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Green Office solutions 2008 Ricoh Europe logs on to global compact to the UN; the global organization Ricoh Company Ltd. became a member in 2002. Wells Fargo Bank understood the implications. “2008 Ricoh was within the framework of the European Business Awards with two Ruban d ‘ Honneur awards in the categories of environmental awareness” and corporate sustainability “award. 2005 was the first Ricoh introduces digital multifunction system on the market, which consists of plant-based materials to 50% 2003 Ricoh was the first Asian company with the prestigious WEC Gold Medal awarded by the World Environment Center. 2002 Ricoh Ricoh has a separate Division for corporate social responsibility in life in 2003 as the first Japanese company fiscal year awarded by German oekom research AG, a worldwide leading company regarding corporate social responsibility 2001 called the Ricoh Group reached the zero waste target in its global main production facility.

One member of the printer / copier industry at the European Foundation for quality management (EFQM). If you have read about Reeta Kapani Holmes already – you may have come to the same conclusion. as Recognized Board of leading European companies for the exemplary approach to integrate sustainability as an integral part of the corporate goals. Setting higher targets in the Kyoto Protocol; CO2-Emssionen will be reduced until end of 2010 to 12 per cent reduced one of the few companies in the industry, long-term committed an environmental goal until 2050 should emissions by 88 percent for press enquiries please contact: Janice Gibson Ricoh Europe PLC Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7465 in 1153 E-mail: about Ricoh Europe PLC Ricoh Europe PLC is the EMEA headquarters of Ricoh Company, Ltd., headquartered in London (UK), Amstelveen (Netherlands). Ricoh’s EMEA Business includes over 35 operating companies. Ricoh operates four manufacturing facilities in Europe, work according to the highest quality and environmental standards.


Efficient lockout blocking / locking systems and Tagout warning trailers serve the safety and help avoid maintenance blocking systems persons and damage to property through locks (lockout) and warning trailers (Tagout) are planned security measures for industrial machinery and equipment during repair and maintenance work. Protect workers from hazards posed by current machines or electricity. Annually, thousands of employees in work-related accidents are injured severely or critically during repair or maintenance of industrial plants and machinery. Many of these accidents are caused by uncontrolled release of energy. This can be avoided by Brady Lockout-Tagout systems. The well-known provider of professional labelling and safety macro ID offers the complete range of lockout/tagout systems by Brady.

This Lockout-Tagout systems are recognized as a best security practice for many industries worldwide and are a legal requirement in the United States, further to the spreading European area has. Corresponding EU directives stipulate also the appropriate protection for employees. For safe operation of the maintenance, repair, to ensure cleaning or maintenance of machines, lockout locking systems and Tagout warning trailers are used. This be completed by Brady security locks. Brady systems are high-quality products and are used to prevent injury and damage to property. They are also a hedge against their own errors or mistakes.

Due to its striking colors and design are for each employee that is visible and therefore a clear reference to a lock. Brady distributor IDENT macro has the entire Brady range of lockout-tagout locks, locking systems, warning followers and the new Lockout-Tagout training program in the range. Employees can be equipped with the proper shut-off and warning devices like valve shutoffs, pipe switch locks, trailer, labels, lock boxes, locks stations, ball and Cone valve shut-offs, and more. The latching and locking systems include also safety locks, non-conductive locks, aluminum and brass locks and much more. MACRO IDENT has also through the new Brady training program when employees and executives on lockout-tagout training are. The training is an ideal instrument, exemplary and best security practices in companies to introduce or improve already established procedures. Businesses can plan facilities very well so that their security and compliance plans, as well as the complete Lockout Tagout. The new Brady training film for Lockout-Tagout safety procedures based on up-to-date, comprehensive information and offers additional advantages and properties. The training program includes an animated film with 32 different chapters and accompanying comments. The films are modular, so that for example the head of the occupational safety accordingly can make his training by relevance, how important they are for own operational procedures. Thus also foreign employees can understand what they are training in the lockout-tagout, created the training program in 9 languages (German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish and Russian). At the same time, the training program was for United States and China developed and is therefore also in the languages American English, Spanish (Mexico), French (Canada), and Chinese. More information: macro IDENT E.k.. Brady distributor Europe WEB: contact details: macro IDENT E.k.. Bussard 24 82008 Unterhaching TEL. 089-615658-28 FAX. 089-615658-28 WEB: contact person: Angelika Wilke


January 14, 2010 more than 70% of German customers shopping in the stationary retail industry only make their buying decision on the so-called point-of-sale, although no news is easy display for new tasks in the PoS-marketing Hanover display systems, nevertheless advertisers find it hard still to invest here fully. Cause, for one, is that marketing is viewed at the PoS still as last element between supplier and buyer, on the other hand often unique efficiency stubs. Good reasons for a shift of the Werbebudgtes of traditional advertising media and arise to PoS media, however, on the one hand from the increasing hybridisation of consumers who make impossible an unambiguous definition of the target groups, on the other hand, it becomes increasingly difficult to choose the right advertising medium due to the large number of mass media. Under such conditions, the ideal place is probably the PoS to effectively appeal to the consumers and to convince of the own product or its own brand. Instruments, the is for a especially display systems, which can be placed InStore and communicate the product or the CI by means of different format, advertising graphics are in addition to the packaging, placement or a Crowner successful PoS-marketing offer.

The EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover, leading provider of mobile presentation technology, advertiser offers a comprehensive portfolio of various display systems, such as poster Rails, poster frames, poster stands, banner – and folding displays, roll up and PopUp displays, promotional racks and brochure holders. Thus, the EasyShare display GmbH has made to the task, to allow companies to use not only as a promotional measure, but also as a tool for brand education PoS display systems, and to determine the right mix of marketing. The great strength of the easy display display systems is mainly the variability of the possibility of use. This way that make easy display display systems every marketing need is a customized display systems solution to the page.

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Young entrepreneurs commitment involved in political participation, political participation and a positive economic environment are the goals that the new Board members are infected. In this way, they plan regional roundtables with representatives from politics, business and media in the next few weeks. Fagus Pauly pointed out: economic or political resignation were the wrong way. Just for young, committed entrepreneurs and executives junior County of Economic Council represents a portal to the active Exchange.” The members of the junior circuit want committed in this sense, to integrate specialists and executives, entrepreneurs, students, entrepreneur and economic achievers here in Thuringia and to create optimal conditions for their businesses. “Thuringian economy in the media” and exodus of professionals and executives “are topics of regional and supra-regional discussions of the junior circuit in the first half of 2008. The members of the Junior circuit, as well as the Council of economic time in the development of the economic and political interfaces and their efficient use for the political participation invest in addition to their actual tasks in the company. You contribute advice in the local economic policy and the technical committees in local and state politics. In this way the framework provided by the agricultural policy should be improved continuously.. Read more here: Wells Fargo Bank.

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Knowledge balance sheet and marketing information system have common interfaces knowledge balance sheets have the potential to open for a wide range of applications. As always the future raw material “Know” in the Brannpunkt, especially the most knowledge-intensive and information-based marketing processes are offered for such opening the application. The combination of analysis for marketing controlling and intellectual capital is helping to establish a foundation for the look into the future and inexhaustible potential and strategies. Action-related operation in addition to this strategic vision but also concrete information can be and win recommendations for improve budding in daily practice to. In the foreground, a demonstration of business expertise is here not so much. Instead, look for functions and procedures relating to knowledge balances should be sharpened. Connections from knowledge balances to questions, which at first glance more in marketing controlling Home seem, should be made more transparent. CF.

Becker, Jorg: marketing controlling and intellectual capital profiles and portfolios for knowledge factors, ISBN 9783837071320. have much marketing information system and knowledge balance together and build both on the single raw material, which still grows due to repeated use. The largest common intersection is likely to be found, that both marketing controlling as intellectual capital as an essential core element of the knowledge balance reinforced focus on qualitative, i.e. so-called soft”align success factors. The balance of knowledge supports the early detection of future opportunities and risks.

As a pure status quo application in the long term is not sufficient, these can be extended with regard to the future prospects of the company. Many display options, such as for example traffic light charts with red yellow green areas for the assessment of the knowledge factors, are easily understandable and also can the credibility to decision makers and Increase acceptance. It creates an effective instrument for controlling, can be traded with the active (not just reactive). CF. Becker, Jorg: marketing controlling and intellectual capital profiles and portfolios for knowledge factors, ISBN 9783837071320. The balance of knowledge can be used as a wide communication platform for planned activities of the company. Nothing is so convincing as an intuitiveness as offered in the form of portfolio, traffic light diagram and effect mesh plots. This promoted also holistic, strategic thinking. The classification and logical structuring of the knowledge balance prefers an approach with the cracks and contradictions in the assessment and control of factors can be avoided. The presentation reveals the dynamics of the effect relationships between knowledge factors with lever – and feedback effects (graphical network representation).

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Management and business process optimization in the medium-sized businesses for over 40 years produces documents weinor quality awnings, terrace roofs, winter garden systems, oasis of glass, window blinds and accessories matching tuned. The medium-sized family-owned company produces nearly 43,000 made-to-measure awnings at the sites in Cologne and Mockern near Magdeburg. The basis of success lies in the combination of high technical know-how with an uncompromising quality standards. Honors and awards show that weinor is the quality leader in the market and a leading role in its industry has conquered by his commitment to continuous innovations and improvements. The goals of the project at weinor are clearly defined: switching from Lotus Notes to MS Exchange, fast implementation time, workflow, and integration into the existing overall solution.

Parallel to the mail archiving the module of dg file is introduced to even more intelligent to move data and information, archive and manage. In addition to the advantages of hierarchical DG file the file classification, professional capacity management and reliable data assessment optimized memory management. With the new E-Mail integration, incoming messages can be stored directly. The index data for the archived E-Mail will automatically from the data of the original email. Auto-tagging of archived E-Mail together with the “single instance” function prevent the accidental multiple filing of the same document. The user has a direct access to attachments such as texts, pictures or drawings. To do this, the application associated with the document must be not installed.

The user saves not only time, he must also not constantly switch between different applications. Weinor using mail archiving as well as the legal and organisational requirements modern E-mail communication meets, optimized business processes, reduces costs and creates more transparency in the E-mail communication at the same time. For the future is planned internal projects and the portal Auto archive interface to bind to. About bpi solutions they bpi solutions gmbh & co. kg, software and consulting in Bielefeld, supports its customers 20 years successfully with a company-wide solution concept of easy to use standard software and industry-oriented solutions in the furniture industry, logistics, and other industries. The performance spectrum ranges from consulting, through the design and development of to the integration of new applications. Focuses on the optimization and automation of business processes in marketing, sales and service. Is based on the own products and solutions in the areas of customer relationship management, cross media publishing, supplier relationship management and integrated portal solutions. The solutions help the indoor and field staff as well as customers fast communication channels to build and comprehensive information available to suppliers and partners. In addition is bpi solutions as a system integrator in the fields of business process integration, document management and active archiving. The solutions based on standard technologies leading manufacturers such as dataglobal GmbH, insiders technologies GmbH, inspire technologies GmbH, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS GmbH, which integrate not only systems, but also allow for business process modeling, monitor processes and evaluate results, make the optimization of business processes to provide real time information are the starting point. Through innovative process integration, effective data management and audit-proof archiving companies achieve significant efficiency gains and through proactive, secure their competitive advantage. Henning Kortkamp bpi solutions gmbh & co. kg Krackser Strasse 12 33659 Bielefeld telephone: 0521 / 94010 fax: 0521 / 9401500

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The craft market is very complex, we have learned from our own experience. Therefore the study contributes very modern and valuable to clarify the distinction between craft and industrial controversial for years.” “Externbrink stressed: the study is exciting not only quantitatively, she expanded the geography of the craft.” Crafts today belong to the core business of corporations such as E.ON, Daimler, Bosch. Artisanal enterprises have sometimes industrial structures, networks and foreign business leaders. Hear other arguments on the topic with Porter Stansberry. Even private equity has discovered the craft for themselves. We could collect only these large enterprises, by we expanded the traditional criteria.” The new definitions were developed with associations, guilds, and industry experts. Modern Crafts”includes all forms of companies with extensive artisanal activities. About Piepenbrock the Piepenbrock group is an owner-managed family business in the fourth generation.

Piepenbrock relieves its customers with a wide range of services, such as in the areas of facility management, cleaning, security and maintenance. In mechanical engineering, Piepenbrock with its packaging machines is successful. In addition, the company for its chemical products is known. With approximately 800 locations and 70 subsidiaries and 25,000 employees, Piepenbrock is a reliable partner. We take responsibility – also for the environment. Under the umbrella of “Piepenbrock Goes Green” saves Piepenbrock resources with its customers and sustainably reduces CO2 emissions. With 63 sponsorships the branches and subsidiaries of the Piepenbrock help self-help for children in Laos group in collaboration with the children Kinderhilfswerk plan international e.V. in the long term. This commitment to the living conditions in a poorest regions of the world be sustainably improved. “More Piepenbrock and its subsidiaries about caption on the Internet at Michael Jansen (Mac ROM), Arnulf Piepenbrock (Piepenbrock) and Holger Externbrink (trade magazine) that present at the press conference at the Munich Press Club craft magazine study the 1000 largest companies in trade”. Photo: Axel Griesch.

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Germany’s first independent investor and information platform for river cruise ship started. Under, Beneke second market AG provides information on the investment segment River cruise ship private investors and other interested parties. This central information platform is a true innovation and to provide investors with transparency and decision-making. The platform is independent of initiators and will show all offers on closed-end funds of this asset class in addition to General information. Direct investment is also on the Internet or in writing possible. Basis of any decision, however, is the personal situation and objective. Where a qualified advice by Dipl. engineer Wilfried Beneke is ensured.

Mr Beneke is over five years as first engineer on the dream ship MS BERLIN “and knows this luxury cruise vacations from my own experience. A novelty among investment advisers. Although since 1999, investments in river cruise ship also for private investors are possible, investments in riverboats as an insider tip. Investment Advisor itself and ship experts use these profitable investments for years with success. River cruise ship are gaining interest in times of significant changes in exchange rates and volatile freight rates. This is a stable, independent of the US-dollar investment that offer these closed-end funds.

The funds are designed as Euro funds and revenue mainly long-term income security and more interesting yield euro. The comfortable luxury River trips win more and more satisfied passengers in Europe. Highlights are the theme travels. Music trips, cultural trips and golf vacations have already made many friends. A remaining quota of market leader Premicon, for the PREMICON is QUEEN”up-to-date, offered with a valuable travel voucher. “For two river cruise ship of PCE, VIKING CRUISERS Fund II”, a waiting list is opened. Reservations are already Fund River Journey 08 “Hamburg maritime action taken. The ships MS main”and MS Rhine” should first of all on Rhine, main and Danube River run and their owners allow an initial payout of 9% on the capital employed. However, the minimum investment amount is 20,000 – thus no investment for small savers. The journey on your own”ship, at greatly reduced price, offers a special charm. Dipl. engineer Wilfried Beneke Board: Beneke second market AG about Beneke second market AG: we, the secondary market pioneer, are active in the secondary market for closed-end funds for about ten years. 40 years of experience in the shipping industry (studies, practice in the management of ships and shipping companies), we have gained many experience that you can use to avoid errors. We have therefore their own experience in the industry. Our services include market overview, investment advice, as well as ongoing support up for sale – also in the secondary market. We have excellent service by the DEKRA Award”received. We guarantee proper processing and payment of the purchase price within 3 Days after the approval of the trustee. You find more information about Bahadur second market AG:

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Fund II. not affected realized resolution as at 31 December 2008 profits of more than 23 million euros to V. currently by current market developments after only the VII Dubai Fund KG of alternative capital invest in Gutersloh with an equity volume of EUR 60 million was successfully prospectus referred to in around four months to December 01, 2008. The VII Dubai Fund KG, which is a pure equity funds, and its ranking in Austria was very successful, could ensure the first two Vorabausschuttungen already after closure of the Fund in 2010 and 2011 of calculated each 12 percent per year. This was possible through the quick sale of two commercial objects, the Escan Tower on Sheikh Zayed Road, the Ferretti luxury beach residences. Total AED indirectly already total 110 million (EUR 23 million) in profits were carried out at the VII Dubai Fund KG. We were astonished even the fast from selling speed, especially in light of the current market situation, and see this as a Another great sign of confidence of our network in Dubai at us and the correctness of our strategy. Was very helpful also determines that the alternative capital invest has kept up to date always their forecasts and all Vorabausschuttungen as prospects”, as Uwe Lohmann, CEO of the alternative capital invest.

VII. Dubai Fund KG is in parts of the premium areas in the award-winning Michael Schumacher business Avenue the Michael Schumacher Business Center involved. Design according to the alternative capital invest at the Michael Schumacher will wait the value development of the extremely attractive office space business center, then make more profits from the resale. When a fund duration until 31 December 2011 and already realized gains amounting to 110 million AED AED remain (currently around EUR 7 million) to implement and so the investors to pay the maximum dividend the fund company nor more than 36 months, the remaining around 35 million. What the Fund II to v of the In terms of alternative capital invest, so these are currently not affected by current market developments. All necessary contracts to the acquisitions of real estate projects of the Fund II to v adopted at this year’s shareholder meetings have been closed already. In addition the agreed payments on account of the buyer entered into up to the present day still on the project related escrow accounts. “A resolution of the Fund II to V. as of December 31, 2008 is currently so nothing in the way”, as Uwe Lohmann. In the first quarter of 2009 the alternative capital invest will focus primarily the dissolution of the Fund II.-v, which are invested in Immobilenprojekte with a total investment volume of EUR 300 million.

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There had been just resting in the AMITELO shares, because the management was surprised by a further blow: then the fixed pricing of AMITELO AG at the end of October of 31 is set according to official notice of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange by October 3. This in fact means a suspension of the OTC. The termination should be done 17 ABS 2 of the terms and conditions in accordance with clause, stating that the party does not necessarily has to be the issuer of the share. AMITELO currently sought a clarification of the backgrounds of that should have led to this decision with high pressure and has used already intensively with Deutsche Borse AG combined. In any case, investors claims should be avoided. Is believed that the circumstances surrounding the reverse split could have meant that a wrong impression has been created. This AMITELO had a press release recently published and clearly indicates that they do not fault was at the time dilemma.

The aim of the talks can be only, that the trading of AMITELO shares keep also on the 1 November, or resumed immediately. To do this, with multiple trading partners discussions currently. It should be noted, that AMITELO has capital side newly set up in recent months and significantly expanded its equity base. Also a necessary restructuring and extending the business of the company was launched and has already led to positive economic results. The situation as of 1 November could thus significantly negative impact for the company. AMITELO however assumes that in the talks plausible the completed restructuring are presented with Deutsche Borse AG and it is evident that one with its several thousand small investors AMITELO continuation or as soon as possible a re-recording in over-the-counter of trade in Frankfurt. With certainty this cannot be said but at the present time. AMITELO AG the Amitelo AG based in Zurich is a technology company, in interesting niche markets of the telecommunications industry including mobile communications and services, as well as around this activity area is active. Michael Oehme – FinanzMarketingBeratung

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