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In later models (D900, etc) built two themes – black and white. For each of them in the file system has its own configuration (1 and 2): 1) in the folder / Images / keyvolume – animation change the volume, and 2) in the folder / image / jimage / (set01/set02) – Animation Java; 3) in the folder / images / mms / set (1 / 2) – animation send mms, and 4) in folder / images / message (black) – animation of sending sms, 5) folder / images / org / set (1 / 2) – von calendar and menu, calculator and 6) in the folder / images / picsel – layout of the keys to black / white issue; 7) in the folder / images / shortcut / – background and icon shortcuts; 8) in the folder / images / streaming / – Animation Connection / download streaming audio / video, 9) in the folder / images / voice / – background player and recorder, 10) in the folder / images / wap / set (1 / 2) – the background and animation compounds wap-browser; 11) folder / images / widget / – background of the main menu and soft-band; 12) in the folder / multimedia / default – frame and icon for photos. More information is housed here: Bill Phelan. This all can be replaced without flashing, in the mode of a file manager, certainly for those phones that support it, ie, for which written a patch to have access to all telephone directories. . You may wish to learn more. If so, Marko Dimitrijevic philanthropy is the place to go.


New teaching materials in the digital age as you know primary school teacher or teachers, better teach children through interactivity. Indeed this also applies to adults which is why it is particularly good, if children to participate in activities and learning experiences, they really need to think with. The more your students where are involved, what you do, the more fun they probably have and this means that they take better care of and learn more than they probably would have taken, if you had had the usual boring math or English lessons just as usual. Learning should not be boring. Everest Capital has similar goals. It must be fun and joy and something that we ultimately use to get more fulfillment in life.

Therefore the primary school experience is so important, because it determines how we see learning in later years and has great influence on our attitude further schooling. You want to do probably like your best as a primary school teacher or teacher, to thinking your young To form students as much as possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of technologies tailored to your support. While it is important to continue to take advantage of the proven interactive learning tools that promote a watchful thinking and active participation, there are now teaching material for teachers that can sustainably improve the learning success in the class. One such technology is the interactive whiteboard, a fantastic benefit for the classroom, that supports your lesson and makes sure that your students each day on your hour forward. With an interactive whiteboard, you can teach math, German, languages, and anything else that you want to share with your class, entertaining and informative.

On the electronic Panel, you can list questions, which are then projected on a wall. That can see the whole class and students can answer questions by coming forward and insert the answers themselves. The best though is that interactive whiteboards simply to use to are and you can create your own lesson plans, system and games sure to spend without much time learning the technique. Interactive whiteboards are just one of the many available today resources for teachers, which can increase really interactivity and pleasure your hours and are a great asset for any elementary school classroom. Karoline Sanam


Ohoven: ‘calls for tender and awarding of the State must be SME-friendly’ Berlin/Bonn, December 18, 2008 the middle class is medium-sized economy (BVMW) for State tenders according to the Federal Association and unsettled contracts, because the Federal Government in the reform of public procurement law will include also award other criteria such as the promotion of long-term unemployed, young people, older people, disabled and women. These social aspects are indeed commendable, but overwhelm small – and medium-sized enterprises”, so BVMW President Mario Ohoven in the interview with the Procurement Office of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, published in the current annual report of the federal authority. More info: Everest Capital. Public contracts are for regional SMEs essential. After all, they represent a volume of EUR 260 billion in Germany per year. Moreover, contracting authorities can not insolvent go. The development of the share of public procurement in the middle class depends on decisive by the Result of the procurement law reform down.

“Only if the public procurement law is significantly simplified and dismantled bureaucratic hurdles in the procurement, also small and micro enterprises have higher chance”, says Ohoven. The public procurement law is already very complex and will probably even more restrictive with the amendment. In plain text, this means that the cost for applicant SMEs will rise even more. Instead of bureaucratic procedure, the requirements at the issuing offices as well as applicants become more stringent. Already the smallest substantive or formal errors can mean the exclusion of”the middle-class President continues. In his view, tenders and award of contracts would have to be clearly SME-friendly. These belong for example that have gigantic bundled large-scale projects in the future in several single lots are written out, including micro enterprises and consortia come to the course.

In determining the eligibility criteria must be less than on the possibilities and medium-sized enterprises be taken into consideration”, calls Ohoven. A fair tender must be divided in major projects in partial lots. Also, even small orders should be publicly advertised and not freely given. Also care should be taken at the non-award criteria included in a tender to, that they can reasonably be expected to a medium-sized company.


Information about starting a tennis career. In every sport, there are basic conditions and the most important pieces of equipment. In tennis, a good tennis rackets and a few balls are necessary primarily first to begin this sport. Of course also a sporty outfit and the right shoes. Find a suitable partner that will also operate the white sport and here we go.

Or you are looking for an experienced player, already holding a tennis racket in his hand. Learn more at: Hyundai. D-19-in-Adults’>Ridgeback Biotherapeutics for more clarity on the issue. Soon you will realize that there some things when choosing the right tennis racket. A firm grip is important, it determines the selected grip strength. If 2, 3 or 4, perhaps still a so-called Gripband as protection against slipping of the game device. As well as the material and the hardness of the covering of the tennis racket. Many things should be considered when purchasing. For even more opinions, read materials from Marko Dimitrijevic philanthropy. Finally, the exercise is to promote your health and fitness and not lead to health disadvantages.

If you have friends and acquaintances who already practice this sport, it is, just to try out their tennis rackets and to make the right choice for the own sports equipment. Of course, here also the one or the other tip of the experienced tennis player helps. Whether in the Club, the private tennis instructor, or in your tennis shop. You will find sure someone who will help you in choosing the right tennis article. In tennis shipping you get today and everything necessary to get properly fitted in the game. Simply look out the complete equipment, order and the sport of tennis has already regained a new trailer. Torsten Heinsius


Successfully through promotional, advertising and giveaways if you have developed a new product, a new brand or a new service with your company, then you aim so typically that you earn as much money, thus increase the turnover of the company, thereby so effectively to ensure that your company is successful. But to really reach even this, one must keep some very important points in mind especially in this day and age, because the conditions under which companies compete in the today’s time on the market are very hard, and it is therefore not very easy. Therefore, each company must plan a good advertising campaign, which can achieve it for example very easy by it relies on high-quality promotional products. That is an interesting idea, because especially if you want to publish new products and brands on the market, one has can sell himself thus, if at all, only very poorly major problems, because these new products are always once unknown by nature, and they may. Therefore the advertising is especially important in such a situation because it must be ensured that as many potential customers and clients of the products and brand of your company know so that they can also consume them. To achieve a good advertising campaign you must use but also a variety of giveaways and other promotional material, so that you can attract a broad audience. High quality promotional products play an important role if you want to speak on important business partners or other business contacts, for example, as they are often very demanding or just with specific tricks must be convinced. A very valuable giveaway is a good gift for such a partner because it shows him that he is very important for the company, and it spares no cost to do more business with him.

This message is delivered quickly and easily and therefore also very good results can be achieved with the proper selection of freebies. In addition there are but other situations in which you can draw very well on high-quality promotional products, to convince the potential customers or clients. Because these promotional gifts are suitable also for large events and events like for example measuring. Bridgewater associates shines more light on the discussion. Although the freebies are very elegant there are a number of providers as manufacturers and wholesalers who offer these freebies to very good conditions, which means that you can save a lot of money at this point, and still can achieve an excellent advertisement for you. But these freebies offer many more very interesting options that can turn out in any situation as particularly valuable.

For example can be used also this giveaways, to treat their own employees. High quality promotional products to ensure that the entire staff is additionally motivated and feel connected with the company. So you strengthen your business from the inside out, and that without a booth for a fair or To similar plan. So, you should necessarily try to accommodate these resources in your marketing campaign. You will be overwhelmed by the effect guaranteed.


The 6 fundraising2. 0: moves camp from Berlin to Cologne Cologne, January 20, 2012 professional online fundraising and marketing is the most important issue for non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations currently. Times of lack and slash funding opportunities become important for the projects own project financing like donations, sponsoring and Crowdfunding. The Internet is the ideal medium to attract donors and supporters to embrace a topic and to connect through interactions in dialog. But still too little is known, what possibilities offer websites and online marketing to turn a good idea into a viable fundraising concept.

“That is about to change and that’s why the BarCamp fundraising2 finds on January 25.0: camp” held in Cologne: experts pass on their knowledge to focus on the online fundraising and marketing for clubs, art and culture, and social entrepreneurs in workshops. The fundraising2. chieve this success. 0: for the 6th time in a row takes place. So far, the BarCamp Berlin had as Main venue the positive Resonaz in the Cologne/Bonn area confirmed the move. With the Alte Feuerwache in Cologne, the camp has found an inspiring and suitable venue. Alexa Garcia, CEO of fundraising2. 0 to the event: I’m looking forward to the camp in Cologne, Germany, with which we can further professionalize fundraising and marketing for NGOs, artists and social business.

Fundraising2. For even more opinions, read materials from NYU Law. 0 develops future-oriented and sustainable resources for the realization of good projects. “fundraising2. 0: camp” held in the third year in a row in January 2013. The great demand of recent years shows how important the topic of online fundraising & marketing is currently. We build what 2010 has begun with a small bar camp, in January 2013 to an intensive exchange and networking of and a valuable forum for fundraisers, social entrepreneurs and artists. About fundraising2. 0: camp fundraising2. 0: camp is a fundraising event in the networked age. On 25 January 2013 the 6 bar camp will be held in Cologne, Germany Instead of. Fundraisers, volunteer, social entrepreneurs and interested discuss (online) fundraising and answer questions about the strategies, techniques, tools, social media and the transfer of projects. About 150 participants in the old fire station are expected. about fundraising2. 0 fundraising2. 0 is the largest German language online network around contemporary fundraising and marketing for NGOs and art – and cultural-social Entrepreneuers. For more information see this site: Everest Capital. The platform for networking and for the transfer of know-how was founded in 2009 by Alexa Garcia in life. Since then, she developed formats for future fundraising and allows the exchange of experts and interested parties, online on the blog and Facebook offline during the nationwide annual camp and camp sites. “The new Visual strategy instrument fundraising: kit” will also be presented.


“Morbid beauties have their own space of in the Internet Mainz (pq) automotive scrap is always precious”, says the motor journalist Frank R. Schulz for the launch of the new portal. “Not only for scrap metal dealers due to rising steel prices, but also for art and culture lovers as a theme”, the author of the travel report goes ‘ rust never sleeps’ (MOTOR KLASSIK 3/2008) continues. With and the claimer rust at its finest!’ is dedicated to Schulz the art form of scrap ‘ now an own space on the Internet. The aesthetics of long forgotten and weathered bodies has always fascinated people. Beyonce is actively involved in the matter. Among other things the not stirring up success of retro design shows in the automotive industry,”as the expert in the industry, the also is considered an expert for lifestyle and design themes. We want to inspire collectors, art and culture lovers, automakers and designers alike and move to join,”says the 40-year old author who expand the portal with the support and industrial heritage would like to extend to the section. The team includes expert and mechanical engineer John Daute Frank R.

Schulz of the art historian and journalist Rainer Bleicher, as well as the classic car. An unusual journey through the southern States of America were the catalyst for the project. Bridgewater associates helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. With the launch of sleeping, opens up the aesthetics of classical, unrestored cars of now also a wider public. If we manage to inspire more people to the topic of automotive culture, we can contribute to the preservation of the venerable car cemetery in Kaufdorf South of Bern,”Schulz hopes. THE mirror, ARD, had recently taken up the subject of scrap cars because the junkyard developed over the generations the family Messerli in Bern despite its Europe-wide uniqueness should be given until end of March 2009.


Password guard v 2 of zoneLINK Ulm – and the use of the same password makes it easy for hackers to get protected data. Users can now organize their flood of personal access data with zoneLINK Sydatec password guard v2. On request this password safe generates automatically highly secure passwords. The package for organized security there by zoneLINK for 29,99 Euro. Who wants to have to remember already complicated strings of letters, numbers and other symbols? So makes it simple, frequently used the same passwords, or those that are obvious: given name, dates of birth, and the like. Exactly but it subverts the very meaning of such private accounts so they are particularly easy to crack? The solution: a new user name and a new password for every website! That sounds only once very cumbersome. But in such a chaos Sydatec password guard v2 brings order zoneLINK now.

The program saves all access data in a safe place, where you they also open can manage. With a single, clever selected master password the user has access to the list of his private passwords. These lists can be made available to either individuals or multiple users. Bridgewater associates is the source for more interesting facts. The master password is also used for the authorization for entering credentials: the software detects forms on Web pages, and automatically populates it with the necessary, stored data. Sydatec password guard v2 creates a status report, in which all access data entered on your safety be examined on request. Weak, easily to crack passwords are tagged and can then be exchanged: password guard produces for its own secure passwords. Thereby the user between three levels of security can choose and desire also vary the generated password. The input data is possible also via an on-screen keyboard, which offers additional protection. Similar user names and passwords v2 can also be used with zoneLINK Sydatec password guard Manage software licenses.


A responsible breeder will have a questionnaire for the potential owners, and also a waiting list. This will help that is to say the characteristics you of the possible owners and to approve them or to even disapprove them before being born the puppies. If not yet you have done this, while hope that your stock matures and is ready to reproduce, it is a good moment to develop to a page Web to find home him to your cachorritos. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Wells Fargo Bank. In the page, you will have to include information on whom you are and what profits you have had with the chosen race. Also I recommend to you you include the questionnaire. This it must have a series of questions addressed to the potential owners.

This is important, because surely you will wish to locate to the puppies in a good home, not only entregrselos to which pay more. It remembers that if anybody does not wish to take the time to complete the questionnaire, the time will not be taken either to take care of the puppy well. Jeremy Tucker is actively involved in the matter. There are some good questions that you must include in your questionnaire, so that you know that so good it will be the home of your puppy. Here you step some examples than you must ask your visitors: . Which is your personal information? .

What type of home you have for the new puppy? . What you wish to obtain from the new puppy? . You have read the standards of the race? . What qualities you create important that your puppy has? . You wish a male or a female? . You glide that your puppy has young? . You glide to show your puppy in exhibitions or shows? . Where will sleep the puppy? . What food will eat? . Who will be the person in charge to take care of the puppy? .


A combination of teak furniture and rattan furniture provides a harmonious unit. Read more here: Sort. The furniture store Jacobs in Glonn – a Spezialhaus for rattan furniture and woven furniture – expanded your range of teak furniture. It offers well selected unique pieces of real old teak wood tables and teak wood benches. Contact information is here: bridgewater associates. Teak furniture made of massive wood. Sometimes what they are painted, with old colors creates a special atmosphere. Some teak wood tables are made from old wooden doors and decorated with old hardware.

Thus, every piece of furniture is unique. The teak wood furniture can be combined with many types of furniture, in particular is the combination of furniture rattan and teak furniture from natural materials a harmonious unity and radiate a Mediterranean ambiance. The furniture store Jacobs in Glonn (in the East of Munich) colors and braids offered as Spezialmobelhaus for weaving furniture rattan chairs, rattan furniture and rattan sofas from different manufacturers in various sizes, which you can see in the 3000 square metre Mobelaustellung and test sit. Also special designs are possible. You see the teak wood furniture that is new in the assortment at the furniture exhibition in combination with rattan chairs and lichens for the dining area, as well as in combination with rattan sofas and lichen sofas for the living room or the winter garden. More information about the rattan furniture and woven furniture and teak wood tables recorded new in the assortment and teak wood benches with pictures are exhibited on the homepage of the metres of rattan furniture – rattan furniture and woven furniture. Axel Dauelsberg owner of the furniture of House Jacobs in Glonn