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Leaders set high standards. Refuse to tolerate mediocrity or poor performance. Apply the 80/20 rule in everything you do. What are the most valuable activities? Manage by objectives. Tell people exactly what you want to do and then let them work alone. Administered responsibilities. It is a powerful means for developing staff.

Manage by exception. Requests that you report only when there is a deviation from the plan. Practice the philosophy of continuous improvement. Improves a little each day. Take the time to listen to your people when they want to talk. This is a great motivator.

No Plan is to plan a failure What are your goals? Choose your staff carefully. Proper selection is 95% of the success of a leader. Management is a mental game. The better you think, the better the results you achieve. Keep people informed. Everyone wants to know what’s happening. “I keep six servants who taught me everything I know, are called: What, Why, When, How, Where and Who.” Decisions are taken quickly are usually bad decisions. Take your time. People often need feedback to know if you’re right and on track. ” The demotivating number one in the world of work is not knowing what is expected of you. If you have a competitive advantage, do not compete. Management Practice the golden rule in everything you do. Directs others as you would have directed. People can give results outstanding if it handles well and is properly motivated. Dale excellent care to your health.

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As you can independently organize their trip to Spain? PLAN YOUR VACATION? But do not want to pay the tour operator and travel agency and the commission then? Modern technologies allow to organize your tour, do not leaving your computer, directly on our website (). Think it is very difficult? No, it's pretty simple if you know the structure of the organization of the tour. Also, let's look distinct advantage if you organize the trip independently. 1. The selection and design of the tour. Visit a travel agency takes a long time (to get there, stand in line, wait until all turns out.) Plus, the selection options.

The agency itself decides for you which cities you visit, and where how you going to stay. Or you can at any time, without hurrying, in the comfort of home or at work at the computer choose your tour. On our site you will find many interesting things about Spain that will help you determine the route. 2. Rent home or hotel. Often you can just choose the hotel where you stay, and then from the list of those who signed a contract with a tour operator.

Or at your disposal spaces of the Internet where you can book hotel or home to your taste. 3. Purchase tickets. Often the cost of air travel is the main part of the budget round. How can you save if you plan your trip yourself? Book flights Online. In this case you do not pay for work aviakassirov and airlines provide you discounts. If you book your advance, you can buy tickets at minimum prices. It is these seats are bought in the first place. C through the Internet you can check out offers from several airlines. 4. Rent a car. Many travel agencies do not offer car rentals. At the same time, the car – the most convenient way to travel, it gives you the freedom to move across the country. At any time you can change the planned route, do not depend on the schedule of buses. Rent a car online as easy as to buy tickets. 5. Visa. Visa processing through travel agency will cost 100-200 euros. If you make a visa by yourself, then it will cost 925 – 1500 rubles. Required documents: – Proof of hotel reservation. After booking the hotel you will receive a voucher that takes the Spanish Embassy to confirm the fact that their country is your place to stay. – Confirmation of ticket (or reservation tickets) back and forth. This confirmation you will be able to get the agency airline where the ticket was booked. – Confirmation that you have enough money to visit the country. This may be a letter from the employer on wages and / or bank statements, etc. – Availability of health insurance for the entire stay. – Photos and completed questionnaires. Summarizing the above, I want to note: the Commission of travel companies is very high. Why pay them if the same things you can do yourself? And the most important difference between the organized tourism, and independent – is that the first once again visit the places of pilgrimage of tourists are in the company of women, requiring low-cost shopping, the pervasive children, and sometimes inadequate even neighbors in the hotel. The latter interact with people (you can download the Russian-Spanish phrase book or to start learning Spanish), watch how they live, are immersed in the culture of another country and thus learn much more than the first. Because that's what distinguishes one country from another.

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Now we can choose between the five pages that more us relacionemos and give them greater visibility do friends Fanpage? More control for brands, will be administrator who decide the content of the wall, you can access the new Admin View option and see all publications at any time. Page and administrator will be on maintaining the social essence of the network, where reputations associated with brands are completely mesmerizing with the professionals who represent them. The merger between the social area and professional development is thanks to this newness of Facebook, even more efficient and will be the administrator who decides the friends who share the user and page at a rate of interest of the brand. Own notifications by e-mail, administrators may receive. And last but not least, content. Facebook streamlines access to the same due to the filters, users can define different lock types. Very efficient and many changes made by the social network or to the so intend to do so to see the community of marketers and social media managers-, a new aspect for which there will be as many opinions as tastes in relation to the visual, but undoubtedly will arise new applications that will make the paperwork a work much more simple. For the professionals of the Social Media Marketing SMM – the Elimination of the traditional limitations of a Fanpage, optimize any Marketing strategy online, applications expand utilities and features, but, aside from the classic applications there are some that allow us to optimize the page making it a very efficient tool.

According to all the studies, an appealing Landing Page will increase the percentage of conversion by 30% this can be carried out thanks Static FBML, an application that gives marketers the ability to modify the tabs in order to promote a campaign, a new product, a promotion bid to avoid the lack of access to the data on usersYou can use the ContacMe Thanks to this application you can establish contact to occur through an external e-mail address. Interesting but that you think if I tell you that Facebook is from months ago very advanced in the inclusion of virtual stores on any page, this is possible thanks to Ecwid an application that facilitates the social commerce. Let’s move through virtual stores, the truth is that the mobile web and the dizzying expansion which is experiencing, makes that concepts such as e-commerce, e-shops, contact forms, frequently asked questions, shopping cart will become essential for all brands that have opted for investments in marketing and online advertising in order to increase the business figures through their virtual shops. The new new Facebook corporate social network new utilities Fanpages of the social at the professional has an application that offers the possibility of having an area of FAQ in a tab of the page is called FAQPage, this It allows the consolidation of the branding associated with the brand, increases online reputation and allows users to have response to their requirements without leaving the Fanpage. Highly efficient applications with which the social network committed to increasing investments in advertising and marketing in social networks, optimize the investments that make brands providing them with utilities and applications that facilitate the consolidation of the business, other business success the success of brands is the success of the social network.

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Referred to in accordance with the analysis and appreciation of Dr. Jose Ruiz Roa to the: examination of the administrative structure or its components, to evaluate the degree of efficiency and effectiveness with which planning, organization, direction, coordination, execution and Control of the goals set by the company, to correct deficiencies that might exist are being mettending to the continuous improvement of it, optimizing productivity to achieve total quality and its control, through the better utilization of available resources, in accordance with procedures framed within the true management policies and standards. (1) Moreover Franklin, indicates that: the administrative audit is the review total or partial analysis of an organization in order to clarify the level of performance and profiling opportunities for improvement to innovate value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. (2) It can be seen then as this is a topic with full force, the It must be the domain of the Manager today, in the sense of awareness as March the organization from a global point of view. Objective of the AGAD in a general sense, focuses on the correction of deficiencies in the corporate organisation and produce improvements in the administrative functioning, to optimize the time, costs and achieve the desired quality. Stages of the administrative audit or the AGAD AGAD presents an initial planning stage, in which takes place the respective meeting with senior management of the Organization object in the AGAD. Subsequently the preliminary examination that includes the tour of the facilities of the company, the implementation of the cueationarios and rigorous interviews. Also you should include in concerning the review of the internal control determining critical areas to proceed in this manner to carry out the examination in depth of areas which according to previous analysis present difficulty, regardless of the degree of difficulty that affects them.

Finally the conclusions are extracted and recommendations to be submitted with the final report. General programme to develop an AGAD 1.-Constitution of the company: verifies all the legal documentation of the company to remove the aspects of greatest importance. 2 Position the institution: that occupies in the national and international level. 3.-Organization: general structure of divisions and departments. 4 Goals, plans and policies: is determined that they are clearly defined and precise way.

5 Finance: verifies compliance with the planned schedule. 6.-Control: verifies the existence of controls and frequency of elaboration. 7. Human resources: check personnel policies and management of the same. 8. Physical media: determination of existing physical media and the reasonability of the investment made in this regard. Final report of the AGAD in principle this should present as fundamental characteristics: be timely, concise, simple and clear to understand, with the highest degree of accuracy, constructive, useful for decision of decisions, based on evidence and comprehensive in content. The general structure of the report should include: synthesis, objectives, technical elements considered, procedures, observations, proposals, cooperation of the staff of the company and annexes. ___Referencias: (1) Ruiz Roa, j. (2007). Fundamentals for the analysis of administrative management. Editorial PANAPO. Caracas Venezuela (2) Franklin, e. (2001). Administrative audit. Editorial McGraw-Hill.

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But on the other hand, in the strata social inferior are who participated in these protests and are precisely they, more than anyone else who are able to answer about the motivation for them. Going to the perception of the economic situation only 33.6% of respondents sees how bad the current situation (in 2005, 57.9% considered bad situation and in 2003 did 62.3%). The poor consider the current situation as bad or very bad in a 34.4%, so it can be inferred that there has been a tangible improvement in the perception of the economic situation despite greater expressed discontent. Even detected an improvement in the optimism of the respondents those who only by 27.9 per cent consider that within a year the economic situation will be worse, when in July 2008 36.1% of respondents had such negative view. What the survey reveals is that the crisis has impacted unevenly on family finances. The richer only in a 19.1% population stratum has been worsen its economic situation, while at the other end, 45.5% sees the worst family situation that a year ago. These results have logic by the uneven impact of the crisis commonly hitting more to lower-income segments since they have less secure and informal labour sources.

I think that this survey by the University of Lima reinforces several concepts about the current management of the Government of Alan Garcia. The question of economic policy is not so much that population questions but lack of political tact and the little heard poorest population sectors. In one way or another, the population generally recognizes a improvement of the product of the current management situation. Probably, if the Government decides to make one greater effort to improve the situation of the poorest, the benefits would achieve would outweigh outperforms the economic costs that they sue them. The social calm that would make such a decision, would have benefits in terms of improvements in the economic context for investment, which would add to a political benefit (by a presidential image enhancement) and would represent also a stimulus for domestic consumption (given the high proportion to consume lower segments). On the other hand, Peru has fiscal capacity to increase allocations for the benefit of the poorest. Alan Garcia will take these elements into account? It is good time to invest in Peru through a new ETF launched recently, the Peru ETF (NYSE:EPU) Horacio Pozzo when the financial market is very upset, it is best to bet it safe, experts say.

And in the Latin American market There are reliable and cost-effective options. When China awakes, you will need to go shopping. Paola Pecora and his team of analysts you cuentab where, here.

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Cement crushing plant and concrete crushing plant have similar crushing process. The final materials or aggregate after crsuhing screen the material qualified through vibrating screen. Ore crushing plant and gold mining equipment are both used for extraction of mineral materials. Crushing is essential process. Materials and water ratio should be appropriate, and ultimately depends on the moisture content of the mud, mobility may be in the water, too little water, the slurry is too thick, the material dispersion is poor, you increase the resistance movement of the grinding body, crushing of the material, on the contrary, weakens too much water, you are bound to reduce the feedstock, and the slurry is too thin, crashing and grinding directamente between the grinding media opportunities, loss of energy and increases the wear rate of grinding media under normal circumstances, the material, ball, water ratio 1: 18: 6, but the total material, balls, mixed with water volume is about 90% of the effective volume.

You can also adjust the formula to reduce the types of hard materials, control the maximum diameter of the coarse material, the choice of appropriate additives to improve the efficiency of the ball mill. Hongxing is a mining equipment manufacturer in China, and supplies all kinds of crushing plant for coal, cement, concrete, ore, gold etc. Our products have taken up a considerable place in the world market. They have been exported to America, Italy, Iran, Australia, India, Indonesia, UAE, South Africa etc and received high popularity. Based on the situation of the mining machinery plant, only further deepen the reform, actively adjust industrial structure, change the mode of economic growth, enhance independent innovation capability, accelerate research advanced mining machinery and key parts, further enhance the product quality and service awareness, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the whole industry, adhere to the Green Innovation, mining machinery enterprises, China can achieve sound, rapid and sustainable development.

Also, it is necessary to enhance industrial development of qualified personnel, including entrepreneurs, professional and technical personnel, in order to provide a guarantee for independent innovation and overall construction qualified industry personnel. Kaolin is a major clay composed by kaolinite, also known as the clay. In recent years, the very popular in the domestic market is kaolin, kaolin resources exploitation is unprecedented enthusiasm. In general, kaolin mining open-pit mining and underground mining. Weathered residual plot kaolin mining open-pit mining, sand, such as gold stamp mill south africa. Other hydrothermal alteration and sedimentary-type deposits, shallow open-pit mining and deep underground mining.

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