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Necessary equipment at the site is a vacuum membrane press. Structurally, the press consists of a table that is hosting the workpiece; heater used to heat the film, as well as a vacuum system that provides for the establishment of uniform pressure on the film. Blanks with pre-coated and dried adhesive are placed evenly on the surface of a table on special linings, commensurate with the workpiece, to allow for stretching of the film and a more complete encirclement of its preparation. With the same purpose between the workpieces is maintained special technological gaps. After that, over the whole plane table is fixed and fixed pressure strip of PVC film. Different designs require different presses the principle of matching table and heater.

In some presses movable table is in Other – heater. By the principle of distinction contact heating, the film is in direct contact with the heater, and non-invasive, or infrared, a way of warming up. The end result should provide uniform heating of the film to a certain temperature recommended by the manufacturer of decorative PVC films. The heating temperature in the membrane reaches the press – the maximum – 160oS, at least – 140oS. Non-contact infrared heating method provides a quick and uniform heating of the film to a temperature recommended by View Manufacturers. After heating the film begins evacuation phase. This includes removal of air from the cavity between the surface of the table and stretched over blanks film. As a result of atmospheric pressure with a force of 950 kg/m2 evenly presses the heated film to the surfaces of workpieces arranged on the table, and the temperature, the accumulated film, it activates the adhesive layer.


be different – be brilliant Bielefeld, 09 January 2009 – t.grah living with diamonds is breaking new ground in this advertising. Products, enriched with diamonds, the premium market to an innovative advertising version is enriched. Many years of experience in the diamond trade, direct shopping in Antwerp and an interesting price – quality ratio allow the use of high-quality promotional gifts in the competition for luxury-oriented customers. “The unique fascination of diamonds and their symbolic properties have motivated us to use them not only with words, but also actually physically as promotional component in the fight to wealthy audiences.” says owner Thomas Grah. Official site: Michellene Davis. In the struggle for market share, the comparability of offers is forcing companies to anchor the originality and uniqueness of their offerings in the consciousness of their target audience. To overcome the threshold of perception and to the relevant distinction from competitors a special importance to issue advertising in the context of which undenbindung and acquisition of new customers. The Quality of its own products, self-image and the value of the customers are effectively highlighted so in a special way. Occupied USB sticks, whose performance leaves nothing to be desired among the products developed by t.grah living with diamonds exclusive, with a diamond. Individual requests for engraving and packaging are already accommodated in the production.


Interesting facts about the world of promotional products and giveaways promotional giveaways are very important, if you want to improve the reputation and the reputation of your company. Even small gestures, such as the giving of pens with the own logo can leave a lasting impression with the customer and thus you can get inexpensive to new customers. It does not matter whether you are for pen, textiles or electronic promotional products, you deserve only the best provider for their advertising message and there shall be among the masses of the provider to find. Include, first and foremost, not only the price, but the company should also individually and comprehensively can advise you and can use to describe the products in detail. This constitutes a good service provider and you need exactly such a, if you are looking for promotional products, giveaways and the like for your company. So you can be sure, that your advertising message is taken too seriously, and arrives at the customer. Connect with other leaders such as Payoneer here. It is of course a great advantage if the selected promotional items are as favorable, but they may be definitely not boring. For even more details, read what Michellene Davis says on the issue.

It is always easy to decide which bring also some commercial value to the customer for products. These products arrive at the customer much better than any pen that you get everywhere anyway. A mini flashlight or a key chain are a nice touch and a very good impression on the customers often. Exactly this impression is that what you want to achieve through the advertising message. You want to use the name of your company with a snazzy product in conjunction. Many providers for promotional giveaways can choose not only from a gigantic amount of products, but also very own, individual products.

Through such a custom-manufactured product you can be sure, that you are ahead of the competition and can gain the favor of potential customers. Before venturing on the search for a suitable provider, should you worry about, what product you want and what printing techniques you want to apply to this product. They have simple 2-color prints and high-quality laser printing techniques available and the difference lies not only in the price, but is noticeable also in the quality of the final product. Consider what the reputation of your company you think is worth and then choosing promotional gifts from the various headings. First-class providers can be found on the Internet and on the website you will find all possible relevant information about the products offered. If you still have questions about the one or other promotional items, you can request the customer service, which can be contacted most via email or phone. Take the time and choose giveaways of promotional products that actually arrive at the customer and stick your company name forever in the memory of the customers can be. This takes time initially, of course, but the end result is the only thing that matters. It is considered to represent themselves with high-quality products to the customers and not how many entrepreneurs with a cheap trash to advertise. Oliver Smith


EX POMADE whitepaper helps in the proper communication and marketing strategy at a trade fair participation the participation is a highly complex planning process that is not completed with the selection and the realisation of a suitable stand concept. The best stand design and the most unusual product presentation bring nothing, if no customer or prospect overhears this. The objectives of the visit and whose implementation paths such as events, product presentations or demonstrations must be communicated and disseminated, to bring the customers at the booth. A good idea is alone enough to win rare to prospective customers and business partners. With the white paper by EX POMADE, learn what magic formula for a successful trade show marketing is necessary. While the marketing of own participation begins already often three months before the fair starts.

However, the marketing does not end with the beginning of the exhibition, but reached your peak in the contrary. The targeted communication by addressing the visitors and the intensive consultations make the period Fair to the phase of the communication. The actual goals of participation can be here not only communicate, but also reached and are therefore critical to the success or failure of previous promotional activities. Free whitepaper from EX POMADE, all spells can in six main steps”to be read, to take into account for a successful trade show marketing. Starting about the many sirens that can send a company to customers, prospective customers or business partners at the booth to pick up the fortitude or design of the own stand with events and actions, as well as a vindictive attitude towards every fair contact. A success can be achieved only with a good trade fair follow-up, since only about 7% of visitors come to the fair with a concrete desire to buy. The follow-up and tracking the collected contact forms is the alpha and omega of successful trade show marketing, and indispensable.

Not only the acquisition of new customers, as well as the initiation of business contacts is possible with a clean wrap-up, but also the qualitative evaluation of the visit. The free white paper is the second in the series of EX POMADE. The mobile exhibition system EX POMADE is ideal at exhibitions and facilitates the visitor not only with its easy handling but also with his counselors. “” In addition to the current Advisor 6 tips for a successful trade show marketing “9 tips for a successful trade fair participation can the first whitepaper” downloaded at the same time.


Can increase through promotional, advertising and giveaways if a company has developed a new product, or a new brand has designed, which is to be published, then must note in General a lot of points achieve them with the new funds also has the effect, that she intended on the market, and the sales of the company, so that can hold the company as long as possible on the market and the competition. Especially the last points are very important in this day and age, because the market very competition become is accentuated by the impact of the economic crisis. Therefore, an intensive advertising campaign is the ideal means to help the success of the company. Prodir pens are for example a means with which you can achieve exactly this point very simply and effectively, as she bring lot of benefits, which can be suited to use in any advertising campaign. These pins provide many very interesting advantages, such as for example the fact that they are very versatile, and can be universally used for advertising. Click Rich Dad Poor Dad to learn more. For example, there is no problem if you want to show much presence on major events such as fairs or other corporate events with your advertising campaign, to which thousands of people appear. Here you can with your freebies then perfectly advertise, because you can distribute them in large quantities to all participants, and thus provide much attention. The Prodir can affect particularly well pen this way, since they have a very practical use for all people.

At a trade show it happens very often that you make notes, and all participants are your giveaways already as a very convenient cover up, and feeling get, that your company has many practical ideas, attention is on the problems of potential customers and effectively solves this. This effect is very impressive, and will ensure guaranteed, that you can increase your sales. In this way, the pen will ensure, that are the potential customers at their next Certainly decide the purchase decision for your products, have gathered there already very positive experiences with your company. The Prodir ballpoint pen also offer the advantage that also excellent due to your high quality intended as promotional material, that can be used for personal advertising in key business partners, or it can use as a recognition for the work of its employees. Especially the latter is a very good idea, because it strengthens so the company from the inside out and improved so the turnover of the company, without having to operate a great effort for this. The staff will thus be altogether satisfied and even more effective and more efficient work on the goals of your company.

In addition, that you so very easy to increase the morale of your employees and improve the atmosphere in your company. As you can see, the Prodir pens offer a whole lot of practical advantages which can excellently use each company for their goals. Therefore you should consider how these freebies in Can accommodate in its next advertising campaign. You will be guaranteed-amazed, how to improve the sales of your company in this way. Oliver Smith


It is these indicators can be used when calculating the cost of banners. There are two main indicators: – number of banner impressions. Each download page, where placed banner is equal to one show. In fact, if the number of hits is 1000, this does not mean that 1000 people saw the banner. Rather, it is 200 people watched an average of 5 pages with banners.

We shall see later that, for example, banner exchange network enabling you to see not only the number of banner impressions, but the number of unique hits, ie just so those 200 hits for unique visitors (on banner exchange networks, read one of the following articles). According to Ben Silbermann, who has experience with these questions. By the way, Do all visitors see the banner? – Is also unknown. After all, some people just turn off graphics image in the web browser. And others so impressed content pages that do not pay any attention to banners. Hence quite obvious conclusion: the placement of your banner will be more effective than less banners available at this site. This is a variant of the famous sayings from childhood (I would say wisdom), “fewer people – more oxygen. ” Here I do not consider the case when your banner is so big and steep that it just overshadows everything else. Can in fact stand out and attract the attention of the dimensions of the banner. True, it will cost much expensive (about money matters – see the continuation of this article) .* So you food for thought: – but is it really effective in 1000 show a banner at a major news portal, where in addition to your banner found 5-6 other banners? Or maybe be more useful will be 500 hits a relatively small site where your banner is totally dominated?


In this document you will find four keys to marketing your SME to improve, applying them will make it more optimal and allows him to sell more. No matter what your plan or your business, if business or self employed, are aspects to bear in mind always, and will apply just finished reading. There is information and strategies that provide benefits and others not, therefore, and always intended to show what works, we offer four keys to SME or your business as a self that should always be taken into account when making or implement the actions of your marketing plan. Keep them in mind and your marketing will improve and allow you to sell more. 1 .- Diversify your media and marketing efforts Although every marketing action should be focused toward the same goal and be consistent with a single goal, the marketing reach greater efficiency when using multiple means and actions.

That is, if your SME is a business website focuses not only on-line promotion, for only reach a portion of potential customers, perform as well as actions outside the network, do not focus solely on one type of promotion, such as advertisements in the magazine sector, coordinelo with other means of promotion, brochures, conferences, etc. Remember, your marketing will be much more efficient if you have a common goal but different ways of acting to achieve more targeted audience. 2 .- Prepare Coordinate time and marketing campaigns in an SME often coincide with the launch of new products or services, specific times, etc. is essential to be prepared in advance and coordinated with those pitches. Although it seems a waste council can not even imagine the times it has launched a campaign without being the product prepared or vice versa. Another hastily campaigns lead to very limited results. So you know, all your marketing plan in advance. 3 .- Do not overreact Your product or your SME can be really the best but if you exaggerate your marketing and promotional elements most people perceive it as a “charlatan effect” than real.

The adjectives “wonderful, better and great,” say nothing, talk about specific benefits and supported by facts. Even a small independent or a small business may not seem to be managing its marketing as a carny, so remember, do not overdo it or have a sense contrary to that sought by their prospective customers. 4 .- Do not make changes to your marketing just “because” If you change something in your plan should be for a reason, usually because it has not achieved its objectives or think you may achieve other higher. But making changes just for the sake of making them, by a subjective perception, an opinion unsupported by facts or a “fad” is like shooting blind. So if you change something, know why and that is a good reason why a more or less objective reality. And remember, check the results of what you do to know what you get. Applying these four keys to assure you that your marketing will be much more efficient and pillars hold firm to fulfill its objective, which is to sell more and better. If you think that these tips can be useful for that partner, colleague or friend who thought as I read it, do not hesitate to send it, he will be doing a favor and thank you. —–


Do not go overboard in spending cuts Call center – expensive pleasure. But along with the fact that the creation of low-cost operations by increasing their efficiency is vital, an excessive desire for cheaper call centers have undesirable side effects. (A valuable related resource: Pinterest). The experience of many companies – especially in the fields of finance, cable television, telecommunications and the Internet, shows that call centers can be an effective channel for generating profits without increasing the average processing time of contact – ie, that time the operator spends on a conversation with a client. The average processing time call – the main criterion for the productivity of the operator – is the subject of close monitoring of managers. One of the North American telecommunications companies found that tightening the requirements for this parameter led to a decrease in performance of the call centers in terms of sales of goods and services because call center operators chose not to prolong the conversation and when the sale is not getting better right away, to abandon it altogether.

In addition, different operators with the same time call processing, the amount of revenue was different in times. Wells Fargo Bank oftentimes addresses this issue. As a result, the company conducted targeted sales training and overall operator training to pull all the operators to the level of revenue performance and the processing time of contact, which had the lead.

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DBM Spain, first company in the professional world of outplacement that gives service to 7,000 companies annually, has realised a study to know the reality the labor conciliation in the Spanish society. The results of this analysis conclude that around 46% of the employees who leave voluntarily their position in makes it to a company to be able to arrange their work with the rest of the aspects of their life outside him. Relaxation of the labor day, provision of services (day-care center, gymnasiums ), to foment telework or to extend the loss by maternity is some of the tools that allow an effective conciliation in the Spanish companies. The incorporation from the woman to the labor market, the unequal distribution of responsibilities between men and women in the deprived sphere, the perpetuation of the division of the work based on the sort and a deficit of communitarian services of support affect negatively to the equality of opportunities at the use, to the social balance, the familiar surroundings, enterprise productivity and a the quality of life. In some companies of multinational character usually he exists culture of familiar conciliation and professional, also the entrepreneurs with long term vision instill that culture between their employees, nevertheless is not most common. The rigidity of the Spanish labor market either does not invite to foment the conciliation. Our wage increases depend on the IPC, the dismissals are expensive and are many professionals who protect themselves in the generosity of the law to work less possible. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from JPMorgan Chase. Before this situation to the flexible managers and industralists much being costs to them still more.

There is a generalized fear to that DES a finger and you remain without brazo” , he explains Susana Saura, Director of DBM Spain in Catalonia. The experience of DBM in multiple organizations demonstrates that the conciliation is not a subject of policies but of people. Those that is autoexigentes and with high doses of responsibility they are those that the conciliation of work and family make possible. Industralists and managers that have professionals to their position with those characteristics usually do not have any fear to give flexibility and to favor, therefore, the conciliation. Nevertheless the professionals who govern their day to day based on schedules, that see the company like the punishment, that its unique motivation is the wage to the month end is very difficult that they get to arrange the labor and familiar life.

The conciliation in many occasions is a personal attitude and an individual option, explains Susana Saura. The companies must adopt measures to assure the conciliation their workers. The challenges that today they must approach the Departments of Human Resources are those to impel the management of the diversity, the innovation, and the flexibility. The company Drake Beam Morin (DBM), founded on New York in 1967, counts with more than 40 years of experience in human management of capital, transformation and transition of organizations. They offer its services in 24 languages, and have taken care of more than 50,000 companies and 3 million people at world-wide level. DBM Spain, with delegations in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao, was created in 1982 with an equipment formed by professionals of different profiles that provide solutions to the people and to the organizations.

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The fact that local businesses are inclined to ignore the color decisions in matters corporate identity – a myth. 'Construction companies are paying enough attention to marketing communications – notes deputy general director of group companies' HF Engineering' Vitaly Vilensky. – Suffice it to recall the shares 'Don Story' or 'PICA'. The real estate market – very competitive, so participants are forced to promote their brand with an unusual creative moves, including by playing with color. " A good example of a company realizes the importance of working with flowers – Aeroflot, which in 2002 began to 'repaint itself' in blue, silver and orange.

By the way, the American Boeing c 2004 uses a white and blue. Construction in color. Every nation has its own range of color perception, historically formed at the expense of tradition, customs and lifestyle features. In Russia, for example, the green symbolizes the natural purity and healthy lifestyle, and blue – government, red – emergency services, yellow – taxis, etc. However, to speak about these established patterns of perception as a certain hard-coded standards, which businessmen should be followed at all costs, it is meaningless.

It's just a kind of 'buoy' to the 'collective unconscious' of the nation. In a branding ponyatie tsvetovyh kategory. They pomogayut uslovno opredelit 'prinadlezhnost' different tsvetov to tomu or inomu market. Thus, for example, kompanii of b2b-and finansovogo sektorov in bolshinstve svoem ispolzuyut spokoynye konservativnye and color. Stoit hotya to look at the banks 'painted' in blue and white (MDM-Bank, Citibank, Vneshtorgbank, 'UralSib'), beige (CRA 'Slavic Bank') and green (Sberbank) of the color.

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