the latest at the first steps of the career planning is clear: account executives, venture capitalists, and data warehouse analysts with language skills in the profession are an absolute must. To a successful career multilingualism includes nowadays simply, whether as freshly baked graduate, experienced specialist or as an Executive. This special business courses, which help workers secure dealing with specific vocabulary and the characteristic structures of the business language is taught.

Whether it’s Small Talk or rhetorical subtleties: who wants to be prepared for professional communication with foreign business partners, can buy the easiest way the necessary tools of the trade on a business course. Long the required language skills are limited to it rather than English. Many new business relationships arise from the globalization at the international level. That among other things can mean for professionals: correspondence in English, presentations in French, negotiations on Chinese, training courses on German, expert texts on Spanish or Italian meetings. Without a professional course, today a candidate has such requirements. The German language travel organizer Sprachcaffe is known for goal-oriented learning and a proven for over 25 years, effective training concept for professionals. The highly motivated Sprachcaffe Language trainers are native, for the Adult trained language teachers who perfectly mastered the system of language. Students between individual and group language courses can choose in the excellent schools with State of the art facilities in England, Malta, Spain, France, Italy, Morocco, China and Germany.

Like the emphasis on concrete objectives. Before the start of the study, the personal goals and the current language level of each individual be determined first. The learning process is optimized by taking into account the individual types of learners. Furthermore, common social and cultural events are organized to optimize the learning success of business language course participants and to offer them interesting insights into the culture of the chosen host country. Because one thing is certain: linguistic progress occur through commitment and motivation, but much more fun learning! Because many professionals but do not have the necessary time, to take a language course abroad, the teachers also like to go in the company itself. In the Rhine-Main region and beyond many companies on Sprachcaffe already trust when it comes to language training and the training of their employees. Usually a personal meeting is preceded by the targeted language course in operation, where individual needs analyses, concepts, educational programs and an appropriate timetable be drawn up.

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A business plan take over business from the very beginning of responsibility for business and life gives information about whether a self-employment is success promising or not. In addition to the actual idea of especially the market analysis and the financial basis are documented. All too often, the necessary work-life balance is left but ignore. The contractor due to a too high loading fails however, is independence at risk. This know to report the business coach Caren Lady cliente business coaching & consulting company il. It has integrated this important aspect in your advice. Also, the Professional Association for health services and welfare services (BGW) in your current Edition 01/2010 their BGW releases “this topic took up.

Here it is: mental stress can become a trap that is difficult to overcome and permanently affect health but do not need it. Both on the personal and at the operational level there are ways Loads to avoid or to deal with them.”most young entrepreneurs are overwhelmed with the own life balance taking into account and simply uninformed,” explains the Managing Director Dirk-Oliver Lange company LifeB consulting in Hamburg. The physical and psychological limits are ignored completely. Only the business is paramount. Important social contacts and a physical and mental balance are neglected. The episode: State exhaustion Burnout – depression. Only at this stage, many entrepreneurs recognize how significant is the economic success to the own health. Taking into account the entire labour market the Bertelsmann Foundation 2009 in their health monitor, noted that a third complains of wage earners are about mental stress.

It cannot be overlooked that the requirements are higher today than a few years ago. Apply flexibility and adaptability, effective time management, as well as organizational and communication skills often as a matter of course. The advice and support of clients on the subject of life balance is very complex and time consuming. Therefore, Caren Lady by il has cliente for a cooperation with the company decided LifeB consulting. As the dual coaching, young entrepreneurs and clients in change processes optimally over a long-term successful self-employment will be informed.

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The minimum connection time – 25 minutes. Passenger and Baggage – through. The airport has everything you need for transit, apart from the hotel. Airport is open 24 hours a day. In long-term docking is possible to leave the city if there is a Schengen visa.

Benefits Airport – compact size, you can save short connections, the presence of a transit zone to the city center – 13 km, you can get different types of transport. The entire airport staff said in Russian. Its passengers airBaltic now offers 70 destinations from Riga in Europe, Scandinavia and the CIS. Demanding passengers – a full service in business class. Economy class passengers – cheap flights and an opportunity to add flight extras.

AirBaltic has a loyalty program chastoletayuschih passengers – BalticMiles, which allows you to quickly accumulate miles on airBaltic flights and partner companies and use them to get various bonuses and privileges. The program is fast gaining momentum and the number of partner companies is growing not only in the Baltics and in Russia. For corporate clients there is a system of tripartite agreements. We offer them a fixed rates for the entire contract period and flexible terms – a full refund of tickets, free replacement date and passenger name. The airline Air Baltic constantly have special offers on the site, as well as in systems reservations. Within a year, Latvian airline plans to launch new flights to Belgrade and Rovaniemi, Arkhangelsk and other cities. To promote the new directions are special low prices that can be found in all sales channels. The plan for the future – to continue the dynamic development, it refers to the number of directions, by 2014, the company plans to carry out flights in 90 cities in Europe, Scandinavia and the CIS. Air Baltic also try offer more interesting conditions for participation in the loyalty program BalticMiles – the number of program partners is growing, and with it the opportunity to receive bonuses.

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Port breakfast SAP business one has expanded its presence in the region of Hanover continued the OSC on the 28.08.2013 with the opening of the new Office in April 2013 and would like to establish the successful format of the SAP business one port fruehstuecke there. Therefore, the company invites interested parties to the: port breakfast SAP business one on the 28.08.2013, 11:00 to 14:00, shipyard road 15, 30163 Hannover. Addressees of this invitation are business managers and executives from companies in the middle market segment with a focus on trade, services and production. On this free event which offers interested professionals the opportunity to comprehensively and without obligation in smaller round about the benefits of integrated enterprise software company SAP business one to inform. For more information, events/regional events / Company Description: since 2004 with SAP business one, the OSC smart integration GmbH offers small and medium-sized enterprises an integrated,.

proven and turnkey software package that is designed specifically for the needs in the middle segment of the market. As the first SAP gold channel partner for SAP business one in North Germany advises OSC smart integration GmbH their customers on the basis of experience comprehensively and professionally at the locations in Hamburg, Lubeck, Hannover and Dortmund.

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This is the saving of 50 rubles – a glass of popcorn or two liters of "Pepsi Cola". Please visit santie botha if you seek more information. Needless to say that for half an hour you can go much more than eight miles away? Especially at night. As you can see for a big company order Forums – a great opportunity to get to places in comfort and save money at all out of place. Now let's consider the second case, when you need to, for example, razvezti guests after the party. As Typically, the party ends late, and send visitors to public transport is not possible. In any case, we have to do a taxi.

As a rule, order a taxi or for each guest, or share them into groups – by region. It turns chaos and disorder – people get confused between the cars, drivers swearing, counters – ticking. Meanwhile, a great option would be to order a minivan. In the spacious interior fits just six people. Driver is to build a route so that all of rational razvezti home. You only need to cook all the addresses route.

Another reason why the less expensive vehicle in St. Petersburg through our company is that we believe the cost of travel is not for kilometers and bounds. As already mentioned, the majority party ends at night, when the city can move fast enough. Accordingly, the time payment – more favorable than the settlement of kilometers. Oh, and do not forget that our taxi at night is cheaper. Hopefully, this article was helpful, and you can save time, nerves and money by ordering a van, and no ordinary taxi. 'Taxi Caravan' – a low price, comfortable vans, experienced drivers and safer travel. Everything that you used to wait on the taxi services. Taking an order, we want our passengers a pleasant journey, and ready answer for those words. Vyacheslav Terekhov Taxi Caravan – Booking vans in St. Petersburg

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