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Your PC started to 'slow down'? Anti-Virus scan revealed no infections. Finding errors in the registry and cleanup of unneeded files (see file number 63) also did not help. So, we must take measures to improve its elements and devices. This requires a search of malfunctions in the computer, the possibilities of restoring and improving the efficiency of its elements, ie diagnose computer. On the Internet There are many special programs for diagnostic computers. Most of these programs paid and free programs require typically 30 MB hard disk space. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ben Silbermann. In an advantageous side of them is the difference between PC Wizard from the British company CPUID – a free, small (3MB), but quite good quality and workable program. By installing this software on your computer, you will get an opportunity to test and analyze the operation of all systems your PC.

When the program starts in the main window displays general information about your computer. By clicking on the icons in the windows, "iron", "configuration" and "system files" – you will receive detailed information about selected elements. For example, information such as the state: the motherboard, processor, video, audio, input / output ports. As well as information about connected devices, temperature control, information about Windows, parameters of the control panel, running processes, system statistics downloads, CMOS-settings, etc. When you activate the box "resources" displays information about the involved ports.

Working in the window "test", it is possible to conduct tests performance of the system and its individual components. Very interesting features in the "Tools" menu. The first is – System Test Stability. This is a test of stability of your CPU and motherboard – when you start the test as loaded processor in such circumstances, it works for a long time. Are made in the measurement of the temperature and the temperature of the motherboard – they should not exceed 100 C for CPU and 60 C for the motherboard. The second function – Processor Monitoring. It is almost standard performance manager Windows. It allows you to trace the history load CPU core operating frequency and voltage. The program PC Wizard easy to use, consumes few resources, and effectively help your computer to be always operational, representing all the basic information about its devices. Download free software PC Wizard 2008 1.871" here – the file number 66. Yuri Chashin 02/05/2010


Assignment: Do you have a distribution platform client Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition (NAVCE) or Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition (Symantec AV). You want to unmanaged clients kept sending messages to the server Alert Management System (AMS). Solution: Alert unmanaged clients – features added to Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition 7.03. In recent months, Ben Silbermann has been very successful. If you use NAVCE version 2.7 or earlier, you can not use this feature. To read more click here: Jeremy Tucker. To post a message to the server AMS should: 1. Use a text editor such as Notepad to create a new text file. 2. Dobavtet the following lines: KEYS! KEY! = $ REGROOT $ Common AMSServer = S AMS = D1! KEY! = $ REGROOT $ ProductControl LoadAMS = D1 3.

Replace with the IP or IPX address or host name corresponding to the server AMS. If you are using the computer name, make sure that the client can resolve the server name. Make the presence of the prefix S before. Do not include brackets. 4.

Save the file as Grc.dat. 5. Copy Grc.dat in the installation directory NAVCE. Do this for each unmanaged client with whom you want to send a message to the server AMS. NOTE: To send message, the client computer must be connected to the network and should be able to connect to the server AMS. If any of these conditions are not met, then the message will not be sent.


So what is this new creation, successors and followers, unforgettable Bill on – nicknamed the "wicket (Windows). Despite the huge amount of money that "small – soft" (Corporation Microsoft), vbuhali in Vista, she was stillborn. In the former Soviet Union precisely. Or underdeveloped child may have and, therefore, that did not want to play with toys (the program). Bill Phelan is full of insight into the issues. We use, because they are not legally or simply pirated. But our gallant Knights – hackers do not care attitude to them breaking in, preferring to break the good old XP. In neighboring China, is the friendly – same story.

And if you look at the world map, you can submit a number of potential customers product, even if the "license" buy one in a thousand users. But it's one of my assumptions, but not without, common sense. And here comes a new 'ventilator', with the modest name of Windows 7. Codename Blackcomb belonged Windows NT 6.0, operating system, which is planned to be the next after Windows XP. What place was given to 'Vista' is unclear. Blackcomb was supposed to be the successor to the Linux operating system for both desktop and server to workstations. Pinterest might disagree with that approach. At the end of 2001 Blackcomb release planned for 2005, then announced that an interim version will be Windows Longhorn, which will update the core Windows NT 5.x.

The initial name of Windows Vienna, but in July 2008 name change. Number of Windows 7 in the line of NT, – 6.1 Windows 2000 – 5.0, Windows XP – 5.1, Windows Server 2003 – 5.2, Windows Vista – 6.0). The first known build of Windows 7 is known as Milestone 1 (M1) code drop number 6.1.6519.1 What's waiting for us, unfortunate victims of fanatics of Silicon Valley? Here are some of the features and details, just note that not all will necessarily present in the final assembly! Windows 7 will offer support for multitouch-monitors (this is when your finger across the screen). Use advanced core server software platform, Windows Server 2008, which, in turn, is based on the core 'Vista'. Applications and device drivers written for Windows Vista, have no problems working with Windows 7. I have their confidence. Support systems using heterogeneous graphics cards from different manufacturers and Nova version Windows Media Player. Integration with Windows Explorer'om Gadgets, Gadget for Windows Media Center. Ability to visually attach and unfasten the objects in the Start menu and the Recycle Bin, improved media features, Multi-row calculator, including Programmer and Statistics. Control Panel include: Accelerators, ClearType Text Tuner, Display Color Calibration Wizard, Gadgets, Infrared, Recovery, Troubleshooting, Workspaces Center, Location and Other Sensors, Credential Manager, Biometric Devices, System Icons, Windows Solution Center, and Display. The ability to store settings for Internet Explorer'a Windows Live account. Updated versions of Paint and WordPad, surely they are still someone uses it? Health Center. Ie "Family doctor", do they care about our cars? The installation process takes about 10 minutes (that's when I laughed for a long time). Versions: Windows 7 Business, HomeBasic, HomePremium, Ultimate, HomeBasic N, Business N and Starter. I took the information from different, perhaps not entirely reliable source, so in the end, all it may be up to vice versa. Beta release of the new operating system scheduled for early 2009, but knowing how they promise, you can wait and end of the year and early next. But otherwise we are not left and I hope a couple of years with his beloved XP jump to a wonderful product called: Windows 7. Al.M

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Today's world to us more closely, it is difficult to deliver in the absence of our mobile friend and constant companion. It is not only to us by our assistant, but still and interesting and nice podsoblyaet to native free time. All of the above – probably about mobile phones. And no one since no one will be able to challenge the precedent, though perhaps a tiny device placed over us all, since all want to be in relationship. Probably closer has long realized the creators of the additions to mobile devices, and any of days there are more spaces on the Web.

Let's see what the international otlichalka ordinary telephone handset and phone or PDA. Telephone differs from conventional telephone availability of the operating system (like the saddle, Symbian OS); communicator because possession, found in most cases, the operating Windows Mobile system and perceiving the screen that way as a function of the telephone here has serious rivals closer, who claim to be first space according to importance. Therefore, the addition and differ dramatically for such devices. For example, if you type in at least some search engine like something similar to the phrase "all for phone, phones, smartphones and PDAs," in the search results you can not take a thousand pages of an outcome. In a single, ground, as if to grasp – if set correctly voprostsy, then allowed to get the right answers. Fun for communicators, and the same as for other units, are formed for this, so we were nice to you accompanied by a native while quickly if something has to wait a long time to live on the road.

Today's numbers and the abundance of games according to genres and styles is so great, though fully able to choose any for yourself exactly what if necessary according to the soul. As mobile fun now, according to said spices are much more honorable gaming. Give consent, if the lead time is much nicer because of the latest fun than the next time to look at humane tired and grumbling little face in the subway consistent way home. Programki for PDAs designed to enhance multi-functional capabilities of the unit, so that for such a user had a chance yet get more from their own PDA. These additions have all chances to be developed as an official, that way, and developers to outsiders. For example, there is such a small utility that supports a host of Windows Mobile Pocket PC will be able to browse flash-adding when you visit Web pages. Craft is like an extreme version of Flash segodnyaschy the Player from Adobe for PDA with Windows Mobile version has seven, and the need to closely Intrigues 10th. That's such a nice example of the usefulness of additions. There are so many resources on which there is everything for PDA. On those websites have large collections of games, additions, screen savers, those melodies for "reasonable" PDA devices. If you read continuously improve your phone or want to make elementary that way, so it was a unique and distinguishable from others – then these websites elementary done for you. Nearly all of this addiction with long passes in

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Talk about what ringtones, how do they work in the mobile phone and how they moved from there PC's hard drive or other media, I think it makes no sense. Proceed straight to the point. Offered the option to create ringtones by extracting of audio or video sound track with a PC and a little creative programs. 1. Create ringtones from audio files. To copy a specific part of the audio file into a separate file (the future ringtone), in my opinion, best tool is the Nero WaveEditor (thanks to the support of all popular formats, and wide opportunities), part of the paid software package Nero (). For this purpose, suitable as a free utility mp3DirectCut (), but in this If the startup file should be formatted as MP3. How to work with these programs is similar to (the article with pictures here): – Start Nero WaveEditor or mp3DirectCut; – open the startup file (in the "File" menu, select "Open …"); – press click "Play All" (for Nero WaveEditor), or "Start" (for mp3DirectCut); – listening, we determine from which part of the file will create a ringtone and its location on the primary spektogramme file – select the desired part spektogrammy with the mouse – remove from spektogrammy unnecessary (in "Edit" menu, select "crop") – if necessary, deploy the additional filters (in Nero WaveEditor are in the menu "Tools", "Effects," "Better," in mp3DirectCut – in "Edit" menu ) – Listened result, if necessary – to make changes to the above settings – save the future ringtone (in the "File" menu, select "Save As" to Nero WaveEditor or "Save All" to mp3DirectCut), indicating the storage location, The name and format the new file.

mp3DirectCut allows you to save files only in MP3, which is supported by an absolute majority of mobile phones. But if necessary, ringtone can be converted into another format using Aimp2 () or other programs. 2. Create ringtones from audio video also can be made in the above scheme. But this is first necessary to get the startup file using the program VirtualDub (see instructions here- .) VirtualDub to extract audio from video file in WAV, therefore, before the creation of her rintona with mp3DirectCut, you must convert to MP3, for example, when using Aimp2.

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The importance of the System Administrator role has long been recognized, a good specialist – at a premium. Sysadmin taxis computers, and therefore the people, information, and, most importantly, the reputation of the company. Correspondingly, it responsibility. Drop service on the server, the virus in the network or the Internet may faint for a long time to paralyze the work of office and "stained" the reputation of the company. The main thing – the system works. Today in the arsenal of a sysadmin There are many programs for system administrators, both domestic and many foreign manufacturers over. "Friends", by the way, often many times cheaper, "gourmet" colleagues and is not inferior to them in the technical features and capabilities. Which programs are gentlemanly set sysadmin? It should come up to the administrator of problems: 1.

First of all, among the programs for system administrators this set must be present tool to monitor your network to detect problems with network equipment. This includes the monitoring of ports, protocols, servers, etc. These measures are intended not only to help respond quickly to equipment failure, "drop" server, but also to prevent unauthorized connections to the network, in time to identify the action of malicious software or viruses, and more. 2. Program for system administrators to solve the problem of hardware inventory. One of the functions is a system administrator control over the "iron" of the organization, supervision of his condition. Permanent computer inventory allows time to register the loss of equipment or its replacement for the older and to make the necessary upgrades.

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