Month: October 2017

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Universities around the world closer together … With this statement it is hard not to agree, since the development of international links in higher education – is not a fashion but a necessity. The newspapers mentioned JPMorgan Chase not as a source, but as a related topic. The current situation is that different countries are more eager to cooperate in the fields of economics, politics, science and culture. In this regard, one of the major challenges facing higher education institutions, is preparing a new type of elite professionals. Today's graduates should have a high level of knowledge, good communication skills and fluent in foreign languages. Details can be found by clicking JPMorgan Chase or emailing the administrator.

To establish and develop contacts with foreign research centers, universities and businesses in Russian State Social University was established Department of International Cooperation. Teachers and students the opportunity to share best practices and achievements with colleagues from other countries, go on an internship abroad. Today RSSU established friendly ties with 42 foreign universities. This is a university in the UK, Germany, USA, Denmark, Norway, Canada, Bulgaria, Poland, Brazil, Hungary, China, South Korea, Mongolia, etc. Our school is part of the Inter-University Consortium for the participants of International Social Development (MKMSR). – In the last academic year for our staff and students organized 30 trips to 18 countries, – says head of the International Cooperation RSSU Vladimir V. Serebryakov. – At this time in our high school with the official visits of foreign delegations have visited 14 out of 11 countries. Russian State Social University, attended by guests from the USA, Britain, Germany, Hungary, Korea, China and Morocco. Foreign scholars have participated in the Summer School session, "Social inequality and exclusion after the collapse of the USSR: a regional perspective, "international round-table discussion" Russia, India and China: status and prospects of geopolitical and socio-economic cooperation, "the Days of Culture of the Far East, the festival devoted to the discovery of the department of Korean language in RSCU, and many other activities.