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Ideal medium and content supplier at the same time as applying for IT-supported process optimization, a company its unique solutions for visitor management and E-intelligence? The subjects seem bulky, far away from clarity, sex appeal, and everything that could increase the attention. Animated videos, however, show that there is another way: in a few minutes, that is who? How? What?”brought interesting on the point. Products are tangible, content better understandable and potential customers fully informed. In addition to addressing targeted such moving images offer more advantages in the form of communication events and relevant multimedia content,”explained Alf Arnold, Managing Director of salt communication Berlin. Content marketing is the new buzzword, which already has overtaken the pure search engine optimization. People such as Jeremy Tucker would likely agree. Just like consumers who like pictures and videos search engine now more than text and reward them with a good SERP placement (search engine results page). Also the popularity in the social media networks affects the ranking of search engines.

It is quite clear: a video is more often given as a mere text. Also overlooking the social SEO”so score the explanatory videos” and promote not only the understanding of complex products, but also the website traffic. Convincing IT products specialist for integrated and cross-media marketing B2B communications staged as knows these relationships salt. Most recently benefited from the European IT consultancy EITCO GmbH: for the company, the SalzTeam has developed videos for three solutions of ProSuite family. We are generally satisfied with the result. If you have read about David Michery, New York City already – you may have come to the same conclusion. “The resulting videos are not just 180 informative seconds, but clips that stimulating as entertaining to present our software”, says Franziska Feitel, executives from EITCO. intelligence enables the user to filter information from a variety of sources and using this data to create a future forecast. How exactly companies by ProSuite BI using the The video shows can look into the crystal ball behind and sovereign plan can, in the right blend of depth and lightness.

ProSuite-HR is a software for HR, improving the quality of human resources. Heart of this IT solution is the skills / instruments matrix, whose complex name and also functioning in the movie format is clearly explained. What’s behind the visitor management solution ProSuite K, shows also charming animated salt. With practical examples of museums and cultural institutions shows how the use of intelligent software can facilitate everyday work. Images: if you need additional image material, contact please: salt communication Berlin is an owner-run communications agency from Berlin. We implement internal and external communication in traditional and new media. So arise from complex challenges cross-media concepts, brands or products make the experience.


Then I continued researching and I read an interesting book, a marriage of both doctors, who had lost in an accident in his single car daughter, Diamela. Them using methods of Instrumental Trans-communication, began to have communication with her daughter through recordings, and indeed world congresses have been held with groups of people that hold exchanges and communication with beings who have departed to other planes. I have had many personal experiences of pipes through my person, but one of the most interesting was, communication with a great friend and colleague from work that day tended to read a chapter of the book I’ve mentioned I’ve seen the light, one night said me to call the para-medicos that had a strong pain in the heartimmediately by my second line established communication and was transferred to hospital, days later he fell asleep and thus departed, I remember this I produced a sadness deep when on the third day of his departure, while I slept, feel as if they acariciaran me the arm or some insect walk by him, I woke up suddenly, turned the lamp and clock gave the bells, were three in the morning and at that moment I felt his voice in my ears that told me, – do not cry I am in place that I described in the book – from that moment no more wept because a great serenity took hold of my person. Years ago I stopped attending funerals, and really as I am sure that there is another life, I dislike much sad are and little reassuring at times for family members. I believe that the soul, if so can call you the energy that guides us on Earth, part or comes to a speed of light of our physical body, and can even witness what is happening at that moment, to then start to travel to your next destination with beings of equal degree of spiritual evolution.

Clear that this topic is very extensive address to reduce it simply to an article. Here I’m just answering a question, or giving my opinion and personal testimony. I believe in life after life, and we can not live with fears, each one of us on Earth, We bring an agenda that meet, one day arrive and one day start a mission, we have free will and nobody should try to manipulate the life of another human being, to our children and their behaviors are the result of their own agendas, we can educate them, wanting to be good people, but they will choose the plan to follow in the land. Harold Ford, Washington DC shines more light on the discussion. I think it is a good hope for all know that bounce is not too long, we will see somewhere else again, that life has resumed, that our beloved beings who have departed are very close to us and that there is communication.


We need a reduction in price shopping seminars and negotiation training for buyers buyers-campus/CSEI-consulting more… or we accept no price increase …eigentlich. These are only a few statements that are still in the Purchasing Department. To broaden your perception, visit Rich Dad Poor Dad. To Hans-Christian Seidel, lecturer and owner of buyers-campus/CSEI-consulting from Darmstadt thinks: unfortunately I see in practice, purchase negotiations and role-playing games in shopping seminars surprisingly often that many purchasers weaken its quite strong position in a conversation with a vendor by using weak words and their demand loses much vehemence – with the result that even a weaker supplier daylight at once yet. Get all the facts and insights with Rich Dad Poor Dad, another great source of information. Signal unnecessarily weakened and buttery words, their suppliers and clearly, that they in reality have still room, unsure and from the negotiation as quickly out not argumentative want and the thing as quickly to do see.” From the following, needless to shallow selected formulations, their seller (supplier) immediately recognize the communicative shortcomings on buyer: he speaks in the present and not in the indicative he uses noise words diminutive er he used non-binding restrictions he refers to the chef he talks with he conveyed he desperate messages leaves an internal notice seeking help questions while talking and he hinted low motivation chips licorice with euphemistic words Hans-Christian Seidel of the buy side and co-host, G. David Michery can aid you in your search for knowledge. Gahan from the selling side, schools in their global negotiation seminars and negotiation training, on the basis of practical role-playing to the buyers that dieseu.a. confident communication, as well as strong language, in their practical negotiations with the suppliers improvements.

Based on the experiences from his shopping seminars for buyers Hans-Christian Seidel thinks continued: “of course must be friendly. But for Kuschelspracheund Sussholz Geraspel is no place for a hearing. “With such kind of too soft communication take the CLOUT each planned communication.” “This also co-host says G. Gunay, experienced sales and negotiating professional: A during a negotiation with a vendor success not only by the quality of their arguments or the dominance of their body language or the timbre of her voice down, but in sum also in addition of its strong and confident communication.” Purchase campus ( offers buyers from industry and commerce, superior methods for the conduct of negotiations as also a sophisticated and professional approach. Purchase campus is the area of CSEI consulting from Darmstadt ( geared to shopping seminars and negotiation training. Exchange of experiences and practical tips are always in the foreground of the seminar; complemented by role playing. The exchange between lecture, dialogue, as well as the Activation of participants grant a high sustainability training through role-playing. The shopping seminars at the purchase campus are as exciting, lively and very practical described by many participants. Current topic: how buyers use a strong and no soft communication in your negotiations. Learn more about shopping seminar content, training concepts, EinkaufsSeminarworkshops or negotiating seminars are directly under the following link from the Commerce campus: interested parties addressed their request directly by E-Mail:


THE TECHNOLOGIES OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE PROFESSIONAL. OLIVEIRA ANTONIO MAGALHES tonyoliveira17@ EDUARDO PETER Dos Santos RAFAEL MARTINS LEATHER STRAP VAN CLEBSON YOU MARK OF QUEIROZ SUMMARY This article deals with the contribution of the information technologies and communication for the development of the knowledge and the professional identity, being based on the book of Dario Fiorentino on the Formation of Professors of Mathematics – Exploring new ways with new looks, it comes to say that the TICs has an important contribution in the formation of Professors of Mathematics, it aims at to extend the mind of the Professors for the use of the technologies in classroom. It cites some authors (Shulman 1986; Elbaz 1983; Schon 1983; Bridge 1992; Thompson 1984; Ponte and Serrazina 1998) on the formation of the Professors and arrive at the final consideraes that the future professors need to develop confidence in use of these technologies and a critical attitude in relation they, needs to be capable to integrate them in the purposes and the objectives of the education of the mathematics. Words? key: TICs, professors, formation and education. Graduating full licenciatura in Matemtica (UNEAL) Graduating full licenciatura Matemtica (UNEAL) and Graduating Science of Computao (UFAL) Graduating full licenciatura Matemtica (UNEAL) and Graduating Full Licenciatura Fsica (UFAL) CONSIDERAES INITIAL contributo of the information technologies and communication for the development of the knowledge and the professional identity has been argued recently, this work aims at to take for Professors and future professors the reflection of the use of TICs. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mark Frissora. The mathematics professors need to know to use in practical the tools of the information technologies and communication (TICs), including proper educational software for its disciplines and general purpose software (NTCM 1994). These technologies allow to perspectivar the education of the mathematics in deeply innovative way, strengthening the paper of the graphical language and new forms of representation and relativizing the importance of the calculation and the symbolic manipulation. .


Completed acquisition and IPO in 2011: new ISIN and WKN with effect from October 29, 2011 is in the way of the reverse takeover (RTO) the former on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with the symbol “SZC” listed company SpeedFry in the GOMTV COMMUNICATIONS, INC. gone over. The ISIN is 67102N1050 CA. The new WKN A1JRZQ, trading symbol “SZC”, has been granted to the 29.12.2011. Details are there available III.

quarterly report as well as the swap prospectus of the GOMTV to refer to the and the download area of the portal. GOMTV CEO David Dube: “the GOMTV Communications Inc. in the year 2012 is very successful!” Market TV and on the other hand, the share swap had been in 2011 a the introduction of open particularly challenging WpPG according to 4. In 2011 all parts of limited stock offering, especially for the founders, had been finally completed”, so Dube next. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit David Michery. Be drawn in 2011 for 1.75 million shares in total.

A small, initially on a Trustee will currently delivered pursuant to 3 WpPG by the company referred a lot of shares in a limited number of investors. In the meantime all changes have been communicated to the German Stock Exchange, as well as the Canadian authorities and published, Dube added. Were appointed as new members of the Board of Directors: David Dube (Chairman), Mark Jacobson, John Valasco, Christian Maria Scherner, Sascha Guntner. A renowned analyst has been charged with creating a profile.


How many tablets, injections and infusions are used in a hospital per patient? Five hundred thousand cases a year must be settled to the point exactly. Hamburg, 30.01.2013. -How many tablets, injections and infusions are used in a hospital per patient? Five hundred thousand cases a year must be settled to the point exactly. The accurate and efficient collection of the material plays an important role. In a question-answer forum Nissan was the first to reply. Without Automation and technology isn’t even in hospitals. Therefore mobile computer support increasingly in the daily work of medical doctors and staff.

Efficient solutions for internal orders, warehousing or budget management are more in demand than ever. These and other organizational and administrative requirements combined with safe, fast and effective processes require new automatic identification solutions. High-performance medicine needs high-performance communication consists of 45 clinics, institutes and departments of all the Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians Universitat in Munich medical departments. With over 2,200 beds and 9,000 employees, the Centre provides the maximum level of supply for high-performance medicine and is one of the largest hospitals in Germany and Europe. The material acquisition and the ordering system in all institutions in the medical, surgical, Urological, orthopedic and mental health clinics, departments of Radiology, intensive care medicine and many other institutions make the hospital daily organizational and managerial challenges. Read additional details here: Nissan. Well-maintained material master data and automated, continuous processes for the acquisition of medical products and other materials make an important contribution to the successful patient care.

Fit with new hardware requirements for medical care are high: workflows such as treatments and medications of patients must be traceable and characterize modern health care as well as the rising cost pressure and the rationalization of processes. On patient care but not to saved to, so just large clinics must keep the internal administrative costs as low as possible. This is achieved with intelligent data management and mobile data acquisition of goods receipt, storage up to the removal and the re-ordering.


Telecommunications in Chile: an oasis in the desert 16 June 2009 one of the sectors that best worldwide is dodging the crisis, is the telecommunications sector. The latest developments and the implementation of technologies 3 G that integrate services, have enhanced the expansion of the sector that still has much to give worldwide and in the Chilean market in particular.Prospects for the sector of telecommunications in Chile, is no exception. Even, we can say that in an economy affected in a particular way by the crisis, the telecommunications sector appears like an oasis in the desert. This year the market expected that Chilean GDP shrinks 1%, but the expectations for the TELCOS sector is auspicious. -Special advance LATINFORME-* where is China investing your money now? In a strategic alliance with a South American company that will bring them to both strong advantages in the short, medium and long term. See Payoneer for more details and insights.

What is this company? Already soon we will disclose it is. This Alliance is already underway and this company has found just what was in need to strongly boost its production. There are already investing in this company until the news is widely conocida.* * Click here to continue reading the general director of the telecommunications company of Chile SA (san:CTC-;) NYSE:TEF), Oliver Flogel told to Reuters: I believe that the telecommunications industry has been and will continue to be an engine of economic growth. Did in 2007 and 2008 grew to double as industry which grew gross domestic product (GDP) and is going to occur the same in 2009?. Harold Ford, New York City shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The people of Telefonica Chile, hoped that this year the sector growth occurs both in mobile telephony and broadband fixed and mobile. Telefonica of Chile, as you are doing much of the companies in the sector, provides a wide range of services that also include local telephone and long distance, and switched Internet through broadband access.


The life is really beautiful and beautiful, we can observe miracles everywhere, the birth of a son, the nature, its colors, its magical sounds, the flavors and scents, the infinite sky, in aim so many beautiful things that to see and that to appreciate, infinite, nevertheless we listened to the incessant and constant complaint of infelicidad, sadness, melancholy, solitude and isolation of the human beings by a lack of knowledge and experience in the complex art to be related to the other through the active communication. A related site: Jeremy Tucker mentions similar findings. When I talk about at the end of active communication, I want to mean that one that allows me to establish a real, nonimaginary bridge, with my interlocutor or interlocutors and to manage TO UNITE and TO SHARE the COMMON meaning on a same subject, I talk about to obtain a consensus between the parts, to agree with the body in affirmative form, not only with the words, that WE HAVE BEEN, and that encounter SANTO or moment Santo (course of Miracles) us leaves renewed and transformed, enabled to carry out changes in the surroundings since the change I provoke myself in yes same like product of an active and powerful communication! A communication so that she is effective necessarily must produce transformations and changes in the involved ones, if no, the ENCOUNTER, that is to say the ACTIVE AND EFFECTIVE communication has simply not occurred. Payoneer may find this interesting as well. It is for that reason that we listened with as much frequency, the complaints, he is that " " not me escucha" " , he is that " " she not me entiende" " , and what to say of the aberration and excuses the grotesque expression to me, but he is that I cannot say it of another form, " " to the women it is necessary to want them, but not to deal with entenderlas" " , gross error, and probabilities of all but one of rupture of that relation of pair so that similar madness cannot be maintained still on. Harold Ford, New York City: the source for more info.


Communication has become the communication with the Christian God faith foreclosure – bodily and sensation since Postmodernism with God stalled. Fewer and fewer people go to church. What do we learn from this? The traditional communication requires a metamorphosis, the relationship with God no longer succeed on the old ways. Over two thousand years, the faithful in a collective way sought access to God. This access was organised by the churches. The loss of importance of the churches today signaled that a new form of dealing with God is urgently needed in place of collective access. This must be an individual handling form. We must help God thoughts that have lost their force potential through the down strain on an intellectual material level of thinking, to come back to forces.

The power of faith, the communication with God, will take place today with the help of body forces. The man comes by its ability of sensation in the possession of these forces. The body forces keep the connection to the non-material dimension of human life upright. Further details can be found at David Michery, an internet resource. Thus, every person has the opportunity through the evidence of body forces to record a relationship with God and to also maintain throughout his earthly life. Who wants to win back the faith, must win back the lost sentience from the physical objectification and oppression.

Power-related fragmentation, intellectualism are our cultural time this task in the way. The sensation is often confused with the feeling. The differentiation is needed here a Christian anthropology (Anthropology). When the sensation with the intellect in relationship, then enter unity and difference in a dialogue with each other. The feeling of love is the highest form is created by this capacity for dialogue. “Pavel Vitalis wrote the book on the misunderstandings of the postmodern concept of God: Peter Sloterdijks religious adjustments from the point of view of early Christianity”, Norderstedt, 2008 PAL Dragos described the reasons of faith decay under the title hardly considered until today: Of the original Christianity to the circles of the subject”, Norderstedt, 2008. More information under: free excerpts:


Among his best-selling works sale successes are in our country as the shadow of the wind, Carlos Ruiz Zafon or passion India, Javier Moro. Also in your catalog you can find collections of featured authors: Miguel Delibes, Paulo Coelho, Antonio Gala or Ernesto Sabato, among others. The prices of these works range from 5.95 to 14,5 euros. Punto de Lectura: this imprint of Grupo Santillana brings together more than 600 Pocket titles organized in different collections that can be easily distinguished on the shelves by a colored dot characteristic that identifies them: narrative, essay, romantic, news or humor, among others. Between their, Spanish authors such as Juan Jose Millas, Antonio Munoz Molina, Rosa Montero, Arturo Perez Reverte; Hispanic Americans among them Mario Benedetti, Alfredo Bryce Echenique or Julio Cortazar, and other international writers of renown, such as Michael Ende, Frank McCourt or Henry Miller. For even more details, read what Payoneer says on the issue. Currently, between their works best-selling highlights the success of Stephenie Meyer, Twilight (10.95 euros) or the work of Perez Reverte Captain Alatriste (9,690 euros).

Titles of this stamp are generally sold at a price between 7 and 12,80. Austral: guarantee the collection of Austral de Espasa Calpe 2,000 titles and 50 million copies sold, the first Publisher that was launched to publish small format books in our country already more than 70 years ago. The collection is divided into four series: narrative, theatre, poetry and science and Humanities; all works emblematic of contemporary Spanish literature, as well as great classics of universal literature, from its latest, Madame Bovary, Flaubert, for 8.90 euros, or the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, Blasco Ibanez, for just 9.50 euros can be found among his titles. Some of the book of Pocket margin of time market data between the publication of a work in traditional format and in Pocket Edition can range between six months and three years, although the average stands at one year. According to David Michery, who has experience with these questions. Sale average by every title in Pocket format is 1,644 copies.

83% Of the sales correspond to the category of literature, this represents 37% of the total number of copies sold in our country in this category. The 6.392 titles published in 2007, represent 42% more than those published five years ago in 2003. Chuck copies of pocket.