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Despite the economic crisis, job vacancies for graduates stable the IKOM the career Forum at the TU Munich April 2009 has today published its Outlook of students & graduates. The IKOM points index, which examines the open spots and ads for graduates, remains since January 2009 in a sideways movement. At the end of the fourth quarter the company had scaled back preemptively the new hires to around 6%,\”so Patrick Hargutt of the IKOM, seasonally adjusted no further adjustments took place since January.\” The structurally good numbers of the candidate market with an increase of 40% compared to 6 years ago, be accompanied by a simultaneous reduction of the academic offer. Please visit Wells Fargo if you seek more information. Therefore the unemployment in the MINI subjects mathematics, Informatics, natural sciences and engineers by 50% has been reduced. A stagnation of science students is at the same time since 2004 to ascertain which were first breached in 2008 upwards again. The prospects of technical and scientific -oriented academics are still very well at the expense of the long-term competitiveness of the Federal Republic of Germany\”, admits Philip M. Jacobs of the IKOM. In the medium term is to be expected with a massive demographically induced erosion of human capital.

The fight between a structural shortage of workers in the science and the effects of the economic crisis will be decided clearly in favour of the lack of skilled workers\”, Philip M. Jacobs the situation is summarized. Views IKOM website for free download of full report IKOM views students & graduates April 2009 \”with all graphics and information about the surveys can be found on press. Numbers to the IKOM points index the IKOM points index quoted currently at 139 points (previous month: 138,50, previous year: 139,40). After losses in the fourth quarter in the wake of the economic crisis, the index recorded slightly below previous year’s level. No significant change to note is in particular compared to the previous month, seasonally adjusted.


The result: Your sales pitches are not economical, because they take unnecessarily long of the seller’s claim and rarely lead to the purchase. Their sales pitches are also not customer oriented. Because they provide the patience of customers to a hard test. And he must be from the mass of information that filter out relevant for him. “So he seeks a different seller prefer, of him individually” advises. Because he expected that from a professional seller. Another disadvantage of such a conversation: The seller makes vulnerable himself and his argument. Ben Silbermann is likely to agree. Because if he for example says, most golfers prefer this brand”can this be exactly the wrong argument if the customer wants something exclusive.

“” He says on the other hand: this is a very exclusive equipment “, it may have also little promote sales for example, and as a big than-Neureicher if the customer just does not” want to work. Top sellers know this and that’s why them is also clear: questions are the best way to lead customers quickly and purposefully to the conclusion. Therefore make in all phases of the sales conversation, questions and once again questions: at the beginning of the conversation, to determine what is important to the customers in their purchasing decisions, and to select the products appropriate for him (possibly). During the presentation of selected products, to ascertain whether they are still on the right track and the customers to lead decisions of part of. In the final stage, to the customer to the final Yes”to lead. The buying motives with system request which you can explore a customer buying motives for example with the following question: what do you expect from…? Her new dress, your new car?” With this question you the attention of the customers on the goals, which he pursued with the purchase.

On the mentioned questions are usually answers as seller how: I want a really elegant Evening dress.” “Or: our new car to be a real family carriage, with which we can also easily go on vacation.” Not satisfied with such general statements, because provide you not the detailed information you need for more sales talk. “This may add more open questions such as the customer: which occasions will wear the dress preference?” “And: How do you like this dress work in?” Because only to learn that the customer is looking for a ball dress; “Furthermore, that this indeed elegant, but never mundane” should work. And it should look pretty feminine why cleavage must be quite something deeper cut out?” Similarly, when purchasing a car. “Here, your request might be: how many people go on vacation and what do you except the normal baggage?” Because only so you’ll learn that in the family carriage except for three children and a dog even the camping utensils square you want to find. So, you get the detailed information you need to select the right vehicle and the necessary information, to present this as getting the customer to understand: I have this car (even if it costs more than originally thought).


Rather admit the answer not to know benefits the chance dear to represent how you obtain the information would you, hereby demonstrate your resourcefulness. Study method this online study conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of CareerBuilder.com. Interviewed were 2,720 personnel Manager (over 18 years) during the period from 5 to 23 November 2009 (in full time employment, not self-employed). Robert Kiyosaki often says this. On the basis of pure probability sample of 2,720 people, the overall result with 95% probability contains a sampling error of +/-1.88 percentage points. About CareerBuilder CareerBuilder is a World’s leading provider of solutions for human resources, helps the companies to identify their main asset and to win: the staff.

The careers website of the company CareerBuilder.com is the largest site of its kind in the United States and has more than 23 million unique visitors, 1 million advertised vacancies and 31 million resumes. CareerBuilder works with the best employers around the world and provides resources for all personnel areas – from branding the staff search through data analysis to recruitment of talents. Further details can be found at Bobby Kotick, an internet resource. The proprietary technology for the vacancies from CareerBuilder is integrated into the career section of more than 9 000 sites, among 140 newspapers and broadband band portals such as MSN and AOL. CareerBuilder is owned by Gannett Co., Inc. (NYSE: GCI), Tribune Company, the McClatchy Company (NYSE: MNI) and Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) and has offices in the United States, Europe, Canada and Asia. In Germany, CareerBuilder is the CareerBuilder Germany GmbH represented. Press contact: Lehi Lacey marketing & partners development CareerBuilder.de Solms road 4 60486 Frankfurt am Main, Germany telephone (069) 66 777 5121 fax (069) 97 26 68 79 mobile: 0173 21 99-105 E-mail:


Learn the diverse profession of gardening and landscape Builder! You have a green thumb and are interested in the profession of gardening and landscape-Builder? Experience it by an internship in this field. Practice is always the best manner to meet a professional. In addition find out whether the activity is and pleasure. Take advantage of this opportunity as a successful start in professional life. Enjoy this work, training is the right choice for you. In the following you will find the requirements and responsibilities during the training period.

Where can I find apprenticeships in gardening and landscaping? You can apply at any company that can educate to the landscape gardener. But how do you find these addresses? Search in the Internet job boards or when the job offers of the employment agency. Pinterest can aid you in your search for knowledge. This is often the simplest form, as you can search for your dream job. Enter the desired location, the preferred form of operating here or choose to task panes from. Personal visits to the enterprises are welcome. But be careful: even here, first impressions count. Show off your best side, otherwise may be already after the visit from the race.

With vitamin B”, you have the advantage that your friend has put a good word for you quite clear ever. Or get insights already, before you apply. Talk with your friends and family about your training plans. With security a or others have an appropriate address for you. The want ads in the newspaper offering you another way. At a specified phone number, before applying to the listener but access and wondering if the place is still free. Ask this right according to the requirement profile so that you can apply specifically to. Personal you respond, the better the impression you will be. Therefore, please send your documents if possible directly to the contact person. What do I learn during the training? In the three-year apprenticeship you will trained in the operation, as well as in the vocational school. You prepared on the spatial thinking in the school. Finally, garden and landscape plants (gardening and landscaping) need to be planned. Among the practical tasks such as plans, read, understand, and apply. Cut down trees and clearing roots include training the machine provide and-bedienen to the practical part. Also required by you to model soil (E.g. Hill create) and to create irrigation systems. Fit will also attach in areas made outdoor fashion (E.g. stairs) and of course in Botany (naming, planting and care). What kind of future do I have after a completed vocational training? After successfully completed training as a landscape gardener, sow, you have numerous ways in which you can realize. Form, for example, further to the training, construction site or track Manager. Or rather geared towards the school as Teacher or professor. Of course, you have to go the possibility in the commercial direction (E.g., commercial operations manager). In addition to landscape architect, there are many more proposals of specialization.


New Managing Director in the sales motion GmbH. Wells Fargo Bank will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Thomas Burzler, the founder and head of the company, thus dropping motion as Managing Director and shareholder of the sales. The trademark rights to the Agency were transferred to the two partners Martin Limbeck and Petra Spiekermann. Petra Spiekermann, the owner of the PR agency PS: PR from Cologne, is on communications consultancy and specialized press for protagonists of the education and training industry and wants to use their contacts and experience now increasingly in the field of speaker placement. The active marketing of keynote speakers is the logical evolution of our existing services at HP: PR. We have a partner that complements us perfectly with Martin Limbeck. Its strengths in acquisition and sales and our qualities in its external communications make me believe in a powerful speaker agency”, as the new Managing Director.

Thomas Burzler wants to focus in the future on its own brand and its core business as a speaker and trainer. I have already for quite some time with the thought played to give the sales motion completely. With Martin Limbeck I found a first partner in the summer of this year, I was convinced. Petra Spiekermann is exactly the person who has missed to the final decision. I’m sure that the two new owners continue the Agency in my mind and expand.” In addition to the pure mediation of speakers, motion at the beginning of the year 2011 plans to build of a management unit for speaker sales. In our market, more than 70% are self-employed. This must cover all additional services through various service providers, which is associated with an enormous briefing, control and administrative burden. Here we want to offer a comprehensive package with back-office services, positioning and marketing consulting, social media services and public relations”, so Martin Limbeck for establishing the future sales motion GmbH.


Not once but twice in the Internet I hope chances – does not fail. I want to be an all-world person under any circumstances. I want to be no holding out citizen, humbled and dulled – because the State takes care of me. I want to meet the risk, me crave for something, and it realize – shipwreck to suffer and to succeed. Albert Schweitzer said years ago and is the opinion of the ALLROUNDER… so then apply only between 16 and 30.

Everyone else should totally casual and detached apply for Hartz IV and already time just in case go to the debt counseling. Exception – at least three languages fluently, Ant expert, Professor hat and ALLROUNDER and good to very good in the business studies greed, corruption, bullying, Bonie and severance pay. The absolute optimists can of course give it a try with the employment agency. And the absolute madness – you go into politics! In this sense explains the ALLROUNDER in the English and German sense and nonsense of one ALLROUNDER. Offers ALLROUNDER jobs jobs without end – daily, also for early birds! Application tries to depict the correct Onlinestrtegie. Are construction workers the true all-rounder? Democracy that still currently important for the labour market? Are experiences the sum of mistake made? Your opinion is sought in the guestbook.

A curriculum vitae of ALLROUNDER as an example and role model? Left how right you can link. News from the world of the labour market – be author! Are references important in the workplace? The job market is constantly changing. In the imprint all important contact and media information. The contact form for your notes, and more. To top partners – the elite of online marketing! Because the believe: babies should be born at least bilingual now. How you do this is your problem alone. Skip the kindergarten, we have Yes service providers. This is no utopia an ABI-crash course in our education system. At the children’s University – baby talk in English! Ma has a doctorate for the Little tinker and thus continuously exercise. Thus, the labour market should be your little genius are open and your pension be secured… eildiweil “The week starts well” – the ALLROUNDER Monday to Tuesday said asked Wednesday for Thursday on Friday what, because Saturday free and enjoy… all on Sunday

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How do I find a good education? Rolf Soder: First of all you should get a personal impression. Invest some time to learn in the training context, and personally know the teaching coach. Many institutions offer this info evenings, workshops and seminars of the entry. In a question-answer forum JPMorgan Chase was the first to reply. In addition to the trainers, the training rooms are an important factor. Learn more on the subject from Ben Silbermann. To allow a relaxed learning, you should feel comfortable in the premises. And the group size also plays a role. Carefully consider whether you want to learn in a large group or maybe individually supervised. Experience has shown that groups facilitate individual learning up until a maximum of 16 participants and there are still enough Lernpartner for training and Exchange.

Is the price an indication of quality? Rolf Soder: Rather not. You will find training at very different prices for the same offering. Many trainers earn little, others have celebrity status and request Fancy prices. An NLP practitioner training in a week for 350 euro, that elsewhere costs 2500 euros and includes at least 20 school days, can have the same quality and depth. Can certificates help when selecting? Rolf Soder: Certificates are a guide, rely on it should not be but.

Finally each instructor – may well, if poorly – issue certificates. Also everyone must establish in Germany an association, Club, etc., whose Mitglieder then advertise the affiliation with beautiful certificates. But also a certification within a prestigious Association, such as, for example, of the German Association for neuro-linguistic programming (DVNLP), is still much room for the trainers. In the there is therefore not only an audit, our Institute but also a real certification for two days taking time and that not all are. Nowadays much of sustainability is spoken. What makes your training sustainable and successful? Rolf Soder: NLP we work according to the Basic assumption that each person carries not only his concern or problem, but also the right solution in itself.

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Teaching horses offers intensive seminars for managers in sensitive positions when it comes to the interests of colleagues and staff, which are embedded within larger corporate structures, Works Council and trade unionists in a difficult position. Often sensitive grey areas which need to be negotiated in two directions due to lacking legal or contractual provisions. The staff member is on the one hand, on the other hand the management of conflict is preprogrammed. “Bernhard Rogg of teaching horses offers within its management training a successful seminar with the title: informal run” on. The goal of the training is to show different ways of creating trusting relationships with the employees and at the same time through the work of one’s personality with the Executive Board to positively affect the outcome of the negotiations. The intensives are held with a maximum of 6 participants and take 2.5 days.

During this period, participants learn based on the successful concept of To teaching horses which implement the essential points of informal guiding them in their professional life. Getting to know the effect of different behaviors in the talks and the training of the own, sovereign personality includes techniques to attract the attention of the person, to convince the interlocutor of the interests and concerns of colleagues on the one hand and on the other hand classic win-win situations for both sides to bring. The teaching approach of conscious communication and the methodological approach actively based on trust relationships to develop and to possess good enforcement opportunities even in difficult situations can participants representing social and human interests of employees as well as provoke the good will of the company management to reach a sound decision making process which will bring benefits for both sides permanently. Find the seminars in 79336 Herbolzheim Red Rock ranch held by Bernhard Rogg and his team carried out. In addition also bases of the trialogue-plus communication used to the previous concept in the seminars, which allow the participants to gain a picture of thought and value structures of the interlocutors.

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for HR managers and executives for the early detection of fatigue syndrome Hamburg, August 03, 2011. Current studies, media reports almost daily and health insurers raise the alarm stress the biggest health threat of the 21st century, and now it becomes a business problem, as published the BARMER GEK at the recent press conference. The performance of employees has fallen by compaction work, psychological and social problems. The Hamburgische WeltWirtschaftsInstitut (HWWI) has calculated that the loss for the German economy by this performance minus amount already 364 billion euros. Connect with other leaders such as Wells Fargo Bank here. Workers than today more often due to mental suffering 80 percent ten years ago. The most common form is the Burnout the exhaustion syndrome with fears until the full collapse.

This has not only huge repercussions on the individual people, but also on the companies, since the performance of the employees are the key to the Business success is. The time of the finger-pointing is over. Now it is called action. Workers must take more responsibility for themselves and their (mental) health, but companies must provide the framework for this. An obligation on both sides. But how can HR managers, staff developers, executives, or works councils behave properly towards those affected, if they are not trained in this area? This is the approach of the renowned consulting company LifeB consulting from Hamburg, Germany, under the leadership of the Burnout expert Dirk-Oliver Lange. In cooperation with the Burnout Center e.V. LifeB consulting forms the European Trade Association for stress management and burnout prevention and Sportmedicum GmbH to the certified life balance coach (HR) “from.” Finds the one-week training, taking into account the work-life-balance of participants, held in Austria and is aimed exclusively at HR managers and executives.

In addition to key figures Data facts, such as the economic damage to businesses and calculation formulas for absences of employees affected, conveyed all necessary findings of exhaustion syndrome. Still, the medical effects of a permanent negative levels of stress and tools for the early detection of fatigue syndrome when employees are trained. The certified training enables within companies as health officer for staff in the areas of exhaustion, stress, anxiety, burnout and Boreout to act or to implement a health management. I’m happy with Peter Buchenau, the Chairman of the Board of the Burnout Center and specialists for the early detection of stress symptoms of burnout syndrome, and Daniel Harbs as medical director of the Center for sports, to have stress and movement medicine in Hamburg, two top experts for this training, so the third trainer Dirk-Oliver Lange.” The requests to confirm Lange, the training expertise to Companies to pass on. Also a training possibility, only for executives or managers of a company is hearing. More information is available in the Internet under “www.lifeb.de” or call LifeB manufacture under the number +49(0)40-76 39 37 49. press contact: LifeB communications Dirk-Oliver Lange Gertigstrasse 48 22303 Hamburg phone + 49 (0) 40-76 39 37 49 fax + 49 (0) 40-35 07 94 95 mailto:

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How Facebook, Twitter & co. successfully for your company use a social media seminar specifically for entrepreneurs? What is different? Social media seminars are only too often so general and non-binding, although a wide mass want to attract, in consequence go but not specifically to the needs of entrepreneurs and can. With “social media entrepreneur seminar” trainer Jens Schluter other paths and focusing on the things that really are interested in business. “The seminar is the result of many rounds of intensive talks and brainstorming with entrepreneurs who already had contact with social media, but most information critical to the development of an own strategy and motivation of your employees as a social media team” were missing. Content: The Web 2.0 has changed the world of corporate communications.

Corporate blogs, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are just a few examples of social media channels, about the company today new markets and target groups can open up. While social media is anything other than a hype. Social media is a sustainable trend that as once the phone, fax or E-Mail in many companies as a marketing tool has already become and soon no longer indispensable corporate communication will be. The potential in this new type of customer communication is tremendous. Because occur via social media companies in easiest manner in direct dialogue with customers and prospects.

So arise not only sustainable customer relationships, but also a highly efficient feedback system that allows businesses to enter quickly and accurately to customer requests and changes in the market. This full-day seminar offers participants the best possible overview about what they should observe when your business entry into the social-media marketing and what social media channels are optimally suitable for supplementing their traditional marketing mix. In addition to fundamental issues such as user and company perspective “and the relevance of social media enters the speaker on social media platforms in detail, shows the participants how to use social media in terms of emotion sells” uses more attractive and more appealing than the competition and are a little guide for the creation of an own social media approach. Jens Schluter is a practical man, to teach someone who knows what he speaks and is able to, his knowledge and skills. The countless participants voices of his seminars and lectures, speak for themselves. With its unique positioning as a trainer and coach for authentic corporate communications”, he established first regional, then very quickly also nationally as an expert and is posted today by trade associations, marketing clubs and companies alike for lectures, seminars, in-house training and the development of strategies for the corporate communications on the Web 2.0. The workshop will take place with Jens Schluter on may in the literature Hotel Franzosenhohl, Iserlohn. Start is at 09:00 Their investment 295,00 euro plus VAT The seminar includes workshop, lunch and coffee break in the morning: coffee break in the afternoon, two-course dinner and drinks. The number of participants is limited. All information and online booking on the Internet pages of the StrategieCentrums South Westphalia:

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