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That has changed dramatically. In the course of the last 25 years has a process underway, the one with Quality rewrite can hand-in-hand with the knowledge of a healthy diet. Franco PERAZZO came to help a stroke of luck: the acquaintance with a professor at the University of Perugia a specialist in this area. Mid-1980s began to create the new olive grove then close Ascea. The composition of the Earth has been analysed in detail. The Pentolino, Frantoio and Leccino varieties were optimal for the soil. An irrigation system was installed and drainage laid. The mounting is done since purely biological.

So, the Perazzos the first prerequisite for a good quality of the fruits have a healthy stock of trees. Another aspect is the harvest. Franco and his wife Antonietta are now specialists: the olives are harvested and cold pressed the same day. You know neither too early nor too late even to the right time. All this guarantees the pure and exquisite taste of this olive oil is recognized as a health food. Franco PERAZZO, the excellent german speaks, offers his olive grove tours for tourists and passes to his knowledge of the olive cultivation. The excellent oil itself can be tasted after about eineinhalbstundiger, entertaining, and informative tour.

Healthy by olive oil in the Cilento, Mediterranean cooking olive oil promised already in ancient times, to prolong life. Decades of research have now convincingly demonstrated that the intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which occur in olive oil, lead to a lowering of cholesterol levels and reduces blood pressure and susceptibility to heart disease. In addition, studies show the health-promoting effect on the stomach and liver, as well as the positive impact on the growth of children. In addition to the preparation of many Cilento delicacies, such as for example Caprese after Pisciotta – type or artichokes stuffed with tuna, olive oil with its gustatory diversity can add value to virtually every dish.


The growth of the Hungarian guests was 11.76 percent. All Ski Amade guests can enjoy in the winter season following enlargement: the Sun Jet are new lift in Hochwurzen, the 6-seater chairlift in just the station track at the Stubnerkogel in Gastein, and the 8 – seater gondola to the High King. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Kamala Harris and gain more knowledge.. Ski Amade: extra class events. In no other region of the Alps, there are a greater number of winter sports events in Ski Amade. In addition to numerous Winteropenings the night slalom in Schladming (27.1.2009) include World Cup in Gastein (11-14.1.2009) among the year’s highlights, the Alpine World Cup of ladies in Zauchensee (17-18.1.2009) and the snowboard. Already now you look forward to following major event of top: Schladming is venue for the Alpine Ski World Championships in 2013. Ski Amade: study confirmed excellent offer for ladies wherever he goes on vacation, decides in the family as well as the “holiday for two” usually the Lady of the House.

Therefore ski has a study to the wishes and to the satisfaction of the ladies with the Amade in the Linz market research market Winter vacation in order given. Over 400 respondents are based on this survey. Now it’s black and white confirmed: women are satisfied with the offer in Ski Amade more than, are often still exceeded expectations. The women appreciate the Ski Amade advantages in comfort of the lift facilities and child care. Ladies week with lots of extras.

One of the excellent offerings for women is the ladies week from 21 March until 28 March 2009. This week are the wishes of the women at the Center. Selected accommodation the ski pass for six days to give its female guests for booking of 7 nights. But there are other advantages for the ladies: the ladies week?Package includes a free day of ski testing as well as a day with a ski guide.


You can without ski bus morning within easy driving or walking. For a small fee, ski also overnight at one of the valley stations of the 4 ski areas are brought (in the case of 4Mountain sports ski rental included). Transfer from/to airport Denver prices per person/route in EUR (1.12. 30.4): PX1: Denver Intl. Under most conditions International Women’s Day would agree. Apt. -Aspen/Snowmass: 77 PX2: Aspen/Snowmass Denver Intl. Apt.: 77 customer information: Please specify flight number, flight time, and booked hotel at time of booking.

Otherwise, no transfer can be guaranteed. Transfer time: 20.11 9.12. out: 12/15/18; Previous: 6/9/12: 30.; 10.12. 19.4 out: 10 (Saturday/Sunday only), 12/15/18/22; Previous: 4.30 (Saturday/Sunday only), 6: 30/9.30/12.30/4.30 pm. As of June 2008. Please note system. Aspen/Snowmass ski pass”valid for Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, buttermilk and Snowmass Prices per person in EUR: PX5 (5 days): 01/12-12/12: 166; 13.12. 18.12: 198; 19.12. 05.01.: 242; 06.01 10.02.: 198; 11.02 March 26: 223; 27.03 12.04.: 154 PX6 (6 days): 01/12-12/12: 189; 13.12. 18.12: 215; 19.12. 05.01.: 271; 06.01 10.02.: 215; 11.02 March 26: 249; 27.03 12.04.: 162 PX7 (7 days): 01/12-12/12: 220; 13.12. 18.12: 250; 19.12. 05.01.: 316; 06.01 10.02.: 250; 11.02 March 26: 290; 27.03 12.04.: 189 customer information: Notes: stays from 4 to 14 days can be booked (PX4 until PX14). Prices in the travel agency according to the computer. Seasonal overlap: the price of the first day of validity is. Child: 0-6 years free, 7-12 years from EUR 96 13 / 17 years from EUR 113 senior: 65-69 as child 7-12 years. Note: Skibus included. Ski passes are available only in conjunction with a hotel and may not be more than the hotel stay booked. “Validity: PX5: 5 out of 10 days, PX6: 6 out of 10 days, etc. statements on the validity of multiple-day passes also see 19 early booking ski Aspen/Snowmass” valid for Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, buttermilk and Snowmass prices per person in EUR: PX8 (8 days): 06.01 10.02.: 286; 11.02 March 26: 331; 27.03 13.04: 211 PX9 (9 days): 06.01 10.02.: 286; 11.02 March 26: 331; 27.03 13.04: 211 PX10 (10 days): 06.01 10.02.: 286; 11.02 March 26: 331; 27.03 13.04: 211 United States: Colorado – Aspen/Snowmass ski area skiing holiday customer information: Notes: stays of 8-14 days can be booked (PX8 until PX14). Prices always like PX8. Please book to enter the desired number of days. Z. B. PX11 drive for 11 days and 8 days pay. Seasonal overlap: the price of the first day of validity is. No matter whether you want 8 or 14 days skiing, pay 8 days for this offer! You will need a photo ID to pick up at the lift ticket office. Note: Skibus included. Ski passes are available only in conjunction with a hotel and may not be more than the hotel stay booked. Validity: PX5: 5 out of 10 days, PX6: 6 out of 10 days, etc. statements on the validity of Multi day passes see also S. 19th early bird discount: 8 = 14 pay 8 days skipass and up to 14 days drive booking and information at time of booking up to 1.12.: Tel. 0049-(0)69-998040 your travel agency GmbH Tigli 1 65830 Kriftel.


Watergate can be found at Falckensteinstr. 49. apreciated food in Berlin Berlin a multi-cultural city is what the colorful selection of the restaurants and cafes in Berlin sees. Curry sausage and meat balls to the exotic dishes in a particular setting, here you can find everything. In Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg you can eat best Turkish, Arabic and Italian.

Restaurant Mey in Continues loyalty road 47 Anatolian cuisine offers savoury dishes and light Turkish wines. Cafe Lietzow… is the other cafe with bar, Cafe, dining experience, lounge and dining restaurant. The Cafe is located in ALT-Lietzow 7. In the snack bar, Octagon finds her real doner Kebap (the only original true recipe) for 2.50 and Currywurst for 1.30! So you can fight against the crisis. Right to recommend also local sauerkraut and bulgur is 35 in the street of the Paris Commune, there are tables & chairs outside, breakfast, lunch, WiFi, newspapers, pizza service, seminar and meeting rooms. Specialties include other herbal pan with sausage & cracker on sauerkraut & potato puree and cheese Spatzle with ham! Italians cheap finds her z.B in the bistro for element where all pasta 2.99 cost, and all pizza – 2.49! Somewhat more demanding and still at the small price you can in Trattoria Peretti in the Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 5 (Berlin Center) food. Vitello tonnato – tender veal with tuna sauce costs only 7.80! In the KADIMA restaurant in Oranienburger str.

28 (Berlin – mid) you’ll enjoy gastronomy experience as it promises this menu: month menu of a la URIs rocket ‘New York’ salad with Parmesan and cherry tomato in fruity balsamic dressing fried of Trout Fillet on vegetables straw pine core butter with Herb Potatoes summer fruit Compote with Minzsorbet on lime-honey-yogurt. Aims! Stylish sleep in Berlin, Berlin has not only sophisticated clubs, bars and restaurants, hostels in Berlin all expectations of Jet Pack City Hostel in Paris Street 58, Zoo located next to the train station in a nice neighborhood with many Cafes, bars and restaurants, has personally decorated rooms and an excellent staff. However, my Lieblingshostel is Inn Berlin hostel, where you are the paintings of the Chilean artist Francisco Perez to admire. Here, the staff tried every desire to meet the guests. This hostel was not free to the Top-Hostel in Germany 2008. All rooms are comfortable and personally, so that ma himself here as feels at home! The double room costs only 60. U Inn Berlin hostel is not only super location and super prices (double room 50, bed in the dorm – 17), but also comfortable, newly renovated rooms and Interent Gratis.Odyssee GlobeTrotter hostel, is without a doubt the most popular back Packers hangout and is located in Friedrichshain, where you can find lots of Nice bars and restaurants with reasonable prices. Pegasus hostel – Hostel Berlin atmosphere at moderate prices, find her very beautiful and friendly accommodation from 14Uhr. Come to Berlin and convinced you! Bon voyage wishes you HostelsClub.com!


Sunday is called ‘Poshchjonnoe Voskresenje’ – Sunday of forgiveness: family members and even strangers on the streets offer each other forgiveness, for the bad deeds in the last year, and for the bad deeds in the future. One last time before Easter vodka is poured – and then lent begins. The program for a week becomes a Carnival metropolis Moscow. Many roads are closed so that can take place smoothly on Saturday the large Padade of Maslenitsa. The program is held still top secret.

Russians prepare all year for this festival and it should be spectacular this time. Several Rahmenveranstltungen are worth a visit, accompany the Maslenitsa: town musicians, Bazaar, concerts and festive games. For more specific information, check out Calico. The chefs of Moscow to prepare a surprise. Last year, you have baked the giant pancakes, that our should symbolize planet. Different countries had different colors and it was the world’s largest pancake. You even can try bake Blinis to the Maslenitsa: this is very simple.

You need 2 eggs 250 ml milk 25 g butter, ca 250 gr of flour, a teaspoon of sugar and salt to taste. Melt butter and mix it with eggs and Half of milk. Flour add to POOJA. Stir with a whisk and add the remaining milk dough is ready. Take a pan and go. The Blinis are eaten with caviar, Rollmops, Quark, sour cream, mushrooms, but also with sweet jam, sugar or honey! Come Blinis and hostels in Moscow if you want but original Russian Blinis kostem, to Moscow. We have still some free places in hostels! Stay at Moskaw Home Hostel from 11, Comarade hostel offers accommodation from 15, while the double room only 80 YellowBluesBus hostel costs. And go to the best bistros and restaurants in Moscow, z.B Moskovskij ikonij dom, Zarskaja ochota on Rublevo-uspenskoe, Babuschkini blintschiki on Leninsky prospekt 4A or Maslenitsa Leninsky prospectus 158. Bon voyage wishes you HostelsClub.com!


Since the Commonwealth Games will be held in October, tourists can get the most out of the festive season, which starts in India in October and goes until January. By participating in the colourful, lively celebrations of the Indian Festival, you can enhance your travel experience and observe the traditions and way of life of the people from nearby. Travellers who like New Delhi or Mumbai want to escape the chaotic hustle and bustle of the metropolis of millions, should visit the quieter contemplative Pune in the southwest of Mumbai. A variety of business travellers as well as tourists visiting Maharashtra, especially in Mumbai and Pune. To the delight of tourists, is the State of Maharashtra, littered by temples and monuments and a picturesque coastline. Whenever Microsoft Corp listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Mumbai, the financial capital of the country, receives its fair share of tourists thanks to the good air, good roads and rail links. Pune is especially due to its pleasant climate and its close vicinity to Hill stations like Mahabaleshwar and Lonavla an interesting city that offers a blend of modern and tradition.

The lack of hotels in the United States Maharashtra belongs to the past. In recent years, the growth has helped that many hotels have been rebuilt, which meet the needs of both business travellers and tourists. The hotel offers the perfect selection of convenience Studio Estique, Pune (www.studioestique.com) for domestic and international business travellers and tourists. Due to the central location, good eingrichtete rooms, a complimentary wireless Internet connection, as well as international cuisine, hotel in Pune offers a special price-performance ratio. A multiplex cinema as well as numerous shopping facilities are located in direct proximity to the hotel. Further information about the hotel or our offers can be request to via the following e-mail address: Summary: this article explains why India 2010 is considered to be the greatest destination.


Bavarian Forest: In the ‘Edlgutl’ of hiking is waiting to measure, ranging from the nature or excursion to the kid-friendly theme hikes. The idyllic Edlgutl offers itself as a comfortable base for hiking in the southern Bavarian Forest”in Breitenberg. It belongs to the local pension Halford and stands for modern, comfortable apartments of various sizes. The German Tourism Association classified it in the 4-star category. The Edlgutl has that certain something in the rooms or suites you can make holiday regardless, but upon request book additional services of the guest of Halford.

Half board, bed and breakfast or dinner only? No problem.. AIG wanted to know more. The guest can compose his holiday to measure, depending on your mood. Molly Adams describes an additional similar source. Even of the spa area of the pension and other services are available upon request. So you can enjoy the seclusion of apartment in combination with the offer of the pension. Regulars know, by the way, that the Boss retire Halford cooks just as committed as well. So strengthened, leaving like to consult, where it should go on hiking boots and backpack. In the pension, there is extensive information material about all roads and bridges of the region. Since the many trails in the National Park Bavarian Forest would be, where under the motto Let nature be nature”lives a wild forest, where hikers can experience the natural and death with all your senses.

There the trail on the GEO top Buchberger Leite with an impressive Gorge landscape or the granite trail. A special attraction is the treetop walk in the Austria Kopfing, the longest of its kind in the world. The road is approximately 1000 metres long, leads in over 20 metres height from platform to platform through the tree tops. An airy pleasure, also magnificent views of the Bavarian Forest, which can be enjoyed Innviertel and Salzkammergut.


Love, fashion and French cuisine Moulin Rouge, Louvre, Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower. Hardly another city is home to so many world famous attractions such as Paris. With art and culture, luxury shopping and fine restaurants can be particularly well enjoy fine living in the French capital. The flight Portal fluege.de informs about the various Parisian venues that visitors not to be missed. Who has booked a flight to Paris (www.fluege.de/ catalog/Paris/flight-437), can look forward to a long list of sights. The landmark of the town is of course paramount: the Eiffel Tower.

The huge steel frame is the crowd-puller in the metropolis. Also famous are the impressive church buildings in the city on the Seine. Notre Dame and the Basilica of Sacre-Coeur on Montmartre pull visitors all captivated. In the meantime, visitors to one of the countless Paris Cafes or bistros can relax. This is with a well-stocked travel fund Spend money in hardly any other European city so beautiful like in Paris. Especially the Champs conducting stretches between place de la Concorde and Arc de Triomphe is world famous. There are also numerous high-end boutiques of famous designers close to the Boulevard.

But even without extended Shoopingtouren, the most beautiful Street in the world is worth a visit. In addition, art lovers are in the museums of Paris such as, for example, the Louvre Museum at their own expense. The favorite destination for children, however, is certainly the Disney theme park outside the city. More information: news.fluege.de/…/ paris versatile… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH


A diving holiday in the Red Sea is always an experience. A dream destination for divers is Sharm el Sheikh of the National Park of Ras Mohammed, and many other local dive sites in the South of the peninsula of Sinai with dive sites in the Gulf of Agaba, in the Strait of Tiran on the reefs. (Source: Bill Phelan). Colourful tropical fish, predators like moray eels, stingrays, barracudas and even sharks, turtles and coral, and many other sea creatures meet the divers in the mysterious underwater landscape. Also wreck divers will enjoy! It has certainly erweise in Naama Bay located north of the holiday area of Sharm el Sheikh to the heart of this village. The modern name of the beautiful Bay at the mouth of the Wadi el-AAT is Naama Bay, originally called Marsa el-AAT. Munear Ashton Kouzbari is likely to agree.

A very unusual for Egyptian relations nightlife, the Naama Bay nicknamed little Las Vegas”has brought, has here with discos with highly entertaining animation, game casinos, nightclubs and of course Karaoke shows. But also for all of the day’s activities, the holidaymaker has spoilt for choice: several water sports centres, shopping arcades and malls, restaurants, bistros and beach bars, of course hotels there can be found here. Even the traveller who would like to go on a journey of discovery through this enchanting areas is truly surprised by the amazing diversity that has to offer the still relatively pristine hinterland of Sharm el Sheikh. Magnificent landscapes, impressive rocks and much more! But that’s not all yet! In addition to all these advantages, Naama Bay has also a reputation for being one of the best diving sites in the land of the pyramids. Diving in Naama Bay is varied because of the many dive sites along the Bay and the adjacent coastal areas and provides varied opportunities for divers of all levels. Many dive operators take care of the equipment, to diving excursions and commonly known as courses are offered.


Have a look at the beaches of Mallorca in a browser! Each year millions of Germans go, to spend their holidays on the largest island of Majorca. For most, the day then it is to be from morning till night on Mallorca beaches and swim in the Mediterranean Sea. Only: Which beach is now really nice? There are beaches on Mallorca? What is the beach in the village actually? On these questions, I (Michael Wnuk) give a response as a travel photographer and founder of the photo agency Combipix with this report. I wish you a beautiful Majorca vacation and enjoy it, to enjoy some other beaches in Mallorca. Her Michael Wnuk / COMBIPIX you can free download this and more individual maps of Mallorca under: print out, or send them via email! Mallorca maps, you can find maps of: Australia, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Spain, Costa Brava, East Frisia and much more.

1 Sant Elm 13a.26 port de Soller of 2 Peguera of 14 Cala Cala Bona Canyamel of 3. Magaluf of 15 Cala Ratjada of 4 Palma Nova of 16 Cala GAD of 5 El Arenal (shooter) 17 Cala Angulla 6 s ‘ Arenal of 18 Cala Mesquida 7 Colonia de Sant Jordi 19 Colonia de Sant Pere of 8 Cala Santayi 20 Serra Nova / Colonia de son Serra of 9 21 Cala d’Or can Picafort 10 Calas de Mallorca of 22 port de Pollenca 11th Porto Colom of 23 Cala PI / Platja Formentor 12 S Illot of 24 SA Calobra of 13 Cala Millor 25 port de Valldemossa images and maps from this report are copyrighted. You may not be not without the approval of combipix for editorial or commercial use. 1 Sant Elm Beach considered one of insider tips for Mallorca holiday for me. The beach is small, well manageable, small bistros and cafes are located on the small front and left and right rocks frame the bathing. Hear other arguments on the topic with Harold Ford Jr.