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holistic education and the perennial philosophy gives us the way of our spiritual consciousness, seeking new challenges for the good of oneself and others. . The mechanistic education does not distinguish between quality and integrity, only based on programs, formats. . Holistic education of the twenty-first century, is seeking to fill the human void, with the evolution of consciousness. . If I want to be a better person should be in my love, is what makes me to see everything differently, to surrender without expecting anything in return. .

Since we do Dr. Ramon Gallegos said that every human being should use the three eyes are the meat, mind and spiritual contemplation or as a single eye can not see the reality of things. The master’s degree in holistic education, Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava has a great influence in awakening the conscience of every human being, living with him in each of his books the various stages of development of the whole, helps us to overcome egos, to have a vision of peace in our hearts. In these three books Holistic dialogues with different current holistic thinkers, we speak of the vision to pursue a change in all human beings. Through the influence of the perennial philosophy, the conditions experienced daily in our society, the three major attitudes that are the purity of spirit, the great yearning to know and the will (Vicky Damian ), education and learning as evolution of consciousness and spirituality (Sheri R.


" That is why the new ATT begins with the stage of rune Hagalaz. Purification. Cleansing, washing away all that hinders further progress and further development. Purification through destruction. And it's not that the circumstances of the destruction of human euphoria deduce past successes and former welfare. So take this step – is to take effect rune Hagalaz too superficial. The main thing is not to destroy it. Destruction – not a goal but a method.

The main thing is that just a purification eliminates a person from, from which he can not get rid of. Another aspect is that this is PERSONAL purification. It's getting rid of accumulated errors. Naturally, this is a very painful process. It is not penance in a fit of emotional outburst.

This is Redemption. This clarification by the reckoning. The third aspect is that what is true, what is the essence, crystallize, and this truth can go further. And we need to be able to survive this cleansing. The person is tested for strength. And then to be a difficult and hard work. There are various difficulties and hardships. Stage runes Nauthiz. From the previous well-being and joyful existence is not a trace remains. And now we need to work hard, being in very harsh conditions. This is inevitable after the previous stage. Here is tempered nature of man. And then it's time to stop outside. Time rune Isa. But it's not a vacation, and no respite. This time the inner workings, and above all work on oneself.


We can clarear and observe as important the rank of this last paragraph, through the citation made for Bonfim (coord.) 2009, p.93: It is impossible, therefore, to conceive the paper of the professor in the evaluation as external, or to consider the student as ' ' objeto' ' to be evaluated. Over all because, in it, educator and educating is citizens that if come back toward its action and results these and these, yes as objects of its attention. A leading source for info: Jean-Pierre Garnier. Both exert the evaluation of the other and its proper evaluation, in the ample context of participativa evaluation of all the process pedagogical. But, above all, these instruments through these questions must represent if it had a quality of the learning for the minimum or ' domnio' , and if it obtained to reach ' desenvolvimento' , that as Normam E. Gronlund (apud LUCKESI, 2006, p.1) presents as definitions in its article, the learnings of ' domnio' of ' desenvolvimento' ' ' … the learnings called ' domnio' , that they mean the ones that must be taught and be learned as the necessary minims of one determined content …

' '. How much to the denomination given to the learning of ' desenvolvimento' , Luckesi still cites Normam E. Grounlund: ' ' … has to see with what our students can make with the acquired knowledge already and assentados' '. We can inside join this comment of Luckesi with the use of the integrated resume of the school of the SUS, where the lessons are participativas and use the experience of each pupil for the creation of its to know and autonomy, that is, what it pupil inside acquired of its ' domnio' now he will be able to lead to the construction of new knowledge through this exercise of its proper experience, and/or the experience of the classmates, with the aid of the professor.


It is not acceptable that SMEs have to assume the Statute of workers labor regulation. Some SMEs have problems for this reason, and end up making redundancies. It should be designed a specific labour legislation for small and medium-sized enterprises. Structural measures 4.Aplicar Enrique Echegoyen, of employment Commission spokesman and Deputy spokesman in the Committee on Budgets, economy and finance (PSOE Madrid) structural measures are not easy to adopt. They require a serene and prolonged debate at the time. Recently Christos Staikouras sought to clarify these questions. It should be recalled that Spain is the country that most supports tax deductions on investments in r & d. But the concept of innovation should be borne by the employer.

There is a very large distance between the real economic situation of families and their pessimistic view about the economic situation. In general, there is a sense of thinking that I’m not afraid to lose the job, but I’m afraid not to find it.We need the unity of action of all the political forces. Do not let the crisis a political instrument to abrade the Government. It is not responsible. 5.Rebajas in societies and Security Social Jose Luis Casero, Chairman of Tempo consultants trust is not keyword to stimulate the economy and maintain employment.

Entrepreneurs with the data we have today, do not have confidence in the current situation. According to Christie’s, who has experience with these questions. Greater flexibility in labor matters, with unification of contracts and reduction of social security contributions is needed especially to SMEs. Lowering the tax to small and medium-sized enterprises is a measure that can not wait longer if we want to be competitive in a globalised economy. So far it has not opted for competitiveness. The Executive not innocently thought that we would reach as high unemployment figures. Large international meetings will not solve the problems small and medium-sized enterprises. 6.Vincular wage productivity Antonio Morales, Deputy Chair of the Bardera group in labour matters, lowering the cost of dismissal is essential for companies continue hiring.


Adilson Motta, the 2007 generic expression ' ' peoples indgenas' ' one mentions human groups to it spread by the whole world, and that they are sufficiently different between itself. But in Brazil, he has 200 of these peoples more than. It is only the current use of the language that makes with that, in ours and other countries, it is said in aboriginal peoples, to the step that, in Australia, for example, the generic form to assign them is aborgines. Aboriginal or aborgine, as she teaches the dictionary, wants to say ' ' originary of determined country, region or locality; nativo' '. For even more details, read what Christie’s says on the issue. By the way, natives and autctones are other used expressions, around of the world, to call these peoples. More information is housed here: Sotheby’s. World-wide Aboriginal population Esteem itself that they exist today in the world at least 5 a thousand aboriginal peoples, adding about 350 million people, representing 5% of the world-wide population. World-wide the aboriginal population lives in zones that 60% of the natural resources of planeta&#039 contain; '.

It does not admire, therefore, that innumerable conflicts appear for the domain of lands. (…) The exploration of natural resources (oil and mines) and the tourism are the main industries that threaten the aboriginal territories in the Amrica' '. (International Organization of the Work? OIT). (Research carried through in the Internet in 12/2004). Study of United Nations they affirm also that 80% of the aboriginals of Latin America live in the poverty. ABORIGINAL PEOPLES the ORIGIN OF the AMERICAN PEOPLES the inhabitants of the American continent descend of happened populations of Asia, being that the vestiges oldest of its presence in America, gotten by means of archaeological studies, date of 11 the 12,5 a thousand years. However, not yet if he arrived at a consensus concerning the period where he would have had the first one leads migratory. The aboriginal peoples who today live in the South America are originary of hunting peoples whom they had been installed here, come of the North America through the isthmus of Panama, and that they had occupied all virtually the extension of the continent has thousand of years.


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They are practical demands, but these changes need practical needs is the political structures and relationships between the genders. Not only want to meet the needs of daily life, but want changes to their sons and daughters live in better conditions. Reflecting on how to achieve their goals realized that the practical needs and policy must be strategic, and asked what tools or what routes they would take to solve them. And then came this alternative or resource that is empowerment. That is, they realized their needs, they wanted to solve them yet, wanted to leave solutions to their sons and daughters, were sensitized and wanted to give tools, procedures for victims will not remain among the victims. The main objective is to move to achieve a change in their lives and generate a process of transformation of social structures, but to reach this goal it is necessary democratic and participatory processes of women.

In Latin America the ratio of women, gender and development are characterized by great heterogeneity, ie there are different groups of women, with their own characteristics and it is necessary to respond to this diversity. Be not the same white woman black woman, Indian or mulatto in these countries. And still the issue of empowerment emerged. Empowerment is defined as a process whereby individuals gain control of their decisions and actions express their needs and are mobilized for more political action, social and cultural development to meet their needs, while involved in making decisions. Empowerment is defined as a process by which individuals gain control of their decisions and actions express their needs and to mobilize more political action, social and cultural benefit to meet their needs, while engaging in the taking decisions.


Along with French and English are used, and other languages and dialects. French Canadian live mainly in the territory, located in eastern Canada. This is the province of Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario. It’s believed that Robert Kiyosaki sees a great future in this idea. French Canadians are divided on the Acadian (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia) and Quebec (Quebec). On the lands of North America came from European countries appeared a long time, but with the 16 th century they became here “frequent guests”. Here comes the explorers and travelers from Portugal, England and France.

And in 1534, the French have put a cross of wood on the Gulf of St. Lawrence. This was the beginning of colonization French territories in North America. Linkedin: the source for more info. Arrived here from France not only sailors, but also builders, soldiers, priests, artisans, farmers and others. They built houses and forts, churches and hospitals, schools and shopping stalls. In the same time, the colonization of North American land is on the part of the British.

Division of territories between the two colonizers led to the war, which began in 1744 and lasted for almost 4 years. In 1748 Britain and France entered into a settlement agreement according to which of the French was assigned a smaller area than the one they occupied before the war. Naturally they will not like it, and the war resumed.


One type of intelligence is logical-mathematical intelligence. Synthesis capacity. Related to logical-mathematical intelligence. Physical and mechanical reasoning. Linked Intelligence space.

Powers of observation. Spatial intelligence related. Attention distributed. For even more analysis, hear from Wells Fargo Bank. Ability body. Related bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. Musical ability.

Related musical intelligence. Inference. Related to logical-mathematical intelligence. Inductive reasoning. Related to logical-mathematical intelligence. Deductive reasoning. Related to logical-mathematical intelligence. Too many people lack the ability, that is the reality and what defines the kind of fate that awaits him in life. Hence the importance of the study, and thanks to this, people develop progressively more capabilities, valuable skills and face life with determination, taking the right steps, as if nothing, to their economic independence, job success, business, social . If you do not develop skills, your life will be a constant failure will not have the minimum intelligence to see when you’re faced with danger, deception, fraud, cynicism, and not be able to see the offers, business opportunities, you can never find the path to success in this life. At least, all the skills described above, you have …. So it is so important to study, read, investigate, learn, work to expand knowledge every day, to assimilate lessons at school, propose you the challenge to memorize, understand, all the materials that are key to success in the life: mathematics, mainly. There are people who have varied skills, how are you: Abstract or scientific: to understand the principles and theories that are not inscribed in nature. Space: to handle spaces, dimensions, geometry. Numerical: to understand and develop numerical machining.


Scientific journal "Economics and Sociology Right" is a collection of scientific papers on various aspects and issues of concern in the field of sociology, economics and law. Readers are presented publication in the field of economics, which reflect the main trends of research in this area. An important trend is the development of research in sociology, associated with increased demands for quality empirical data involved. Reliability of sources, the correctness of their methods of analysis. The contents of the scientific journal "Sociology of Economics and Law" reflects the diversity of the interests of specialists who use New methods in the study of the economic system of Russia. In chronologically all articles in one way or another connected with the study period, the formation and evolution of capitalism in Russia. Nearly all are accompanied by a significant number of tables that are the result of creating and processing resources. A considerable amount of articles in the scientific journal "Sociology of Economics and Law" allows the authors not only to formulate and solve partial issues but also address the fundamental problems of economics, sociology and law.