Month: July 2016

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For the production of modern jewelry using a variety of materials: plastic, Czech crystal, jewelry rope, felt and felt, beads and glass beads millefiori lempvork; pins shvenzy, waxed cord, clamping beads, wire Gutermann; metal parts. Plastic – a modern synthetic material that is widely used in many industries. Special additives are used in the manufacture of plastic, giving it a variety of properties. This material is well-colored mass, allowing a wide range of colors. Plasticity in conjunction with high strength and led to its demand, including the production of jewelry.

Bohemian crystal is very popular in jewelry as well as the manufacture of jewelry, because it has the ability to "play with light." Through various additives can achieve greater transparency in crystal or change its color, or enhance shine, etc. Jewelry rope is a weave of many thin wires, with plastic wrap in different colors. Felt is produced by sculpturing down. Felt also receive method of sculpting, but felt a coarser material than felt. These materials are now of limited use.

Basically, it's the hat manufacturing and production of various insulated pads. In costume jewelry, these materials are used for the manufacture of brooches, pendants and beads, etc. lempvork made of Murano glass twisted way. The process of making these beads are in kilns at very high temperatures is a manual and very time consuming. Elegant millefiori beads are made from a soft Venetian glass with a glass rod millefiori. In the production of such beads can be used various techniques of working with glass. Studs are studs with different tips. In the production of jewelry they are used to secure the beads on them. Shvenzy used to secure such izdelyay and earrings of pearls and other stones. Waxed cord – it's twisted and impregnated with wax linen cord. The newspapers mentioned Ali Aboutaam not as a source, but as a related topic. It may be of different thickness and color. Clamping beads (Crimp) is used to make the necessary form of jewelry cable. Jewelry cable is clamped by these beads, and its shape is fixed. Wire Gutermann – invention of a German manufacturer of products for needlework. This wire has a silver color. For Ironwork use a variety of metals: brass, copper, nickel, bronze, etc.