Month: <span>January 2017</span>

Nobody said to us that we went to live without problems, adversities, all the human beings in ours to live we will have life lessons and is as well as we are going to evolve. But there is lesson is no evolution, that simple. The patience is the key, you are not hopeless if the things do not walk well. the patience is marl but its fruit is very sweet 3. It smiles. You only must say if to the life, happy being, live intensely every moment. That will make the difference, you do not leave problems them clear a smile to you, you are not let win by the negative energy that only does damage to you. It is necessary to take advantage of and to live the things good that the life offers to us and for not being relaxing to us.

Escusas is not been worth, that it does not pass through your mind the following thing, is that I am not intelligent, is that I do not have studies, is that I am poor, is that I cannot, is that I do not have time, if you are created this you paralyzed and you will not be able to solve nothing. The human beings we are expert in setting up obstacles to us and inventing one to us and thousand excuses not to face a situation, with this we blocked ourselves easily and we think that we will not be able. It changes the negative by the positive, observes: I am intelligent, I will leave ahead, nothing will stop to me, I will be triumphant a (a), will not let to me win, everything is possible, I gave, I want, I I can, I I go. Dear reader to finalize, he dreams and each dream convirtelo in fact, fights reason why you want and mantn your attention in your goals, you do not let yourself influence by the negative things of the life. I have the total security that your you can, because you, you are great.


Whether it is to sell something, to close a deal or to say to the person who brings you a wing that I walk with you, there’s an answer that causes sweating, dry mouth and butterflies in the stomach. I refer, of course, to the word NO. No matter what business you have, always will have to deal with this little word, which is that probably tops your list of words that I don’t like, if you need anything to death or taxes to deal with an is not something complicated. Every refusal means a lost sale, a business not closed, a registration not made or not whatever you do. Receive a NO means time and money that do not produce any results.

It means frustration, discouragement and start again. A sufficient number of us can make you decide that your business is a mugrero and it’s best to go back to work or get married for money. However, when viewed from another point of view, an is not a great favor. Everybody is not afraid, but I’m more afraid of another phrase: Let me think about it. Of course! Think about it week, a month or a year. In all that time you’ll have to keep thinking about that client.

Call him or write him so you don’t forget. And above all, you are still hoping that sale. Don’t be affraid not. Thank him. A NO, seen with a different attitude, has several advantages:-no longer have to spend resources a perhaps leaves you the door open to continue trying to. If you really want to give good service, you should contact the customer. That takes your time for other more productive things. He may not mean a lost sale, but it also means freedom. -You help improve if a customer says “NO”, I assume that you’re going to ask why. A non-definitive and the reason for this be used to make things better and win more. A maybe tells you nothing. -Do not you frustrated at least I do not. Someone who simply says NO!, leaves me ready to do other things. Not I spend it thinking as convincing or attempting to change a maybe. NOT can make you feel a little bad, but you don’t have to think about it. Not knowing is worse than not. As the song says Everyone realized that Yes, but not tell them when, so I said to me, why live penando. And not be you, but I do not like to punish. It is valuable information. When your business begins to grow, you will have to hand a conversion rate. 100, You buy 8. So you already know a few need to sell them in order to gain the money you want. So no te espantes with a NO. Use it to your advantage. All successful companies do and, indeed, show up to happy to have their data updated. Let others would defeat. You takes advantage. Well, if you don’t believe that all this stuff, I only gave no. I assure you it is not me to offend; simply go to my statistics. Diversify your options; follow the link to see if you can earn money on the Internet. Original author and source of the article


' ' The organizations come passing for deep and important transformations as answers the requirements derived from different phenomena as, scientific and technological development, changes economic politics and, among others ' ' (Clearly, 2009. P. 11). For Fischer (1992), the changes that come happening in the organizations are not of episdica nature, but they constitute continuous processes in the life of the companies. On the basis of these knowledge I want to display the situation of submitted Military Policemen to a variety of scales, where the worked scales of 24-hour turns in sectors prevail of Military Policia of Santa Catarina.

Military Policia of Santa Catarina is responsible for patrolling and guaranteeing the security of the catarinense society, beyond the tourists, visitors and workers whom if they use of the highways that cut the catarinense state. … the Military Policy (Wikipedia, 22/01/11) is present in all the catarinense territory, contributing, effectively, not only for the security, as for the preservation of the culture and the traditions of Santa Catarina. A corporation is considered model, being modernized in the actions of prevention, security and protection to the catarinense community. To carry through this Work Military Policia of Santa Catarina, counts approximately on a cash of of 10.000 policemen between men and women. The Military Policy, permanent agency, force auxiliary, reserve of the Army, organized on the basis of the hierarchy and disciplines, subordinate to the Governor of the State, fits, in the limits of its ability, beyond other attributions established in law: I? To exert the related Ostensive Policy with: – The preservation of the order and the public security; – The radio terrestrial, aerial, lacustrine and fluvial patrolling; – The road patrolling; – The guard and fiscalization of the urban transit; – The guard and fiscalization of the forests and sources; – The judiciary policy to militate; – The protection of the environment.