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Now in Belarus an opportunity to learn and appreciate the high quality frequency converters Vacon. A key feature of all the drives Vacon – a high modularity as mechanical design, and software. Modular concept, developed by Vacon, is unique. Three different control unit, two methods of cooling power units, the ability to install five different boards I / O, simple to install upgrade kits are just some of the elements. Only vyberat elements necessary to you and design a frequency converter. Control units nxs and nxp can be installed separately from the power modules. Block nxs is designed for major industrial applications, which do not require high precision control signal from the sensor feedback. nxp unit can process the feedback signal and provide the best quality engine management characteristics.

The user a choice of power units with both air and water cooled. I / O cards can be used with any type of converters: the nxl can be established a board to expand the existing interface, and in nxs and nxp – up to five I / O boards. This allows you to create the necessary configuration information inputs and outputs for each specific application. nxl converters have a removable control panel with seven-segment lcd display. It is used to exchange information with the transmitter, programming and monitoring, but has no storage function parameters.

nxs and nxp a detachable control panel with alphanumeric display. It is also used for configuration and monitoring, but it has a built-in memory. This allows you to copy settings from one drive to another, and to preserve the memory of the active parameter settings for later use. Vacon nx control unit is usually attached to the power unit and is powered by it. The control unit can be powered and the external power supply 24, which allows for seamless communication with the drive for fieldbus control and reading of data even when turned off the mains.

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Being that the initiatives of the actions of security are of responsibility being able of them public and of the society (BRAZIL, 2002). The article, ethics and the public welfare and private flame attention for the dichotomy enters two models of social welfare a footwear in the ethics of the solidarity that estimates the accomplishment of the basic right the social welfare must take care of to the bedding of the dignity of the person human being and to another one, the providence model to complement of established individual capitalizaton in financial reserves (saving) that it lowers the level of the solidarity of the social welfare of the public servers directs and it for the privatization (DORNELES, 2010). Therefore this last model burla the basic right the social welfare that materialize the value of the dignity of the person human being. Theoretician is the essential resources that he contributes to analyze the reality and to project action to intervine in the reality of critical and creative form, associate to the knowledge production, is what he guarantees to the professional the capacity of the unit thought and action. Finally, to argue the performance of the social assistant in the social welfare demands that the professional just does not lose the dimension of its action and the relation of its work with the search of a societrio project and igualitrio. Demanding the understanding of the politics providence inside of the capitalist logic, with the adoption of concepts that has as direction desvelamento of the apparent one and immediate and the commitment with the magnifying of the rights. This means to defend the Social Service as right of the using population. BRAZIL references, Ministry of the Social welfare.

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