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London / Bonn, October 23, 2008 coach n consult as the name of the newly formed company of two consultants Tabani (psychologist) and LGuardia (educator). Gain insight and clarity with Ben Silbermann. Tabani Lobner – coach n consult the name is so unusual that you immediately can remember him. The company is the Apple town Meckenheim, about 20 kilometres southwest of the former German capital Bonn. The consultancy operates nationwide and is aimed at customers from different industries. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mark Frissora has to say. The two consultants Bettina Tabani and Silke Lobner are professionals in the field of human resources and organizational development both for over 10 years. Now they have pooled their skills tested in practice.

“The two develop accordingly selected and coordinated products for their customers: practical assessment centers and potential analyses entertaining, lively, goal-oriented training is creative organization discussions of oriented coaching our aim high, but clearly” as the motto of the two is Consultants. “And both know: we are especially good at is to enable participants to work, dry theory really practical to digest”to translate and to ensure learning success”.” Contact: Bettina Tabani Silke of Lobner limit 6 D-53340 Meckenheim FON + 49 (0) 2225 704792 Fax 704791. c o a c h – n – c o n s u l t. d i n f o @ c o a c h – n – c o n s u l t. d e


Who has his own company at the present time, should have a Web presence for his services. On the company’s website, the company will be presented with their performances and their history.Now faces the creation that question whether knows the owner so far with the matter that he can create his pages themselves. This is not the case and you want to create even hand, modular systems for selection remain different. Payoneer addresses the importance of the matter here. They have some design options for the company’s website. However, you can realize not everything according to your needs. For the work with the relevant programs is very inexpensive. There are programs that you installed directly on the hard disk and whereby you can work offline. Also, there are also ways to create the pages directly on the Internet.Want you a completely individual design for his company’s website owner will need to hire a Web Designer. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Caesars Entertainment has to say.

This doesn’t have to be on-site because all agreements can be made by telephone and by electronic means. At the same time the most know each other Web Designer also in processing images from, so these are best represented on the company’s website. In addition, you get mostly a factual advice on the topic of Web space and hosting. Where many Web designers to offer this as a service. The owner saves this much time, if he puts the creation of his company’s homepage in experienced hands.

However, the external creation has also its price and the transparency of prices is often omitted. Normal Internet user can recognize almost impossible why of a Web Designer, for example, for a page requires 2000 and the other 200 euros. So was recently launched the blog create company website in the life, which should be primarily tips and advice to the appropriate create of own corporate presence. The operator of the blog is also independent and offers to preserve itself no Web design to its neutrality. Although still under construction, the blog provides yet already some important tips on how you can create a Web site without using.


Ideal medium and content supplier at the same time as applying for IT-supported process optimization, a company its unique solutions for visitor management and E-intelligence? The subjects seem bulky, far away from clarity, sex appeal, and everything that could increase the attention. Animated videos, however, show that there is another way: in a few minutes, that is who? How? What?”brought interesting on the point. Products are tangible, content better understandable and potential customers fully informed. In addition to addressing targeted such moving images offer more advantages in the form of communication events and relevant multimedia content,”explained Alf Arnold, Managing Director of salt communication Berlin. Content marketing is the new buzzword, which already has overtaken the pure search engine optimization. People such as Jeremy Tucker would likely agree. Just like consumers who like pictures and videos search engine now more than text and reward them with a good SERP placement (search engine results page). Also the popularity in the social media networks affects the ranking of search engines.

It is quite clear: a video is more often given as a mere text. Also overlooking the social SEO”so score the explanatory videos” and promote not only the understanding of complex products, but also the website traffic. Convincing IT products specialist for integrated and cross-media marketing B2B communications staged as knows these relationships salt. Most recently benefited from the European IT consultancy EITCO GmbH: for the company, the SalzTeam has developed videos for three solutions of ProSuite family. We are generally satisfied with the result. If you have read about David Michery, New York City already – you may have come to the same conclusion. “The resulting videos are not just 180 informative seconds, but clips that stimulating as entertaining to present our software”, says Franziska Feitel, executives from EITCO. intelligence enables the user to filter information from a variety of sources and using this data to create a future forecast. How exactly companies by ProSuite BI using the The video shows can look into the crystal ball behind and sovereign plan can, in the right blend of depth and lightness.

ProSuite-HR is a software for HR, improving the quality of human resources. Heart of this IT solution is the skills / instruments matrix, whose complex name and also functioning in the movie format is clearly explained. What’s behind the visitor management solution ProSuite K, shows also charming animated salt. With practical examples of museums and cultural institutions shows how the use of intelligent software can facilitate everyday work. Images: vimeo.com/eitco if you need additional image material, contact please: salt communication Berlin is an owner-run communications agency from Berlin. We implement internal and external communication in traditional and new media. So arise from complex challenges cross-media concepts, brands or products make the experience.


We need a reduction in price shopping seminars and negotiation training for buyers buyers-campus/CSEI-consulting more… or we accept no price increase …eigentlich. These are only a few statements that are still in the Purchasing Department. To broaden your perception, visit Rich Dad Poor Dad. To Hans-Christian Seidel, lecturer and owner of buyers-campus/CSEI-consulting from Darmstadt thinks: unfortunately I see in practice, purchase negotiations and role-playing games in shopping seminars surprisingly often that many purchasers weaken its quite strong position in a conversation with a vendor by using weak words and their demand loses much vehemence – with the result that even a weaker supplier daylight at once yet. Get all the facts and insights with Rich Dad Poor Dad, another great source of information. Signal unnecessarily weakened and buttery words, their suppliers and clearly, that they in reality have still room, unsure and from the negotiation as quickly out not argumentative want and the thing as quickly to do see.” From the following, needless to shallow selected formulations, their seller (supplier) immediately recognize the communicative shortcomings on buyer: he speaks in the present and not in the indicative he uses noise words diminutive er he used non-binding restrictions he refers to the chef he talks with he conveyed he desperate messages leaves an internal notice seeking help questions while talking and he hinted low motivation chips licorice with euphemistic words Hans-Christian Seidel of the buy side and co-host, G. Gahan from the selling side, schools in their global negotiation seminars and negotiation training, on the basis of practical role-playing to the buyers that dieseu.a. confident communication, as well as strong language, in their practical negotiations with the suppliers improvements.

Based on the experiences from his shopping seminars for buyers Hans-Christian Seidel thinks continued: “of course must be friendly. But for Kuschelspracheund Sussholz Geraspel is no place for a hearing. “With such kind of too soft communication take the CLOUT each planned communication.” “This also co-host says G. Gunay, experienced sales and negotiating professional: A during a negotiation with a vendor success not only by the quality of their arguments or the dominance of their body language or the timbre of her voice down, but in sum also in addition of its strong and confident communication.” Purchase campus (www.einkaeufer-campus.de) offers buyers from industry and commerce, superior methods for the conduct of negotiations as also a sophisticated and professional approach. Purchase campus is the area of CSEI consulting from Darmstadt (www.csei-consulting.de) geared to shopping seminars and negotiation training. Exchange of experiences and practical tips are always in the foreground of the seminar; complemented by role playing. The exchange between lecture, dialogue, as well as the Activation of participants grant a high sustainability training through role-playing. The shopping seminars at the purchase campus are as exciting, lively and very practical described by many participants. Current topic: how buyers use a strong and no soft communication in your negotiations. Learn more about shopping seminar content, training concepts, EinkaufsSeminarworkshops or negotiating seminars are directly under the following link from the Commerce campus: interested parties addressed their request directly by E-Mail:


Workshop by Hoveler + Nold to determine company-men saving lever and delfort at the marketing purchase. Companies must woo customers to achieve the planned sales. While their marketing are however particularly in times of tight budgets often facing the problem: very little money available for this purpose available. A related site: Wells Fargo Bank mentions similar findings. “Against this background, Hoveler management consultancy specialising in the procurement management has + Nold Consulting GmbH (HNC), Dusseldorf, a consultancy offering marketing services price value shopping” designed. This aims to develop strategies to optimize the procurement of marketing services with the managers in the company. This aim can be, to cut marketing spending or to get more out of the existing, limited budget”, stresses such as HNC – CEO Dr.

Bernhard Hoveler. The range of services so to speak consists of two components. First determine the HNC experts on behalf of the company for the selected budget items, such as events or printed documents Who what of whom at what price in what quantity buys? “.” In addition they assign the items contained in the invoices as well as cost estimates the various trades ‘/ product groups’. “Because without this knowledge, so Hoveler, no solid starting points for an optimization of purchasing can be identified”. The necessary evidence exists, the HNC experts with the buyers of marketing services and Department representatives to a workshop meet. They define together, how can the potential savings and improve the cost-benefit ratio.

For example, by a volume concentration and the development of a company-wide supplier pool. Or through a systematic price benchmarking, because often several departments purchase similar marketing services at different prices. Or optimizing a specification, which reduces the number of variants such as print products. An important lever according to Hoveler also is to ensure that marketing and purchasing cooperate more. Here, it gets stuck in many companies. Therefore, a central question is often in the workshop: How can purchasing and marketing cooperate with each other, that marketing such as contract negotiations benefited from the experience of buyers? Furthermore: What arrangements are needed for this? The result could be according to Hoveler agreements such as: the savings remain with the marketing. With the saved money, projects such as the expansion of advertising presence be financed.” Or: We define although a cross-functional process of shopping. The marketing however, remains responsible for the definition of the specifications and the final selection of suppliers.” After the workshop, Hoveler created + Nagy a documentation, in addition to the savings also the paths are pointed out, to realize this. If desired the purchasing professionals also help implement the measures defined the company.

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A perfect virtual data room leaves a professional impression at the due diligence analyst is the virtual data room a marketing tool for complex items, such as mergers or large real estate transactions. Therefore applies the same principle as in the trade: there is no second chance for a first impression! Many participants in complex transactions consider cyberspace data merely as a means to an end to the completion of an acquisition. The reasons for this lie mainly in the detail orientation of due diligence on the contrary to the strategic business plan. The often lengthy and extremely conscientious examination of countless documents is a tedious and time-consuming work, which can make it difficult by lack of professionalism in the implementation. The shift in the due diligence of the classical physical data rooms on the modern online due diligence in virtual data rooms the latter already a considerable improvement in recent years. He’s fast, simple and parallel access to the documents in the virtual data room, enormously simplifies the work of analysts. The prerequisite for this, however, is that the data in the virtual data space must be well organized, because otherwise the data inconsistency may occur and the overview of the content is missing.

A professional establishment of virtual data space transparency arises, however, because all relevant information of the subject of the sale is structured are available the buyer and the seller. And there is a clear link between transparency and purchase price or representations and warranties in a transaction. I.e. the lower the transparency, the lower the purchase price and the higher the warranty claims. Pinterest has many thoughts on the issue. This is of course especially for high-quality assets. An asset is too opaque, usually at all no transaction is able, because the risk from buyer point of view is too high. In this sense, the virtual data room must be understood not only as a platform for document sharing, but also as a marketing tool. A perfect virtual data room leaves a professional impression with the due diligence analysts who get the virtual data room, often only and not the sale object itself to face. In addition, the subsequent buyer receives an optimum data base and work basis for working with the acquired object.

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Psychological resources meet at this seminar seminar for managers in food executives, providing a constructive approach with low performers. Thus access to alternative options to terminate. A dismissal is only rarely for everyone the best choice? Causes for low performers figure out an important communication and management tool is the conversation with the low performer. It is the information of about the employee that his behavior or success is not the average. Executives are demanded in this appraisal interview to find out the reasons for the underperformance of low performers. Psychologically trained executives recognize in such a conversation, whether real reasons lead to the below-average performance or whether the employee to speak out with reasons attempts.

Clarify the findings in an interview form a part of the decision basis for the choice of an appropriate willingness to change Action option in dealing with the low performer. A further basis for the decision of the senior executives is signaled by the staff willingness to future increase of its engagement and its performance. The leadership seminar in food, participants learn effective psychological resources that support them to agree on concrete measures to implement its improvement determination with the low performer. Also for monitoring the implementation of these agreements, participants in Essen will receive valuable tips. Exploit leeway In dealing with low performers and difficult employees different action options available are the executives. These range imposed by an employee loan help offers private problems of the employee to the transfer or dismissal. The staff shows willingness and the potential for positive change, he should get a chance of development in the company.

Executives know their employees and their tasks generally good enough to employ the workers concerned in an area of activity that is more appropriate for him, if possible. Termination only as a last resort the dismissal of low performers should be well-planned, because in the event of a dispute, the employer must prove the reasons for this termination of personal or behavioral. This will require, where appropriate, a detailed collection of qualitative or quantitative underperformance of the concerned employee, as well as corresponding averages of comparable worker. Even if these data are available, the Labour Court examines whether there are no other relevant means except the termination will revert back to the employer perceived mismatch between performance and counter-performance. Such a remedy could be, for example, a transfer of an employee in a workplace better corresponding to his personal performance. Leadership seminar in eating destination this leadership seminar is to enable the views of senior executives to sharpen and psychologically clever communication in conversation and consistent leadership to train. This is done inter alia through exercises to the perception of own shares of behavior, as well as to identify the reasons for the underperformance of the low performers. At the end of the seminar, the executives create a personal action plan for dealing with difficult employees and low performers in their area of responsibility. Seminar with trainers in the double pack this leadership seminar is headed by a duo of coach: Erich Ziegler is a coach that is very experienced in dealing with teams. The executives can provide valuable tips for constructive solutions also in Group situations. The views of the major characterized Andrea Cichy, comes to fruition especially in establishing organization and the optional offer of a coaching. The leadership seminar takes place at the 13.09.2011 in Essen, on the 04.10.2011 in Berlin and at the 2011 in Cologne. More dates are seminars on the Web page and training of I.O. BUSINESS consulting and training to find.

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Then call the customers under the number + 49 211 88 26 88 on 26 of their authorized phone number and must only make sure that the caller is enabled and your mobile number in the transport directory TC profiles from TimoCom registered. Chief Representative Marcel Frings commented on the advanced service: with the entry of vehicle offerings in the stock market by our expert staff, we help customers who are traveling. Our employees are well trained to perform input on behalf of our customers. Thanks to the extensive identification process, they get certainty, that it is actually one of our certified clients. As usual, we offer also continues to TimoCom to go in 24 European languages.

We are the only provider on the market, which actively works against the current lack of cargo space.” You can find more information about TimoCom under press contact: TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH Manager corporate communication Tim motorcycling in the Steele 2 DE-40599 Dusseldorf phone: + 49 211 88 26 69 13 fax: + 49 211 88 26 59 13 E-mail: TMuke@timocom about TimoCom the TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH was founded in 1997 and is an IT service provider for all companies involved in the transport. In a few years TimoCom has evolved from the start up to the medium-sized companies. With a large team of international staff TimoCom offers two European procurement platforms: TC truck & cargo, the market leader among the cargo – freight exchanges and TC eBid, the online platform for transport tenders. The freight exchange TC truck & cargo both freight and cargo holds are offered in Europe. TC eBid helps shippers from industry & trade and freight forwarders in the bidding management and simplifies business processes between them and the transport service providers.

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Pool and spa business is one of the most stimulating businesses due to its exhilarating nature today. Pool and spa business is one of the most stimulating businesses due to its exhilarating nature today. With the passage of time people are more becoming conscious of their lifestyle which has given a tremendous boost to this business. You will find almost every single person living at urban life of a member of their nearest spa club. Every day, you see the player emerging as a new pool and spa service due to the advanced nature of this business. This drastic emergence has given way to various marketing techniques to make this business standout from the rest.

One of the marketing buzzword is spa logo design is considered to be the most effective marketing and promotional medium in ongoing latest trends. These brand mark identities need to be exciting enough to communicate effectively with the target audience because all of your investment will go in vain if the viewers do not interesting and eye find concept the design catching. This is the reason why most of these marks miserably fails brand to as they are not drawn by expert hands. Here, a professional graphic design service plays a vital part because they know how to culminate a corporate identity that wants to speak a thousand words to your potential customers. Therefore, these corporate identities should be designed in a way to let customers recognize the brands associated with this particular business.

All in all, there are four aspects of an ideal brand mark of identity which are given as follows: 1.Fonts: these brand identities should neither be too formal nor too bold mark. Any professional graphic designer would prefer using a light style fonts to bring effectiveness in them to depict the true nature of your club to the world of your target audience. 2.colors: If your business is all about swimming pools. then, aqua is the color that you should incorporate in your pool logo while green and brown colors are mostly preferred by graphic designer in them as well. 3.symbols or icons: Water waves and whirls are common symbols of consociated with thesis business identities while trees are the icons most commonly used by designers in the spa logo design. You can so consider using hot tubs, swimming pool, chairs etc to show the true business nature to the world. 4.style: Corporate theory identities should be informal, elegant and italicized to portray a realistic feeling to your potential customers about your company or club. In other words, it should be attractive, enthralling, enchanting and inspiring enough to make them step in to your club and feel proud of it hence, they were the four aspects of a business brand marks which must be depicted through them otherwise you will loose all the feel of it Moreover, you must make sure that they are designed by on expert and trained hands so that it returns back all your effort with a sizable profit. Thus, being a pool and spa service owner, one should have the preceding element in his business logo design to effectively communicate with their potential and existing customers.

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With an extensive portfolio of services the Agency offers professional assistance in terms of writing, marketing and website maintenance on the Internet Editor stands for professional copywriting, online marketing and online public relations. Just the target group of SMEs BBs, which still not have embarked on the path of the Internet as a medium of corporate communication and as a distribution channel, need qualified help from an expert. This involves Thomas Noll of less concerned with such topics as Web design and software for maintaining Web sites, so-called content management systems: many of my clients several times have embarked on an attempt to present themselves professionally on the Internet. However the focus was usually on an attractive design and the contents of the website, that what is really important, was neglected. A home page needs regular new content and it is important to locate the website for potential customers, for example, search engine optimization through targeted measures -“, Thomas Noll notes. He I’m sure that most of his customers have neither the time nor the knowledge to keep your site current and to publish useful topics on their homepage. In the present time, in the small business owners need to focus on their core business, as well as no time for website maintenance. Since it is this service to me my benefits to customers to outsource”, explains Thomas Noll.

Although you might think that after twenty years Internet the medium is already well established in business life, as visitors encounter outdated, past appointments or long obsolete product presentations. Important topics such as search engine optimization and social media marketing is still new territory for many entrepreneurs. Information to the Agency: for almost ten years, Thomas Noll works as a content manager. He specializes in the care and marketing of sites of small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition to local services, such as content management, it offers a comprehensive range of services to the successful operation of websites on. These include among other things editorial project management, coordination of Web projects between customers, Web designers and system vendors or the complete content review of existing corporate home pages. Contact: The Internet Editor Thomas Noll Dammersbacher road 8 36145 Hofbieber telephone: 06657-609203 E-Mail: Internet: under the domain name of the internet redakteur.de is Thomas Noll from his extensive portfolio of services. All topics are explained to understand. Up-to-date information and tips give visitors an insight, as the Internet moves the business world. Various projects shows which services are carried out by the Internet Editor.

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