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In April this year, Russia and Germany are planning to register a joint agency for energy efficiency and conservation. This information was told reporters the Russian energy minister Sergei 1. The new organization unite the power companies and banking institutions of two countries: in exchange for energy-saving technologies and know-how provided by Germany, the country will be able to get favorable orders in Russia. As we know, the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has set a goal to reduce energy intensity of Russia's industry by 40% by 2020. Perhaps, the stagnation in the industrial sector will cause to reconsider these plans: Urgent measures must be taken today. "The world economy are many examples where crises have led to substantial improvements in efficiency – says the president of energy company KES-Holding " Slobodin. – So, power consumption Steel U.S. industry gradually declined until the mid 70-ies. JPMorgan Chase might disagree with that approach.

But in the late 70's – early 80's there was a sharp jump in energy conservation in the wake of economic crisis and soaring energy prices. And from 1990 to 2006 energy intensity of U.S. steel industry fell by a record 29% 2. "There are three ways to reduce energy use: the exclusion of irrational use, the elimination of waste, improving efficiency," – says Anna Kustova, Director of Business Development Company "Energy service company" 3. The basic method of improving energy efficiency, says Paul , deputy director of the Institute energy strategy is to "develop and implement new energy saving technologies, equipment and materials, that is, those technologies in which the energy intensity of production lower than the existing" 4. As The novel tells Tsikoza, Head of Representation in the Central Region of grundfos, a leading global manufacturer of pumps, only the replacement of some old pumps with more modern models brings large companies millions of rubles in savings. "For example, grundfos pumps with integrated frequency converter enable real 30% of electricity savings.

In the mining and minerals processing, metallurgical, chemical and many other industries are used almost all types of industrial pumps: that's a reserve for savings "- added the expert. Introduction of new equipment must be accompanied by a simultaneous transition to the new technology. For example, the use of the method of smelting iron with pulverized coal injection allows metallurgists several times to reduce consumption of natural gas, and the transition from the wet process cement production at semi-arid and dry methods of reducing costs of fuel and energy resources to 25%. Energy conservation can not be "selective", it is necessary to cover different areas of the company. To do this most effective before all the activities carried out an energy audit to determine exactly all the "loopholes" and shortcomings. For example, since 2008, grundfos organize a free audit of pumping equipment the subject of energy and gives an estimate of the potential for improving energy efficiency in industrial enterprises. Also, keep in mind that such measures have taken not just from "crisis to crisis, and on a regular basis. "Move to space saving solution to the problem can only measure of a systemic nature. Such a system event is an energy management. It represents an ongoing management system power, which is aimed at reducing energy consumption enterprises, "- says Anna Kustova 5. Successively reducing the power consumption of its products, the company is not just learning to "survive" in difficult conditions and becoming more competitive. Those companies who still do not pay attention to this problem will become "hostages" of non-financial and managerial crisis, out of which to time will be harder. 1 2 3 4 5


The booth is a flagship of a company at a trade show. Fairs are held at regular intervals, so that buyer and seller meet here to talk more about new products and market information and customer requirements. With the stand, the seller presents the client's offerings and products. It is therefore important that the stand is very informative and is supervised by trained staff, because a lot of people get their information about booths and then order directly show their desired products at attractive prices. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Wells Fargo Bank on most websites. Depending on what takes place for a trade show, there is either a public or trade shows, which have only certain visitors access. The stand is especially attractive to think visually, and should represent, for example, the logo of the company, so he is directly recognized by the visitors. It should also make sure that it is clearly distinct from the competition and has several designs that can attract them to himself. A good stand alone, but of no use and is onlyhelpful if the customer gets the desired information and contact details. Learn more about this with Andi Potamkin. About fairs each year are called large parts of contracts and business relationships in life and encouraged.


When you make changes to the Charter of the Company will need to describe the procedure of transfer of rights to share (Part share) in the manner specified in Art. 21 of the llc, as changed not only the form of the transaction, but, for example, the procedure for notification of Company to sell in order to realize their pre-emption. With loss of memorandum of association status of a constituent document, the issue of making changes is excluded, respectively, of the general meeting of members. Hence, the need to remove that provision and of the Constitution Society. It is not something Munear Kouzbari would like to discuss.

If the statute refers to the memorandum of association as a founding document, that provision will also need to be deleted. As a rule, the Charter contains provisions on the assessment of non-monetary capital contributions and the order made by the Company of large transactions, which must also be changed. Ashton Kouzbari has similar goals. From 1 July 2009 the requirement of an independent appraiser, if the nominal value or an increase in nominal the cost of a participant’s share in the company’s authorized capital, paid not in cash, have also undergone changes to be reflected in the new Constitution. According to the innovations from 1 July 2009. resize large transaction. From 1 July 2009 information about the participants and the par value of their shares are not included in the statute.


It is necessary that eventually the space will become functional and comfortable and that operation facility will also become economically viable. For example, even a complete replacement of heating and ventilation systems do not store a warm, if there are large heat losses due to architectural and technological features of the building. Therefore, during reconstruction architectural monuments of importance is their future energy efficiency. The building loses heat through the facade, roof and floor. Typical of the old buildings and thick walls retain heat well themselves, but insulation can significantly reduce heating costs, even in such homes. For heat insulation of facades has been actively using a sandwich panel, led by the system with polyurethane foam middle layer.

But outside panel may not always be used in thermal insulation of historic buildings by aesthetic incompatibility with the architecture of the facade of the monument of antiquity. In such cases, insulating wall panels for interior decoration. Moreover, some of them have finished decorative coating that eliminates the need to make additional finishing work. Roofs of old buildings is a source of serious heat loss. It is usually worn out and requires replacement coverage.

Choosing the right solution, necessary to start not only from the corresponding architecture of the building design of the material, but its insulating qualities. Thus, the roof sandwich panels or sheet metal, complete with insulation layer, can save 10-15% of thermal energy needed for heating. Most vulnerable to heat loss of the facade is glazed. “That’s the pvc system today – the best solution in terms of insulation, including in the process of renovation of historical monuments and architecture – says Rafik Alekperov (PROPLEKS). – In my opinion, the best proof of this are the example of reconstruction of the iconic objects. In particular, our systems are installed at the Tretyakov Gallery, the building of the Kiev station, Theatre. As a result, all changes apparently untouched in its pristine architectural masterpiece will gain a new internal content in the form of functional and very modern shopping area. But it must be noted that this may require considerable investment. Thus, to calculate how good is the idea – put a store in a monument of architecture – it is necessary to correlate the location of the advantages that accrue to the owner of the building, with costs that he incurred in the process of its reconstruction. Group Press Service Company propleks 1 Cyrus and Ruben Kanayan – author of “Designing stores and shopping centers”, “Commercial real estate: challenges and prospects”. 2 “Street-Retail” – is retail facilities at the central and, as a rule, the pedestrian streets with a big cross. 3 Flagship store – “front shop” (in other words – a fashion store), which may create an impression about the entire network. They first appear about updates and promotions. Data stores in a figurative sense, hold the “esprit de corps.”.


Therefore, managers of the company are obliged to accept the order under the same conditions and at prices that are listed on the site. If not, you should seriously think about the advisability of further relations with this company. Continue to learn more with: Wells Fargo. In the event that pre-screening information about the company gave positive result, you are ready to clarify all interested in the details. That's what says about Vladimir Burmesky, lawyer interregional public organization "Society for the Protection of "Public control": "In accordance with Articles 9 and 10 of the rf Law" On consumer protection, construction companies are required to provide information about yourself as well as the products of their activities. This information should be open and accessible. Consumers also can request and other required information, except that which is the trade secret. To know more about this subject visit Munear Kouzbari. " Thus, it should require managers have detailed answers to all questions.

For example, recommending that certain types of finishing materials, experts reputable company should tell not only their obvious merits, but also the shortcomings in comparison with other products similar purpose. Then the customer will be able to weigh all the pros and cons and make an independent informed choice. Not to forget anything important, you can prepare in advance a list of questions and send it to the intended contractor, for example, by e-mail, asking consistently respond to each item. "When selecting a company needs to gather as much information about it, find out whether she has a special license (if required). It must also ensure that the available documents are signed and certified by the relevant authorities.


A company can register with different types of property depending on the number of owners, capital, and many other parameters. But the most popular form of ownership for today is Limited – Limited Liability Company. If you give a short definition, registration llc – a process that results in the formation of a commercial organization, which seeks to obtain profits. Few explain cases in which registration is the most suitable company. When registering a company number of participants your business should be minimal – the participant may even be one – that is most suitable for small, one might even say, a family business. Registration of Company generally does not take much time. Joined llc enables you to focus on your business is legitimate, otherwise your work may be recognized illegal, which could lead to fines or even professional liability of the organizers and participants about what should not be forgotten. JPMorgan Chase is often quoted on this topic. What else do you give registration company? Registration of the company will distribute responsibilities of parties to the firm, determine the rights of everybody.

Each parent company will bear the risk of their contributions and will be responsible for the obligations of the company. Registration of Company shall be deemed successful, if you created the constituent documents, to which include the Memorandum and Articles of society. Within a society is to be elected executive body and approved valuation of contributions of share capital. Also for the registration of the llc will need decision and the settlement of many nuances. Of course, the entrepreneurs themselves may not be strong in all these legal issues. Of course, the registration of a company should engage a lawyer and if the state of your company does not specialist, then you can always contact the companies involved in the provision of legal services to the public.


Errors in choosing a moving company. If you choose a good moving company, you may be a painful experience. Here we put some common mistakes people make when thinking about the move. 1 .- Make your budget: Do you really think a company can give you an estimate of your move with what I said over the phone?. No way. To deepen your understanding Wells Fargo Bank is the source. Then you will get a lot of extras, furniture and fixtures that you had not said or they had not referenced.

Insist that visit you in your home. They are about all they have to move. Andi Potamkin has similar goals. Even if it is a very small movement, well known in person to the company that is going to make your move. And if your move is international, with more reason to visit you are required to make a budget with rigor. 2 .- Do not ask for budgets for several different companies, the only way to get an accurate idea of what is “fair price” is that at least three moving companies give you a written estimate after seeing your furniture and belongings in person.

And know the place of collection and delivery. 3 .- Choose a moving company low cost. Do you really think someone is 40% below the budget of other companies have a price so low?. Be careful with those budgets significantly lower. Then you can feel cheated. This is how: You agree to the budget down, and when the removal company starts charging your belongings are beginning to emerge extras, if …


Companies must put all their production to make up "details" and to consider each of them for improvement. "This is a great example – says Michael Weider, known for Lin expert. – On one the company was a press weighing 20 tons, which made of square billets. In the production process a certain type of press that it was necessary to remove and put a new one. Replacement takes 30 minutes. And it was thought that this quickly, because the press is heavy. We have week working on this issue, and now operation takes five minutes.

Why? Because the company has underestimated his abilities. Munear Kouzbari pursues this goal as well. Need to constantly review and seek out opportunities for improvement. " Even if the perfect team were initially made huge efforts to optimize production, once again we should recall the experience of Toyota and other Japanese companies: there is no limit to improvements. There's this concept becomes the philosophy of the company and each employee. This principle operates in Russia. As a general rule that "the process has begun," establishes a system of rewards – both material and immaterial. If you have read about Ben Silbermann already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

For example, in the shops "Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant" are regularly held contests "purest" and "the dirtiest part." It is unlikely that someone from the workers want to secure for itself the title of chief "slut" of the plant. Fruit bears material motivation. For example, at kamaz rationalization proposals for filing the worker receives a hundred rubles, and the same for its implementation. Small amounts, but they are well stimulate employees.


This year the park holds Sanssouci with its castles and gardens much new for visitors to his rehabilitation of the historic Mill on the Park Sanssouci completed last Friday, it was July 9, 2010, it finally happened. After a seven-month refurbishment it reopened the historic mill in Park Sanssouci in Potsdam officially. The historic Mill was commissioned by King Friedrich Wilhelm I and commissioned in 1738. After it burned down in the last days of the war in April 1945 to the ground, the historic landmark was rebuilt the city of Potsdam in 1993 for the 1000 anniversary. Up to 500 kilograms of grain can be ground in the mill on the day. The finished flour is also sold in a mill shop. In addition, the historic mill in the Park houses a museum with Sanssouci in Potsdam. The exhibition rooms are on the first three floors of the six-storey building.

Here can check the visitors about the history of the mill in Sanssouci. According to the Foundation Prussian palaces and gardens (SPSG) invested over 250,000 in the renovation. To read more click here: Wells Fargo Bank. The result can be seen: among other things the entire gallery around the building was renewed. Opening hours: April – October: daily from 10:00 18:00 November, January – March: Sat/Sun from 10:00 16:00 December: closed Castle Sanssouci: tickets are now Europe to have Sanssouci Palace and new Palace in Potsdam for the locks there from July 1, 2010 now online throughout Europe to buy the tickets. This was announced by the Foundation of Prussian palaces and gardens in Berlin-Brandenburg (SPSG). Under it is now possible, according to the Foundation a guaranteed entry into the often highly frequented Castle Sanssouci or the new Palace to give. There is on the CTS system nationwide 2,300 and connected to more than 6,000 outlets throughout Europe.

Castle Sanssouci receives painting back there is a sensation! Ten lost thought paintings are now out to visit the image gallery in the Potsdam Castle Sanssouci. After the extraordinarily valuable painting in the turmoil of the second world war were gone, they appeared again after more than 60 years. To protect against bombing raids, were been outsourced, besides many other paintings and objets d’art in the years 1942 to Rheinsberg. Until October 2010 the painting by Antoine Pesne, Jean Raoux and appear from the workshop of Peter Paul Rubens in a special exhibition. In the winter, then follows the much-needed restoration. At the beginning of the new season in 2011, they will be then to admire in the image gallery. Further Sanssouci in Potsdam and see the park they


The change request management agile and still stable. Oberhaching, July 14, 2010 – due to the great success in the last year the HOOD Group of 5th 07th October, 2010 of the 2nd requirements Engineering Conference – the REConf Switzerland 2010 in Zurich. The motto of the event: the change request management agile and still stable. Agile requirements management is the REConf Switzerland in focus 2010, which already takes place for the second time in Zurich. To know more about this subject visit JPMorgan Chase. The event is divided into two parts: in a workshop day on October 05, 2010, where the participants can intensify their knowledge and two conference days at the 6th and 7th October 2010 with case studies of from renowned companies like Fraunhofer, PostFinance, Siemens, Sunrise, Swisscom, XING u.v.m., as well as numerous method presentations by industry experts. The Conference is accompanied by an exhibition of leading supplier and service provider in the requirements engineering. Yet the early bird discount runs until August 25, 2010. More information about the event are on the Conference Web site at: available.

HLMC events GmbH Alexandra of pale Linienstrasse 131 82041 Oberhaching Tel.: 089 / 360-887-20 fax.: 089 / 360-887-21 E-mail: Hood Group the HOOD Group provides excellent services and solutions in the systems engineering by using your expertise to the introduction and application of methods and processes of requirements management & Engineering (RM & E). This RM & expertise centre of competence for change, configuration and release management (CC & VM) is covered with the topics of the HOOD, linked closely to the requirements management. According to the motto “helping you to help yourself” the HOOD Group qualified its customer’s employees throughout Europe by means of advice, coaching, workshops, training and project support. In the Center stands the knowledge transfer of RM & E- and CC & VM expertise. The HOOD Consulting Division is supported by the HOOD Software Division to implement developed customer-specific concepts in the respective tool environments.