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McDonalds launches a new mobile application for Android operating systems with the objective of facilitating the search for restaurants. The application developed by McDonalds, from the hand of OMD,’s main objective is to facilitate the search for restaurants in a completely adapted environment for users of smartphones. The results can be viewed in three ways: maps, augmented reality and a list sorted by proximity. Learn more about this topic with the insights from VP – Corporate Planning. In addition to these features there is the possibility to filter the searches depending on the equipment of the restaurants as Wi-Fi, McAuto, 24 hours or PlayPlace, among others. The number of Android devices that are in Spain currently exceed the number of iPhones and this trend will increase as it has already happened in other countries as United States. Therefore, in McDonald s we constantly adapt to the tastes and needs of our clients and we know the importance you attach him to the digital world..


Optimize will make your life rating and demand, that is – more profitable. Of the existing types of promotion are selected optimally suited in accordance with the thrust of the site and the project budget. Usually, with to increase the popularity of used methods such as banner and contextual advertising and search engine optimization. Just last method is one of the most efficient and requires an integrated approach: continuous work to improve the site and various measures of promotion pages in search engines. It's actually not an easy task – to make certain the project as possible and more popular among many similar, and to achieve this objectives will competently designed promotion strategy, which includes a variety of mechanisms. Not for nothing the Western marketers are sometimes compared to optimizing the site with a business investment in the Internet sector. The success and popularity of the resource can be evaluated using certain specific values.

Naturally, this is largely the number of links to the site and the relevance of these links, in addition, there are many other criteria. Ben Silbermann may also support this cause. Each search engine is unique and has its own algorithms for ranking and selection popularity of the Internet resource, and therefore the credibility of the site is calculated differently, and sum over the values of different importance. But Most search engines are similar in structure, so the magnitude of which is summed score authority, similar in importance. Particularly similar are the requirements for internal search engines optimization site, for example, structure and code correctness, relevance of information on the subject of pages and other defining criteria. So, good promotion of resources in one of the search engines will inevitably provide him higher position in other search engines besides increasing its popularity. Search engine optimization of other profitable promotion resources on the Internet.

For example, contextual advertising, unlike search engine optimization can only be seen in a retrieval system, in which it was placed. A significant argument is the fact that the site has acquired immense popularity through search engine optimization, issued along with the target request and other words associated with the subject site. Means the same content significantly limited the key stop-words in order to avoid paying unnecessary visits. Summing up the small, one could argue that the search optimization has many advantages. Of course, the rational implementation of search engine optimization requires a highly responsible attitude, because in this case is important every detail.


Sea bream, black and blonde with cauchao, caulker, red pepper jalapeo or honey is the proposal of flavors that the familiar company " Commercial society Saavedra & Berndt Limitada&quot Company; it does today to the Region of Aysn. It is the artisan beer Finisterra, that from Port Swans will arrive at Coyhaique, and from there to all the region, like a new ally to the gastronomical supply with identity of these austral places. Learn more on the subject from Payoneer. " The quality of our waters and that the beer is done with love, with desire. Since this is like cooking, where if you do a rice with affection is not just like if you arrive and strips the ingredients to agua". It is the phrase whereupon Carolina defines the main comparative advantage of this new product, that it has devised and taken ahead his father, Carlos Saavedra Cid, for that today the day is celebrating of producer of the official launching Thursday in the Historical Restaurant Ricer. For several years that this professor of the Guido School Go’mez of Port Swans looked for the formula that allowed to give an artisan product him in the heading of brewery. It started off with incipient facilities in a place of his house, which allowed him to produce 50 liters for local consumption preliminarily.

But spent the time, it saw the necessity to grow to become a familiar company dedicated to this activity and as a form to contribute to the economic development of its community. " That is what he looked for, that people identify themselves with us, whom she prefers to us, whom feels hers and that sees us like something special for their town. And that also sees that things can be done that are not so common. And that is possible to fulfill sueos" Carolina remembers. It was so after to receive in 2005 resources of the Capital program Seed of Corfo to initiate the work and to realise a market study, in 2009 adjudged to $ 40 million similar program of the organization, but this time in his second line of work, with the sponsorship of Codesser and as a result of to have been winning of a prize at national level in innovation.


Having a website is not essential to generate a form of internet business. He gives the necessary guidance to achieve your business effectiveness. Having a website to do business on the Internet is just a detail, it is but might give you at least a dozen ways of doing business online without even having a website itself. I’ll name you just some “Selling on Ebay-Affiliate Marketing-The Social Network Recommendations Yoytube products Buzzmarketing-Work-Third Party Websites But assuming you have a site for making money on internet, you should understand that will only be a tool for your business and not the main tool. You should concentrate on applied marketing your website, I mean, if your website “Sale” or just a website designed in a “Beautiful.” I have generated hundreds of dollars with only 10 lines of text in a place without design, without background colors. just because I knew implement the appropriate marketing techniques. … Then, I recommend that you focus less on the design, but how you will give value to your visitors. Would you give something in return for your visit? Would you ask your email and your contact details? Have you sent a message often? Do you position yourself as an expert? It uses only 20% of the time given for your Internet project only to design the site and the remaining 80% Aplix dedicate it to online marketing techniques. To discover what you are doing wrong in your Internet project and let me help you, please visit now: I wish I can help! Diego Del Pizzo


Of course, to create a site that is not enough to ensure that it is not entered by visitors. The site needed to unwind, this is a whole science of optimizing your site for search queries. Here are some tips. The most valuable is the site – content, it content. Schedule is important, but more as a page layout. People are looking for valuable information and therefore the most important element of the site is – unique content. This makes the site unique and makes it stand out amidst the others. Add to the site unique content – it will automatically raise his rating.

The easiest way to increase traffic to the site – register it in the directories: paid, free, white, and others. But for such a procedure would take plenty of time and it is therefore easier to pay and make automatic registration in catalogs there are a number of other ways to promote your website and one of them – this is article marketing. You write an article, post it on the site – the catalog of articles and doing a paper 2.3 contextual links to the resource, thereby increasing the number of incoming links. This lends credibility to your site. Another way – identical.

Do you write comments on blogs, forums, social networks, and leave your signature, a reference to the following website a way to increase attendance – viral traffic. You create an e-book, which has your details. The reader will need to visit your site, if you as the author of his interest. In this book is distributed on the Internet for free, therefore it can be downloaded from any website a lot of people. If you have a mailing list, then subscribe to it, people can also visit your site if you provide your contact information in it. ges. Video on You tube. Put an interesting video in which insert their details. This kind of advertising your site. Here are brief. If this is all done systematically increasing the uniqueness of the site's content, chat conversations in online forums, to mailing list – the result will not hesitate to come …. Igor Kozlov


Another part of the search engine – this is proper search engine that searches for the right word or phrase to us only in its index. So, if you can not find the necessary information, you should use another search engine. Primichanie: Search system is not looking all over the internet. It searches only for its database. Wells Fargo Bank takes a slightly different approach. The last part of the search engine – this is the service itself (the visible part for us), with which the user enters his drink in a search engine and receives an answer. From which to start searching? Experience shows that to date effectively and correctly use the search engines are able to not more than 3% of users. Most people ask 02.01 words for that may be get absolutely unnecessary to include information. The thing is that search engines are not endowed with intelligence, but because it is difficult to just "understand" that the user wants them.

Put yourself in the search engine and tell what information you would have told of priority on "mobile phone". A place where you can buy it? The nearest service center is? Instruction is in use? Perhaps your counterpart wants to know where you can download free ringtones to the mobile?? Similarly, the search engine can not "guess" your current wishes .. Useful tips 1. Write to correctly word the search query Sometimes you can not find the "studio of sewing coats in Kiev." And all because it "coats" in Kiev do not sew, but only "coat". 2. Use synonyms Try "notebook" instead of "Laptop", "car" instead of "carriage", "summary" instead of "course work". 3. Refine your search query more more accurately to your request for a search engine, the more chances you will find what you're looking for.

4. Use keywords if you are looking for information about a car Toyota, and write: "car Toyota, and not just a "car". 5. Do not write query in uppercase All queries desirable to write in small letters. Your search for "The Seven Wonders of Ukraine" search engine finds only if someone typed that phrase in big letters. Where? There a few search engines that can meet all of your drink. Ukrainian: Meta.ua, Search.bigmir.net Russian Yandex.ru Rambler.ru World Google.com MSN.com Yahoo.com Prepared by Head of WEB-tehnology Softwest Group Andrew Ray


More and more Internet users adopt so-called social networks (social networks) participated. This is normally at a website on which registered users represent themselves and each other can get in touch. The target groups of social networks are very different. For example, the Zielsetzungvon OpenBC (the mittlerweilse Xing) is called the forging of professional contacts. Accordingly, the users are usually de independently or working. The best known social network MySpace, whose users are mostly in their teens are. MySpace was founded in 2003 originally as a platform for young bands that want to come in contact with your fans. Meanwhile, MySpace is widely used by young people as a communication platform.

As with most Internet-based social networks, users can create their own MySpace profile page, which is essentially intended to self-representation. A MySpace profile is highly configurable and can be as diverse components such as blogs, comments, an overview of all Friends who are also members of MySpace, containing music or videos. Each user can customize his profile so strongly to his needs and to his taste. For some adjustments are necessary programming skills who are not a lot of MySpace users. Here to help external portals that offer MySpace Layouts.

These design templates can easily be incorporated without any programming knowledge in your own profile. Still goes on a MySpace Editor that allows you to create your own profile free. MySpace is now mainly Representation in the U.S., is now also a British and a German version of the service started. The German MySpace page is still in beta. According to the company MySpace has in Germany, more than 2 million members.


How? Here it is … To read more click here: JPMorgan Chase. Invent your concept and ideas. Picture what you want your potential web site was. To which you give to clients? Everything you do needs to be to their liking. They will call to get what they want. Make sure that there needs to be satisfied, and they keep coming back for more. Not only that, they can offer your website to other people, if they consider it of importance. Get a good hosting company.

And yet, if you want to do it for free, there are numerous sites that host free. One benefit – something that the hosting company requires you to put their banner in your website. It many, is not it? Start from page one. Take a position and develop its first page. It would be worth your while if you have the basic principles of HTML. Although there are hundreds of 'What you see, then get' (WYSIWYG) editors, but you create the best website using HTML. There are blocks of instruction are available online.

Take advantage of them and apply their knowledge to web design that you create. Edit your page. Look at the loading and navigation. They are in good condition? What about web design is drawn to look at? Are the fonts intelligible? Content hosts? Are there any errors in grammar and spelling? You should check the reading at least three times. (As opposed to PayNet). They may be tiny details, but they make up a web site. Be careful when dealing with them. If you require a recovery, the page does this. This is disastrous if you show stuff. Take a rest of pages. The aim is to attract visitors, keep them and get more. Fix, adjust and fix again. Conduct a site redesign. It's going to pay off to sort it all. Never Go to compromise on the quality of your Web site. It represents your company and you. This is – your gear to pull a new business and getting a big profit. Download pages to your site. Once you are finished with editing, you can upload your pages to your site. Expect this to be shown on the network. Do not forget to update the page regularly. You need to be updated in order to not lose your target market. Otherwise, they will search for the best site that can meet their needs. You do not want this to happen, is not it? Do not forget about the redesign of the site.

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Most of the girls, more zhenshin sit at home and taking care of their children at a time when her husband work on the job. The whole day is too much that would be to educate the child and often is cleared plenty of time to rest or to view series. Sometimes it is enough to see what is at hand and how it can bring you the earnings. Add to your understanding with Wells Fargo Bank. Web design is one of those areas where you can earn money without leaving home. Any zhenshina can sit at the computer a month and desire to learn how to design programs. She can learn skills such as creating presentations, or to learn not to complicated but interesting and creative pursuits like creating banners for online advertising, or same design sites that have recently come to enjoy increasing popularity.

Or, you can probably do one of the easiest is to hang the advertisement on the Internet for promotion satov. You can also find customers razmeshenie advertising on television. there is already possible to earn a percentage. You can be a mediator in almost all areas unless you are confident in their ability to find the client on the Internet. That way you can organize your business from the comfort of home. Sitting in the warmth of your computer at your desk and make money. If the matter is approached correctly then 2 months later you will come to a stable amount of which will come every month if you work.

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Internet – like many in this word is hidden. This is a whole world with countries, cities, streets, houses and their addresses. Here are exhibitions, galleries, movie theaters (well, at least rent films), libraries and reference. There is also their stores. While the virtual world of material and food does not need, but even the food can not just order, but to buy.

What to say about the clothes, furniture, household appliances, automobiles and even a cable, wire and electrician construction and repair. What we expect from the online store? Watching the various publications in print and has spent plenty of my free time traveling the streets of the World Wide Web, we suddenly there was a desire to build his small kiosk and get a little extra income. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Porter Stansberry has to say. And maybe you are lucky! The idea of creating the site. Buying a domain name. and hosting services (the service is to provide space for the physical placement information on a server residing in the network). Remember, about the captain Vrungel: "As a ship call, so it will float." Short and catchy domain name and better than the second level, together with a stable work server provider that offers hosting services – is important enough condition to start the development of the idea of creating the site. And yet, what to do – information site or online store? In the deep principle, all the same. Need to convey information to visitors about the services or products that we offer.

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