Month: June 2017

Allegorical language of the book 'Zohar' is very difficult to understand. That's why there are so many and there is its 'interpreters'. This complicated form of presentation of the deepest knowledge and provided an opportunity to generate nonsense attributing her Kabbalah. And, of course, outsiders to interpret it however they want, but it will be as far from the truth and those who did not undertake in such a tricky task. In this article we shall not attempt to reveal the depth of the wisdom of this outstanding books of mankind, but will try to show the reader some elements of the system to hide the true knowledge of the human eye, the distant (ie not yet finished) on the comprehension of spiritual wisdom. "Rabbi Elazar, son Rabbi Shimon went to visit his father in law – Rabbi Yossi the son of gaps, and Rabbi Aba was with him. One person, urging them donkeys, followed them …

' This is a brief quote from this great book. At first glance, all is clear: some heroes narratives are sent to visit relatives. They ride on donkeys, and probably loaded with gifts and drive, most likely, a servant or slave of one of the heroes. And so it would be if … there was quite different. Let's look at this unique text from a different point of view – in terms of Kabbalah, rather than ordinary people, and pseudo. But first, brief glossary Name – the exact title of this, the current stage of spiritual Kabbalist.


You can Google for “free resume template and see what’s out there. You may find some good ones. You’ll also find some relatively inexpensive packages resume template (not free, but almost). It may cost $ 50. That’s not even dinner and a movie a family of four. well worth the investment if it helps create a job-winning resume that reduces the search time employment.

For now, I recommend a different approach to maximize the results of an “various sizes-fit-most” free resume template. I suggest you use a bare skeleton resume, as well as a place to start. What are you looking for just does not have “content of the sample,” but should come with instructions. In almost all cases, their free resume template should be chronological. In other words, you must submit your most recent professional accomplishments oldest without gaps. There are always creative ways to address the gaps.

Functional resumes are not necessarily the kiss of death, but are close. Increase the likelihood of failure. These difficulties do not need any help! Typically this format is used by people who have a “curriculum vitae challenge.” If you have a difficult race, delicate or difficult to resume the situation (or if you are changing), I recommend you hire a professional. These situations are difficult. It alone is a strategy to get it wrong. This delay causes. Delay costs lots of money. Anyone is free to resume template you choose, be sure to help you put your best foot forward. To put meat on the bones, which wants to finish with a solid document and all purposes, and it must be for an online job search. Beyond that (and I recommend you go beyond that), will have a more personalized curriculum for each specific job. At least have a place to start. That’s all a free resume template good for anyway.


To be an entrepreneur it is required to have certain profile on the basis of certain aptitudes. It is not a task easy of identifying with clarity which must be the profile of an entrepreneur, many authors agree in certain characteristics keys that an entrepreneur has. With respect to the Successful Entrepreneurs in Venezuela we can indicate some characteristics like: passion, confidence in itself, perseverancia, innovation, flexibility, leadership, property, solidarity, credibility, assumption of calculated risks, autonomy and arduous work. The Creole entrepreneur has a clear idea than he wants to obtain, that wide-awake idea in him passion to obtain what he has seted out, is able to confront calculated risks, because they have great confidence in which he will obtain his intentions. This confidence in themselves part of a solid self-esteem, that allows them as well to establish healthful and stable relations. It has the capacity to identify opportunities of businesses, there where others do not see them, and to adopt the corresponding actions.

The confidence in itself does that she is not employee in its activities and that, this is precisely why, can make specific its initiatives, although initially they can seem dangerous, the Creole entrepreneur is able to handle itself in uncertainty circumstances, he has developed the ability to learn of the failures, and, this is precisely why, he does not have majors difficulties to assume the costs of calculated risks. The successful entrepreneur is perseverante, can develop a great energy to secure some precise profit, he believes in its ideas and objectives, and he is not discouraged in front of the present obstacles. It bets to the long term, although for it must sacrifice some results in the present. Along with his perseverancia, the successful entrepreneur has developed the capacity to adapt to a changing context.