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Learning via the Internet with E-mails, chat, Forum at the beginning of everything is the thought – always. This is what one creates himself, a successful or unsuccessful day. What is the difference? Own thinking. At seminar service Nastasi routed the participants in the course of the power money 60 days, step by step to check precisely this point, finding errors and pitfalls, and sure to turn off. Here the aim is to undertake a journey to the own rules and blockages that prevent one from being able to live prosperous and free. This unique course, which combines a variety of proven and effective techniques, is performed online. The entry is possible any day, will be activated within 24 hours, including weekends.

Each customer itself determines what time the exercises are made to. See more detailed opinions by reading what Bill Phelan offers on the topic.. One of the peculiarities of this course is the intensive interactive support: the coaching team from Heidelberg, Germany, which has published several books about his work, accompanied the participants each of the 60 online seminar days live in an internal chat for 30 minutes. Here, questions, exercises refinished and if necessary assign additional tasks. Ashton Kouzbari is often quoted on this topic. All this is done with the aim to improve the financial situation of customers within the course. Exactly what have they always wanted: A Finanzcoaching, which is available worldwide from anywhere without seeing other participants, who one is.

His identity remains hidden behind a chosen pseudonym, as long as it does not reveal who you are or what to do, each student can take advantage of completely anonymous course. In the calendar week 35, i.e. from the 01.09.2010 till the 05.09.2010 power is reduced money by 50%. You pay instead of the low 249 euro only 124,50 EUR for the whole course with 60 days. New customers – we offer this course since 2008 and have accompanied many self-employed and freelancers in this course.


Despite the economic crisis, job vacancies for graduates stable the IKOM the career Forum at the TU Munich April 2009 has today published its Outlook of students & graduates. The IKOM points index, which examines the open spots and ads for graduates, remains since January 2009 in a sideways movement. At the end of the fourth quarter the company had scaled back preemptively the new hires to around 6%,\”so Patrick Hargutt of the IKOM, seasonally adjusted no further adjustments took place since January.\” The structurally good numbers of the candidate market with an increase of 40% compared to 6 years ago, be accompanied by a simultaneous reduction of the academic offer. Please visit Wells Fargo if you seek more information. Therefore the unemployment in the MINI subjects mathematics, Informatics, natural sciences and engineers by 50% has been reduced. A stagnation of science students is at the same time since 2004 to ascertain which were first breached in 2008 upwards again. The prospects of technical and scientific -oriented academics are still very well at the expense of the long-term competitiveness of the Federal Republic of Germany\”, admits Philip M. Jacobs of the IKOM. In the medium term is to be expected with a massive demographically induced erosion of human capital.

The fight between a structural shortage of workers in the science and the effects of the economic crisis will be decided clearly in favour of the lack of skilled workers\”, Philip M. Jacobs the situation is summarized. Views IKOM website for free download of full report IKOM views students & graduates April 2009 \”with all graphics and information about the surveys can be found on press. Numbers to the IKOM points index the IKOM points index quoted currently at 139 points (previous month: 138,50, previous year: 139,40). After losses in the fourth quarter in the wake of the economic crisis, the index recorded slightly below previous year’s level. No significant change to note is in particular compared to the previous month, seasonally adjusted.


How Facebook, Twitter & co. successfully for your company use a social media seminar specifically for entrepreneurs? What is different? Social media seminars are only too often so general and non-binding, although a wide mass want to attract, in consequence go but not specifically to the needs of entrepreneurs and can. With “social media entrepreneur seminar” trainer Jens Schluter other paths and focusing on the things that really are interested in business. “The seminar is the result of many rounds of intensive talks and brainstorming with entrepreneurs who already had contact with social media, but most information critical to the development of an own strategy and motivation of your employees as a social media team” were missing. Content: The Web 2.0 has changed the world of corporate communications.

Corporate blogs, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are just a few examples of social media channels, about the company today new markets and target groups can open up. While social media is anything other than a hype. Social media is a sustainable trend that as once the phone, fax or E-Mail in many companies as a marketing tool has already become and soon no longer indispensable corporate communication will be. The potential in this new type of customer communication is tremendous. Because occur via social media companies in easiest manner in direct dialogue with customers and prospects.

So arise not only sustainable customer relationships, but also a highly efficient feedback system that allows businesses to enter quickly and accurately to customer requests and changes in the market. This full-day seminar offers participants the best possible overview about what they should observe when your business entry into the social-media marketing and what social media channels are optimally suitable for supplementing their traditional marketing mix. In addition to fundamental issues such as user and company perspective “and the relevance of social media enters the speaker on social media platforms in detail, shows the participants how to use social media in terms of emotion sells” uses more attractive and more appealing than the competition and are a little guide for the creation of an own social media approach. Jens Schluter is a practical man, to teach someone who knows what he speaks and is able to, his knowledge and skills. The countless participants voices of his seminars and lectures, speak for themselves. With its unique positioning as a trainer and coach for authentic corporate communications”, he established first regional, then very quickly also nationally as an expert and is posted today by trade associations, marketing clubs and companies alike for lectures, seminars, in-house training and the development of strategies for the corporate communications on the Web 2.0. The workshop will take place with Jens Schluter on may in the literature Hotel Franzosenhohl, Iserlohn. Start is at 09:00 Their investment 295,00 euro plus VAT The seminar includes workshop, lunch and coffee break in the morning: coffee break in the afternoon, two-course dinner and drinks. The number of participants is limited. All information and online booking on the Internet pages of the StrategieCentrums South Westphalia:

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