Confidence in oneself, is the first secret of success Emerson. When we think about immediately undertake something, we ask ourselves what really being an entrepreneur mean??meaning Ste wraps qualities and ways to apply these qualities to effective actions. Both are autodesarrollables with commitment and responsibility. It is there when we ask ourselves what is and how to achieve it? Emerging from this issue, many authors have listed a series of skills that must develop an entrepreneur: optimistic person, open, flexible to positive change in improvement, in cooperation, in methods and procedures, in continuous learning. ste incessant desire to learn and create, apply it as a way of life. The second step that we have to undertake, is attitude. A positive attitude makes difference between an entrepreneur and another.

If maintaining a high level of attitude, of optimism, of encouragement, to carry out effective management of the qualities to specific acts that seek the objective; an ascending path will be maintained. Some samples of good attitude: change to improve. To experience growth and self-development need to change, these changes must be sought and achieved. Enthusiasm in all our endeavors. Live with this quality gives us the necessary strength; This force must enliven daily. Serenity, self-control and positive vision are the best weapons to successfully face the problems. Set goals and act them. Without action, it is difficult to achieve our goal.

It is prevailing to carry out the necessary steps. To carry out our ideas can become something great, only we will know if we act. Let us be integral people. If we extend our knowledge on different areas, we will be more prepared and will provide more. We cannot say we know enough. Educate us with the habit of task completion. The perseverance and commitment can not miss an entrepreneur. It is like the good attitude, i.e., a positive mental state and the accumulation of skills (skills, abilities, skills, and willingness to exercise or perform a particular task, function, employment, etc.), are directly related to the implementation of objectives and satisfaction.