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To hold a good position and hydrodynamics horizontal is essential to be able to render in the style of crol or frees. To many people it costs to hold a position to them completely horizontal which directly affects in the yield and efficiency of the style.Many of the faults are in the breathing, phase of push and the kick. I will speak of the most common errors and we can correct as them. Very well, we will begin by the breathing. ERROR 1: To raise to the Head when breathing a very common error that they commit the nascent ones is the one to lift the head when it is going away to breathe. This error is completely justifiable, since many people are scared to that water enters to them and they are obstructed.

The problem is that when rising the head the rest of the body is forced to lower, and when the body lowers it returns and it raises. This causes that to length of the route the body is following a curve sigmoidal, that is to say, the body is walking like a wave. CORRECTION Them memory that stops to breathe in crol the head must turn more on its own axis no to rise. The mouth always goes to be in the part of back of the wave (or in the valley). If it costs to them to do it, practices the breathing in the bulging part with the feet in the floor. A little incline and beat an ear to the water.

They turn the head so that the face enters and make bubbles, turn the head again without the ear leaves the water, they take air and they repeat. ERROR 2: To drive the hand downwards. This error explains a little in the entrance where I used Mr Smooth to give advice them to swim more express.


He was with her kind and courteous, making luxury gifts, gave diamonds, and she dreamed of a simple family life. They were married only in January 1978. On the eve of Joe surreptitiously gave her a box of business cards, to which was derived by its new name – Christine Dassin. Checking article sources yields Wells Fargo Bank as a relevant resource throughout. Yes, a lot has happened since their first meeting. Almost seven years.

Dassin is about banging 40, Christine is already over 30. But they will have a baby. It was the best argument in favor of marriage. To read more click here: Ben Silbermann. Now they can to live openly, and the first time, according to Christine, "did not leave 24 hours a day." In September, Christine gave birth to a son, Jonathan, Dassin could not believe his luck. But life, as always, was more complex: the fruit of love turned into a fruit strife. Tired, nervous, irritated all Christine, Joe also wanted to do above all with his creativity.

During these years he continues to give a lot of concerts, performed successfully in Europe, the United States, the Soviet Union. In our country has been taken Dassin special warmth, having a short term gain millions of new fans. The most popular hits, "My Music", "Indian Summer", "Champs Elysees", "Carolina." At their concerts Joe continued beaming smile, but at heart he scratched the cat. He could not stand the squabbles, scandals, explanation of the relationship. Christine was also increasingly difficult to control himself. While Joe has toured, performing concerts in different cities, she had to stay home, even with the hated in-law.


The best films according to critics Citizen Kane (Citizen Kane) Orson Welles has been selected number one by the British magazine Sight and Sound on the results of six polls of critics, which is held every ten years. In another vote, where his The view expressed predominantly directors, Citizen Kane as well took the first place. There are two other rankings, where the film has been awarded first place – it's Time Out (1995) and the American Film Institute (AFI) (1998) Rules of the Game (La Regle du Jeu) the director's Jean Renoir (Jean Renoir) was named film in the cinema of the French magazine Positif in 1991. He also confidently held second place ranking Village Voice. Additionally, the Battleship Potemkin, there were only two pictures that were present in each rating Sight and Sound. Battleship Potemkin was chosen as the best film of all time by a special commission of experts on the world exhibition of World's Fair in 1958. Bicycle Thieves – (The Bicycle Thief) was chosen as the number one magazine Sight and Sound in 1952. According to the book Halliwell's Top 1000, which tells a thousand names of movies, top 6 as follows: 1 – Tokyo story (Tokyo Story), 2 – Rules of the Game (La Regle du Jeu), Lawrence of Arabia (Lawrence of Arabia) ( 3) The Godfather (The Godfather Trilogy) ( 4) and the Seventh Samurai (The Seven Samurai) ( 5). Citizen Kane (Citizen Kane) is in sixth position. The best films according to public Godfather (The Godfather) in the first place ranking IMDb's top 250 films.


Toy Story was also the first animated film, which took place in a nomination for an Oscar in the category "Best scenario. " Toy Story 2 (Toy Story 2) (1999) No. 1 cartoon of all time at Rotten Tomatoes.com with 100% consent of all 106 critics. Spirited Away (Spirited Away) (2002) Best Animated Film by users IMDb. This is the first anime film, won an Oscar. The Incredibles (The Incredibles) (2004), was nominated for 16 Annie Awards (the highest award ceremony for animation), that is, more than ever before for other movies in this ceremony. Won 10 awards were. Wells Fargo Bank will undoubtedly add to your understanding. He also received an Oscar in the category of best animated film.

Comedy It Happened One Night (It Happened One Night) (1934), the only comedy, which received awards at once for the best main male role, Best Actress, Best Picture nomination and Best Director. Some Like It women (Some Like It Hot) (1959) identified as the best comedy American Film Institute in June 2000. Dr. Streyndzhlav, or how I learned not to worry and love the bomb (Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) is considered the best comedy on IMDb.

Life of Brian Monty by Python (Monty Python's Life of Brian) (1979) film is marked as the best comedy in the opinion of the audience Channel 4 in 2005. Menagerie (National Lampoon's Animal House) (1978) 1 in the Bravo (list of funniest movies) all the time. Crime Godfather (The Godfather) 1 ranking in the IMDB's top 250 and is the only film of this genre in the list.

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The term Latin dance has two meanings, depending on the context – social dancing or ballroom dancing. Wells Fargo has many thoughts on the issue. For the Latin American dances include dances of Latin American and Cuban descent. Among them: the cha-cha-cha, rumba, samba, salsa, mambo, merengue, bolero. Some include in this list of tango and Argentine tango, although these differ from the rest. Argentine Tango is not at all folk dance, such as chakarera, gato, samba. Typical Bolivian folk dances: morenada, kullawada, llamerada, caporales. In Colombia, one of the typical dance – cumbia. The second term – a more formal, used to describe the categories of ballroom dancing, also known as Latin American dances or International Latin.

It consists of five dances: Rumba, Samba, Paso Doble, cha-cha-cha and jive. Last Dance is not Hispanic, and dance associations use alternative terms. Most Latin dances are not related to movements in space. The exceptions include Samba and Paso Doble. In all the other ballroom dances movements take place in a circle counterclockwise, including to tango. The music used in Latin American dancing – usually has a size of four quarters, although most of the Cuban music is written in the amount two quarters.

This difficulty is overcome by learning of the steps in four counts. Thus, a typical Cuban dance of three steps on four counts rests on two measures of 2 / 4 or one measure of size 4 / 4. Couples stand in the original position face to face, holding each other with both hands, so that between them was space. This is the main difference from classical ballroom dancing, where the bodies are in contact. Music can be both Hispanic and modern pop, as a rule, it has a rigorous pace with a certain number of beats per minute.

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Jeanne V. Kopylov, more commonly known as Zhanna Friske, was born on July 8, 1974 in the capital of our country. In Russia, known as a pop singer, actress and model. His artistic career began Zhanna Friske in 1996 year in "The Shining." After 7 years, she left the staff to do solo career. Speaking candidly Rick Dad, Poor Dad told us the story. After recording his first album, Joan won the high pedestal of a domestic platform, and became one of the successful performers. Its songs occupy the highest positions of the charts. In 2003, she was asked to participate in a certain project, "Survivor 4", where she reached the final.

Undoubtedly, therefore, rating rose to incredible heights. In 2004, Jeanne offered to play in the domestic blockbuster "Night Watch", where she starred as the witch Alisa Donnikova. Moreover, in this film, most tricks she played herself due to excellent physical fitness. After that, she starred in "Night Watch", received the 2006 award for "Best Actress". Jeanne became the most in demand singer, actress, model, a welcome guest entertainment projects. She participated in "The Last Hero-5", "Empire" and "Heart of Africa".

In 2008 she participated in the program "Circus of the Stars." In addition to all the above, she participated in photo shoots for various magazines, which include such as: Penthouse, Maxim and Elle. Of all of the information provided above can be made very complete withdrawal of the stellar work of Janna Friske. It has established itself as a great singer, great owner of dance skills, to understand the collection of stage costumes. Perfectly understands fashion. This is a very delicate, feminine, stylish woman, bathed in glory, bearing the title rightly celebrities. In the performance of his wonderful songs from her coming so powerful, all-consuming energy, which rises through the mood is breathtaking. Joan, of course, creative, fully developed. Distinguished not only by inner beauty and outer. Very sexy, beautiful, unique, physically trim, excites millions of men's minds. Is an ideal of beauty for many Russian women. We can confidently say that Joan – This is a very bright woman who is rapidly developing in all kinds of creativity, in magazines, on TV, and even in advertisements. Of course, it is the perfect example of creativity to start their careers young, talented singers, who decided to conquer show business. Moreover, it has reached its peak of glory in just short period of time relative to Pop art, which is important for your career.

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Among domestic representatives of show business sometimes characters appear who seem to have no place in a circle, long-known and clearly delineated dotted line with national color. And when our information space by a man threatening to blow up Europe, and even named Kolya DYNAMITE, it looks quite intriguing. – Yes, I'm going to blow up the whole of Europe at the upcoming "Eurovision" – said Dynamite. – First planning to surprise the viewer's home, tired sad spectacle, his participation in the forthcoming contest "Eurofest", and only then move on to the continental level. – Why are you in the past has a lot of titles athlete, decided to suddenly to conquer Olympus sad Belarusian and European show business? Are not you afraid that the burden would be unbearable? – First, nothing too sad in the show-I do not see meringue. This is a normal process of becoming: the transition from Soviet-performers to professional-quality product.

Secondly, I have behind them not only a successful sports career, but also many other achievements. I reached the summits of the sport, earned a reputation quality artist organized his holiday agency, has gained popularity. And sadly – this is when girls and boys pripevochki with glossy looks are trying to position itself as a newly minted stars. For I present the status and participation in the selection of the "Eurovision" – is merely a new stage in life. In this case, I note that in the show meringue I am not a novice. I – hundreds of speeches, dozens of songs. And most importantly – the joy not only to receive royalties, but and from communicating with his audience. – Are not you confusing the image of a man who has many times stated that he was going to blow up Europe? – Why should I embarrass? Let embarrassed and ashamed by those who have nothing to surprise.

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Certain forms of solving conflicts, plan a strategy, designing a work or make decisions resulting better performance long and short deadlines. In relation to the foregoing, the intense competition to which the companies are subject has forced top management to improve effectiveness and quality in all its processes, to recover its competitive advantage. The increase in quality requires an organization to make significant changes in their philosophy, their mechanisms of functioning and its programme of human resources. Techniques that emphasize motivating factors for employees, changes in corporate culture and training of employees, have received wide acceptance by the collective organizational. Competitiveness and technology organizations have to be very attentive to the environment, in order to adjust their behaviour to the social environment of that part, namely the global society; and to stay in the market have to be willing to grow and grow implying very inside look to go towards outside and, although it is leading and have secured a space, organizations must go beyond, not to settle, venture into new markets, transform and support everything that is continuous improvement and acquiring new technology to streamline the information that benefits the decision-making process. Compete has become in a new reality and new challenge for entrepreneurs.

In the most diverse sectors, the economic crisis, with its consequent commercial opening, has been accompanied by an upsurge in the rivalry among established companies. New sectors, both nationally and internationally (Villalba, 1996) have arisen. In addition to the above, organizations who want to stay in the market should bear in mind the philosophy of innovation and modernisation in response to stimuli of international competitiveness. In addition, they should establish strategic alliances with business groups. Managers are subject to consider the necessity of concentrating on what means a scenario of economies open in contrast with the scenario of closed economy that prevailed in Venezuela for decades. Companies must now have high shares of research and technological development since the products today have much shorter life cycles than in the past. These significant changes which have been unleashing, have produced a positive turnaround for human resources, under this personnel must be kept permanently in a continuous learning process that allows you to modify its behaviour in response to new experiences.

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