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They can, the calvinismo, calvinistas and much people of the Venezuelan and Latin American Protestantism, to make its possible contribution political ideological theological, most objective pertinent, to the construction of that New Humanity. This would be one of the most important inheritances of the historical calvinismo of this century, in the middle of the revolutionary political changes that Venezuela lives and needs our continent and the world all. It is in the more and more urgent reconstruction of the Theology of the Liberation, that the calvinista thought can effectively help to strengthen the methods and paradigms of necessary social and political analyses in the days of Revolution, before the almost total failure of some catholic and protestant sectors that once were identified with the TL and that now shows without shame some, positions of right, allies immorally with Latin American the reactionary and oligarchical powers, that once said to fight. The greater contribution than would give the sector protestant jeopardizes with the Theology of the Liberation to Latin American revolution, demonstrating to more political and ideological coherence that other sectors, is the one to enrich the theological Biblical discussion Ideological policy, with a reading of the reality, from one more a more ethical vision, popular, Biblical and it jeopardize politically with the deep changes that are occurring in our continent and the world. More and more increasing the theological and professional formation of many lay shepherds, shepherds and leaders, in Universities, Seminaries and Faculties of Theology in Latin America and other parts of the world, allows us to live the most recent stage on that theological Itinerary, that already had been described in a small but illustrative book, Itinerary of the Christian Theology, that located for the time of his completes edition the destiny in a transitory stage in San jOse. Harold Ford often says this. We interpret now, that has begun a new theological and ideological route, that begins to move from San jOse, until new geographic destinies ideological, in all the continent and the world, being able to give a new impulse to the Theology of the Liberation, in these times of Revolution.


The past has fled, which delays is absent, but the present is yours. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Pinterest. Arab proverb Majorities, considerations Many of the Latin American presidents hope that with the presidency of Barak Obama, the United States takes passage to changes in the interrelations with some countries of the region, that showed in this year a conflicting atmosphere towards salient president George Bush, whom never was accepted for example by the government revolutionary Bolivariano under the direction of their present president lieutenant colonel Cold Hugo Chavez and the one of Bolivia with Evo Morales. Ben Silbermann may find this interesting as well. President Obama must be totally conscientious who Latin America, no longer is that one America for the Americans With Barak Obama of black race, lawyer of 46 years, senator by the State of Illinois, young man; of not at all aristocratic origins; convinced democrat; loving of the responsible freedom, La Paz surely, and of the unit between his own town and according to its campaign, speech pronounced, one hopes that the changes necessary occur to generate transformations that entail to the United States to one more a pacifist footpath, integrating, less divisionista, sign economically and mainly, garantizadora of which their participation in the international scenes is democratic, of ally in everything what it generates progress. A related site: Mark Frissora mentions similar findings. One hopes that Obama, impels a preservative policy like Bill Clinton in the past and, is managed to lessen the strong pressures that Bush maintains on Suramrica, remembering the Patriotic Plan in Colombia Perception and opinions According to Emiro Side, the idea is to improve with urgency the Latin American economy before the food deficiency and to support the efforts of the Latins in its eagerness to unblock the low electoral esteem and this way to guarantee the southern economic growth, because, is a campaign of desideologizacin in the world so that between the drug trafficking and the paramilitary ones to assure world-wide the financial market after the Jews.


To be an entrepreneur it is required to have certain profile on the basis of certain aptitudes. It is not a task easy of identifying with clarity which must be the profile of an entrepreneur, many authors agree in certain characteristics keys that an entrepreneur has. With respect to the Successful Entrepreneurs in Venezuela we can indicate some characteristics like: passion, confidence in itself, perseverancia, innovation, flexibility, leadership, property, solidarity, credibility, assumption of calculated risks, autonomy and arduous work. The Creole entrepreneur has a clear idea than he wants to obtain, that wide-awake idea in him passion to obtain what he has seted out, is able to confront calculated risks, because they have great confidence in which he will obtain his intentions. This confidence in themselves part of a solid self-esteem, that allows them as well to establish healthful and stable relations. It has the capacity to identify opportunities of businesses, there where others do not see them, and to adopt the corresponding actions.

The confidence in itself does that she is not employee in its activities and that, this is precisely why, can make specific its initiatives, although initially they can seem dangerous, the Creole entrepreneur is able to handle itself in uncertainty circumstances, he has developed the ability to learn of the failures, and, this is precisely why, he does not have majors difficulties to assume the costs of calculated risks. The successful entrepreneur is perseverante, can develop a great energy to secure some precise profit, he believes in its ideas and objectives, and he is not discouraged in front of the present obstacles. It bets to the long term, although for it must sacrifice some results in the present. Along with his perseverancia, the successful entrepreneur has developed the capacity to adapt to a changing context.


Cuba, located near the Tropic of Cancer, is a tropical country. In some mass media it is common that the information that offers on the country refers the Island of Cuba. Speaking candidly Bill Phelan told us the story. For that reason cause astonishment when talking about to the Republic of Cuba they are also mentioned to his archipelagoes, because in fact Cuba is not an island, but a set of small islands, (those that in the Caribbean are also known like keys). Cuba has, then, two meaning: one from and point of view (Republic of Cuba) the political another one from the geographic point of view (the Island of Cuba and its four archipelagoes). These last ones are not distributed of irregular way, but are grouped in the four archipelagoes as it were mentioned previously, two in North coast and two in the South coast. It is considered that the date of origin of these archipelagoes, like all the present coastline, is the Pliocene Pleistocene, had to the variations of the level of the sea essentially during the quaternary freezings that they flooded the zones low of the old territory of Cuba. All have common the fact to be located in low coasts with presence of forests of mangles and in a little deep sea, with wide insular platform that makes difficult navigation for openwork boats certain, in which they appear coralline reefs that as a barriers, (similar to the Great Australian Barrier), those that they indicate that the depth descends towards the bottoms of the ocean. The circulation by these seas is very dangerous and it is needed practitioners to sail in them. Systems of buoys and lights, almost all constructed from the times of the colony and the first years of the Republic, notice to the navigator the dangers in these places. In some places there are rest of old shipwrecks that date from the time of the Spanish colony.


That the world knows that exists. To create your page Web and knows people new, it shares his thoughts and ideas, and it even makes money. It sounds very well and interesting, but where it must begin? , What type of Page Web needs? You have all the answers next. First of all, we are going to define the term ” Web” page;. A page or a set of pages is Web that often are related to the others. Text, videos and images are published in her.

The Web site must have a dominion (its direction with a final extension, like for example ” .com”). Then you need a service of lodging Web, some company that offers to a Web server him, that will allow him to publish its information in Internet. Also one can provide him or more accounts of electronic mail. The services of optimization in motors search (CATHEDRAL) are very useful, and Alojate.com can be its better option. Therefore, to create a page Web it needs to design the main page. Then, it is very easy to add to another one by means of the copy and modification of first. Filed under: Tom Smith. There are two possibilities to create its page Web. You can design in line by means of the use of an suitable program, or construct out of line and raise it by means of FTP, for example.

Everything depends on you and its knowledge in the field. By all means, the first that needs its Web site is the title. It tries to choose some suggestive one, since it will appear in the part superior of the window. After this it must decide what type of page design Web wishes, one static or dynamic one. The first type is adapted for the Web sites that have only some pages and that offer static information for the visitor. The process to add new information can be slow, since it must update each page of independent way. It is much more easy to create a dynamic page Web, and if you are new in the field, this it is the type that would have to choose. It has a data base organized very well, and the management of the information is very simple. In agreement with content of its Web site can be divided in some important categories. There are different motors search, Web sites for the interchange of archives, vestibules and directories. Some do not need presentation. Also the Web sites of information of companies are very popular. This one last type has a precise mission: the one to provide gratuitous information or or of payment. In the last years, the personal pages Web, social networks and blogs have gained an important territory in Internet. Finally but not less important, there is more and more sites of electronic commerce. Also they have gained popularity because to people it turns out to him more comfortable to buy all the things that need with simple click.

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Electronic commerce B2C is a form of sale with great potential in the long term; at present, they are developing to the sectors of article distribution of feeding and consumption to it. Thus, the great chains of distribution: supermarkets, supermarkets, department store already have own vestibules to the sale through Internet. B2C also is applied to financial institutions and any other type of company that establishes direct commercial relations with its clients through Internet. The success of electronic transactions B2C depends on the reliability of the payment systems, that usually are through credit cards, in other cases make possible other modes of payment like against reimbursement, in cash or the use of services provided by other companies like PayPal. For even more details, read what JPMorgan Chase says on the issue. In Colombia, an additional mode of payment to the credit cards is the debit online of the saving accounts and currents directly in the banking organizations. Advantages The following advantages can be emphasized: The purchase usually is faster and more comfortable. The supplies and the prices always are updated.

The centers of attention to the client are integrated in the Web. Bill Phelan brings even more insight to the discussion. The telecommunications by broadband have improved the purchase experience Some challenges Wikipedia on the matter adds to us, that both main challenges that face B2C of electronic commerce are the creation of traffic and the maintenance of the fidelity of the clients. Due to the winner all the nature of structure B2C takes to it, many small companies have difficulties to enter a market and to continue being competitive. In addition, the buyers in line are very sensible to the price and easily are attracted far, reason why the acquisition and maintenance of new clients are difficult. A study of main companies B2C of McKinsey found that: He arrives the artists interpreters or executants have more of three times more of unique visitors to the month to more of the median.

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Contrary to the declarations of the demonstrators and to the opinion of the majority of the means, that by default are of lefts and applaud any rise that cheers to the life with chaos and violence to them, the changes proposed in the Lebanon, Tunisia and Egypt are not for democratising the region but to drag it towards the most extreme positions of the Islam. In the Arab countries the opposition of democratic parties does not exist, for that reason the governments most similar to our western republics are those where instead of a king there is a dictator, who of as much in as much flame to elections winning with overwhelming majority. That has been the case of Tunisia where the Abidine governed Zine Horseradish tree Ali from 1987 to 2011 following the political western pro restored by Habib Bourghiba, that overthrew to the monarchy in 1957 and was the first nationalistic president of the republic. Tunisia until now has been the most moderate and ample state of mind of the Arab world. In no other Arab-Muslim society it exists more freedom and tolerance. women enjoy the same rights that any western woman. The abortion is even allowed.

So that Tunisia managed to evolve socially, it had to prohibit the use of the Party Islamist, reason by which deported its head Rached Ghannouchi, who finishes returning after 22 years of I exile. Ghannouchi said that it does not want to be president and that he is a moderate Muslim. Egypt with partially similar social characteristics a those of Tunisia although with majors restrictions towards the women, in 1952 one became independent from his monarchy and one became republic. Since then it hardly had three presidents: Gamal Abdel Nasser, Anwar Sadat and Hosni Mubarak. Sadat was assassinated by militants of the Egyptian Islamic Yihad, a loosening of the Muslim Brotherhood, in repudio to the treaty of peace that signed with Israel.

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The guerrilla strategies are a type of strategy military designed to debilitate to the enemy through one long series of smaller attacks. More than to commit itself in great battles, a force of guerrillas is divided in small groups that attack of selective form the objective in their weaker points. To be effective, the teams of guerrillas must be able to fall back enter attack and attack. The generic form of strategy includes a repeated sequence of attacks, retired and concealments practiced in series. ” is said that; guerrilla forces never win the wars, but that their adversaries lose them generally Definitively it indicates Luis Pancorbo in idg.es/iworld the strategy of guerrilla marketing requires that all the areas of the company, of small that this one is, are in favor united behind the same objective.

The information that has the different areas must be shared so that from this synergy positive results arise. Another very valuable tool to which the SMEs can remove much benefit to him will be the alliances. To associate to us with other companies behind a common and shared objective, adding efforts and sharing results, usually is a very interesting alternative. A productive example of this association can be the joint publicity, where several complementary companies can be united to contract, during a period of time, diverse pages of publicity. With this shared formula, the publicity will be more sale. Finally it remembers to us, Christian Willat, executive director of investors Angels of east Chile type of marketing is a strategy that uses unusual, provocative ways, of high effectiveness and very low cost.

In their opinion, also some principles in the guerrilla marketing are due to consider, as they are it: to identify a segment of sufficiently small market to defend, (using criteria like geographic, the demographic one or it trains vertical); not to act like leaders of the market since it is possible to be grown in out of proportion form and to be hit directly in an increase of fixed costs. And finally, to have agility to enter or to leave the combat, where the guerrilla company can enter a market niche more quickly to take an opportunity business. * Annotations ctera marketing research: Virtual classroom, Area postgraduate, Phases, University of Carabobo.

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Described deficiency of Personnel: The SMEs lack personnel described specialized in administrative subjects and that generally they are exclusively dedicated to design expansion strategies. The personnel that they have wears away generally in operative tasks and not of management. Another characteristic from the financial point of view, is the deficiency of resources, which is a barrier for the growth of these organizations. Additionally these companies are very sensible to the changing situations of the external circumstances. The implementation of the CRM in the SMEs computer science solution CRM can be implemented following six steps, beginning from collecting information of the clients and processing all these data, to finally using this information for the decision making. First Step: Harvesting of information the priority is to collect the information that allows to identify the behavior and needs of the clients.

Those businesses that own a data base of their clients and who allow a virtual support, offer added value very appraised by clients. Secondly Step: Storing to information the most effective way to store and to handle the information it is through a data base. This allows to improve the decision making because the information is had that is required at the moment that is needed. Third Step: To accede to the information With the information collected and stored centrally, the next step is to allow that all the personnel of the company can accede to this information using a very simple and useful presentation. Fourth Step: To analyze the behavior of the client Through analysis of the information of the behavior of the clients, plans of publicity and promotion can be established relations, be proposed and generally to develop strategies to corporative level that allow the company to improve continuously. Fifth Step: To work more indeed Generally in the SMEs, a few clients they generate a high impact in the yield.

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