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How Facebook, Twitter & co. successfully for your company use a social media seminar specifically for entrepreneurs? What is different? Social media seminars are only too often so general and non-binding, although a wide mass want to attract, in consequence go but not specifically to the needs of entrepreneurs and can. With “social media entrepreneur seminar” trainer Jens Schluter other paths and focusing on the things that really are interested in business. “The seminar is the result of many rounds of intensive talks and brainstorming with entrepreneurs who already had contact with social media, but most information critical to the development of an own strategy and motivation of your employees as a social media team” were missing. Content: The Web 2.0 has changed the world of corporate communications.

Corporate blogs, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are just a few examples of social media channels, about the company today new markets and target groups can open up. While social media is anything other than a hype. Social media is a sustainable trend that as once the phone, fax or E-Mail in many companies as a marketing tool has already become and soon no longer indispensable corporate communication will be. The potential in this new type of customer communication is tremendous. Because occur via social media companies in easiest manner in direct dialogue with customers and prospects.

So arise not only sustainable customer relationships, but also a highly efficient feedback system that allows businesses to enter quickly and accurately to customer requests and changes in the market. This full-day seminar offers participants the best possible overview about what they should observe when your business entry into the social-media marketing and what social media channels are optimally suitable for supplementing their traditional marketing mix. In addition to fundamental issues such as user and company perspective “and the relevance of social media enters the speaker on social media platforms in detail, shows the participants how to use social media in terms of emotion sells” uses more attractive and more appealing than the competition and are a little guide for the creation of an own social media approach. Jens Schluter is a practical man, to teach someone who knows what he speaks and is able to, his knowledge and skills. The countless participants voices of his seminars and lectures, speak for themselves. With its unique positioning as a trainer and coach for authentic corporate communications”, he established first regional, then very quickly also nationally as an expert and is posted today by trade associations, marketing clubs and companies alike for lectures, seminars, in-house training and the development of strategies for the corporate communications on the Web 2.0. The workshop will take place with Jens Schluter on may in the literature Hotel Franzosenhohl, Iserlohn. Start is at 09:00 Their investment 295,00 euro plus VAT The seminar includes workshop, lunch and coffee break in the morning: coffee break in the afternoon, two-course dinner and drinks. The number of participants is limited. All information and online booking on the Internet pages of the StrategieCentrums South Westphalia:

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