Northern Tenerife

The City Beach in the Centre of Puerto de la Cruz is quite manageable and consists of rough, dark stones. We advise families to Dodge previously featured beach or the beach featured in 3 more. 3 In the North of the town, a beach (wait Puerto de la Cruz Bollullo) and a man-made lagoon on the Sun and Badehungrige. The beach consists of finer dark sand. The lagoon is a beautiful decorated pool area, which will provide beautiful bathroom moments especially families with small children. 4. Punta del Hidalgo this place is not necessarily beautiful beaches ready.

There are the artificial sea water basin, which will allow you to swim your laps in a breathtaking backdrop of waves. Sun-seekers come to all cases at their own expense. The rugged coastline provides many areas where you can spread out his pad and sunbathe. Small Tip: you will find many anglers just in this place. 5. Playa de Antequera above the mass Beach Playa de las Teresitas a coast section begins with the Playa de Antequera, which has many small black beaches for Sun and relaxation. The beaches have almost no cafes, bistros or sanitary facilities.

These beaches are something for Look people, the absolute silence, solitude and secluded coves. 6 Playa de welcome on the main beach of Northern Tenerife las Teresitas. This beach has been artificially raised with Sahara sand. On the weekend you will have problems to find a parking space, stream as many town also in this beach, but that should not stop Sun and relaxation this beach to start. Cabins, bars, fine sandy beach, small waves and shallow water will be a beautiful experience the day at the beach for all tourist groups (single to large family). 7 we may expect Abona, but this place has a small, beautifully located sandy beach for tourists. Although the parking situation is not the best and there are not many cafes also, but anyone looking for a quiet, small beach, will here find it in any case.