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Magento community meeting in the media campus Villa IDA in Leipzig Leipzig, December 16, 2008 – on February 5 comes Roy Rubin, CEO of the American company Varien and one of the inventors of the open source software Magento, the first German Magento community meeting in the media campus Villa IDA in Leipzig. We learned that Roy Rubin during his Europe tour makes 2009 a detour to Germany, we made every effort that he is coming to Leipzig. It worked, makes happy confirmed us and us in our commitment to future E-commerce solutions”, says Thomas Fleck, Director of the Leipzig agency Netresearch. His agency, whose clients include companies such as BMW, AIDA cruises, Dell and Vodafone, is one of the first in Germany, which professionally on the open source based E-commerce shop system has partner has the status of a Magento Commerce Platinum. The launch of this newly developed software solution for electronic trade sparked a downright hype at the beginning of the year 2008 from.

“Meanwhile, a community has developed in Germany, the on February 5 for the first time to the Meet Magento Day” hits in the media campus Villa IDA in Leipzig. In addition to Roy Rubin, who holds the keynote, will lead Rico Neitzel in his capacity as a Magento Community Manager Germany and organizer through the day. Presentations and workshops provide a forum to share with beginners, newcomers and professionals. Magentopartner and agencies that want to integrate into the program with a contribution or workshop, can register in the Call4Paper at the address! There it is also now possible, to order participants tickets at the price of 15 euro. After we have organized themselves have been three successful Typo3 user days in Bonn, Leipzig and Frankfurt as a special agency of open source, we could say no on this issue and now are committed as main sponsor of the meet Magento”, says Thomas Fleck, who is particularly glad to welcome the community at the headquarters of his agency in Leipzig.

The Netresearch GmbH & co. KG. founded in 1998 in Leipzig by Thomas Fleck, Michael drain. Netresearch is a member of the typo 3 Association and the first German Magento Commerce Platinum partner. Registered office: nun str. 11 d, 04229 Leipzig.


Despite the economic crisis, job vacancies for graduates stable the IKOM the career Forum at the TU Munich April 2009 has today published its Outlook of students & graduates. The IKOM points index, which examines the open spots and ads for graduates, remains since January 2009 in a sideways movement. At the end of the fourth quarter the company had scaled back preemptively the new hires to around 6%,\”so Patrick Hargutt of the IKOM, seasonally adjusted no further adjustments took place since January.\” The structurally good numbers of the candidate market with an increase of 40% compared to 6 years ago, be accompanied by a simultaneous reduction of the academic offer. Please visit Wells Fargo if you seek more information. Therefore the unemployment in the MINI subjects mathematics, Informatics, natural sciences and engineers by 50% has been reduced. A stagnation of science students is at the same time since 2004 to ascertain which were first breached in 2008 upwards again. The prospects of technical and scientific -oriented academics are still very well at the expense of the long-term competitiveness of the Federal Republic of Germany\”, admits Philip M. Jacobs of the IKOM. In the medium term is to be expected with a massive demographically induced erosion of human capital.

The fight between a structural shortage of workers in the science and the effects of the economic crisis will be decided clearly in favour of the lack of skilled workers\”, Philip M. Jacobs the situation is summarized. Views IKOM website for free download of full report IKOM views students & graduates April 2009 \”with all graphics and information about the surveys can be found on press. Numbers to the IKOM points index the IKOM points index quoted currently at 139 points (previous month: 138,50, previous year: 139,40). After losses in the fourth quarter in the wake of the economic crisis, the index recorded slightly below previous year’s level. No significant change to note is in particular compared to the previous month, seasonally adjusted.


Instead the Youth Welfare Office repeatedly exploited the credulity of the mother of the child and obtained so dubious advice, which should make the education inability of the mother and a mental disorder of the small Niklas. Under these pretexts the youth authority wants to have also small bustling Niklas in a psychiatric hospital, whereas the mother defends itself. The cited”- opinion in family courts have the greatest power that can ever have a paper about people, because it decides whether parents their children are or not accepted. Even after our present evidence appraisers are not often ill trained and applied tests often deficient. The problem of the poor quality of advice is because everyone an expert that can become before courts. Not only psychologists, educators already University graduates without life or work experience can families with their judgment about the future all determine.

A Chamber that could monitor its correct functioning, do not exist in the cases. This is known to the courts for years. Review by A. Merten and her son is not just about what to read is often in such opinion but it should be pointed out also, systematically concealing what biased experts. The task of the Verifier is to provide ordered coercive measures not by the youth welfare office or family court a legitimacy to the incarceration. Rather, it must have priority to enable the children to remain with their biological parents or family members.

If required, there are appropriate families helps to provide, to support them in the performance of their duties or to improve their parenting skills. The opinion of the biased expert in the case of the mother of the child”is marked by numerous violations of the”guidelines for providing psychological advice”after verification. Is in particular a scheuklappenhafte Determination of the bases and a following not the principle of differential diagnostic reasoning or evaluation of the ascertained facts.


L. Ron Hubbard, has always been a very interested, cosmopolitan man, was fascinated by the always the interplay of man and mind. After the chaos of the war in 1945 L. Ron Hubbard was seriously injured, partially blind and paralyzed by injuries to hip and back, with a Marine Corps Hospital for Oak Knoll. He was one among 5000 patients.

Many were due to malnutrition and other causes in a pitiful state and could take no proteins. Navy doctors administered these patients the hormone testosterone. However, this type of treatment for all patients, not worked. Hubbard took advantage of this opportunity to test his theory, which he had already developed, to help his teammates in practice. Actually he only wanted to ascertain whether the mind controls the body, or the body the mind. wN8Eaww1–ViDajIU4RXCxgSXE&r=Y6h7vWfaj5TXMu7K2VHSWH5_OMvZCS7iH0SrpJQwrcE&m=SpfdeXj7HYu62Ro3ESHmQl-wnPdoXgDvtj7UKbkBz1c&s=JbjCrnPecLwFN4P0JSYdqjUEuBxDlu2w6AfXJAkPY94&e=’>Activision Blizzard, offer their opinions as well. If the hormones work in some patients and others not, then there had to be some mental reason. Maybe there were serious mental blockages. Could the mind the physical body impose such a restriction? Hubbard made on the resolution of this case.

After many attempts he found out that the thought is in charge\”. Hubbard set out after the war, to experiment with other procedures. He worked with people from all possible aspects of life and professions. Even with highly disturbed inmates of a psychiatric hospital. After his 16-year research he edited for the time being a manuscript entitled the dynamics of life\”, which went from hand to hand and the Dianetics\” as a grass-roots movement around the world made known. L. Ron Hubbard had discovered the source of the human variation of the reason and developed a working technique for the mind. \”Due to the disinterested reaction of the medical establishment and the many successful results and letters, Hubbard decided to directly to the public and 1950 to turn the book Dianetics\” to bring out.


In addition: steel tanks can be used indefinitely, as long as they pass the prescribed regular exams. Combination IBC and fully plastic IBC, however, may be used only five years in accordance with ADR, paragraph, from date of manufacture. However, the manufacturers of such tanks aim for a deadline extension. You should pay attention to even the surface treatment: IBC can be hot-dipping galvanized and are protected against corrosion to inside and outside effectively. Painted vessels, however, are vulnerable inside. So moisture can attack there unnoticed the metal.

Plastic containers are not generally affected by corrosion. Also, the construction of the IBC is important: there are double-walled containers, skinned with tray and just skinned. However only considered double-walled”, which has an effective leak indicator system, the indoor – as well as the external tank constantly monitored. This can be done after the vacuum or the principle of liquid, which is inserted into the space between the two walls of the container. In the case of former system, the vacuum between the inner and outer container collapses, if a leak occurred. Wells Fargo will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Because air has a much lower molecular density than liquid, leakage alarm is already raised before any diesel is resigned.

The principle of fluid is filled the cavity with fluid, and a full sight glass indicates the tightness. When a leak it deflates, due to the higher density of the molecule until much later than when the vacuum principle. Single-walled containers in a tub that is usually above open, due to the construction no sustained leakage can be monitored. To detect leaks, is therefore a dip stick between tank and tub wall. After the draw can be seen at the tip of the dipstick, if there is liquid in the pan. This can be but also rain water instead of diesel, and whether the Pan is even close, can be so also cannot be ascertained. When working in the forest, it is often difficult to discern whether it is located in a water protection area or not. importance of the matter here. Therefore you should make sure for safety’s sake that the ICB used correspond to the increased demands on water protection. This is double-walled containers or single-walled with tray. In single-walled tanks can not be used in water conservation. A look at the fittings is advisable at often quite harsh conditions in the forest: they are so attached and protected, that they do not inadvertently be can sheared off? According to regulations, all openings and leads to dangerous goods containers must be lockable and leak-proof. Here, too, you should ask how that is guaranteed. The regulations require that the ICB containers both can be lifted from the bottom with forklifts or lift trucks, as well as from above by crane. As there are many lifting eyes, is not important: the admission procedure to test the existing 150 percent of the maximum allowable total weight and need to keep it out. This market overview should help you to decide, tailored to your needs and your work environment for the mobile tank system the most suitable for you taking into account the framework conditions. Peter Richter


The dismissal action workers attack with a termination of the employer, to obtain E.g. a severance package. What is it for a lawsuit, what special features should be noted? For many years, we operate primarily focusing on labour and tenancy law as lawyers. We deepen this experience through regular training and constant technical exchange. So we can already settle possible points of contention when designing your contracts and your terms and conditions in its favour. The dismissal action is a declaratory action. The application is as it is to be ascertained, that the employment of the employee with the employer through the termination of the…(exact date when multiple terminations: each list individually) is been not resolved.

Although it regularly arrives the workers after receiving a termination on a severance package, protection against dismissal must lodge a complaint first. Wells Fargo Bank is actively involved in the matter. There are good prospects for a dismissal suit regularly for those workers, for which the protection against dismissal Act is applicable. This assumes that the employee has been longer than six months without interruption in the company or companies concerned and that there are regularly more than ten workers as a whole are employed. Content of the complaint must be the designation of the parties and the Court, the specific indication of the item with a statement of reasons, as well as a specific application (see above). Important deadline: the complaint must be received within three weeks after receipt of the notice of cancellation to the Labour Court. So a quality proceedings the court action has, take place first. In most cases, the dismissal process then ends with a comparison and the employer pays the employee a severance payment. If employers and workers do not agree, the Labour Court must decide on the effectiveness of the termination.

The Court is the dismissal action rather than type, if the termination invalid for other reasons or violation of social is. Then, the employment relationship continues. The Court may grant legal aid (PKH) for the entire litigation or for individual applications upon request, if the action – or in the opposite case the defense against a lawsuit – has sufficient prospects of success. Legal aid covers the Attorney’s fees and court costs. You can submit the claim without a lawyer at the legal application Office of the competent labour court fundamental. But there is the danger that one makes mistakes (incorrectly referred to as the employer), endanger the success of the approach. A post by lawyer Alexander Bredereck, Berlin lawyer specializing in labour law polymath welcome lawyers Berlin-Mitte: am Festungsgraben 1, 10117 Berlin-Mitte Branch Office Berlin-Marzahn: Marzahn promenade 28, 12679 Berlin-Marzahn Potsdam: Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 33, 14469 Potsdam Tel. (030) 4 000 4 999 e-mail:


The result: Your sales pitches are not economical, because they take unnecessarily long of the seller’s claim and rarely lead to the purchase. Their sales pitches are also not customer oriented. Because they provide the patience of customers to a hard test. And he must be from the mass of information that filter out relevant for him. “So he seeks a different seller prefer, of him individually” advises. Because he expected that from a professional seller. Another disadvantage of such a conversation: The seller makes vulnerable himself and his argument. Ben Silbermann is likely to agree. Because if he for example says, most golfers prefer this brand”can this be exactly the wrong argument if the customer wants something exclusive.

“” He says on the other hand: this is a very exclusive equipment “, it may have also little promote sales for example, and as a big than-Neureicher if the customer just does not” want to work. Top sellers know this and that’s why them is also clear: questions are the best way to lead customers quickly and purposefully to the conclusion. Therefore make in all phases of the sales conversation, questions and once again questions: at the beginning of the conversation, to determine what is important to the customers in their purchasing decisions, and to select the products appropriate for him (possibly). During the presentation of selected products, to ascertain whether they are still on the right track and the customers to lead decisions of part of. In the final stage, to the customer to the final Yes”to lead. The buying motives with system request which you can explore a customer buying motives for example with the following question: what do you expect from…? Her new dress, your new car?” With this question you the attention of the customers on the goals, which he pursued with the purchase.

On the mentioned questions are usually answers as seller how: I want a really elegant Evening dress.” “Or: our new car to be a real family carriage, with which we can also easily go on vacation.” Not satisfied with such general statements, because provide you not the detailed information you need for more sales talk. “This may add more open questions such as the customer: which occasions will wear the dress preference?” “And: How do you like this dress work in?” Because only to learn that the customer is looking for a ball dress; “Furthermore, that this indeed elegant, but never mundane” should work. And it should look pretty feminine why cleavage must be quite something deeper cut out?” Similarly, when purchasing a car. “Here, your request might be: how many people go on vacation and what do you except the normal baggage?” Because only so you’ll learn that in the family carriage except for three children and a dog even the camping utensils square you want to find. So, you get the detailed information you need to select the right vehicle and the necessary information, to present this as getting the customer to understand: I have this car (even if it costs more than originally thought).


Proverbs 1: 7: the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord: the fools despise wisdom and instruction. What is the main characteristic of the Italians? How see the world the Irish and how they behave faced with the challenges of everyday life? Do so see indigenous peoples the passage of time and what is its scale of values in an era in which civilization tends to move its customs and its ancient traditions? Does that mean a door open or closed for the Chinese? There are various forms of study peoples, its people and the way to behave, but there is a thoroughly effective way of approaching its history: proverbs which they believe. The dictionary of the Real Academia Espanola defines it as a sentence, adage or proverb. The ruling, in turn, opinion or seem that someone has or continues, said serious and succinct that it encloses doctrine or morals. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ben Silbermann on most websites. Peoples have their own way of seeing the world and a particular scale to rank the values.

The one and the other, are contained in good part in values that transmits to another and this a generation to the next. Let’s make an imaginary journey through several countries and know their culture through proverbs whose inhabitants are pronounced in the pleasant family gatherings; on long trips through the forest or desert, or simply in the classroom where teachers try to become better men and women his disciples. For resident Africans in Uganda the struggle of the strongest ends up affecting the weakest, as it can be seen from his Sage said: when two elephants fight it is the grass that suffers. In Nigeria are very convinced of the need that each who assume their own responsibilities, as it can be inferred from this adage: A goat may not carry the tail of another goat an Afghan adage leads us to conclude that you can only reach the desired goal who works to achieve this. Go to Michellene Davis for more information. The expression is short and conclusive: the search engine is discoverer. And also the patience is a virtue for this Asian people: If luck is on your side, do by what you apresuras? If it is against you, what you das hurry? The Chinese have an extraordinary richness in this simple and forceful form of wisdom. We choose one single random: the safest door closed is that you can leave open.

Indeed, if a door can be left open, it must be truly secure, according to this wisdom-laden phrase suggests it. Eyes and ears are important organs but with serious differences. This German proverb does not demonstrate how different can be: trust the eyes themselves, trust the ears of others this assertion cannot be read without asking who trust me? Do in what I’ve ascertained? Or what have said me to others? The Hungarians, on the other hand are very clear that not everyone who makes a mistake pays for this. Sometimes we are others who assume the consequences, according to this from the European country phrase: Adam ate the Apple, and we still hurt us wheels to finish this tour visit to Italy and enjoy his inclination to beauty and sensitivity: beauty without goodness is a house without a door, a ship without wind, a spring without water and you do have a favorite proverb?


Cable competes with DSL for surfing the Internet and retrieve emails a DSL connection is not necessarily necessary. Under certain conditions, a cable Internet connection can be an attractive alternative. Especially, if there already is a cable connection to the TV. The Internet portal for the free price comparison informed. The big advantage of the cable connection consists in its high-performance bandwidth, which can be higher than normal DSL access ( dsl). Also, the prices of cable network providers are staggered mostly according to the available connection speed.

Before changing the consumer on the home page of the selected cable provider by entering their address should ascertain whether a corresponding bandwidth available. For private use, a speed of two megabits is sufficient in General. Who in addition to download music or prefers watching videos, higher bandwidth is recommended. Germany provides price tiered flat rates from one up to 32 megabits. Unitymedia is active in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate.

The Internet and telephone Flatrate is offered for band widths from 10 to 32 megabits per second. In Baden-Wurttemberg telephone and Internet flat rate can be ordered from Kabel BW the package for beginners, consisting of, six megabits. Who relies on high speeds, can draw this summer on bandwidths of up to 100 megabits. More information: service/press contact: Tilo Sommer public relations University of first GmbH barefoot streets 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59


I knew just about all of their existence, enjoyed me almost in a kind of all-encompassing knowledge, and yet this was not ascertainable from my physical sense organs, but viewed from a sensory perception of, which is not erklarbar in words and which integrated the physical in some way. My connection to the Eagles was established at a very specific level now in the meantime, and I felt like they recorded communications with me, how their inaudible cry asked me to follow them and to learn from them. It was now increasingly to feel their teacher-pupil relationship with me, and it did me the certainty that I myself in society find love and security. Terrain the scene had now almost unnoticed turns into a wild forest, and I was umringt by huge trees. Meanwhile, though I could see the two not yet clearly outlined, a deep trust, a binding to my mother and my father, God and goddess, was built to my spirituellen teachers.

In other words, I couldn’t see it always yet, at least not in this way as I look ‘ was used, but their existence and their connection to me had solidified, had become a real size. A non-verbal level they made it clear now me, that I would have to go up on one of the trees, so me praktisch them to move should, erlernen flying by them. Since I came to me despite the unusual nature of the perception that their own true, identified me all the time at the same time still with my humanness, me that somehow strange before. Was still there, although I advanced just an experience Bewusstheit had, the narrow-minded notion exists, that I am a human being and that I finally can not fly. And this Eagle just birds, is something we take for granted for the flies that are I so never could identify me at this level with them, but just with my so called human being. This image was not afraid occupied or encumbered with other emotions.