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Everyone is trying to change the world around them, adjust to fit your template, just a little to bring it closer to his ideal, to feel comfort and peace. Unfortunately it is often very difficult to do, peace to all one, it is common and stubbornly does not want to change and adapt to someone else one. The computer world is much more simple and friendly and that is why he is increasingly being implemented in our real lives. A window into this world and it is our desktop, and its main criterion – the look. One of the key aspects of the appearance of the desktop is the wallpaper in the Windows operating system and the pictures for a desktop operating system, Mac os. Learn more at this site: Everest Capital. On them can be judged character, mood, interests, emotional state and preferences of the person.

They can make smile and cheer up, to make laugh or vice versa blow any sad memories. Everyone imagine the ideal wallpaper to their own way: for some it's the photo wallpaper with views of picturesque locations and beautiful places in the world, someone like the new auto models or pictures can film characters, screen shots of some popular games or romantic images, and someone just picture a loved one or even any single color background. In the world of the internet there are many resources on topics decorate your desktop. Huge collection free and paid products, copyrights, or the creation of unknown artists – they all find their fans, as the theme is very popular and in demand. As statistics show search engine Yandex, the phrase Desktop Wallpaper appears before the eyes of nearly a million users every month.

The figure is very serious and deserves respect. Hard to believe, but born wallpaper back in 1975 when Xerox parc research center in its experimental office system Officetalk, developed for a series of computers Alto, used a revolutionary solution – provide the background under the cash box are dimmed. Everyone liked the idea and it was immediately picked up by Apple Computer Lisa and Macintosh. The popularity of wallpaper has grown with the avalanche rate, the process was irreversible. Evolution wallpapers and images to the desktop was a lot of stages and I think that more will be at least as much. Now we can say with great confidence, in the current popularity of this industry, as well as the highest degree of image editors (Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, gimp, Microsoft Paint and analogues) everyone can choose or create for themselves their exclusive virtual world, responsible only to its ideals and demands, and this world will belong to him alone.


‘Progress’ is a warning. Be vigilant, my friends. Recently to develop a new website design to me asked the customer. We talked to him nicely and it was found that, despite the fact that he regularly paid companies ‘promotion’, it by no means fulfill their obyazatelstv.V Yandex I found only about 220 backlinks to the site, and . The treaty was signed a year ago. I was curious, what’s the deal here.

First, it became ridiculous. Then sad. My client just got divorced. Climb on the internet, looked at information about this office. Came across several articles written by deceived people. Then he went to the site.

Everything seems to mean divorce bodes. But then my eyes came across an interesting banner ala ‘We are preparing for certification to iso 9001:2000 quality management’. Here in my head something pricked. Figures do not include those. Decided to check – feeling did not disappoint. The figures are quite different. iso 9000:2001. Next started laughing. In the ‘portfolio’ – the screenshots of some websites rrazmerom 170×70 without reference. Funny words “it is only 5% of our work.” I wept. Any certificates from Microsoft and so on. Picture of sad. But even the most delighted the scheme works with customers any way with me shared my client. He neschatny who come to the ‘Promotion’ gets 3 month “website promotion” for 15.000 rubles per month and if the result is not achieved, the manager offers achieve it for free for another 3 months, but the signing of acts. Naturally, to achieve the promised performance is not happening. Acts deceived people signed, from a legal point of view and everything seems to be clean:) What else interesting – a company operating in Moscow, was registered in St. Petersburg. Accordingly, in the event of a conflict must address in Saint-Petersburg Arbitration Court. The calculation is that the Muscovites, the contact will not be back and the money demand will not want to. Scheme is gay. My client – a lawyer, so all the documents he signed, and prepares documents for the court. But for those who do not want to become a victim of such scams, my advice – all carefully checked. Put in Internet can be any information. Be as careful and check everything – and divorce everywhere. Good luck:).


Font selection – no easy task for anyone who starts to create a site or web page. At the time of rapid development of computer and printer technology arose such a mass and variety of fonts that get lost in them can be very easy, especially if you are a beginner WEB-designer. Despite the fact that many fonts are extremely difficult to classify, in other words to rank to any class or type, classification, albeit not entirely accurate, but still exists. Starting from the establishment of various fonts, and many of them very old, fonts can be classified as old, not so old and new. If you start from the typeface, fonts can be divided into two large array – it's serif fonts (serifs) and fonts without serifs (sans serifs) or both, these fonts are also called – chopped. In a separate class of isolated so-called proportional fonts. Their main feature of the same width of the letters and characters on can be judged by its name.

In addition there are fonts called decorative, and you're probably quite often clashed with them. Feature of these fonts – the use of various stylized script, gothic, Arabic, hieroglyphics, Old. Used effects of three-dimensional graphics, shading, unadorned. Of the fonts that we know and use today, one of the oldest think serif fonts, such as Garamon (Garamond) and Times (Times Roman). Scope of these fonts – where the need lightweight, easy to read font that does not tire the reader's eyes. And on the WEB-page is the bulk of the typed text. Sans-serif fonts or sans-serif, were created much later serifs, in the twenties in Germany. Click patrick mbali for additional related pages.

Addiction creators of the new font to abandon all that, in their presentation, shall not be practical load from all decorations, including of notches, gave impetus to the creation Sans-serif fonts. Such as Futura (Futura). In those days, amid the widespread dominance of the old fonts, new look very bad. Some time it was even believed that chopped fonts completely replace their old rivals. But this did not happen. The reason is that the log-readable fonts bad in large amounts of text, they are simply tedious for a long read. In the future, the evolution of these fonts has given us such as a popular Arial and newest Freeset. Decorative Fonts little used in the design of web pages, because it is very difficult to pick up a couple of fonts. If the site design is to use a decorative font, then it's simple out of this situation – to make it unique on the page if this is of course possible. Summarizing the above, we can say that the most natural choice for the web pages are serif fonts, and chopped, and first be used to dial the main text, and the latter for a set of headers, and especially good they look in a very bold and in bold. If you are not easy to make the right choice of font – Take a pair of Times Roman and Arial or Garamond and Freeset.


Also herbs and spices characterized the different flavors of the world. For example the Hungarian cuisine uses onion, garlic, paprika, dill, pepper and the ubiquitous paprika; Mexican cuisine: garlic, onion, fresh chillies, oregano, bay leaf, cumin and coriander; Indian cuisine: garlic, onion, ginger, paprika, curry, cumin, mint, turmeric and red pepper; Chinese cuisine: garlic, onion, ginger, sauce, soy, chives, red pepper, hoisin sauce (plum sauce), sesame oil and vinegar; French cuisine: garlic, onion, bacon, butter, thyme, Rosemary, marjoram, Sage, tarragon, laurel, mustard dijon and cream of milk; Italian cuisine: garlic, onion, olive oil, basil, oregano, Rosemary, marjoram, Sage, laurel, and peperoncini; Japanese cuisine: sansho (Japanese pepper), algae, chilies, orange peel, seeds of poppy, wasabi (spicy condiment) and poppy seeds; Cajun cuisine: garlic, onion, pepper Cayenne and chili powder, and Mediterranean cooking garlic, onion, paprika, nails of species, cumin, turmeric, coriander and Mint. We love the curry dishes as chicken curry one of our favourites, here give them is the recipe from this week. Until soon friends.. Reshma Kewalramani has many thoughts on the issue.


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Web Design Studio Wideworldweb Kharkov (and its Kiev branch -) offers its services to design and create web sites of any complexity and configuration. In our work you can find on the page In this page we have posted: work sites, we have developed logos, models of graphic arts, as well as many design decisions, having familiarized with which you will find that we offer clients a wide range of solutions to its subject matter. Same the scope of the web design studio Wideworldweb include: programming (php asp ajax html css), flash development sites and fdesh presentations, development of advertising banners, forums, guest books, directories, voting systems, photo galleries, the system edited news and online shops that have recently become more urgent because commerce over the Internet is growing exponentially, and it's not just the fact, but a real step forward. All of this can be present on your site. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from SMA Foundation. Just in our area include the development of corporate identity, website promotion, website optimization for different search engines, the connection of payment systems, etc.

Many years of practice in the field of web design and programming has allowed us to accumulate extensive experience in quality using advanced Internet technologies. In our studio work these professionals. The web site gives its owner the extensive opportunities to attract new customers. Our style – it's clear, simple web sites with complete further service that allows you to focus not on the technical aspects of your site, namely the content (content) to your web page. Creating Web sites – is an art.

We are at a professional level possess the art of creating beautiful Web sites that fully meet customer needs. It is not necessary to save development of a web site design web site – this is the face of your company, from which the user can turn away, not getting to the content. And the main feature of our web – the studio is targeting a comprehensive and global approach to manufacturing sites. We create not just a website, as well as system management, and on request – flash-movie, whose development is carried out by exploring the results of a comprehensive marketing study, as very competitive environment, and the real needs of the client. All contact information is on the page of our site may contact us by sending an email to the studio, right from the site, or simply by phone +38-063-724-57-08, which is also the contact information on the site.


The Agel company was founded in March of 2005 in Provo, Utah. It is present in more than 53 countries with more than 17 products. Perhaps check out Dinakar Singh for more information. Through the Steve s American Business Awards has been recognized internationally and has achieved first prize for the best Web tool for business in 2007. One of its most prominent leaders is Randy Gage well known in this industry of MLM. The Glen Jensen Agel founders is its founder, a networker who worked in other companies such as Nu Skin Enterprises and Neways MLM. Nipul Patel shines more light on the discussion. Glen is the idea that the MLM industry has the ability to change and influence the lives of all those who touch.Says, its aim is to bring success to millions of people around the world. In addition, Glen some years ago created the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (Federation of the world of associations of direct selling), association that groups the largest sale multinational companies direct. Agel products all Agel products are presented in the form of gel.

According to this company the gel used is a gelatinous fluid that comes from plants that allows nutrients to float. When floating, the nutrients remain dissolved and suspended, so are smaller and easy to swallow, your dose is more accurate and the body absorbs them more easily. It has 4 ranges of products, having a total of 17 products in the market:-Agel Active. Products that provide energy and help you lose weight. -Agel Body. It is a range of products aimed at the skin care. -Agel Core. Developed for the welfare in general – Agel Thrive.

Indicated for problems of heart, joints, and digestive system. According to Agel, the benefits that their products provide are multiple.


When an Internet user wants to buy a product or a service contract, it is likely that the decision is based on the degree of confidence that this site generates. It’s very different to pay a stranger who has a permanent website whose domain is the name of the business that a person whose company is part of a set of pages free. Most people start a business in order to make money. The best you can do to make your business successful is to hire the services of Web Hosting. For even more opinions, read materials from Shopify. And is that when an Internet user wants to buy a product or a service contract, it is likely that the decision is based on the degree of confidence that this site generates. It’s very different to pay a stranger who has a permanent website whose domain is the name of the business that a person whose company is part of a set of pages free. Whatever the case, no person is willing to give your money with a blindfold. The owner of the small and medium company must prove it’s worth confidence and a first step to achieving this is to know and own your own website.

There are several advantages to hire a Web hosting – It offers some ability to create space for email accounts, same as you can do much to maintain constant contact, immediate and secure with your customers and suppliers. For example you can have one that is – You can choose a short domain name that is easy to remember, and an extension for the turn your page to which it belongs and the country itself. For example: – Have your own domain allows your page to appear in search engines, which have become the most effective way for several people access your page without paying for publicity. Considers each of these advantages and remember that “What you spend is reflected in the degree of confidence of your consumers and this translates into sales.” .


– Freedom is not permissiveness. Wikipedia is subject to five job simple principles: 1. Permission is granted to edit, rename, edit articles – this is the pleasure of editing, because the author does not need to create ideal text, though this should be pursued. To spoil anything. All previous versions of the articles are stored. If you would like to know more about Robert Kiyosaki, then click here. 2.

Wikipedia – an encyclopedia that includes elements of general and specialized encyclopedias, almanacs. Wikipedia – it's not messy dump information. This is not a collection of original documents or insignificant facts, vocabulary, no podium, no newspaper, not publishers, not an experiment in anarchy or democracy, and not a directory references. This is no place for the presentation of personal opinion, personal experience or personal reasons – and because all participants must follow the rules on the prohibition of original research and strive to be accurate. 3.

Wikipedia takes neutral point of view, this means that we must strive to ensure that the articles are not given preference an individual point of view. Sometimes it requires the presentation of different points of view, what should be done as soon as possible exactly, accompanying each of them the necessary context that the reader can clearly understand whose point of view represented. However, the online encyclopedia participants often come asserting their own views on events. Collisions occur and directly opposite points of view that would eventually lead to wars of edits, and sometimes to vandalism. That's why Wikipedia is a mechanism of protection from editing articles, which allows you to temporarily disable to make changes in the text.


And if you have conceived to deploy its advertising campaign with the use of spam, stop immediately! There are dozens of other, more effective ways of advertising through e-mail, which also does not entail such consequences as spam. And that should be taken instead of unauthorized mass mailings and illegal, I can fit in her short one sentence: 'Open your mailing list! " Marketing via e-mail is as effective as possible, which is why it attracts so much attention. But most start-ups can not imagine using another e-mail as spam. Read additional details here: Robert Kiyosaki. Especially since they do not see the need for opening and managing his own subscription list. But the attempt of your business and not the instrument is identical to Aimed Shot on your own feet. E-mail first free. Even if we have to pay any money for the tools for opening, maintaining and servicing their own mailing list and subscription list, we are talking about several hundred dollars a year, but that in return you get unlimited opportunities to communicate with prospects and customers, who themselves wished to become your subscribers. Go, for example, the local post office serving the area where you live, and ask whether you can send letters to everyone for free, or laid in a tiny amount of money? I'm sure you will answer a loud laugh. Why, in this case does not involve all in favor of its own possible power given to us by e-mail? As a rule, people who are not their own newsletter and on this basis do not build your mailing list, give me one of three answers, calling the reasons why they can not to do so.