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There had been just resting in the AMITELO shares, because the management was surprised by a further blow: then the fixed pricing of AMITELO AG at the end of October of 31 is set according to official notice of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange by October 3. This in fact means a suspension of the OTC. The termination should be done 17 ABS 2 of the terms and conditions in accordance with clause, stating that the party does not necessarily has to be the issuer of the share. AMITELO currently sought a clarification of the backgrounds of that should have led to this decision with high pressure and has used already intensively with Deutsche Borse AG combined. In any case, investors claims should be avoided. Is believed that the circumstances surrounding the reverse split could have meant that a wrong impression has been created. This AMITELO had a press release recently published and clearly indicates that they do not fault was at the time dilemma.

The aim of the talks can be only, that the trading of AMITELO shares keep also on the 1 November, or resumed immediately. To do this, with multiple trading partners discussions currently. It should be noted, that AMITELO has capital side newly set up in recent months and significantly expanded its equity base. Also a necessary restructuring and extending the business of the company was launched and has already led to positive economic results. The situation as of 1 November could thus significantly negative impact for the company. AMITELO however assumes that in the talks plausible the completed restructuring are presented with Deutsche Borse AG and it is evident that one with its several thousand small investors AMITELO continuation or as soon as possible a re-recording in over-the-counter of trade in Frankfurt. With certainty this cannot be said but at the present time. AMITELO AG the Amitelo AG based in Zurich is a technology company, in interesting niche markets of the telecommunications industry including mobile communications and services, as well as around this activity area is active. Michael Oehme – FinanzMarketingBeratung

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What we must make at moments of crisis and unemployment? At moments of the most adjusted economic crisis it is to make a familiar meeting, to elaborate a domestic planning. To write down all the expenditures and to create rules for consumption. For example: to go to the cinema, to use to advantage the days of promotion or to lease a ribbon in a video rental all family to attend. She goes to carry through a purchase, pechinche, she does not have shame to go to some store to search prices and has much patience in the hour to buy. The more pressed it will be the familiar, bigger budget the necessity of planning of expenses. It against the account prevents wastefulnesses of water, light, telephone and foods.

Either a conscientious consumer. What she is necessary to be a conscientious consumer in them gives some tips of economy? The tip most important in economy of any relation of cost benefit utility . What I am acquiring really is necessary, the cost-benefit of this product valley the option for this purchase. Part discountings, searches prices, looks similar products, control small expenses. This week I was the two store that were to few meters one of the other to buy a board to pass clothes, in one of the store cost R$ 129,90 and in another one, a similar with good quality was R$ 34,90, I saved R$ 95,00, what it assists to pay a water account, light, etc. the difference is enormous in the commerce, therefore to search is very important for its pocket.

It searchs searched offers (it verifies in some places to have certainty of the promotion), is intent to the credit cards and guaranteed check, negotiates taxes better and looks for to buy the sight to get greaters discountings. Exists some rule on what to spend at this moment of crisis? What accounts are with priority?> First it is feeding, according to clothes, third a professional qualification and personal marketing. To invest in you. The companies are more demanding and selective at moments of man power containment. With priority accounts are: accounts of water, light, telephone, gas, installment or rent of the house, medical installment of the automobile, insurances and accords. It negotiates installments, credit cards, guaranteed check and other debts. Economically as to face the unemployment? Focar in the best abilities and differentials. To plan in the elaboration and delivers of each resume. It does not lose contact with friends and professionals of the area. It searchs improvement courses. It does not invest repayment resources to open a business unless it has studied markets, finances, operational systems and tax burden amongst others. Crisis goes to get worse? All crisis is synonymous of new chances, with claw, determination and patience we find the success.

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With an extensive portfolio of services the Agency offers professional assistance in terms of writing, marketing and website maintenance on the Internet Editor stands for professional copywriting, online marketing and online public relations. Just the target group of SMEs BBs, which still not have embarked on the path of the Internet as a medium of corporate communication and as a distribution channel, need qualified help from an expert. This involves Thomas Noll of less concerned with such topics as Web design and software for maintaining Web sites, so-called content management systems: many of my clients several times have embarked on an attempt to present themselves professionally on the Internet. However the focus was usually on an attractive design and the contents of the website, that what is really important, was neglected. A home page needs regular new content and it is important to locate the website for potential customers, for example, search engine optimization through targeted measures -“, Thomas Noll notes. He I’m sure that most of his customers have neither the time nor the knowledge to keep your site current and to publish useful topics on their homepage. In the present time, in the small business owners need to focus on their core business, as well as no time for website maintenance. Since it is this service to me my benefits to customers to outsource”, explains Thomas Noll.

Although you might think that after twenty years Internet the medium is already well established in business life, as visitors encounter outdated, past appointments or long obsolete product presentations. Important topics such as search engine optimization and social media marketing is still new territory for many entrepreneurs. Information to the Agency: for almost ten years, Thomas Noll works as a content manager. He specializes in the care and marketing of sites of small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition to local services, such as content management, it offers a comprehensive range of services to the successful operation of websites on. These include among other things editorial project management, coordination of Web projects between customers, Web designers and system vendors or the complete content review of existing corporate home pages. Contact: The Internet Editor Thomas Noll Dammersbacher road 8 36145 Hofbieber telephone: 06657-609203 E-Mail: Internet: under the domain name of the internet is Thomas Noll from his extensive portfolio of services. All topics are explained to understand. Up-to-date information and tips give visitors an insight, as the Internet moves the business world. Various projects shows which services are carried out by the Internet Editor.

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We know the right person on the way to the finish of the classic succession and modern restructuring processes in medium-sized companies. A very personal and responsible business: The MBA Thorsten Stark and his team deal with industry successfully succession solutions for companies in the IT and telecommunications and security. Once young IT – and telecommunications industry comes slowly in the years. Who founded a company in this business 30 years ago, now faces may be an urgent problem: the satisfactory regulation of succession. He built no one from the ranks of the staff as the successor or the question, he entrusts his laboriously built up, by some crisis-driven company who is no own children who can continue the company or would like to. To find a convincing answer seems often so difficult that its fulfilment is delayed long, occasionally also too long.

Unlike other consulting firms pursuing a project-oriented processing, which means each order is individually and personally supervised the SMC. What is by no means obvious. There are over 20 different standard methods to evaluate a company, none of them own goal-oriented, my experience is. One can doubt so that the application of a standardized procedure reliably leads best results to a Thorsten Stark notes. “Every company is different also. Also, our clients know that. Most take the responsibility

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Dirndl, lederhosen and Bavarian porcelain tiles alone sell in Bavaria well, but for example in Pennsylvania (United States). And in the State of Washington, there is immediately an entire village that looks as if it were freshly imported from Bavaria. Typical or seemingly typical Bavarian may be an attractive niche product in the United States, which provided a basis for living there also many a German immigrant. Also Max Karagoz sees many a good chance when trading with typical German products on U.S. markets for German beginners. He very closely to business in the United States.

Max Karagoz is Managing Director of the company ALTON LLC (), which supports entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs from Germany when establishing a company with American legal form. Dirndl, lederhosen and Bavarian porcelain tiles alone sell in Bavaria well, but for example in Pennsylvania (United States). And in the State of Washington, there is immediately an entire village that looks as if it were freshly imported from Bavaria. Typical or seemingly typical from Bavaria, an attractive niche product can be in the United States, which provided a basis for living there also many a German immigrant. Also Max Karagoz sees many a good chance when trading with typical German products on U.S. markets for German beginners.

He very closely to business in the United States. Max Karagoz is Managing Director of the company ALTON LLC (), which supports entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs from Germany when establishing a company with American legal form. The range of the online shop of Ernst Licht is impressive Bavarian: Dirndl, lederhosen and Bavarian beer mug are about folk music CDs, chamois Tufts, Bavarian brooches, Nutcracker and Moors for sale. Who would like to order this stuff online, maybe driving in the small town of Oley County Berks County (Pennsylvania) and visited in the local main street the storefront of the businessman.

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… now limit the private liability. It is not aware that they stick with their total assets, as they have decided k. or sole proprietorship for the legal form of GbR, KG, OHG, e. many small and individual entrepreneurs. With professional advice * and support shows Conformea Ltd. & co.

KG an uncomplicated way to the limitation of liability, even at existing businesses. Because the GmbH is to create elaborately and with prescribed capital of 25.000,-EUR, a founding boom of English limited has arisen in Germany in the last years’s short Ltd. -. One Ltd. without much effort and to establish, from 1,-EUR share capital over a creation Agency ( is registered within 48 hours in the English register and is subject to immediate worldwide. As a consulting company has become Conformea Ltd. & co. KG specialized in the creation and care Ltd.

the. One is particularly keen on the continuous support and information of clients. Counts with over 5,000 satisfied clients the company to one of the most professional founding agencies in Germany. Conformea Ltd. & co. KG offers a direct online registration within 48 hours at the English register no extra charge! Conformea Ltd. & co. KG advises * even in crisis situations, such as for bankruptcy, prohibition of commercial or other reasons an anonymous company is desired. * no legal (tax) contact: Conformea Ltd. & co. KG 06.30. 22/280 20095 Hamburg phone: 040 / 644 264 24 fax: 040 / 644 264 22 Internet:

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Confidence in oneself, is the first secret of success Emerson. When we think about immediately undertake something, we ask ourselves what really being an entrepreneur mean??meaning Ste wraps qualities and ways to apply these qualities to effective actions. Both are autodesarrollables with commitment and responsibility. It is there when we ask ourselves what is and how to achieve it? Emerging from this issue, many authors have listed a series of skills that must develop an entrepreneur: optimistic person, open, flexible to positive change in improvement, in cooperation, in methods and procedures, in continuous learning. ste incessant desire to learn and create, apply it as a way of life. The second step that we have to undertake, is attitude. A positive attitude makes difference between an entrepreneur and another.

If maintaining a high level of attitude, of optimism, of encouragement, to carry out effective management of the qualities to specific acts that seek the objective; an ascending path will be maintained. Some samples of good attitude: change to improve. To experience growth and self-development need to change, these changes must be sought and achieved. Enthusiasm in all our endeavors. Live with this quality gives us the necessary strength; This force must enliven daily. Serenity, self-control and positive vision are the best weapons to successfully face the problems. Set goals and act them. Without action, it is difficult to achieve our goal.

It is prevailing to carry out the necessary steps. To carry out our ideas can become something great, only we will know if we act. Let us be integral people. If we extend our knowledge on different areas, we will be more prepared and will provide more. We cannot say we know enough. Educate us with the habit of task completion. The perseverance and commitment can not miss an entrepreneur. It is like the good attitude, i.e., a positive mental state and the accumulation of skills (skills, abilities, skills, and willingness to exercise or perform a particular task, function, employment, etc.), are directly related to the implementation of objectives and satisfaction.

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I give two turns to the bolt of the door there are so many thieves nowadays!, and I’m looking for silence my silence in my solitude. The day has been really painful: talk with friends who are not so, say hello to people I hardly know, recommend that certain young truancy by nature presented to the State oppositions (which I did by mere commitment, although I did not put much interest in such recommendations, and understand that they will be ineffective), listen to lies that will then be converted into truths. I sometimes feel the footsteps of someone walking near me, and I think illusion loss, are spying on me, who know something or everything of my appointment I had yesterday with Miss (to thus call it), since she is married to husband and shotgun, with shotgun and husband. Not stumbled with souls that I loved men and women, colleagues of mine, because had died. And to think that I could have been the last man/woman on Earth, if leaving early in the morning the city was already dead and thinking that I could have been the last man / woman on Earth, without having the time to write my last poem. Unhappy day the by me last! La Coruna, April 23, 2011 Copyright Mariano Cabrero is writer Google / images making history original author and source of the article..

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