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According to fao, demand in the global market, established on the forest products industry: – lumber, dictated by the level of income. Robert Kiyosaki understands that this is vital information. In addition to the demand for wood also takes into account the factor of environmental requirements and demographic growth of the population. For example, population growth in the period from 60 to 90, 20 th century led to an increase in consumption of forest products like lumber and wood products used as fuel. On Market Indicators Forestry also has a direct impact of seasonality. In 2000, winter and spring buying lumber were low, as expected price declines for lumber closer to fall, but summer, when whose construction begins, leading to an early decline in prices for lumber. The presence of multiple factors that influence the development of forest industries (lumber), makes the analysis difficult task, so the timber trade in goods is a very serious and the mobile system.

Forest industry – a market that provides sawn timber and domestic needs States, of course part of the production is exported to other countries, but the timber trade between the continents, is a small fraction of the total turnover of the forest industry. This happens mostly because of the massiveness forest products. Therefore, the price of standard lumber, wood boards, ultimately, because transport costs, increase sharply, making imports more expensive domestic wood. For order that would make timber and timber for export must be compensated for transportation costs. Compensate for their possible through cheap raw materials or through lower production costs.


Polyester fiber (Polyester) Polyester fiber was first used for the production of carpets in the 60 years of this century. Its use depended on some technical issues of color. Today, with the help of expensive pigments resistance to staining can be greatly reduced, and for certain types of polyester fibers altogether. With respect to wear this fiber is significantly lagging behind the pa. Fiber looks like a coat. In some cases, possible blend with polyamide to improve the properties of products manufactured from the resulting fiber. Depending on the additives polyester can be shiny or matte. Polyester fibers are particularly suitable for the comfort-species carpet with a sufficient mass of the pile.

Acrylic fiber in the 50-ies acrylic occupied a significant place in the market since glassware remarkably similar to wool. But, unfortunately, acrylic can be painted with the help of some modern painting technologies that reduce production costs. This material is increasingly being used in North America and in Europe its use is mostly limited to the production of rugs, mats of mixed with polypropylene fibers. Acrylic – a soft and malleable material to the touch like wool, cheap enough to manufacture, but it tends to be sliding into dumplings (balls), so the rugs from such fibers require more frequent cleaning. The use of acrylic fibers allows for an elegant imitation fur with a recommendation to use a home (not office) area.

Acrylic has a high resistance to abrasion, which significantly lower than that of products made of polyamide. Therefore, it is often used in combination with other fibers such as polyamide, which greatly increases the stability of the carpet to wear. Wool Sheep Wool – the most traditional fiber for carpets. Everyone knows that Australia – the largest producer of wool in the world. However, this is only true for wool, used for upholstery fabrics and clothing, and wool for manufacture of carpets produced, mainly in New Zealand and the uk. Quality of wool depends on what part of the body with the sheep she was taken, from health and nutrition, sheep, climatic conditions under which they grown. All this explains the importance of careful sorting of wool before reuse. After sorting, the wool must be cleaned and washed to remove dust, dirt and natural oils. Only after this Wool fibers can be spun. Wool yarn is composed of individual hairs, spun into a continuous thread. The quality of the carpet depends not only on the type of wool, but also on the method of spinning. Poor-quality wool yarn strongly comb, and a carpet of it may be 'bald'. The undoubted advantages of wool carpet include: strength (including resilience), elasticity of the pile, Low thermal conductivity, and high fire indicators. Disadvantages: High cost, exposure to the accumulation of static charge pyatnostoykost low, and exposure to moths and mildew. Also, wool carpets, unlike synthetic fibers, harder to color, so products made from pure wool mainly natural, quiet tones. Modern manufacturers of woolen carpets have learned to partially compensate for some of the above shortcomings natural fiber expertise. Using special stain-resistant, antistatic and protivomolevye impregnated cloth. The combination of wool and synthetic fibers (usually – 80% wool and 20% nylon) allows, while maintaining the advantages of natural cover, increase the durability of the carpet.

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In the production of wood doors specialists are forced to take into account all the nuances. Durability and flawless operation doors from the array depends on the observance of the manufacturers of all cycles of technological process in their manufacture. In preparing the raw materials it needs to be carefully dried for some time. If use is not completely dried or overdried wood, then there are a lot of problems, such as: cracks, deformation. In turn, this leads to the destruction of the aesthetic properties of the board. In the early wood dried under natural weather conditions under the canopies. The next step is a vacuum chamber – guarantees the absence of cracks on the surface of the door from the array. The final step is soaking, priming and painting door.

The final and the final touch – the paint composition, which protects the wood from moisture. Lacquer coating quality doors shall consist of not less than four layers. Thanks to the constant robot professionals to improve the quality in the operation of doors, on sale there were derivatives of wood. Such wood is not only has different characteristics and no less important to the consumer a low price, compared with natural wood. At the moment there are three types of such timber: Plates on the basis of medium-density fiber (MDF) Particle board (chipboard) plywood boards on the basis of medium-density fiber (MDF) have property to maintain its geometric dimensions for a long period of time. The main advantage of mdf is the ideal combination of hardness and thickness.

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