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Also an occasion to apply to the employment agency is a search of rare trades or the desire to recruit individuals. Pinterest has many thoughts on the issue. In both cases, recruitment companies will cope far better than representatives of employers, because in such cases is to achieve better results is very important experience. In addition, negotiations with the required candidates for convenient be made through an intermediary. Each employment agency acts, guided by clear rules and procedures of the search and further communication with applicants. In order to better perform the work, the representative recruitment company in exploring the details of customer requirements, clarifies what knowledge, skills and personal qualities of the prospective employee should be taken into account. As a rule, the result of this conversation is Personnel selection, signed by both parties.

After this and start working with a consultant who will perform the process of finding and interviewing candidates for the position. Mutual understanding between Recruiting Specialist and the customer contributes to more rapid and effective solution of the problem. Payment for services staffing agency is usually carried out if the customer was satisfied with the results work, and one of the selected candidates for recruiters admitted to the state. The amount depends on the officer and half to two months' salary for staff in lower positions and up to 20% of annual income for middle and senior managers. Exclusive search of rare trades or narrow profile may cost more – up to 30% of the annual earnings of future workers. Deadline stipulated in advance, they typically range from 3 to 6 months.

Choosing a recruitment agency and received a positive experience with them, companies generally try to continue to apply it to these specialists. In turn, recruitment firms are also interested in the permanent customers, which depends on their income. Search recruitment agencies should be carried out depending on what employees need an employer. It can be companies specializing in the selection of specific expertise – the financiers, professionals in advertising or marketing employees in the field of information technology – or the agencies working on the full range of professions. Necessary use of recruiters – the best way to find new qualified employees, which increased demands leadership. And the time saved and the positive result is quite worthy cause to pay for a job well done recruiting agency.


Tell us about your merits. This question involves the identification of your self-esteem. The main thing here is not to overdo it. Tell us about your achievements in the sport of professional development. If so you can brag does not, because not all can boast tell us that the increased level of foreign language, to bring peace to the disturbed situation in the former work.

This interview will be with you plus. 4. For some reason, you left the former employment? In asking this question, the employer wants to know what you are not satisfied with the former position and how you see this work. The main thing – do not speak poorly about former team and former boss. This immediately Incoming calls from the employer.

You can refer to the remoteness of working from home, work schedule did not suit. On the low pay is only to say the least, as well as the desire to have a better job. About the latest versions should speak only when you really offer much more.What salary you want to get to us? Your material desired minimum and maximum? In answering this question can be safely is the sum, which is 10-20% above your last salary. But not the same – why change the awl on the soap? If you will like the employer, it will take you to your “demands”. 6. How well do you transfer additional production load? Here, most likely, you want to prepare for the enormous strain on the job. Feel free to ask, are paid extra work, how often they happen. If the answers you are satisfied, respond that they are willing to work on mutually beneficial terms. How long would you like to work for us? This question is often embarrasses the candidate. It should be a neutral answer, “I would like to work in your company some time to understand how I like the atmosphere of the team, I performed the task. If these factors remain positive, I’m willing to work long and hard. ” What do you know about our company? The answer to this question do not know just lazy, since for a job in a company, you need a little bit to know what she was doing, what services. Look at it on the Internet site. For lack of knowledge of these things leaves a negative impression on the employer. Why did you choose our company is in search of work? This is another issue to confuse you. Flatter bit. Tell me, what this company has got an immense development in the market that it is stable (and you just need stability and) that it is very promising (and you just need it). About the money saying the least, even better to remain silent at all. Tell me, what is convenient for the post it is in this company, the duties it is in this company. On interview it is desirable to arrive rested and relaxed. Remember – you are the best expert, and in front of you is a man who did nothing better than you. To answer all questions calmly and confidently. Ask inquiries. And do not afraid to ask your employer to “perfidious” questions. Only carefully.


Most recently, I raised this issue in his blog. It seemed to me a little, so I spread rewrite the original post here. Nowadays, almost everyone understands that money on the Internet is real. It is only necessary to have the necessary knowledge. Someone breaks into programmers someone – a designer, someone – in search engine optimization. Others are trying to cash in on copywriting, naively believing that it does not require any knowledge. On the one hand, they right.

Copywriting is not nuclear physics, and even organic chemistry. There are no formulas and no laws, just need to write lyrics. Unfortunately, few people realize that writing a good seller, or an optimized text need a large store of knowledge. Above all, required a perfect knowledge of Russian. Wells Fargo Bank is often quoted on this topic. After each text, which is optimized or marketing, primarily written for people. It should be written in the beautiful Russian language without any grammatical errors. In addition, a good copywriter should be a large vocabulary, which can only supplement the regular reading. And who in our time reading? But that's not all.

This knowledge will be enough unless the journalist small local rag. Do not forget that selling texts have, oddly enough, to sell. And to ensure that sales went up would need to master the basics of marketing and psychology. Otherwise, as the desire to cause the client buy goods sold? And finally, it would be nice if every copywriter daily refresh their minds in literature on the subject. In runet information is not too much, but it still is. You can start by reading the blogs of known Eugene copywriters like Copernicus or Dmitry Cat. The latter, incidentally, conducts periodic webinars, in which the amount of useful information than all, even illegal, rules. Most beginners can start familiarity with copywriting to my blog evgenicus.ru. In conclusion I would say that most copywriters do not have, and half of the above knowledge. And that is why finding a good copywriter in our time is very difficult.


In this article we will pro sposorov who pay to register on certain sites. That is, you went to the site, register and earn a bag into your account. But! This raises a number of problems that fundamentally related to confirmation that you have registered on that site. So I decided to write tips for those who engage in earnings for registration. And so, nachnesm Dozhydaytes download all page elements: pictures, videos. Must be correctly set up your browser, namely, its limitations. It is best to just put the default setting.

Use preferably the English version of the browser. Possibly just switch the one in your browser settings to which you will earn. Recommend to change the time zone on the U.S. .. This will increase your chances to earn money online by registering. There are situations when, during a paid registration breaks down the Internet connection.

After that you should not continue to register for it and will not zaschitana zarabotanye money you will not be listed. Not worth registrirovatsya in 2,3,4 programs earnings through registration at the same time. Sure all forms are filled not Ukrainian or Russian, and Latin letters (English). Before recording acquire mailboxes on foreign servers such as: That's all that you can increase the likelihood of earnings. But! If you think that this kind of earning a very lucrative – you are wrong. It is not a lot of zarabotaesh. In parallel with better earnings for Sign-Up Activities freelancing or writing a blog, and even better soda your site and make money from advertising. Information for you here.


Today the Internet is allowed in almost any area of human life, and that's a fact. Therefore, to circumvent a digital photograph, which involves close contact with information technology, World Wide Web can not. The idea to store pictures on the Internet is not new, photobanks have been around for decades, constantly modified. Photobank – a repository of professional and amateur photos of the right order prints online. On Essentially, photo bank does not sell photos, and permission for their unlimited use. There are an increasing number of photo banks, and extend the existing partitions and their own innumerable meetings: retro photo, landscapes; Amateur, portraits, creative, and all photos for the month, pictures of birds, plants, animals, urban photography, best shots and so on. Detailed navigation and facilitate orientation keywords possible buyer.

Photobank usually has a high-quality material suitable for any purpose: the development of photo wallpapers, pictures to decorate the home, fotosuvenirov, title strip printing and so on. In addition, photo bank offers an opportunity to advance to get acquainted with 'light' copy of the image, not ruining the opening minutes of heavy shots. After the appearance of photo banks was the logical appearance of printing photos online services. Choosing the image you want, you no longer have to write titles, headings, labels, numbers, you can instantly order prints via the Internet. To do this, there are e-forms, which must present the information: the type paper, image size, the need for additional work. You can also print and personal photos. Pros printing photos online for all the obvious: it saves time, it records all your requirements, it comfortable, it's all possible values of your choice, it often saves money! Often offer a darkroom and the provision of printed images to your home or office. Printing photos via the Internet opens additional capabilities and front companies, as well as personal customer selection of paper sizes, photos, greatly reduces labor costs and time professionals.


Register there, fasting, our 'digital goods'. Then do not forget to come back in and fill the job. This means that we enter in the right places address left us messages (copied from the address bar of your browser) and the message itself (copy our post). Click button 'Finish'. Everything! Now, the webmaster will check that we wrote and pay our work. What are the advantages of this system before signing up for hundreds of forums postings and earnings on them? First, available for you to text your order and clearly know for what you are willing to pay a webmaster, which means minimal likelihood that you screwed up and spend time wasted.

Secondly, to be paid each post, and therefore completely rule out the possibility that you will write 9 posts 'in debt', and the tenth webmaster you the debt 'forgiven'. In the third, all payments to all webmasters from all forums credited to one account and you do not need to collect Minimal in each forum separately. By the way, the webmaster can not withdraw your money from your account if it has already paid for your work. Fourth, exclude the possibility that the work you do and do not get paid because the webmaster's money ran out. As soon as you take the order into the work, webmaster account is blocked amount required for payment. To broaden your perception, visit Wells Fargo Bank. By the way, do not forget to press button 'Cancel' if you went to work, but you can see that a little heated – it will take an order by another user system.


Today I want talk to you about this phenomenon at work as kidalovo freelancing. Articles on the subject lot has been written, only the number of deceived people did not decrease, that hurt, so it is useful to repeat. Thus, virtually every daredevil decided to move their jobs from the stuffy office in its comfortable and spacious apartment comes to the fraudsters, and some of the initial phase of its activities even more than once (such as I for example:)) Here I'll describe for you the most common types of fraud that will meet you when looking for remote work. 1) Requires an e-mail senders. One day, in response to your resume comes tempting offer from an advertising agency … Click Ben Silbermann to learn more. You are invited to work on sending e-mail to specified addresses. Promise you it is a decent s / n + Internet payments and bonuses, and all is good, just to get started asked to pay to open a mailbox on the specified hosting. And the cost of opening a little at $ 3 and then a novice freelancer thinks, but why not try it …

STOP! Dear colleagues, is a fraud! Judge for yourself whether it makes sense to pay for sending mail is quite tangible money if it can be done by spam programs, hundreds of which are freely available. There is a sense? So I think the same way;) 2) Requires tellers for the exchange of electronic currencies. Here scammers offer you to do the exchange of electronic currency, also promised a decent salary, flexible schedules, and other amenities.


The answer is: 'Nothing..' Understand advertising effectiveness company can only be based on the results of its work. It is worth to search the Internet for the advertiser, with whom you are going to cooperate. But even if the negative reviews you will not find – not the fact that the advertising company will pay for itself. Wells Fargo Bank has plenty of information regarding this issue. In the process, you have to lose some money on the identification of inefficient advertisers, but especially should not get upset – after a while you will have a list of trusted advertisers and 'Black' list of those who work should not be. This way were all the Internet – shops that are now at the height of their money lost in the advertising companies have long paid off.

Methods of advertising: 1) Areas that promote the list goods from your own site. This site created especially for the Internet – shops. They are daily (several times a day) to download a list of products your store and show your goods in their supply. I should note here most popular: – Yandex-market – abc.ru – stolica.ru – marketgid.ru – price.ru Pay per click is a link in which a user enters your store or for a period of placement product offerings. 2) Contextual advertising. You create an ad that after location shown in blocks of advertising search engine. Payment is when someone clicks on your ad. The cost per click can 'jump' a lot of times per day, depending on the number of ads your competitors in a particular search.


You are a photographer, illustrator or trideshnik, you have the opportunity to sell their drawings over the Internet, through microstock (a type of photo banks). Microstock – the agency, which mediate between photographer and designer, containing millions of graphic works database to help designers easily find the photo or drawing to him. Originally photobanks appeared very long ago, they were placed in clip art and reportage pictures of very high prices and use the services could only large advertising agencies and newspapers / magazines. Later came mikropeymentnye photobanks in which prices have become much more loyal customers and has been in times more – hence the name microstock. The designer pays a license to use your work in your project (Royalty free license) photo bank takes a commission, the remaining amount adds to your balance.

Sell one image can be an unlimited number of times, because license meant by a limited use of the image. Nothing mashiet you sell your photos in several microstocks. After earning a minimum amount for withdrawal (normally $ 100) you will be able to withdraw it, the output is through the payment system moneybookers, webmoney similar, only being in England, and from there to transfer money to or plastic card (Visa from 'classic' and above) or to your bank account. For more information on working with photobanks, to find descriptions of the most major of them are worth working on our website – photo bank. The forum site as you can to participate in discussions and ask for advice about passing the exams for those photobanks where it is required. Now microstock photography is a major source of illustrative material in virtually all the world, including in Russia. This means that in addition to earning you will have the opportunity to see the use of their photos in the most unexpected places, not only on the Internet, but also on the street.