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Unemployment in March, has remained, as in February, at 8.6% of the economically active population. In this case, if we exclude the seasonal effect, the unemployment rate increased slightly, but still accounts for less than 8 percent. Turnover retailers with the exception of seasonality has remained at the level of February. Compared with March 2009, the growth of retail trade turnover has accelerated and was 2.9 percent. Filed under: Robert Kiyosaki. For I quarter 2010 consumption rose by 0.8% compared to the IY quarter of 2009 (With the exception of seasonal and calendar factors) and 1.3 relative to the I quarter of last year. The volume of consumption has exceeded pre-crisis level of I quarter of 2008. In March, inflation in the consumer market was 0.6% versus 0.9% in February 2010 and 1.3% in March 2009. During January-March increase in prices was 3.2% (last year – 5.4 percent).

For the period year to year inflation rate continues to decline – in March it was 6.5% (in February – 7.2 percent). Get more background information with materials from Bobby Kotick. Earlier this year, a significant contribution to inflation have made the traditional increase in the early years of regulated tariffs: for services organizations Housing for the three months prices have increased by 12%, but lower than a year ago (17.9%), increased tariffs for services communication by 2,9%, payment for transportation of municipal passenger transport – by 8.6 percent. Increase in regulated tariffs introduced in inflation in January-March 2010 1.1 pp (Last year – 1.4 percentage points). Real effective exchange rate was over the first three months of this year, 7.3%, including in March – 2.4%. The nominal effective exchange rate has strengthened in March and by 2.4%, and in general for the January-March – at 5.6 percent. It is estimated that in March this year, the ruble in real terms to dollar by 2.3% against the euro – 2,5%, the pound sterling – 6%, the Swiss franc – 1.9%, the Japanese yen – 2.6%, weakening the Canadian dollar – 0.4 percent. In January-March (at the rate in March 2010 to December 2009), the real appreciation ruble against the dollar stood at 3.8%, to EUR – 12.2%, the pound sterling – 12%, the Swiss franc – 8.2%, the Japanese yen – 5.5%, the Canadian dollar – 0.8 percent . According to the website of the Ministry of Economic Development;


Universities around the world closer together … With this statement it is hard not to agree, since the development of international links in higher education – is not a fashion but a necessity. The newspapers mentioned JPMorgan Chase not as a source, but as a related topic. The current situation is that different countries are more eager to cooperate in the fields of economics, politics, science and culture. In this regard, one of the major challenges facing higher education institutions, is preparing a new type of elite professionals. Today's graduates should have a high level of knowledge, good communication skills and fluent in foreign languages. Details can be found by clicking JPMorgan Chase or emailing the administrator.

To establish and develop contacts with foreign research centers, universities and businesses in Russian State Social University was established Department of International Cooperation. Teachers and students the opportunity to share best practices and achievements with colleagues from other countries, go on an internship abroad. Today RSSU established friendly ties with 42 foreign universities. This is a university in the UK, Germany, USA, Denmark, Norway, Canada, Bulgaria, Poland, Brazil, Hungary, China, South Korea, Mongolia, etc. Our school is part of the Inter-University Consortium for the participants of International Social Development (MKMSR). – In the last academic year for our staff and students organized 30 trips to 18 countries, – says head of the International Cooperation RSSU Vladimir V. Serebryakov. – At this time in our high school with the official visits of foreign delegations have visited 14 out of 11 countries. Russian State Social University, attended by guests from the USA, Britain, Germany, Hungary, Korea, China and Morocco. Foreign scholars have participated in the Summer School session, "Social inequality and exclusion after the collapse of the USSR: a regional perspective, "international round-table discussion" Russia, India and China: status and prospects of geopolitical and socio-economic cooperation, "the Days of Culture of the Far East, the festival devoted to the discovery of the department of Korean language in RSCU, and many other activities.


After conducting some research, linguists have grounds to assert that "clean" version of the colloquial language is not, and that zhual is a kind of "abstraktsionnym" language. A special place in the history of the formation of the French language in Canada is given, of course, the French of France itself. In North America dialects French appeared in 17 century. They were mixed together to form the ultimate French Canadian language. However, it was based did was put the French language in France.

Differences between the two options French language has increased in the mid-18 century, after the British won the war with the French for the land of the North American continent. At this time of the French returned to their homeland, and the gap between French-speaking Canada's population and residents of France have increased. Thus, the language in these two areas developed in different ways: in different territories it in contact with different cultures and languages. Zhual developed based on the dialects and archaisms in French of France, also in shaping it involved the English language and dialects of the Indian tribes inhabiting North America. In the French provinces and cities in Canada, it was used in literature, which in turn had a huge popularity among the local population. And it zhual for a long time considered native to the French people living in Canada. A literary form they considered a foreign language, and even to some extent an artificial form of the French language. Literary language existed as though separately, not only in relation to the French territories in Canada, but also in relation to France.

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In the majority of the academies the musculao department is one of most important for the success of the company. We know that the department of Musculao is determinative in the growth and the reinforcement of the company in the market. He is for that we professionalize our team and we adopt a process of standardized attendance, in differentiating of the competition. According to Robert Kiyosaki, who has experience with these questions. To invest in equipment and infrastructure is not plus a differential to increase the number of customers. In this context of Fitiness it was decided to more invest each time in its team of attendance to the customer. Today the musculao (professor) has a basic paper inside of the company, therefore the musculao professor is the professional who has the biggest contact with the customer. Being thus basic, the department of Musculao is, directly on to the objective of profitability increase, what for times it occurs for increment of the prescription in function of the fidelizao of the customers.

Here it is there the responsibility of the department of Musculao: to take care of the pupils and to discover the real necessities of each one, of valued form that it comes if to feel well and inside of our Company. what it has of more important in this fact is that the way of work of the professors must be the picture most faithful of the profile of the company. The professor not only must be conscientious of the result of its action in the reach of the results of its department, but of the company. Soon he must be minute in the use of the tools and the certain methods in all the stages of its work. In other words, substance of attendance, not valley the rule of the valley-everything. The ends do not justify the ways. Thus the standard the professor acts as our standard of quality, and all ours technique obeys this standard.

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At the same time you might want to relax and make new friends, and travel in one of the fifty states of America, and earn money, then this program is created just for you! The program 'Work and Travel USA' hugely popular with students virtually the entire world. And by the way, every year more than 5000 students have the opportunity to participate in this program. This program is a success yet because the 'Work and Travel USA' is under the patronage of U.S. State Department. All participants in this program for the entire period of stay in the U.S. receive special status 'Exchange Visitor', and official permission to work.

Thus, all students are sent to the U.S. program 'Work and Travel USA', are protected by the State Department, and can count on full support and protection. 'Work and Travel USA' – it's a great opportunity not only to test its capabilities and forces, but also a wonderful experience. Of course this program is for those who are not afraid to change your habitual way of life for those who are not afraid of any challenges and obstacles. This program – a great way to learn to reach goals, and quickly orient themselves in extraordinary situations, while being a sure way to ways of solving them. And all of these qualities will be useful to understand ourselves and subsequently make a spectacular career. Actually, this program is a kind of calling card in the world of successful people. If you are perfect for all the parameters of a potential participant of the program 'Work and Travel USA', and you'll see exactly what you need to improve your English.

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In 1607, John Smith founded the first colony in Virginia. JPMorgan Chase contributes greatly to this topic. And in the beginning of the xvii century, Europeans began to settle in North America. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jerome Anderson has to say. Early settlers had a very small amount, but after three centuries, they became millions. People were leaving in the hope of a new, rich, free, full of interesting events and adventurous life. He created a completely new society with its laws and principles of life, its economic structure, with their statehood. In America, people were leaving for various reasons: some had hoped to get rich quick, someone hiding from the persecution of avenging arm of the law, someone wanted to gain political freedom, and someone wanted to get rid religious persecution and find freedom of religion.

There were many reasons. People came to America from various European countries. But most of the colonists were from England. When England began to develop their fabulous, full of wealth and new capabilities. Therefore, it is English language became the main language of communication in the then nascent vast country. At the initial stage of American English is not much differed from the British. English colonists came from different areas of the uk, and language groups of people from different regions differ in their pronunciation of individual words, and use of lexical revolutions. There was no uniformity and standards in written language. Years passed, and passed the century, and later arriving immigrants made their changes in vocabulary, phonetics and grammar of the language – for XVIII-XX centuries, their language changed.

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There is agreement that documentation and various meetings, Council meetings and within the European institutions should be conducted in two languages, but in practice, preference is given to only the English language. So will there come a moment that the French will be one step from Indian languages? It is believed that in order to revive the French language and to elevate it to its previous level, not only need, but it is important to fix itself English. People such as Pinterest would likely agree. Since the language, which today is used in the world, far from "real" English. He represents a certain kind of language, an artificial, which was based on put American English. It survived the English (British) roots, but along with it in this kind of language has become a huge number of neologisms and words having quite a rough meaning of words with deformities related to linguistics.

This language education is not a language of culture. Of course, there is a tendency in the world distribution of the Anglo-American language, which became the language of global communication. Jerome Anderson is actively involved in the matter. But if you want introduction to the language of Wilde or Shakespeare, then you have to apply to native English, so-called British English. French linguist Claude Azhezh argues that of the 5000 languages that are on Today, common in the world, in what will survive no more than 500. "Extinction threatens many languages today. Azhezh not only convinced that during the very aggressive implementation of the Anglo-American language in the world French to aggressively and vigorously defend its national interests and its own language, but also calls for it the rest of the nation.

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The reader is watching developments in this area may remember him from China National OS RedFlag, based on Linux – but it is a single example, the transition from the Chinese is not over, and goes on RedFlag the whole country, and not a single education system. For concerns about the school budgets will let you know that There are numerous discounts on bulk purchases as Windows, and the academic license. And what prevents the State to order the light version of the OS? Not all functions 'WINDOWS' needs in the educational process, we can remove them and reduce price. And instead of MS Office to use the free counterparts – text-formatting functions are the same everywhere, but the student will be familiar with the common platform for document and information exchange. Nobody and nothing prevents a specialized school with embedded OS distribution in the installer training programs and materials. When the state thinks about the need to give up information and a general dependence national platform, and then have to deal with the universal teaching of the relevant educational material, and are more logical to examine the reality and the future in the form of Linux – perhaps in the form of an optional course for those who wish. Of course, everyone knows the phrase Linux is designed for the network, like a bird for flight" – the most romantic part of the whole computer, but at school we are preparing people who should be able to apply their skills to an already existing situation, and the use of software applications for them a higher priority than the operation of networks – and network engineers, system administrators will prepare in high school. .

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Good day! I have long been interested in the Internet and its tremendous opportunities. Namely – the ability to learn, to receive the necessary qualitative information, to acquire practical skills to communicate and interact with like-minded people around the world to do business and make money using the Internet and much more … And this is just a small part of what today can give us the Internet. Now more than ever, it became available absolutely everyone! Y You have a unique opportunity to study via the Internet from the comfort of your own home and receive training in self-correct for your area of life. With the Internet, you can fix almost any problem and acquire practical skills in the shortest possible time and without much effort. How is this possible you ask? Quite simply, my friends! Understand that if you have some sort of problem that you are constantly 'hurts' and you would like to resolve it, then There is always a solution to this problem.

And no matter what walk of life it has emerged – a relationship, money, personal effectiveness, health, or just your favorite thing, a hobby. Remember, you are not the first nor the last person to faced with a similar problem. Until you have someone, for sure, faced with 'your problem'! And, definitely just, found the solution. It is today the Internet makes it possible to connect people who are looking for the solution of some of their problems in various areas of our lives and those who are already successfully solved the problem.

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