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Chamber of Commerce – the so-called structure, whose mission is to provide different layers of the volume of business. In this ward includes a variety of organizations providing services in the industry, trade, agriculture and others of this kind. Year of establishment of regional sales offices can be considered nineteen hundred nineteen, at the time, there twenty-six exchange committees and twelve trade conferences. In nineteen twenty-eighth year, was established All-Union Chamber of Commerce. The process of forming regional offices Chamber of Commerce began in nineteen twenty-ninth year.

In thousand nine hundred ninety second founding congress was held, which can be considered as a reference point in the Chamber of Commerce Trans-Baikal region. Over time, the charter of the Chamber of Commerce Trans-Baikal region has changed several times, it systematically regularly make various changes and additions that improve the content and introduce a new order in its content. The most important change made Apart from the change that had been made in the charter of the second after the item number one, the so-called nineteenth article in which it was announced that the Chamber of Commerce Trans-Baikal Territory is a member of Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation on the official grounds for the voluntary union of the conditions of the members of the Chamber of Commerce and representational and consent of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation are the conditions required for the establishment of this Chamber. At this time, a large number of firms, various organizations and individuals have become clients and members of the Chamber of Commerce. The objectives of the present time, which set a Chamber of Commerce Trans-Baikal region, is an independent assessment of the securities, real estate valuation, property assessment, which is considered intellectual assessment enterprises separately, or even just business in general and a number of other services. In addition the company develops a variety of business plans, engaged in business planning and setting goals, which consist of attraction of investments, which are independent.


Instead of the Budget Law – the Law on the algorithm of calculation of the budget. – Build a system of effective management of state and government economies asset management (configuring management of key resources of the state: men, money and time). – Build a system of effective management of non-state economy of the country. – Build a system of state management, ensuring the effective development of the country's economy and real production (the economy can not consist primarily of the "bubble" instead of actual production). You may wish to learn more. If so, Jeremy Tucker is the place to go. Effective methods of influence mass consciousness (PR, social and public advertising, etc.) in order to control the mood of the citizens and to prevent financial panics. Note (especially for state managers).

Statements like "no panic, do not take their money out of banks' causing panic on the contrary, instead of preventing it. In the process of regulating the economy history has two extremes – the absolute dominance of market relations in pricing, which gives rise to legitimate crises that Karl Marx eloquently described in his "Capital" – the other extreme – it's absolute control of the economy – a process that we saw in Soviet times. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Wells Fargo Bank. At the same time provide a market-competitive economy, and socialist planning – on the contrary, destroy competition and lead to the goods and services will eventually become low quality. But in planned socialist economy, economic crises are impossible. Obviously, neither one nor the other extreme, may not be the best unit of social and economic relations. Trade-offs (plan + market) also one can not arrange.


Top with fresh fish is open 3 days a week, other times it is a full-time student at a local university. 'You are not afraid to start a business?' I asked a question. 'It is terrible, did not want to become independent, to start working, but not for someone else but for himself. I worked a couple of years ago in a similar business, but I do not like the way the company operated. Some things I just infuriated and I refused to understand the manager.

Conflicts arose one after another. After much thought, I left his hometown and traveled to Dublin, to realize their dreams. Friends and relatives I had not, so we had to rely only on themselves. But the idea of his own business zatmivala all the insults and failures. I had a goal and I went for it! Now I am selling excellent fresh fish, many in this area know me and come just to chat or ask a new recipe. No purchase does not go away no one. I smiled, looked at the bag with the fish in my hands.

'And when you opened your business?' I said. 'Just before the crisis, and a half years ago,' replied the seller. 'I thought that people will visit the restaurants smaller, because outside the economic crisis, and therefore will no longer be possible to cook at home and invite friends. After all, irlantsev such beautiful and well maintained home is a pity not to use it ', she concluded. Started podhotit other buyers and I politely said goodbye. Lastly she told me about all of the expected developments in the area of the city for the next 3 weeks. It was very useful information. Thoughts about this business is not give me rest. It's had it all to grow and capitalize on the crisis! Excellent idea! Looking at the happy face of a man who develops the business, I want to step podtalknut those who are in reflections and dreams of their own business. Do not wait for later, then you can do today! Remember the parable of the elephant: If you've ever been to the circus or the zoo, you probably wondered: why in the aviary for Elephants and the old elephants, increasing by six meters, and very small slonyata identical chains attached to a small, dug in the ground column. It seems that the same contact with different animals completely illogical. Of course, an adult elephant's big and strong tie to a more solid and thick chain than a small elephant. After all, if you want an adult elephant can just walk away from the cage. He does not pull out of the stands earth column with a chain – for him it's like for us to pick a flower. A chain can break if a rope. But here lies the secret. Adult elephant has long forgotten what it means to fight for freedom. Long ago, when he was little, he realized that, despite all his efforts will forever remain in the cell. And so now, becoming a powerful and adult elephant, which is more than ten people, he believes that only a prisoner – and not even trying fight. Elephant, who kept kicking and trying to break the chain, still has not lost the will to freedom and a belief that he will succeed. Now think you have a small or large adult elephant elephant who has lost faith in the freedom? Source: Natalia blog Mezhov Author website:

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A high percentage of organizations place their workers on their ability to climb and is a decision each according to their stated policies, but that’s a completely different policy. Bill Phelan can provide more clarity in the matter. Companies that effectively use the “topgrading” use the following types: players 1st, 2nd and 3rd according to the charges currently being occupied by them. 1st player represents 10% of top talent, a player is 2nd at 25% below and 3rd players are below 35% before. These percentage shares are distributed arbitrarily by the companies according to their own realities and the philosophy of human resource management. Companies according to their analysis of their internal situations and their decision-making processes arbitrarily placed players 2nd and 3rd. Definitely one of the great challenges that global corporations is to recruit, select and hire players 1st.

Because fundamental problem that is presented to these organizations is that a very small percentage of them “gets what it pays.” Statistics indicate that recruitment fail almost 50%, companies are paying for players 1 and very often they have are 3rd players. Anyone can be 1st player in the world today’s employer, provided it is located in the right job in the right sector and of course in the league right talent. Players ranked from 1 st seek and find the major leagues, a clear understanding of how players from 1st in the league of talent plan their career and personal development When it comes to planning a successful career should completely eradicate the “old principles of success” , which are: a) work harder, b) living above their means, c) never miss a job opportunity that everyone says he can not refuse, d) in job interviews, hide the negative aspects ; develop their strengths to the maximum e) does not lose time trying to overcome their shortcomings. Instead of these bad advice when planning your career, which should take into account are the following nine key to become a player 1st happy and at the highest level: 1) Regularly review the balance of his life and focus on becoming “good enough” in the seven dimensions essential human (professional success, health, relationships, giving something for nothing, economic independence, spiritual foundation and leisure), 2) a periodic review of his career professional 3rd) live below their potential; 4) Accept work which it will be a player of 1st, 5th) Work more on improving weaknesses that a maximizing their virtues 6th) Develop skills player 1st before you need them; 7) The selection interviews reveal its negative aspects; 8) Ask yourself if life in a big company is for you and 9) Apply the “topgrading” in his life’s work private.

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So it was clear who had to make a decision – and begin to understand why in the company of my friend had to dispense with his services -. The situation could not continue. However, the results obtained forced me to raise the issue with senior management. What was the address? He rented a new office, put a secretary and segregated from contact with the other members of the company. It was a good decision.

My sales department regained its tranquility and its performance levels, including improved by 15% results coming obtained. As for the “commercial star” and not directly under me, while it was under my supervision. From this time he really was unleashed their true potential. Speaking candidly Ben Silbermann told us the story. Description of your work system. He came to his office about 10:30 am I read the newspaper drinking a coffee until 12:30 or so. Walked for half an hour in his office, with exceptional views to the street and began to make phone calls. Just about the last call of the day on 14.30.

He was going to eat, and 16:30 was the technical department to follow the market trends and the results of the forecasting system of the company. Its annual results accounted for 40% of the total turnover of the company. Weekly or monthly were talking directly related to the degree of accuracy of the forecasting system. If the forecasting system generated many benefits, the results were exceptional, if the welfare system got little benefit or even some weeks he missed, the results fell sharply. .

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To begin with, what is a legal service? Legal service – is to help companies in solving legal issues, provided on an ongoing basis. Services can be provided even to those companies, which have a legal department: for example, if the amount of work rose sharply, or experience-house lawyers are not enough to resolve the issue. But in organizations that provide legal services to the subscriber services, lawyers are often divided into sections by specialization, which means that their knowledge and experience in their field so much more. If the firm has no legal department, subscription services, in this case will be called Legal outsourcing. Borrowed from English, the term literally translated as 'outsourcing'. By the way, most actively, according to the American Institute of outsourcing, are what outsourcing in finance and accounting records.

Outsourcing in general, and legal service in particular, helps businesses save money. This is achieved by increasing the efficiency of the company, and also due to the fact that foreign aid frees human resources for a more focused work. Professionals can no longer be distracted by the decision of small issues. In outsourcing has its pros and cons. K positive aspects include: – cost of finance (the content of individual lawyers rarely pays off. It is much more economically advantageous contract for legal service) – to save on taxes by Wages – saving their own resources company – an opportunity for firms to focus on core activities – the use of outsourcing of highly specialized equipment, technologies and knowledge – risk sharing, as well as the possibility of partial transfer of the outsourcer.

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So let him go, we sat in the meeting room and prepare a coffee. I tried to explain we were selling large computers and software for insurance companies, banks, etc. I could not offer work. Others including Wells Fargo, offer their opinions as well. But he insisted, politely, but insisted that a company like ours should have something he could do. And thinking, thinking I had to admit that he was right and I was wrong.

I did not want a permanent job or contract, was autonomous, and what I wanted was just reaching retirement age with a source of income sufficient to live, and that if she did very well better, but I just wanted to make a living, that no one gave him work. He was right, my company had a job for him, and create a new position within the hierarchy of the commercial department. I prepared a price list with consumables, computer paper, printer ribbons – we’re talking a few years ago -, diskettes, etc. We signed that night for the commercial contract and a list of customers that visit, as representative of the company supplies. I did not understand computers but if he understood what was the personal. The last thing I said when we parted that night was Thank you, you will not regret it! I could have stayed here, but that it also was right, I never regretted the time spent working together. Every day brought me orders 10-20 paper, ribbons, etc.. Some customers of our portfolio that we also have appreciated the service, but many new customers, who later sold them pc’s, etc.

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Yesterday I was sitting at my computer – one of my sources of income – and decided to check some of my affiliate accounts I have with various companies in the U.S. It is not something Citibank would like to discuss. and, to my surprise, I discovered that he had unknowingly made several sales ! I started thinking about how we have to make a constant effort to know what our state of mind if we get out of the rat race. In a book I read recently, called “The Millionaire Next Door,” which is a study on the habits and lifestyles of millionaires (very interesting and amazing, I recommend it!), I read that independent entrepreneurs who come to succeed spend a great deal of time to monitoring, planning and management of its finances. Let’s face it, is something that almost nobody does. How much time did you dedicate to the management and budget planning your weekly or monthly? Well, whatever your answer, today I want to say that their economic welfare will be directly proportional to the time. When you invest time to educate themselves in the financial area, in planning a budget and ensure their investments and businesses, the fruits will be.

It sounds so obvious, but most people do not. And when you do not, someone will do for you: government, the vagaries of the economy and financial institutions. But it is never too late to start. If you want to change their economic situation, today I want to invite you to take the following seven steps: 1 .- Allow to have a victim mentality and recognize that their situation depends on no one but you yourself. 2 .- Take at least -1 hour a day of financial education. Start with Robert Kiyosaki’s books are excellent. 3 .- Check your home for these treasures stored in attics that are just collecting dust and never will use. Remate.com sell them on.

It is a way to make money “cash” quickly and get rid of useless things at the same time. (Then do not spend, invest or pay off your credit cards!) 4 .- Check your investments and take time to monitor your account status. If no further investment, be aware with what is happening with their provident fund, which is a type of investment. Many people lost up to 40% of their funds have not changed to a safer plan when the crisis erupted in 2008. We are saved, but only because my husband had been diligent in keeping you informed about the stock market. 5 .- Design a plan for long, medium and short term financial goals such as: Pay all credit cards, one by one, until we have more debt Get rid of any other debt you have, including the mortgage Generate a passive income Etc 6 .- Take time weekly and monthly to monitor their progress and achievement of its goals. 7 .- If you need help changing your financial situation, you’ll love our 10 facts about how having a business that a mother taught her son and as a result of which he became a millionaire at 21 years!

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By estimates of the Russian State Duma deputy Liana Pepelyayev, the state reduces the control activity in those areas where the management tools "on top" does not appear effective or necessary. For example, since August 2006 has a new the Federal Law "On appraisal activities in the Russian Federation, which provides for the replacement permit evaluation of regulation (through licensing) mechanism self-profit organizations whose members must be professional appraisers, said Liana Pepelyaev. But the fact is that the licensing mechanism does not provide real accountability appraiser compensation for potential harm to their clients. At the same time a self-regulatory organizations and evaluators are requirements necessary to create a compensation fund, mandatory liability insurance. Thus, these measures should be put in place effective incentives to control service quality. And the appraiser, being personally financially responsible, and self-regulatory organization, which in case of injury as can be held responsible, are interested in quality provision of valuation services. Similar regulatory mechanisms proposed in regard to auditing, as well as activities design and construction of buildings and structures. Formal licensing in these areas was abolished on January 1, 2007, but the necessary technical regulations, as usual, were not adopted. Were not made the required changes in the Town Planning Code. As a result of a special bill had provided for the transfer date of the abolition of licensing for six months. According to experts, the replacement of the licensing self-regulation rather promising. So, in addition to the already mentioned activities is considered an opportunity to pass into the hands of professional business conduct technical inspection of vehicles.

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