Month: June 2016

The singer was dismissing their fans at a concert when a young man boarded from behind to sneak into the scenario. The follower only wanted to make a picture, but frightened to Shakira. That the artist has fans all over the world is something that has been known since its inception, but that one of them almost remove you the life of the only scare has happened during a concert in the Tijuana hot state. Who don’t have scared you ever leaving you in a State of shock? It is common, all have been protagonists ever’s situation, but Shakira lived in public under the watchful eye of a multitude of fans that chanted his songs. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Wells Fargo. The show was about to end, the Colombian was already are dismissing all when a fan slipped between the strong security measures and appeared behind her on stage. Of others to the event and when the young man touched her from behind to get a photo, Gerard Pique girlfriend remained stone, so much was so shouted and could not not react but simply smiled scared and posed before the camera. We don’t know what happened next because in the video there is a thick veil, but one thing is certain, the fan got what few, a photo with Shakira on stage, though to know how and where ended the story, circumvent security measures may cost you dearly. Source of the news: A fan left in shock to Shakira in the middle of the stage.


It already reaps awards from all directions: the Kameha Bay Portal as upcoming super luxury hotel of Majorca and its management under the leadership of Carsten Rath Hamburg, 27.10.2011. Already in the coming year, the opening should be. Then with the Fund is also scheduled, cosmopolitan estates Mallorca”acquired 10.8 million return to almost 122 percent of deposits. For investors, this means a post tax return of 8.25 per cent per annum, as the investment of only the comparatively favorable tax and solidarity surcharge is subject to. The participation of cosmopolitan estates Mallorca”with a minimum amount of drawing of 25,000 euro without premium is aimed at a target group that is also used to draw private placements. At an average drawing total of 40,000 euros, now 275 investors share the financing of hotels, in that the project developer itself brought 7.5 million euros and a bank loan.

Both are subordinated, operated only after the return of investor funds. Safety plays so for the cosmopolitan estates Mallorca”as with the other funds from United investors a large role. The convincing concept motivated a non-profit foundation, which wants to be called not to entrust us with a million euro. We feel, what’s that, confirmed”Hauke Bruhn says as Managing Director of United investors. The project developer contrary came a current amendment for Mallorca, which allowed him an area increase of ten percent. This raises of course space efficiency and thus the potential income on the sale. The present figures and the level of development can already recognize that the Kameha Bay can be implemented within the framework of the prospected information portal”, Banu explains.

Yet the Fund currently Metropolitan estates Berlin and German S & K property in the placement has United investors in the real estate sector. We have invested much time in training, to convey the special concept of the partialischen loan in our Fund and its benefits. The rising sales figures show us that this form on intermediaries and customers will be well received”, so Bruhn.


One of the easier and faster ways to generate income online is by the affiliation marketing. It is recommended that anyone who would like to start a business on the Internet sell products affiliated for awhile, since it requires a minimum of investment does not even have to have a web page and is also an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the way the Internet marketing works. That is the marketing by affiliation? Basically Ud sells a foreign product and earn a Commission for it. The interesting thing is that on the Internet you can find products that have 40% to 50% commissions! That means that Ud will earn 50% of the sale price to sell a product that is not even yours. Why are there such high commissions? It’s very simple: many products that are sold on the Internet are electronic, e.g. e-books, audio or video courses that do not have a cost once they are produced. These products lie in some cyber space server and are downloaded automatically, without any additional cost, when a person makes a purchase. It should be the creator of the product sell the quantities which are, even at half price, as does not imply one cost greater for him.

In addition you should because it is known as an expert in the web to more dissemination of your product. How can I sell an affiliate product? It is very easy. First you have to find one. Look at which is what most people are looking for. Then search for web pages that offer electronic products to meet those needs and see if they have an affiliate program.

These are usually advertised in the side columns of the home page or at the end. When you click on that link, it will usually be led to a page which explains the terms of membership and the Commission will win by Ud. Then it will indicate where to enroll in its program of affiliation through another link. After being enrolled in the program, Ud be able access seller shopping cart to get your link (link) of Affiliate. That link is unique to you. Everytime a person click on that link and then purchase the product, shopping cart will recognize it as a sale of yours and will send 40-50% of the price paid to your account. The only thing you have to do is to spread your personal link sending to their friends by email, on your Facebook or any other social page. Depending on the popularity of the product and the quality of the sales page that has, Ud may have a 1% to 2% of people who click on your link are going to buy the product. It’s easy, it’s fast, fun and it works! And, best of all, is that Ud will earn passive income literally while sleeping. And if you want to learn how to implement a business on the Internet along with his entire family, I invite you to where you can download a free ebook with 10 facts about how to teach their children (and Ud) to have their own businesses. Of Bettina Langerfeldt, whose passion is to teach people of all ages how to get a vision for your life, as set goals and then pursue the specific education so that they can achieve them. EducacionParElExito.


Thus, in May the price of these products increased 11 percent in terms inter-monthly, being the price of oil, which reported the biggest monthly rise (27.3%), followed by soybean (increases of 13%) and wheat (12%).In the new upward path of agricultural products not only influences the recovery of petroleum, but that they also play some conjunctural factors such as bad weather conditions (drought, lack of humidity and low temperatures) that were recorded in the main producing areas of the world and the return of the speculation at the hands of the investment funds.End of the bullish rally: investors have begun to feel the vertigo of height and to question the State of solvency of the companies.(given the high indebtedness of the same as they exceed in some cases 200% in relation to its added value in 2009). As well, the companies listed on the Spanish stock exchanges they would have a few commitments of 276.532 million euros, (which is 3.1 times the profit that will get this exercise) and it is expected that it will lower the percentage of business results that relate to dividends as well as the number of companies that will share the same.Possible stock market crash in the last quarter of 2009: the continuation of the instability of the financial system will make financial institutions need more capital requirements (estimating more than 850,000 $ million), due to the existence of toxic assets that must be purchased by the bad banks (bad banks) or continue with the trickle of Bank interventionspractices that in both cases represent a loss of free competition. and that could exacerbate the risk of stagnation of the economic crisis in the United States.Likewise, the rise in interest rates by the FED, ECB and other central banks for the second half of 2009 would not disposable (between 0.5 and 1 point) motivated by the fact that differentials in profitability between the emission of public debt among the various countries of the first world have increased in recent months, (which entails a more expensive and more difficult to obtain external financing) and the risk of a possible scenario of deflation caused by the severe contraction of domestic consumption caused by the collapse of prices of oil and basic foodstuffs during 2008 and first quarter of the rise 2009.DichIt would have an immediate impact on mortgages and bank loans, consequent economic suffocation of broad social layers and a dramatic increase in delinquencies and foreclosures of homes and commercial premises and coupled with the rebound in crude oil prices could lead to episodes of stagflation and produce a new stock market crash..


It is clear that this criterion does not apply to form a basis, since there is no sufficient evidence that all readers of this magazine have a home computer. Errors in determining the necessary sample size leads to a lack of representativeness, as a consequence – the rejection of the received Information about the truth. The calculation of sample size – is not difficult, but not elementary. Methods of calculating sample size implies a knowledge of the parameters of the target population, and the richer the knowledge, the effective investigation. If such a study is conducted for the first time, method of determining the sample size recommends that the failure of the respondents.

This, in turn, leads to not always acquitted increase in the cost of the study. For a lot of problems can lead errors election method of sampling. Most of the problems associated with the substitution of methodologically sound, but expensive types of sampling more cheap and simple, but methodologically not perfect. Marketing research often require the use of the method of simple random sampling, but random selection of respondents – an expensive and complicated procedure. So unscrupulous researchers often use surrogate counterparts random sample, bringing in a systematic process element.

Following this, the sample is filled in accordance with a number of undesirable effects that reduce representativeness. This is followed by incorrect conclusions on the results of marketing research and management errors. Design of quantitative survey questionnaire – a real Klondike for errors. From quality of the questionnaire, the ability to ask questions, half of the success depends on the study.


10 tips to make men treat the subject of the former of your partner how behave in relation to the ex-husband of your partner is as complex as the way they ended the relationship between them. If ended badly and the still searching, will have to grapple with how to try to get out of the life of you two. In the event that it has been a relatively friendly breakup, the only thing you can do is accept it as part of its past without encroaching jealousy. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Bill Phelan on most websites. Keep in mind that your ex might be only an annoying presence either a major obstacle. Everything depends on how you behave with respect to it. Follow these tips: No conversations about him. If there is no need to talk about him, don’t do it, especially if that makes you feel jealous.

Probably his name comes to light in conversations with the family or friends of it, but if you also try the theme, you will keep it alive. It is acceptable that you want to know some aspects of their relationship, but speak constantly of the just will see your insecurity. Think rationally. Avoids creating problems that do not they exist. You have a very active imagination could do think things not happening really. Did you notice that he blinked when he heard his name? Found it on the street and u hug was too strong! Surely you have messages from him on his cell phone! You must learn to recognize when there really is a problem and when there is not. Avoid competencies. You don’t need to compete with the ex-husband of your partner, keep in mind that you are the man with whom she chose to be and he is part of the past. If you do a competition you can that you stay as a braggart. Be cordial.