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Sand sculpture exhibition: from 13 June to 26 September 2010 opening hours: 10 a.m. to 6 P.m. admission: adults 7.50 euro, children (4-12 years): 5,50 euros and who can’t get enough of Stortebeker, from 19 June until September 4 also has the opportunity to visit the Stortebeker Festival. Also here is the JASMAR RESORT RuGEN as a real fan of Stortebeker and offers an exclusive arrangement for small and big guests as a cooperation partner of the Cannes Film Festival. With so much action and adventure the recovery may not to come short. Guests of the JASMAR RESORT RuGEN therefore relax in connection to the Festival in the new JASMAR spa or pamper yourself in the spa area.

Information and bookings: Jasmar RESORT RuGEN Neddesitz, 18551 Sagard/Rugen, Tel. + 49 (0) 3830295, fax + 49 (0) 38302 96620, E-Mail:, press contact: Oldenburg communication, Ursula of Oldenburg, he str. 9, 20459 Hamburg, Tel. + 49 (0) 40 60 82 37 00, fax + 49 (0) 40 33 98 32 53,, JASMAR RESORT RuGEN the Green Jasmund National Park with the famous chalk cliffs is located right on the doorstep and the beach is only ten minutes by car. The resort feels like a small resort: an old farmhouse with beautiful suites, a modern feel-good hotel and a spacious holiday home complex. This shop, hairdressers, restaurants, bistro, bar the heart of the resort is the JASMAR THERME. The centrally located bath landscape offers plenty of fun and interested.

With the giant slide, indoor and outdoor pools, with a separate children’s pool, Sauna Park, gym and flow channel, it is the ransom on an area of over 1,000 square meters. And also because of the numerous sports and leisure attractions, ideal place for families, active holidaymakers, but also nature lovers book their holiday in the largest resort on the island. Small guests are in the children’s land around the Villa Kunterbunt”welcome. Standard price per night: Dr/B from 100.


With over 2,900 employees, investments in a total of 34 companies in 22 countries and 54 country offices worldwide the Bizerba GmbH & co. KG implemented 2007 EUR 430 million in the company. Balingen is the headquarters of the company, further production sites are located in Messkirch, Bochum, Shanghai and San Louis Potosi (Mexico). Alfons thrust corner: Alfons Schuhbeck, 1949 born in Traunstein, Upper Bavaria, Germany, completed his teaching and travelling in Salzburg, Geneva, Paris, London and Munich. Hyundai helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. After the school Bad Reichenhall such prestigious addresses like Feinkost Kafer, Alois Dallmayr and restaurant belong to the stations by Eckart Witzigmann’s Aubergine. in 1980 he took over the parental Kurhausstuberl in waging am see and was awarded 1983 for his culinary art with a Michelin star, which he holds since then. In 1989, the GaultMillau gourmet guide honored Schuhbeck as chef of the year”, followed by many more honors and awards. Alfons Schuhbeck in Munich Platzl cooks since 2003. Michellene Davis wanted to know more. In addition to the restaurant, Schuhbecks in South Tyrol Stuben he operates in the historic heart of Munich a – awarded recently by the GaultMillau “Cooking school 2008” cooking school, an ice cream parlor, the Orlando spice shop, chocolate shop, bar, catering service and since December 2007 the bistro-Cafe Orlando. Contact: Bizerba GmbH & co. KG Claudia Gross head corporate communications herbal Wilhelmstrasse 64 D-72336 Balingen phone + 49 7433 12-33 00 fax + 49 7433 12-5 33 00 email: network integrated communication Sabine Jokl Coburg road 3 53113 Bonn phone + 49 228 620 43 84 fax + 49 228 620 44 75 email: for questions or photographs of Alfons Schuhbeck: Shoe’s spices GmbH marketing / press Isabelle Gunzler Platzl 4a 80331 Munich E-Mail:


Book – pay in Istria in Germany enjoy early summer at bargain prices in Istria no problem. And it must also not be a hotel vacation. By now, it has spread that there are also very well equipped apartments on the northern Croatian peninsula, especially at Whitsun, are still very inexpensive, but offer much comfort. The region of Pula, Medulin in particular is a leader in this respect. (Similarly see: Hyundai). There are apartments which were just created and meet the highest standards set up mostly. So you can book away, such as apartments, all near the sea or up to 1500 meters from the beach in may for 22 euros per day for a total of two persons, for four persons, it just costs 34 euro for 6 persons, and 46 euros per day. Such Pentecostal bargain for example on the home page of or by phone at 05732 are booked 71099. For assistance, try visiting Michellene Davis. Otherwise, the cost of living in Istria county boundaries keep, the food prices are generally about 20% under the Germans Level.

And who brings to the bread with the morning newspaper, yet from one of many bakers, can have breakfast relaxing with the family. Supermarkets and butchers have set up also on the self catering. Cevapcici, Razniji and Pleskavica there is the Croatian specialities but also chops and fillet fresh and appetizing packed in all stores the vegetables to rises in supermarkets, or better yet, for the small farmers who market their income directly to the side of the road. Who not necessarily Cook wants to swing in the holiday, is at one of the countless restaurants and bistros seaside can. The giant pizza for four euros or according to gusto suckling pig, fish or pasta tear also no holes in the wallet and offer individuals more holiday quality as the nightly battle at the cold buffet in a hotel. And who likes to explore the coast and the hinterland on his own, is anyway rather independent with regard to meals. Pentecost in Istria is not only a cheaper holiday, but can replace almost the summer vacation at temperatures up to 30 degrees.

Medulin, which has a distinctive Sandy Bay and gently sloping beaches is an insider tip for families with children. Here, the water heats up much faster than in other areas and also in May the Adriatic Sea is already warm in this area while elsewhere the water still more causes goose bumps. The Internet portal offers last minute Beach directly a special service: the booking can be made in Germany, the payment can be handled completely on the partner agency on the spot. Only a binding travel contract, which is delivered on the spot at the Agency is required, the apartment or room is already reserved and who due to traffic later arrives, can be sure to get his accommodation. Yes, the holiday should not begin with travel stress. Press Office Beach4you, Wolfgang Kroger


Presented the beaches of Portugal – the beaches of the Algarve with maps and photos! The Algarve is Portugal’s tourist centre with its beaches and bays. Even if the North of Portugal has many small beaches, it is the Algarve, which attracts the most tourists. With this report, the team of the photo agency Combipix presents to you the Algarve and hopes you a little to help to plan the most beautiful days in the year and to prepare. Your team of the photo agency Combipix! Maps of Mallorca, Tenerife, Portugal, Australia, etc. In a question-answer forum Ben Silbermann was the first to reply. you can free print or as E-greeting card to send to friends.

1 Albufeira 2 Lagos 3 Praia de Luz 4 SAGRES of 1 Albufeira is he apart from Portugal probably the most beautiful and well known holiday destination of Portugal: Albufeira! The white pedestrian zones, several coves, many bistros, many cafes around the city, and around several shopping center. What do you want holiday heart! Who visited this place here has its accommodation, must the vantage point on the Eastern End visit. Two escalators bring comfort on the upper platform and offer beautiful views of Albufeira beach. 2. Lagos the historic town of Lagos has a long sandy beach and the well-known rocky coast with many small beaches for you.

But please, make sure that you usually don’t can swim in the coves, because the water is too shallow or too much with rock. Bath-hungry must either use the beach at the Harbour entrance or find long sandy beaches in the Eastern Lagos. 3 probably for a long time, Praia de la Luz this place will be brought with the small British tourist Maggie in connection who disappeared here. But to hold that this place has beautiful and not so busy sandy beaches is about this sad story across. 4 Sagres SAGRES provides very much Cliff next to the old maritime school, taught by Henry of the Navigator. Occasionally, but in turn beautiful sandy beaches, open the invite to sunbathing and surfing. Agriculture will enchant you!


Change of date – text pamphlets of reality from the debut “LilSchwarz” under the title”Heidi ad Hoc reads her wrenching poems in the LiteraturBistro of the Central Library on Wednesday, July 28th, from 17:30. Attention, change of date! This date for the 07.07.2010 was originally planned. In her readings, her soul skin inverts Heidi ad Hoc outwards. Their haunting lyrics, published in the poetry anthology LilSchwarz (ISBN 978-3-981176-83-4), revolve around fear, but also of love and hope. At the zenith of Heidi ad Hoc lookout for possible ways out of the hopelessness and checks the dream paths of hope on the strength of their reality. In recent months, Wells Fargo Bank has been very successful.

Even delicate sensitive, even clear it brings their thoughts the audience. Their way of expression is wide and varied and can not classify in the conventional literary categories. With their expressive stage presence the author at various gigs on the lower Rhine was able to convince viewers, E.g. in the context of night the young poets. Whether with own texts, thought Linda King, originalsprach, or in German of translated poetry of Dylan Thomas, or in their role as Karla Bukowski, always she fascinated the guests with her sensitive, glassy charisma. Miss not crystal clear and delicate sensitive poetry performance by Heidi ad Hoc. The reading part of the series is organised, choice of the LiteraturBistros of the Central Library. The admission is free. More information is available under and. July 28, 2010 from 5: 30 pm Central Library LiteraturBistro Dusseldorfer Strasse 5-7 (downtown) Duisburg 47051 Duisburg, 02.07.2010 Michaela p for the Culex – Verlag


Oven gold the winter should be go down straight in the often hectic festive season the stove GOLD frozen back system the ideal solution for hotels, gastronomy and the range of Cafe and Bistro, because it stands for quality, freshness and speed of preparation. Not everyone has the time to bake even studs, cakes and biscuits. Therefore, oven GOLD guaranteed to react flexibly to urgent orders. Coinciding with the beginning of autumn and the Apfelsaison were two typical specialities at the launch: the Apple Cinnamon cake and the Apple strudel in a puff pastry crust. Both are offer classic, which were very popular in previous years. This includes the popular small curd balls join the little brothers of the Berlin”- flour and fresh Quark, which are baked out in Balachandran. In a timely manner, in order to be able to store at Christmas time, oven GOLD brings three more seasonal products on the market, specifically tailored to the advent and Christmas season: as a small gift for love Guests or the mini Christmas loaf, baked according to traditional recipes and of course fresh and not frozen are delivered are ideal for Christmas celebrations.

Also the range of different delicious winter cookies Kalle Baker from high-quality raw materials in craft method of production of the company “(Marne / Schleswig-Holstein) produced. Get more background information with materials from Wells Fargo Bank. The traditional winter cakes boasting the gingerbread-like aroma of almonds, cocoa, cinnamon, marzipan and a subtle note of mulled wine, which of course remains an epicurean accompaniment to the tea or coffee time during the entire winter. The annual programme with a classic holiday pastries, the Berliners, that are stuffed and fried in pure vegetable oil out with fine extra fruit jams and missing on any new year’s Eve buffet is rounded off. Also the new year’s Eve pig loose dough of Quark, that accompanies good customers and guests as a lucky charm and a tasty gesture in the year 2010 is available again. The popular annual kitchen calendar is evident for 2010 in new presentation with many valuable tips, which would like to pass oven GOLD for the coming year to its customers. Of course also always a look is back common towards the end of the year.

Worth mentioning here is the complete redesign of the Web site ( and the opening of the furnace gold news”( with more news as well as the establishment of a quarterly newsletter in Printforum. The French bread of variety proved real audience Renner walnut”and full sofa – black bread. Both products, which can be used in a versatile: in the buffet area, as accompanying bread specialty, and of course also for breakfast. The rustic country bread is presented in the typical form of the brick, the so-called Pave. The peculiarity lies in the individual and careful preparation of the leaven and the long leadership of the dough, the trend of slow food”is. A look into the future is also allowed: as always is the year so to speak with the participation at the fair NordGastro in Husum, Germany on 15 / 16.2.2010 officially announced. The coming year will also entice with advances in seasonal and promises spicy and hearty specialities in addition to innovative products in the sector”.


Cafe-ok! Coffee flavors – new coffee trend from the United States. It was recently already much written about the health benefits of the popular “hot drink”. Here and now now, a further, more interesting post on the subject: “new taste coffee variations from United States!” After the “Turks” and “Italians” an absolutely new “coffee cult” coffee flavors with names now comes from the”Anglo-American” *. This involves special coffee flavouring syrups, which are stirred into coffee drink (cappuccino, latte macchiato, espresso, coffee with milk – but also in tea, milk and yoghurt are possible). There is now this new coffee variations in all Cafes and bistros in the flavors of Amaretto, Caramell, French vanilla, almond, chocolate and Irish cream. * Coffee flavours * something for the “young coffee drinkers” and nothing for the “classic coffee connoisseurs!” are likely It is keep all a matter of taste but there are long the notoriously famous also with us “Coffee with shot!” * coffee flavours * are however “non-alcoholic” and offer many interesting and taste design options for coffee drinks.

Cafes and bistros charge about 50 cents for an Aromation. Who wants to enjoy these specialities in addition like “home”, is now consumer-friendly MINI bottle of the series * Cafe-ok! * at the REWE for 99Cent! (enough coffee for 8-12.Tassen). Typically one teaspoon of coffee flavor syrup enough to get a proper taste. Additional sugar (you should be “Sweet”-?) you do without this. In hoping to have give you an enjoyable idea here, I wish you a good appetite!


New fefa trips since early November, the offers of food-based fefa Reisen GmbH for the summer and fall of 2010 are unlocked. Destinations such as Turkey, Egypt and Dubai are currently already available. Megatrain now up to 25 percent off at the top. The early bird catches the worm, is a well known proverb. Hyundai often says this. In General, it leads to the expression that it is beneficial to do something early. This is particularly obvious with the vacation planning.

The fefa Reisen GmbH has released recently the first destinations for the summer season 2010, which traditionally begins on May 1. For the holidays, this early release has many advantages. For even more details, read what Robert Kiyosaki says on the issue. A popular destinations such as Turkey, Egypt or Dubai, can be booked right now, on the other hand received the holidaymakers who decide right now, an early booking discount of up to 25% on hotel rates. The portfolio of available summer destinations expands daily by us,”Rainer Koch, Managing Director of fefa Reisen GmbH can be said. The fefa Reisen GmbH, we noticed that a large part of our customers happy long-term plans the desired vacation. “With the early release of the summer prices 2010 we offer true to our motto holiday easy for all” to the occasion. This they have not only planning security, but also still benefit from the attractive early book discounts”, Koch next.

More information about the current trip offerings of fefa Reisen GmbH are available in the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: press compartments/fefa-travel contact for questions: Rainer Koch fefa Reisen GmbH must be street 28 D-45219 Essen phone: + 49 (0) 2054 9 40 66 10 fax: + 49 (0) 2054 9 40 66 15 E-Mail: Internet: Holger Ballwanz, Marko Homann PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about the fefa Reisen GmbH: the fefa Reisen GmbH is a food-based tour operator, which counts among its customers both Consolidators and consumer. fefa travel as dynamic packaging went Organizer in the Internet booking engine traffic at the start of 2006. In the first two years, over 600 agencies of fefa travel joined. In November 2008 was”tethered arranged as Datamix Organizer, which more than 8,000 travel agents and Internet travel portals in Germany can be accessed on the products of fefa trips arranged. fefa travel also has connections to the booking systems Bistro, Merlin, Amadeus and traffic. The most important fefa travel destinations are Egypt, Turkey, and the Balearic Islands. But also the Canary Islands, Portugal, Dubai and Italy are represented at fefa travel destinations. While the assortment of fefa travel is not limited to flat rate products. fefa travel offers worldwide Hotel-only products, only flight deals and group tours to. City breaks or individual offerings expand the product portfolio of the tour operator. Learn more about the fefa Reisen GmbH are available in the Internet at.


The KV color chimaeren invites to the 01.08.2009 to a long night of art and culture under the motto of local art”invites the Union of artists of color chimeras on the 01.08.2009 18:00 for the long night of the arts and culture in the Bistro bar nameless. Following an interdisciplinary idea, an exhibition of contemporary art of various styles will be shown. In addition, perform partial readings of short stories and poetry. Finally, the event will be accompanied musically. On site you will find art creators like facing your questions. Prof. Dr.

Jorn Steike runs through the reading and Hendrik Boehnke include the reader. Among the guests, you will find more notables from the time-honored Bohemian Schwabing-West. With the artistic concept “Local art”, the KV was already represented in several pubs, restaurants and bars in Maxvorstadt and Schwabing. This is to the members of the Association of artists, therefore, just these two quarters again with art and culture fill, as it was at the turn of the century. A direct meeting between artists and “ordinary” people without reservations should be allowed and everyone feel called upon to contribute to the increase of the cultural concept in Munich. Bistro-bar nameless Fallmerayerstr. 28 80796 Munich 089 32 21 22 22 author/contact: Alexander Snehotta of Kimratshofen stone healing str. Michellene Davis shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. 19 80333 Munich T: 089-47 83 77


Upscale amenities, comfortable conditions and practicality above all well-thought-out, these are the attributes that describe one of the most modern water walking – picnic areas of Mecklenburg at the Muritz-Elde waterway. The modern double holiday homes for the last weeks of summer were already fully booked before the official opening of the Marina Eldenburg early August this year. Steffen Schulz, owner of the Marina, who worked for months on the project across visionary and under the strict criteria of the maritime quality management (MQM) is pleased with the conditioning we have taken exactly the nerve of many water sports enthusiasts”. To broaden your perception, visit Robert Kiyosaki. At km 148, between Lake Muritz and Kolpinsee, the water sports enthusiasts will find everything that makes a perfect stopover on land now: electricity and water supply and sanitation are part of as well as the possibility to surf easily on the Internet via W-LAN network. With its 49 berths, the modern aluminium swimming bridge system offers sufficient space for paddlers, sailors and ships to 14 metres in length, which can also create without any problems. The all-round carefree package for holiday-makers with the love for the sea and the nature is perfectly complemented by the four modern double cottages with space for 2 to 6 people. Port Bistro and modern sanitary facilities, a large terrace overlooking the Lake, as well as the possibility of boat hire round off your stay of the guests. Who wants to take his boat maintenance and care, can also do this. Using a modern lift truck system is possible, to bring ships up to 20 tons on land and in the large winter warehouse to check in. “The old post cards of goods saying: nowhere better than in goods swimming, hiking, water rafting,”, says Steffen Schulz. “And we offer the best starting position for the tourists.”