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Web Design Studio Wideworldweb Kharkov (and its Kiev branch -) offers its services to design and create web sites of any complexity and configuration. In our work you can find on the page In this page we have posted: work sites, we have developed logos, models of graphic arts, as well as many design decisions, having familiarized with which you will find that we offer clients a wide range of solutions to its subject matter. Same the scope of the web design studio Wideworldweb include: programming (php asp ajax html css), flash development sites and fdesh presentations, development of advertising banners, forums, guest books, directories, voting systems, photo galleries, the system edited news and online shops that have recently become more urgent because commerce over the Internet is growing exponentially, and it's not just the fact, but a real step forward. All of this can be present on your site. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from SMA Foundation. Just in our area include the development of corporate identity, website promotion, website optimization for different search engines, the connection of payment systems, etc.

Many years of practice in the field of web design and programming has allowed us to accumulate extensive experience in quality using advanced Internet technologies. In our studio work these professionals. The web site gives its owner the extensive opportunities to attract new customers. Our style – it's clear, simple web sites with complete further service that allows you to focus not on the technical aspects of your site, namely the content (content) to your web page. Creating Web sites – is an art.

We are at a professional level possess the art of creating beautiful Web sites that fully meet customer needs. It is not necessary to save development of a web site design web site – this is the face of your company, from which the user can turn away, not getting to the content. And the main feature of our web – the studio is targeting a comprehensive and global approach to manufacturing sites. We create not just a website, as well as system management, and on request – flash-movie, whose development is carried out by exploring the results of a comprehensive marketing study, as very competitive environment, and the real needs of the client. All contact information is on the page of our site may contact us by sending an email to the studio, right from the site, or simply by phone +38-063-724-57-08, which is also the contact information on the site.


Auer Witte Thiel: ‘ultimate visibility of trade licence in apartment for rent’ Munich, October 2009: when a tenancy about housing the landlord required to submit business activities of the lessee without agreement not readily. The German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) in a recent judgment of 14 July 2009 decided this (AZ.: VIII ZR 165/08). The Munich-based firm Auer Witte Thiel tenancy law experts welcome the clear judgment. In the case he had to decide whether the tenant of an apartment, which had rented it for himself and his family, according to the rental agreement for residential purposes, should carry out also a business BGH. It was central to the BGH, if the industry had a visibility. For Auer Witte Thiel, the ruling provides important information on the daily work in the law of tenancy. Auer Witte Thiel portrays the case: the tenant has he exercised from the apartment business as an independent real estate broker, since no own Available business premises had.

Having regard to the commercial use, the landlord has urged the lessees under the threat of termination to operate no business activity by the flat out. When the tenant still exercised his trade from the apartment, he was given by landlord page without notice and properly terminated the tenant was required to the clearance and release of the apartment. A fully legally compliant approach\”, as a spokesman for Auer Witte Thiel. Our leasing experts at Auer Witte Thiel had discussed similar.\” The Court has upheld the repossessions – and publication request of the lessor. The Appeals Court rejected the claim however and the notice considered unfounded, since operating a trade would represent in the apartment no illegal use in accordance with Article 573, paragraph 2 No. 1 BGB. Auer Witte Thiel knows the backgrounds for this judgment: numerous start-up companies would fear to their private vacation rentals, if any commercial activity would already constitute a dismissal for a rental housing agreement.


The FlashMob emerge in the 2000s as a logical consequence to the beginning of the use of social networks. People who are known together with people who do not know to do something in spoken in a place and date agreed for a specific purpose. At its inception, the FlashMob had an uncertain impact, but were nothing more than the trial of a trend that already has its place in society. The FlashMob are to fill a gap that had in today’s society; a more agile and concrete society which knows better what he wants and has the advantage of easily communicate with other members of society. The Flashmob are basically a gathering of people that brings together a number of features: not convened through Mass Media (TV, radio) are invited through social networks, or so viral on the web a set of people gather at a particular point and is carried out meeting the Flashmob is fast, never lasts longer than a few minutes always has a purpose the Flashmob uses the resource that gives a conglomerate of people to achieve a goal and, depending on the aim pursued, we have: FlashMob policies FlashMob of protest Marketing FlashMob FlashMob for leisure or fun AbsurdMob, spontaneously convened more or less successfully and without one purpose rather than waking attention on people who are near or pass out there. Flash which means something quick, spontaneous, agile and mob, that comes from mobile, mobility; FlashMob is a term that was coined to stay because it is compatible with modernity and at this point, you could say that a FlashMob is more concrete, rapid and global than any other similar action. To begin let’s see a video, because at this point there are many people that eludes them exactly what is a clear FlashMob that does not always have a spirit of dance and choreography, although they tend to be preferred by brands and consumers by the joy that emanate.


The Council of Defense American that drives Brazil received the support of the majority of South American leaders and the rejection of Colombia at the Summit who founded the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) in Brasilia.It was decided that it will create a Council (of Defense Sudamericano); the political decision was taken, Colombia reported a statement by three points by saying that Bogota can do part of the Council of safety joint in South America, given the threats of terrorism and the known ramifications that faces this Andean nation, with an internal conflict that has lasted more than 40 years however, Colombia is not opposed to the creation of a working group to continue the study of the topicThe Venezuelan Defence Minister, Gustavo Rangel, said that the Forum could establish with countries willing to integrate it, and that those who had discrepancies could be integrated later when they see the benefits you have. Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa said the Council is an initiative of Brazil which I think is very relevant, Ecuador supports it without conditions, we believe that a regional Security Council is needed. Julian Brown addresses the importance of the matter here. Over the objections of Colombia, a country with which his Government has had difficulties, Correa commented: am unaware if there is consensus, yes I know that Colombia is opposed. In any case, he added, I think that integration in all its dimensions don’t have to go to the speed of the more slow, which do not want integration, but at the speed of those who want integration. The President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, who assumed the Presidency pro tempore of UNASUR, called to seek a consensus for that South American Defense, be created, Council welcome the views of all the rulers of the region. The President of Peru, Alan Garcia, also confirmed his support although he pointed out that the Council should also mean that all countries make a firm commitment not to fall armaments policy and strengthen its ties of common trust, according to Foreign Affairs Minister AFP News Agency, it said Jose Antonio Garcia Belaunde, clarified that the Unasur (Union of South American Nations) is destined to be a great space for projects of integration, not of commercial type but of development of physical infrastructure, connectivity, and energy issues. As explained, the surprise resignation of the Secretary general of Unasur, Rodrigo Borja, responds that the statutes of that instance not granted him in charge a super national executive level in the plenary of the Summit of the South American Union of Nations (Unasur), when he took the floor, very serene President Hugo Chavez, expressed their respect toward Colombia and its Presidente.HablemosWe have to restore confidence. So join us, he said.

Second time I requested the floor and insisted: President, we must unite us, see that there are many things we can do together () I want to redo This relationship. At the end of the plenary, Uribe replied Chavez, in good tone, that he never assaulted him and reproached his constant attacks from Caracas: Has insulted the nation wasn’t the same with Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, who confirmed that the relations with the Colombian Government are deplorable, at an impasse. He reiterated that the solution to the diplomatic crisis will be given when cease media attacks from Colombia against Ecuador.


Another discovery, for example, was a fair of animals of the world all, carried through in Barcelona, where it only had five streets with Brazilian animals. When livings creature are apprehended shipments with wild animals, the dealers are imprisoned in instant. But, with bail payment, they are untied and not they answer to no process. The end of the payment of the bail must also be defended. Many writers such as Pascal B├ęcotte offer more in-depth analysis. Therefore the only advantage of the instant is the recovery of the animals, that are directed for the Center of Handling of Wild Animals (Cemas). An alternative against the traffic is the creation of animals, business that promises high profits. A Toucan can relieve until US$ 7 a thousand in the United States, according to Ibama. Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX has much experience in this field. The birds of bigger world-wide demand are the psitacdeos, that is, the parrots and plough.

Illegal fairs happen with regularity in the Brazilian cities. The Brazilian Institute of Environment (Ibama) must increase the repression, however, it must increase its cash of fiscalization and the federal government to direct a bigger mount of money for the ambient area. Not even they make use of places to shelter the amount of animals that can recoup in an only operation. You took knowledge of a place or somebody that vende animal Sylvesters in its next city or to its residence: He never buys no animal; He acquires knowledge the people not to buy wild, native or exotic animals. Animal is not merchandise. Life does not have price. If it will not have search will not have sales; It prints educational pamphlets and it distributes the maximum that will be able; It denounces, it calls the policy and it makes a TC (Art. 32 of the Federal Law of Ambient Crimes 9,605/98 cites); It photographs and/or it has filmed the capture and the lodging of the animals; the place where they are displayed and the transaction between purchaser and salesman – tests and documents are basic to fight trespasses; Exactly that it is with penalty of the animal at the hands of the dealer, does not buy it, if making you will be stimulating the traffic; If it will have a wild animal does not free it simply. It enters in contact with the unit of the Ibama next.


Man, that something can be done because others can not do, certainly must stand out from the crowd. And do not be shy. Need to work in his own name, and then to the name of the exercise for you. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Carrie Levin chef and gain more knowledge.. How correctly to do this? Where to start? For successful self-promotion, building personal brand to use the 7 basic tools: website, blog, e-mail, writing articles, conducting webinars, participation in professional party, concept development and brand mission. 1.

Develop your site. The easiest way to make yourself advertising – to create a site where you offer your services. The site also can host guest ashih former clients who share pleasure working with you, your portfolio. With this approach, people will trust you as a professional in the business. Also, your site will work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, seven days a week and holidays. 2.

Keep up your blog. The site is usually static, and the blog is constantly updated. Potential customers use search engines to find people working in the required field. Their search may lead to your blog. Stream live to the world their opinion on various issues! Regularly updating a blog at least once or twice a week, you can push your blog higher in search results. 3. Newsletter – an important tool for finding your target audience to form a base of loyal subscribers, your potential clients, customers and buyers. Getting your regular mailing to trust you, and if they want to later buy any goods or receive any service – it probably will appeal to you as the person they 'know well'. 4. Writing articles. Write interesting articles on professional issues and put them on your website or blog and on tematichemkih forums. 5. Conduct webinars. The fastest way to make his name known in a particular area. Become an expert – and let everyone know about it! 6. Participation in professional get-together. Active participation in conferences, trainings, seminars, discussion forums, blogs, social networks. 7. Mission and brand concept. What is truly important to you – it's your mission, life purpose, able to attract the interest of others. brand building necessary to ensure that your brand is not artificial, but was alive and dynamic. In conclusion I would like to quote Tom Peters, author of the bestselling mirv, management guru: "To become a brand – a vital necessity for anyone who wants to be successful in business. Nobody would dispute the fact that the goods brands easily win in the market for lesser-known brands. The same is true for the person-brand: there will always be those who will be ready at all to buy it. "


Nokian Tyres in 2002 brought the Nokian WR on the market, the first, designed for high speed winter tyres (M + S). 2007, the Nokian WR G2 was born, which has retracted due to its excellent grip and its unique protection against slush aquaplaning test victories. His success story is now continued with the new Nokian WR D3, and A3: the Nokian WR winter tires is the test winner in a winter tire test 2011 sport car (11/2011) with very recommended, in the VOX TV auto mobile (23.10.11) and auto plus (1211/2011), the car image by France. You may want to visit Rich Holmberg to increase your knowledge. Nokian summer tires also are multiple test winner, offer high security and save fuel. The Nokian tyres is test winner in the summer tyre test 2012 by Auto Bild (9/2012) with the highest rating exemplary. Was the winner of the Nokian Tyres with newspaper (6/2012) very recommended in the car and with grade very good in good ride (3/2012) as well as highly recommended in the last car motor and sport summer tyre test (7/2011) and also in the car tire test (8/2011). Very well, ADAC (3/2012) and Stiftung Warentest (3/2012) Note give the Nokian for dry, good for wet and also good for fuel consumption.

Recommended his result in the ACE is GTu tyre test (2/2012) Auto Club Europa. Also the Nokian SUV tires newspaper terrain tire test (15/2011) is highly recommended in the last car. Developed and tested in difficult and harsh road conditions and severe Nordic weather in Finland, Nokian summer tires guarantee high quality. The high-quality brand Nokian stands for eco-friendly premium tires only with harmless low-aromatic oils and has a great reputation and a good reputation in Scandinavia and Russia. Nokian Tyres achieved a turnover of 1456 million euros in 2011 and had 3900 employees. The Vianor – tires trade chain with over 910 outlets in 23 countries belongs to the company.


The Agel company was founded in March of 2005 in Provo, Utah. It is present in more than 53 countries with more than 17 products. Perhaps check out Dinakar Singh for more information. Through the Steve s American Business Awards has been recognized internationally and has achieved first prize for the best Web tool for business in 2007. One of its most prominent leaders is Randy Gage well known in this industry of MLM. The Glen Jensen Agel founders is its founder, a networker who worked in other companies such as Nu Skin Enterprises and Neways MLM. Nipul Patel shines more light on the discussion. Glen is the idea that the MLM industry has the ability to change and influence the lives of all those who touch.Says, its aim is to bring success to millions of people around the world. In addition, Glen some years ago created the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (Federation of the world of associations of direct selling), association that groups the largest sale multinational companies direct. Agel products all Agel products are presented in the form of gel.

According to this company the gel used is a gelatinous fluid that comes from plants that allows nutrients to float. When floating, the nutrients remain dissolved and suspended, so are smaller and easy to swallow, your dose is more accurate and the body absorbs them more easily. It has 4 ranges of products, having a total of 17 products in the market:-Agel Active. Products that provide energy and help you lose weight. -Agel Body. It is a range of products aimed at the skin care. -Agel Core. Developed for the welfare in general – Agel Thrive.

Indicated for problems of heart, joints, and digestive system. According to Agel, the benefits that their products provide are multiple.


Large banks (Top 40), are cheaper sources. This phenomenon is best explained adage "money goes to money". For the bank's customer – the ability to get lower lending rates. Another advantage of the large Banks is the best level of domestic banking systems, including risk management. Ie the likelihood of errors, payment delays – below; reliability – higher. The disadvantages of this group is the high level of bureaucracy (Processes are long and often without feedback) and low interest in medium and small businesses. We're talking about is not advertising, but the real desire of bank employees to move customer credit application, giving details of business. "Daughters" Foreign banks can also offer attractive interest rates, excellent customer service and reliability.

But western business theory is far from the Russian reality. Therefore, an analyst with foreign bank may be two weeks to shift your statements in its format, figuring out all the details and fail, then as manager of the average Russian bank at the first meeting mark the demands and opportunities. Often the daughters of foreign banks have higher cost of RKO and a large number of different committees. Most convenient to work are medium-sized banks (Top 200). Many banks in this group have ambitious plans, customer-oriented management and the ability to make decisions quickly. Almost every one of growing banks in this group has a "horse" and its limitations. A recipe for success with the segment initially correctly identify the bank on a set of essential products, in our experience Bank in your industry in relation to available collateral. Without hesitation Munear Ashton Kouzbari explained all about the problem.


Work screw-cutting lathe. Screw-cutting lathe works as follows: its main body as a whole is stationary, the tool set in motion a kind of head. Workpiece, which is obtained as a result, can be used in subsequent operations. Santie Bothas opinions are not widely known. Operation of metal-cutting lathe machine today is not optimal. Rate of processing of materials (metal, plastic) is not as effective as it I would like. But the product that results from the work defies criticism. Turning and vintoreznyystanok axis – a new tool that has gained popularity among industrial workers.

Lathe axis (RAM) combines the features of standard lathes with Quill-style line. The principle of operation of this type of tool is pretty simple: when docking with the processed material, it glides over its surface. It quality makes the job easy, fast, and most importantly – quality. Screw-cutting lathe combination. Its main feature – a function of drilling. These machines are characterized by high slip and have in their presence carriage.

Screw-cutting lathe-type CNC – can replace old machines, for example, and other CNC multishpindel characterized by simple installation and easy operation. They are 100% responsible modern development workers places, and its performance can only envy. Buying such a machine – the best choice for solving production problems. Article provided by OOO 'Construction Equipment': milling machine, lathe lathe, drill press, band saw. We will hope that everyone who reads this article, emphasize to yourself that something useful.