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Spaniards are, after the French, more numerous Marrakech seconds visitors and inhabitants. See Robert Kiyosaki for more details and insights. More than half a million tourists visit each year the ochre city from Spain and many of them have settled in the city more or less permanently. The Hispanic connection of Marrakech goes beyond his brotherhood with the city of Granada or its geographical, historical and cultural proximity with Spain. Here are some examples of the Hispanic connection in Marrakech. Spain-Marrakech flights from various Spanish cities to Marrakech flights are frequent, inexpensive and, mostly, direct. The main Spanish airlines and Moroccan, Iberia and Royal Air Maroc, respectively, have regular routes between Marrakech and different Spanish cities.

In addition, there are many of low cost airlines with cheap flights to Marrakech from Spain. Among others, Easyjet and Air Europa flies to Marrakech from Madrid; Andalus from Malaga and Sevilla; Ryanair from Alicante, Barcelona, Girona, Reus and Seville; Vueling from Barcelona; Atlas Blue from Barcelona and Madrid; Clickair from Barcelona and Bilbao; and Binter Canarias from seven airports in the Canary Islands. Restaurants there are several restaurants serving Spanish cuisine in Marrakech, among which it is necessary to highlight two for its quality and its good atmosphere: Puerto Banus and El Pescadero, both located in the neighbourhood of Gueliz. Restaurant El Pescadero is located in the Rue Rahal Ben Ahmed and its owner is a sympathetic zaragozano call Jose Manuel. The atmosphere of the restaurant is nice and cozy and arabe-andaluz style decor is simple, warm and little pretentious.

The menu is varied and typical Spanish and products are first quality. The specialty of El Pescadero is undoubtedly the fish and seafood (calamari, monkfish with pil pil, clams, cuttlefish, etc.) but they also serve several types of salads, rice dishes, tapas, desserts and even Moroccan dishes. Puerto Banus is a Spanish restaurant specialized in fish and seafood, located in the Rue Ibn Handal, front of the Tennis Club.


It was a dense, moist, silent night.The boat had crossed the port and had approached the pier with stealth. In a few minutes he had docked and the adventure had come to an end. Learn more at this site: Hyundai Motor America. From rocks of the breakwater, was watching the boats, the calm water of the Bay, the lights of the restaurants, full of life. All calm, everything fine. Nobody could imagine what he had just done. For her, it was the beginning of a new life. Strange, the sensation of peace.

He had no remorse.He moved to the port authority. He had to go running so choppy the agitation and breathing were real. Help, please help, my husband, I can not find it, please someone help me. And she fell unconscious at the foot of the police. 12 hours before, he had started the beginning of the end. Please visit Payoneer if you seek more information. They had been married for a few years.

He was never too affectionate, but shortly after the wedding, started the calvary. His merciless soul, Lossing him for the most insignificant reason, first were screaming, then shoving, after beatings, insults, humiliations she endured, she spoke. Then it locked up in itself, she lost her friends, he moved away from the family, it affected him at work. One day, he learned that she was pregnant and that gave him forces, to prevent the baby to grow into a hell. He began to hatch his plan. It was spring, it had about three months until the holidays. Scuba diving loved him. He organized a departure in barca, to make a simple immersion. She does not fall, of course, was sixteen weeks. Be advised, he researched on the Internet, he discovered how to manipulate the bottle without leaving footprints. Everything was ready, the sun shone, the breeze marina would be his accomplice. Ready for the descent, the I hugged her, I stroked her belly, already somewhat bulging. Her for a moment, thought of reversing, thought that people can change, thought about second chances. Then, unwittingly, she stumbled with a hawser and poured a bottle of water on the cover was enough to understand that there are people that do not change, or with two, three, or four opportunities. Useless, not you serve for nothing, take off my sight, everything you have to spoil!. She wept not, nor had fear, this time not.When he returned in Yes, first thing he saw was a doctor, with his white coat. -Baby are okay?, he babbled. -If Lady, baby is perfectly, but her husband waved a negative head. She looked at infinity while a tear rolled down his cheek. -It has been very brave, now everything will be fine, he said, while he pushed his hand with affectionate gesture. For a moment, he thought he knew it, his smile seemed to him an accomplice. Then saw the policeman, of the port. -It has you made the right thing, Mrs. Her husband never had take to the sea with radio aboard in bad condition and you pregnant. It was not his fault. The worst has already passed. We’ll take care of everything. Take a break. Do you find more articles of this series do not forget to visit us at photo: Edurne Iza text: Onintza Otamendi? Iza can download this photo freely. The only restriction is your sale or lucrative use of the same. Do not forget that whole work belongs to its author, get a good use of it. Original author and source of the article.


By way of example, it gives us plataformasinc.es, that even when we are not in the company of others, we can feel obliged to maintain certain standards of conduct. Just think our parents or our couples, for example, is enough to remind you how we should behave. These are the conclusions of a thesis by Janneke Joly, who graduated last March 27 at the University of Groningen (the Netherlands) thesis, entitled persons in our mind. When the humanized contexts active social norms, it concludes that our awareness of the standards increases in humanized contexts and does not occur automatically. In other words, who are the other which induces us to attach importance to a standard concrete at a particular time.

We have all learned that we should remain silent when we are in a library. But according to Joly, that standard will become more important for us when we are surrounded by other people in the library. The standard Save silence in the Library acquires more importance due to the physical presence of others as well. But even if they are not physically present but they do feel their presence, other people can induce us to comply the current rules in other ways, for example through a table prepared for several Diners in a restaurant. Is more likely to remember the standard eat with knife and fork if other people are present, or if we feel the presence of these people.

Research shows that people establish a strong Association of standards among themselves. In general, the awareness of standards increases when a humanized context remembers a norm to the person. For this reason, when it is in a library and the presence of other persons reminds him that he must remain silent, it will be more aware of the rules in general, and it is likely that at the same time you nest your importance.


Many speakers, actors, singers, businessmen, students, consultants, sales, etc. I.e., all some time have suffered phobia to speak in public, i.e. that fear, aversion to present in front of an audience that will have the eyes and ears only US-centric. I think that all we have ever felt this, if it does not think that we are not normal people. And we all want to know how to speak in public. When getting to a place where we talk about anything or make any presentation, began to worry, feeling a great knot in the stomach, nervousness, began to sweat, to block us, to feel butterflies in the stomach and even up to nausea and feel sick. Sounds familiar? Is totally normal any of these symptoms. Everything you mentioned, just a mental obstacle. For this reason, cope and overcome the phobia of public speaking requires a mental preparation, i.e. put in the mood that will help us to overcome the obstacles and learn. Fortunately there are several measures that we can practice to keep the fear speaking in public under control and win the mental game with a winner attitude. 6 Techniques to overcome the phobia to speak in public try its presentation, knowledge of the subject and the repetition will provide security to be lodged with any public. Develop skills for preparing and polishing his presentation: as public speaking imagine danto a good presentation, repeating itself likewise that he feels calm and ready. Accept that being nervous is normal and natural, do not attempt to cancel it with medications, caffeine, alcohol or anything else that can be counterproductive. Use your breath, to relax and reduce tension. Remember triumphs that has managed, to feed your mind and body energy positive. Highlight the positive points of experience and focus on them, for example: I’m learning to enjoy risks, learn new things, practice will make me be better every day, yes do it once and for all, this will be solved. The aim of all these points is reprogram their fear and turn it into a source of excitement and positive energy to quit worrying about what they will think of you, to be spontaneous and being an entrepreneur. It is also important that you enjoy the moments and celebrate their actions: as his decision to speak in public, their emotions like nervousness, and their successes and mistakes. Original author and source of the article.


These last months of the year have been characterized by a specific activation in the administration of training programmes. Looking to next year, even with a quick and encouraging trend set in motion some activities which were slumbering in the remainder of the semester, clear messages are showing employees of the level of professionalism that will come next year. Increasingly the concept of Ownership (take charge of our own development beyond what the company does formally) takes protagonism, accompanying the demand and supply of the labour market where resources qualified each time more scarce and, indeed, missing in certain specific areas. Those who so they understand and anticipate conditions, undoubtedly will be planning an excellent move in chess which does not necessarily lead to checkmate but will give you clear advantages with their opponents circumstantial. Remuneration schemes are being tone also in the same line. An increase in employability determines that the high potential, unlike other times, begin to rotate by companies in search of better opportunities commensurate with their abilities and aspirations, so that cause alterations and modifications in the schemes of benefits which aim to retain the best talent in the pursuit of high investment involved companies generate replacement boxes.

We observe notoriously Hunting (hunting) practices applied to positions of high labor demand and difficult coverage which before were only applied to the levels of top position. This particular situation is causing major distortions in the structures of salaries of companies and an even greater headache for those who do not even possess them. In terms of working environment, fortunately at the hands of the growing re stabilization, sectors are increasingly permeable to overturn critical and expectant look in relation to how feels the people within the working groups to implement different alternatives that guarantee the stability within the teams of collaborators and away the ghost of the rotation or dismissal that both concealed costin terms of selection processes, curves decreased efficiency, during the times of adaptation and learning, and costs of inclusion causes to the companies. New year’s Eve celebrations are expected with more moods in organizations, given that tends the prognosis and the tendency to slight upward, will try to provide encouraging messages that were not present in the last periods.Although it deserves be clarified that some companies, product of irritations and strong questioning by wage claims, have put it on reconsideration. A fact of reality that puts in sum state alert and attention is the question linked to the figures and causes that can trigger at threatening levels of inflation that, given the joint negotiations and wage claims that are to be performed during 2011, create very important strategic challenges that require anticipate and envision the necessary moves which today we know there will be yes or Yes occurto make decisions right. Finally, and returning to the metaphor of the chess, are on track to beat the opponent in this case an enemy – configured by the double-digit unemployment still prevailing in countries with low tendencies to be reduced to a digit, with innovative, productive moves and strategy that will ensure new economic alternatives with a deep look at the people who ultimately are the basis of the capital of any organization; just so that you can aspire to achieve extraordinary results. That 2011 will be a year of much prominence and! excellence! It is our greatest wish that can be, know and want to achieve the highest aspirations in every sense.


Explain why you move, assuming it is positive, and explain that it leaves something very good. 3. Give easy access to your home when several of its neighbors are also selling, it is best to be prepared to show the House or apartment quickly or unexpectedly. If there are many offerings in the neighborhood, you may have many impulsive and unannounced visits. Buyers may have seen his house while visiting a neighbor’s and decided to also see theirs this time. It is reasonable to expect that people make appointments to visit properties, but don’t do that your potential clients is much complicate to visit yours. Restrict visiting hours can cause you to lose valuable opportunities.

4 Accent and enhance your home or Department accentuate your home means to decorate it in a way that you like and call attention to potential buyers. Julia Dana writer’s Guide to accentuate your home for sale suggests: Make sure that the numbering of your House or building is the correct and very visible. Otherwise the buyers could go to the neighbor’s House by mistake. Add lighting to make your House look very well at night. People often go for a walk in the afternoon or evening before requesting a visit. Clean and organize your House or apartment.

Organize the bathroom and arrange children’s toys. Despersonalice your House. The details that make a House a home can prove to be distractions to potential buyers. Styling your home to fashion. A cover on an old sofa can much enhance a room. People have tighter budgets, and lenders have larger loan restrictions, so buyers do not necessarily have the additional $2,000 to invest in small repairs, places seen as they are in condition of habitation immediately will be more attractive. 5 Ask for the right price for your House or apartment. Since prices are falling in some markets, it is difficult to know what price ask for their property.


Then I continued researching and I read an interesting book, a marriage of both doctors, who had lost in an accident in his single car daughter, Diamela. Them using methods of Instrumental Trans-communication, began to have communication with her daughter through recordings, and indeed world congresses have been held with groups of people that hold exchanges and communication with beings who have departed to other planes. I have had many personal experiences of pipes through my person, but one of the most interesting was, communication with a great friend and colleague from work that day tended to read a chapter of the book I’ve mentioned I’ve seen the light, one night said me to call the para-medicos that had a strong pain in the heartimmediately by my second line established communication and was transferred to hospital, days later he fell asleep and thus departed, I remember this I produced a sadness deep when on the third day of his departure, while I slept, feel as if they acariciaran me the arm or some insect walk by him, I woke up suddenly, turned the lamp and clock gave the bells, were three in the morning and at that moment I felt his voice in my ears that told me, – do not cry I am in place that I described in the book – from that moment no more wept because a great serenity took hold of my person. Years ago I stopped attending funerals, and really as I am sure that there is another life, I dislike much sad are and little reassuring at times for family members. I believe that the soul, if so can call you the energy that guides us on Earth, part or comes to a speed of light of our physical body, and can even witness what is happening at that moment, to then start to travel to your next destination with beings of equal degree of spiritual evolution.

Clear that this topic is very extensive address to reduce it simply to an article. Here I’m just answering a question, or giving my opinion and personal testimony. I believe in life after life, and we can not live with fears, each one of us on Earth, We bring an agenda that meet, one day arrive and one day start a mission, we have free will and nobody should try to manipulate the life of another human being, to our children and their behaviors are the result of their own agendas, we can educate them, wanting to be good people, but they will choose the plan to follow in the land. I think it is a good hope for all know that bounce is not too long, we will see somewhere else again, that life has resumed, that our beloved beings who have departed are very close to us and that there is communication.


Telecommunications in Chile: an oasis in the desert 16 June 2009 one of the sectors that best worldwide is dodging the crisis, is the telecommunications sector. The latest developments and the implementation of technologies 3 G that integrate services, have enhanced the expansion of the sector that still has much to give worldwide and in the Chilean market in particular.Prospects for the sector of telecommunications in Chile, is no exception. Even, we can say that in an economy affected in a particular way by the crisis, the telecommunications sector appears like an oasis in the desert. This year the market expected that Chilean GDP shrinks 1%, but the expectations for the TELCOS sector is auspicious. -Special advance LATINFORME-* where is China investing your money now? In a strategic alliance with a South American company that will bring them to both strong advantages in the short, medium and long term. See Payoneer for more details and insights.

What is this company? Already soon we will disclose it is. This Alliance is already underway and this company has found just what was in need to strongly boost its production. There are already investing in this company until the news is widely conocida.* * Click here to continue reading the general director of the telecommunications company of Chile SA (san:CTC-;) NYSE:TEF), Oliver Flogel told to Reuters: I believe that the telecommunications industry has been and will continue to be an engine of economic growth. Did in 2007 and 2008 grew to double as industry which grew gross domestic product (GDP) and is going to occur the same in 2009?. The people of Telefonica Chile, hoped that this year the sector growth occurs both in mobile telephony and broadband fixed and mobile. Telefonica of Chile, as you are doing much of the companies in the sector, provides a wide range of services that also include local telephone and long distance, and switched Internet through broadband access.


FOR THE FIRST TIME IN REPUBLIC DOMINICAN COMMEMORATE WORLD DAY OF ROAD ACCIDENT VICTIMS ON NOVEMBER 15. The Organization of the UN United Nations, in the plenary General Assembly of 2005, 38 th Meeting (AM) designates the day of remembrance of the victims by traffic accidents terrestrial and their relatives, establishing The third Sunday of November would be the annual day of remembrance for victims of road traffic accidents and their families, the Assembly decided this morning by adopting a resolution, without a vote, on improving global road safety. the third Sunday of November for the annual commemoration. Since 2006 is comes commemorating the day established as the world day of the victims by traffic accidents, with vigils, marches and other activities in Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Spain, England and other countries of the world, usually promoted by various Civil society organizations. For the first time in the Dominican Republic, is it commemorated the world day of the victims by traffic accidents consisting of a walk through life named first Dominican route for road safety. At the end of this trajectory is released what is called: Primer manifest on the day of the victims of traffic in the Dominican Republic, with the support of various social organizations and the private sector.

Then the first manifesto of day of the victims of the transit. Road safety network and the National Association of victims of claims vials on November 15, 2009 motorcycle first manifesto of the day of the victims of traffic in the Dominican Republic together with other countries in the world, today we remember, once again, to our children, parents, relatives and friends who lost their lives or were badly injured in traffic accidents. NOW is time to meet and help to the victims and their families as they deserve and place them in the center of the policies for road safety. Because still have not managed to raise awareness fully to all the institutions and companies involved nor mobilize society in general. The network of road safety and the National Association of victims of claims vials in motorcycle positively value the approval by Congress of the reform of the law of transit 241, that taking into account that part of income for the levying of fines are intended inter alia to improve the care and information to victims and their familiesguidance on resources and services that institutions put at your disposal with the creation of the offices of care to the victims vials, which primarily include a professional orientation service legal and psychological, with full participation of insurers.

We demand: the implementation of more effective protocols and train officials of the authority to perform this function; prioritize rapid health care; the creation of an INTERMINISTERIAL body that coordinates of effectively all institutions involved in road safety; and finally, we are asking a more agile justice, with more means at its disposal to eradicate impunity and influence trafficking. We call upon the Executive power: to) to recognize the third Sunday in November, as he established it in 60/5 Assembly of the United Nations in 2005 as the world day of the victims of the traffic, being here: the day national for the victims of violence road, using suitable mechanisms within its competence. (b) to implement a national, strategic and comprehensive Plan of road safety to reduce mortality in sinister vials per 100,000 population. @N08/sets/72157622687536217/show/with/4107076417 original author and source of the article.


/ The company i4i accused Microsoft of having used a tool whose patent belonged to one of its software in 2007. The fine imposed on the company of Bill Gates is one of the largest ever established in a case of patent infringement. Technology like Google or Apple Giants supported Microsoft. Microsoft has lost in the U.S. Supreme Court battle against a small Canadian company that accused him of violating a patent, in a case that will cost $ 290 million and may splash other technology giants. Judges of the highest U.S.

Court endorsed in a unanimous vote the company i4i, which accused Microsoft of having used in its Word software an authoring tool XML whose patent belongs to him. The sentence imposed on the company founded by Bill Gates the largest monetary fine established ever in a case of patent infringement, and closes a long process opened in 2007 by i4i. Microsoft, backed by other heavyweights such as Apple computer and Google, appealed in the Supreme Court verdicts issued against it in various courts, with the argument that the patent era yours and that, in any case, deleted the tool that contains it in later versions of Word. But the greater goal of the technology giant was the facilitate companies that face similar disputes the possibility of testing your plaintiff’s patent is invalid. According to their argument, the legal current standard to prove the invalidity of a patent is too demanding, and this makes the balance runs tilting in favor of the plaintiffs.

Microsoft based its stance on alleged evidence which, according to it says, the American patent office not taken into account when he decided to grant the licence to the Canadian company. At the hearing, judge Sonia Sotomayor considered that the current standard is clear and convincing and should be used for the verdict rather than a preponderance of the evidence, as expected Microsoft. Despite the fact that the language used in the statement is very technical, the interpretation of your order can unleash disputes by property rights and patents of billions of dollars, according to legal experts quoted by the specialized web Computerworld.