Month: October 2016

Tell us about your merits. This question involves the identification of your self-esteem. The main thing here is not to overdo it. Tell us about your achievements in the sport of professional development. If so you can brag does not, because not all can boast tell us that the increased level of foreign language, to bring peace to the disturbed situation in the former work.

This interview will be with you plus. 4. For some reason, you left the former employment? In asking this question, the employer wants to know what you are not satisfied with the former position and how you see this work. The main thing – do not speak poorly about former team and former boss. This immediately Incoming calls from the employer.

You can refer to the remoteness of working from home, work schedule did not suit. On the low pay is only to say the least, as well as the desire to have a better job. About the latest versions should speak only when you really offer much more.What salary you want to get to us? Your material desired minimum and maximum? In answering this question can be safely is the sum, which is 10-20% above your last salary. But not the same – why change the awl on the soap? If you will like the employer, it will take you to your “demands”. 6. How well do you transfer additional production load? Here, most likely, you want to prepare for the enormous strain on the job. Feel free to ask, are paid extra work, how often they happen. If the answers you are satisfied, respond that they are willing to work on mutually beneficial terms. How long would you like to work for us? This question is often embarrasses the candidate. It should be a neutral answer, “I would like to work in your company some time to understand how I like the atmosphere of the team, I performed the task. If these factors remain positive, I’m willing to work long and hard. ” What do you know about our company? The answer to this question do not know just lazy, since for a job in a company, you need a little bit to know what she was doing, what services. Look at it on the Internet site. For lack of knowledge of these things leaves a negative impression on the employer. Why did you choose our company is in search of work? This is another issue to confuse you. Flatter bit. Tell me, what this company has got an immense development in the market that it is stable (and you just need stability and) that it is very promising (and you just need it). About the money saying the least, even better to remain silent at all. Tell me, what is convenient for the post it is in this company, the duties it is in this company. On interview it is desirable to arrive rested and relaxed. Remember – you are the best expert, and in front of you is a man who did nothing better than you. To answer all questions calmly and confidently. Ask inquiries. And do not afraid to ask your employer to “perfidious” questions. Only carefully.


The best films according to critics Citizen Kane (Citizen Kane) Orson Welles has been selected number one by the British magazine Sight and Sound on the results of six polls of critics, which is held every ten years. In another vote, where his The view expressed predominantly directors, Citizen Kane as well took the first place. There are two other rankings, where the film has been awarded first place – it's Time Out (1995) and the American Film Institute (AFI) (1998) Rules of the Game (La Regle du Jeu) the director's Jean Renoir (Jean Renoir) was named film in the cinema of the French magazine Positif in 1991. He also confidently held second place ranking Village Voice. Additionally, the Battleship Potemkin, there were only two pictures that were present in each rating Sight and Sound. Battleship Potemkin was chosen as the best film of all time by a special commission of experts on the world exhibition of World's Fair in 1958. Bicycle Thieves – (The Bicycle Thief) was chosen as the number one magazine Sight and Sound in 1952. According to the book Halliwell's Top 1000, which tells a thousand names of movies, top 6 as follows: 1 – Tokyo story (Tokyo Story), 2 – Rules of the Game (La Regle du Jeu), Lawrence of Arabia (Lawrence of Arabia) ( 3) The Godfather (The Godfather Trilogy) ( 4) and the Seventh Samurai (The Seven Samurai) ( 5). Citizen Kane (Citizen Kane) is in sixth position. The best films according to public Godfather (The Godfather) in the first place ranking IMDb's top 250 films.


The American Conspiracy? The attacks of 11 of September and the death of Osama Bin Laden. It has ten years, the United States of America suffered with one from the attempted against greaters of history, had been attacked in the country, the twin towers of the World Trade Center and the Department of American Defense, known as Pentagon. The disaster could still have been worse, an airplane taken for the terrorists, whom the White House would reach was deviated and fell in the Pensilvnia, preventing the destruction of the biggest American representation. All the attacks had resulted in the death of 2.977 victims and 19 kidnappers. If you would like to know more about Jeremy Tucker, then click here. From then on, it is that the question appears: who was the commander of the attempted against ones, and which the intention of such cruelty? The Americans keep the thesis of that the identified terrorists were the command of Osama Bin Laden and other Muslen to show the superiority of its countries in relation to the United States. But some critics, intellectuals, artists and proper Americans, believe that everything was a plan of the proper American government to cause a reaction to the external politics of the country in relation to the Arab countries and Muslim. Or still, they believe that the attempted against one was a personal action of George W.

Bush, who is maom. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jeremy Tucker. The coincidences for all the theories are in fact surprising. When seeing the landslide of the twin towers, we observe something during the explosions, that make to seem that it had explosives of the building inside, and that the Americans already knew of the tragedy. But also, if to repair all the actions that the Americans had taken in the hour, seems that the Arabs had planned everything with antecedence. The republican member of the house of representatives Ron Paul gave its opinion to the CNN: ' ' The argument of that we were attacked because of our freedom and prosperity is falso' ' , and it completed: ' ' If it was thus, Al Caeda would attack Sweden, Switzerland and other countries.