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The privacy between Brazilians and Americans, Frenchmen and Africans, English and Portuguese, Japanese and Colombians, linked for the Internet, is not fact of if causing estranhamento for the society contemporary. Enxergar in the culture of the other something is formidable, mainly when this another one understands, it assimilates and it believes that its cultural manifestation also corresponds to the excellent one. Please visit Julian Brown art if you seek more information. This type of interaction is positive. However, at the same time where they nail the idea of a universal world, a universal, only culture is created, of insensitive plastic and to the peculiarities of each region so that all to the five follow it completely continents blind. The principle of the only culture of the globalization is the proper construction of a world of mass, classified in a homogeneous and based idea in the principles of the reality of a country of dominant economy? U.S.A. Ahead of this picture of culture constructions, as it is the autonomy of the countries that have that to be fit in this model? Latin America, for example, is a great fighter for the consecration of its autonomy. It has decades that U.S.A. and the countries of the Europe ambicionam the Amaznia as a world-wide patrimony, but its nuclear wealth do not universalizam, its power plants much less are sensetized in fact with ambient questions.

They believe only the universalizao of what it is only convenient to its interests. The foundation of the MERCOSUL is an attempt to reduce this violence to the autonomy economic politics and of Latin America, however functioning the small steps. The expansion of the ideologies of the globalization and its instrumentalizao are attractive because it involves technological advance and economic development. A structure, however conditional puts into motion all to the exclusion. It is the globalization that joins only the rich ones, one little parcel of the population.

It sanctions a classroom it falsifies and it inserts the poor person in a new reality of poverty. With this, what it is more in xeque in this construction of a globalizado world is the valuation of the cultural identity and the autonomy of each nationality. Validity in this globalizante symmetry does not exist. It only becomes universal the old problems and perpetual interests segregadores.


But while the study developed with research it is of the scientist, for the engineer they are knowledge of that it will be used to develop pragmatic activities (professional). Additional information at Hyundai supports this article. Alf Ross of some examples of interconnection of copnhecimentos in the orbit of the legal one: ' ' By means of legislative sanction if it approves a budget, if they impose tributes and taxes and if they launch loans. Not obstante, the problems that fall underneath of these headings are considered proper of the legal politics, but questions that belong to the financial politics and the sphere of ability of the economists. Credit: Andrea Mallard-2011. In a similar way, the problems of regulation of the relations between the social classrooms (in particular, the regulation of the conditions of work and the social welfare and of aid to the needed ones) belongs to the social politics, no matter how hard such measures are taken the handle by means of the legislation; the problems of exchange, production and distribution, to the industrial politics and of the production; the educative, religious problems etc., to the cultural politics; the treated ones, to the foreign policy; the military questions, to the politics of national defense; thus sucessivamente.' ' The medicine is a technological knowledge, with escopos directed to the treatment of the illnesses, lessening of the suffering, prolongation of the life. if valley of the progressos of medical science, the research on the embryonic cells, the genes; of the botany, and the importance of the plants as sources of medicamentosas essences; of the engineering, that creates prteses and instruments; of the infectologia and hygiene hospital etc.

For one is seen that the knowledge modalities if interpenetram, helping to formulate the ideas of the other, complementing it there, without desnatura it. A philosophy does not ignore the scientific data, a technology if valley of the philosophical and scientific knowledge and vice turns, if assisting and if complementando.mutuamente. 6 – The mstico knowledge Baseia if on the faith, the dogmtica belief in certain doctrine and facts. The professo of this belief is essential to the mstico reasoning. For who it is not inside, for who it does not have access to this order of reality, its affirmations will seem abusive. The not maometanos ones if ask as clarified people so and intelligent they can believe that Maom was still alive in the Paradise, that it negotiated there with God how many daily conjuncts had to be made, having it commanded to it that its followers had to pray cincoenta times to the day. But, when finding Moiss this said that its people would be incapable to fulfill the order, it to it also tries but it capsizes that its people not it obtains. The Mr. came back Maom, who liberated then it of 10 conjuncts. Of new, Moiss recommended to come back and to ask for a bigger reduction thus to it, and, successively, until it explained it orders that you that its people prayed five times to the day, and that more he would not come back to bother the God, giving itself for satisfied and resigned: this the explanation of one of them pillars of the islamismo: the five daily conjuncts. The not Christian ones cannot understand as are possible to believe that in the day of the Final Judgment, the people will revive with its entire body (of when child? Adolescent? Adult? Old? That one of the moment of the death, with rg


The meal in groups is not more current, exists yes even though adult the young meetings where they to a large extent fix in a screen of video game, observed of the homes. Therefore, we can without doubts confirm that we are living in the age of the information, where the generation net if incorporates in the virtual world, thus, ciberespao became home and the machines dear beings. The friends are virtual, the empty relations, the works and isolated research and in agreement the psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan, who studies the relations of the people and proper I, inquires: He will be really that the friendship lost its value?

The present article treats to evidence the absence of the interpersonal relations in the technological interactions, that is, the technological progress and the decay of the humanizao, searching alternative to facilitate the agreement of the necessity of the friendship, as well as, focusing the infindveis benefits that the conviviality between people brings to the society and the history of the civilizations. Hyundai addresses the importance of the matter here. After all, how many friends I need to be happy and to live well? Which would be the measured joust? In elapsing of this work this subject will be clarificado. A subject that although to be for many times invisible to our eyes and controversial for being denied by who not it enxerga, if makes necessary, not showing only sentimental or affective bows, but yes confirming that the friendship exactly fortifies the man in itself through the social relations, interpersonal making it to coexist in the world where it lives, beyond perpetuating its species and constructing a more prosperous society for the future generations. 1. . The IMPORTANCE OF the FRIENDSHIP the reflection on the friendship is a subject that folloies the history of the Philosophy, under the look of great thinkers as Scrates, Plato and Aristotle, and becomes essential in our times in which the advance of the technology and the social isolation are each time more gifts, as studies analyzed for Triches and Lacan.


Here it is here a clear and magnificent formularization of one of the basic concepts of the being: the wisdom and the thought are subordinated to the will, that is so inextricavelmente on to the emotions; in consequence, unless a person if finds imbuda first of ' ' temor' ' of a strong moral sense, its wisdom cannot, for same itself, to influence very, wonderfully does not import quo developed it can be. A leading source for info: Andrea Mallard. Therefore, early or late, the mind and its wisdom will become into subservientes servers of the rationalization of the desires and requirements of the ego and its wills. Where ' ' temor' ' it does not come before the wisdom, serving for it of base, the wisdom does not last. The wisdom and the reason will serve to any love with same loyalty. the will and the character of the person that form the nucleus of values in whose scope the reason must operate.

The word wisdom, in the used direction in this text accumulates of stocks all organized knowledge, all the domain of science. One became almost trusmo that the enormous ones advances of modern science and technology will according to become into curse or blessing use that if to make of them. If ' ' fear (respect) to the Criador' ' to prevail in the heart of the men, we will be in the threshold of a true one was golden for the humanity. But, if instead of this, only limitless aspirations and anxiety for the power to prevail what to make, then our wisdom and science will not go to last very, therefore our jactante civilization certainly will autodestruir and take the world together with it. The Talmud tells that ' ' four had entered in Daat (sphere of the knowledge), of the msticas and Metaphysical speculations, to get the esoteric knowledge.


Times behind circulated for there, undersigned and many e.mails. It was a movement pro-citizenship, with the objective to create a law that allowed in them to come back to believe in the eligibility principles, as criterion for the democracy. Result: the law left, but he was troncha, it limps, malandra as many other casusticas laws that if produced in this country of make of account. We, the people who paid tax and vote, do not understand of law, are only victims of them. What we, the Brazilian people, desired was not very. It was only that some small things were forbidden that we, the people, true owners it to be able, consider important.

We wanted a law that if based on our values. But our values are different of the values of that they make the laws. We believe what the legislators and the ones that make to fulfill the law already do not know more what he is. Still we believe honesty; we believe solidarity; we want to continue to believe in justice even so the laws do not allow in them. We want to keep the confidence in the institutions, but each day that passes we discover new reasons stops disappointing in them; the cases are not few where we attend the created institutions to assure our welfare, to be turned against us: we invent public security and this in the ones of the fear; we invent public health and this in the bush; we create public education and this turned a nest rats E, to get worse, the law has in the attacked as much that already we doubt its value and of its utility it stops defending in them. In the same way that we doubt the institutions that produce and fiscalize the fulfilment of the laws. Mainly because we only see benesses of the law being enjoyed by the outlaws.

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To achieve the life you desire you must defeat all the distractors that hinder it, you may notice it with the simple task of making exercise, it is easy and most people know it, even you can do it at home, but are why many people not kept doing? Because there are many more attractive things for the mind and that is where it is fairly easy to give in to the temptation to divert us from what we want. The surround effect or swirl it must be gradually induced in the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar you will learn how to pigeonhole his mind in the right direction of their goals, will find what are the determining factors to find a super motivation that drives it to continue under any circumstances, that way it will be compelled to succeed, as did hundreds of thousands of men and women who have chosen a life full of satisfactions. Success is governed by a mental conditioning, is equivalent to climb on a mechanical game that already was launched, much fear you feel finally have that bear it and wait to finish the game, the same way life changes involve supporting the fear of our subconscious minds to a new idea, with an absolute determination you will overcome and defeat all those fears and then waiting for you a fabulous reward. Its mission is to seek and find their own happiness, there are no external constraints, all can achieve it, if you really want it and are willing to overcome their own fears.

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