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Electromagnetic shut-off valves. Appointment, classification, description. Valves with magnetic actuator designed for installation in pipelines as locking devices for rapid, remote cutoff medium flow. Conditional pass solenoid valves typically have a small value of 6 40 mm. This is due in the main by the fact that a low pulling force of the governing body, ie, an electromagnet. The solenoid valves are classified as follows: by the nature of current-alternating electromagnetic drive, or permanent sealing of mind – and packing in the form of semihermetic – normally open and NC (normally open valve (NO) is opened in the absence of current and closes when power to its drive, normally closed (NC) is in the closed state in the absence of current and opens when the power supply to drive it) by the method of action – direct and amplified electromagnetic drive integrated directly into the valve and the core is its spool. This control spool moves force of the electromagnet. For even more details, read what Hyundai says on the issue. In turn, the electromagnetic actuators are divided by type of magnets on: reverse, pulling, pushing, turning to the core.

Valves with integrated have driven the size and weight with low values. The coils are made at 24, 127, 220, 380, 440, 50 Hz, 60 Hz. Submission of the working environment is carried out on the spool or a spool. The valves must be tight with respect to the external environment in ground cushioning joints. Many writers such as Michellene Davis offer more in-depth analysis. Materials used solenoid valves – carbon steel, stainless steel, brass.

Operating position to a horizontal line – up by an electromagnet. In the absence of electric valve can be opened by manual override (if it's by design). Examples of some of the symbols of solenoid valves – 15b816r, 13s810r, 15b806r, 15862bk etc. A variety of work environments in which solenoid valves have been used very large: steam, natural gas, condensate, air, water, water with impurities, mineral salts and nitric acid, ammonia, liquid, halocarbon, inert gases, alcohol, and more. Due to its benefits of the solenoid valves are widely used in various branches of modern industry.


Adjustment is considered complete after the CNC to verify the operation of the CNC machine in different modes and in accordance with a given program. When adjustment is necessary to use different methods to assess the technical condition of the CNC machine. The method of observation is the simplest and consists in the fact that the serviceman watching the operation device node or element of the CNC machine, and estimating the correctness of their actions can be judged on their performance. The method of elimination or containment, is that by artificially reducing the constraints (implemented functions) in the device containing the faulty element, consistently disconnected elements to detect faulty. (By the constraints in this case refers to all types of connections – hydraulic, mechanical, electrical).

The comparison method is to replace the element tested (site, block) devices, respectively, known intact. If after replacing the efficiency of the machine is restored, the fault to be found in the seized element (node block). Consistent method of troubleshooting is used for testing circuits, consisting of several units of functional dependence, measuring or monitoring the control signals series of follow-up to the previous one. When commissioning and maintenance of electrical equipment, motors and machines of CNC systems because of the complexity of the latter there is a need to have in place a number of electrical and radio equipment. Selection of types of instruments and their number depends on the type of CNC machine tools and systems, as well as on the required accuracy.

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Janome Sewing Machine great to have a modern rynke.Ne secret that sewing equipment manufacturer that is highly reliable, easy to use and has many other vesomyhpreimuschestv. Manufacturer Janome – is growing rapidly and has become one of the best brands in the world. That's why we want to do a little review of events in the history data of sewing machines and try to understand what is explained achievements of the company. First of all let's try to understand how the brand name appeared Janome. On this occasion there is a legend. The fact that the canoe, which had the first sewing machine Janome – was unusual shape and the shape of a serpent's head. In Japanese it means – Janome.

As a result, a large number of unsuccessful attempts to choose a name for the firm – the problem was solved. It is believed that this story – a simple story, yet Still, many believe that's the way it really was. In the end, the company Janome – has a name, and Janome sewing machines are gaining in popularity and is rapidly gaining market share. After more than 80 years, sewing equipment trade Janome brand worthy to occupy a leading position. Let's go back to the story of how they have developed a firm and sewing machines Janome.

In the international market Janome Sewing Machine vonikli after the 2nd World War. At the while important step towards the development of Janome sewing machines made the American company New Home. The company bought its Janome in 1960. New Home has worked 100 years and therefore the company had extensive experience in the production of sewing machines. Exactly This invaluable experience has become an important impetus Janome brand on its way to success. It should be noted that after purchasing New Home, the company began to progress much faster. The first sensational result of Janome Sewing steel machines with computer control. The world was first shown a model Memory 7. This sewing machine has simplified the work of seamstresses in a few times. Of course, all this has affected the productivity of the machine. Today the range of products manufactured by Janome much increased and includes domestic and industrial sewing machines, overlock and embroidery machines. Sewing equipment available at competitive prices and at the same time not inferior in quality other sewing machines.

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How to choose a water heater (boiler) First I would like to say what a 'boiler'. Donald Gordon contains valuable tech resources. In technical terms, boiler – water heater storage type. Plain language – a system of heating element and the tank, which heats the water and to a certain temperature and maintained at the same level. This is useful if there are any shortages of hot water. We will tell you about its structure and help select the desired model.Gazovy or electrical energy for the boiler boylerIstochnik may be gas or electricity. But some of them prefer? Water heater capacity of 1-3 kW (some Models up to 6 kW) are able to work from ordinary electrical outlet, so you connect it to the power supply line is not obyazatelno.Esli install gas water heater, you will get an advantage in time of heating. Capacity gas boiler starts from 4-6 kW, compared with a maximum capacity of 1.5-3 kW electric majority, looks impressive. An example of the water heater 150-gallon tank can be seen that the gas equipped with burners on the average power of 7 kW, whereas for electric boilers used 1,8-3 kW heating elements. Ie in the gas boiler to heat 150 liters of water needed just over an hour, and at least two hours (and sometimes more) will go as long as the same amount of heated in an electric accumulator vodonagrevatele.No to install a gas water heater will need more and build the chimney. The complexity of installation depends on whether closed or open The combustion chamber is provided in the construction of water heater.

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And this is no good. They already ate all the cookies while you reasoning. Fittings to taste But back to the fittings. Bah, it makes our plumber, while we talked! With some putty and suspicious of traditional tow it tries to plug the resulting gap between the fitting and pipe! Why, when so many brilliant minds were working on improving the collection of sanitary connections pipes? Long ago in the world invented a variety of models and options for fittings, "tees" (join together three pipes), corner (two pipes). There is a fitting closure member (ie tap): If you need to replace, say, faucet in the kitchen, it is not necessary to cover the water around the home, and just turned on kranchik fitting – and access to the necessary water tap stopped. Easy! But the most useful classification of the fittings – the method of connection.

Here, you list those present, these devices are divided into: brass fittings; capillary fittings (ie, capillary solder fittings), compression fittings, compression fittings, self-locking fittings. Threaded fittings. It is the oldest system of connections. Such a fitting having inside threads, is screwed onto the pipe, connecting them. Pipes should also be threaded.

It can be said, the most hackneyed way of connections, for many years Used for iron and steel pipes. And until now, threaded fittings produced in our country. They are made from the same pins of iron and are not designed for soft copper and even more so on the plastic. When tightening a fitting can simply crush the copper or plastic (metal and plastic) pipe.

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(Our industry drives for rolling shutters and roller shutters still does not). If you already have a decent entrance gate (the fence), I would not recommended to change them. It is best to install them electric, and this is especially useful when the gate opens inward. If the door opens outward, the installation of several drives Sause width of the opening, about 12-14 cm on each side. Especially the monumental look sliding (sliding) doors. Their main advantage is manifested in the winter: you need to clear snow from the area just rollback the gate along the fence, but not all the space, like a swing.

In the supply of automation systems for gates leading Italians. This is a NICE, DITEC NOVOTECNICA, CAME, FAAC. Fundamental differences between them, the difference is really only in the logic of the control units and programming remote controls. Speaking of remote controls, remote controls they are called, are uravlyayut all this automation. Management is carried out over the air on a strictly selected frequency – this rule to all legally operating in the Russian manufacturers. Differences between the panels from each other only in the coding system 'own – a stranger. " In my opinion, the most easy to use remote controls, CAME, NICE, HORMANN, FAAC as the acquisition of optional remote, you can easily rewrite the code from an existing to a new, ie does not require radio receiver installed in the control unit.

This creates two equivalent right panel – clone ready for work, which does not allow the automation of other firms, requiring that the new console was in the immediate vicinity of the radio (at the gate, barrier, etc.). Please do not believe in charlatans and just semi-literate managers, stating that the equipment of one company can only work with consoles of its production. It all depends on the installed receiver. Possible to install any receiver in any remote controls in any equipment! Moreover, you can install the receivers of different manufacturers in parallel, ie, setting the receivers of one company, you can remotely open gates, barriers, etc. with a single remote both in his work and at home. In summary I would like to note that the ratio of "price – quality – maintainability 'I stopped at a hardware CAME, since the logic of this equipment is extremely simple, regularly supplied spares, remote control of all upgrades are compatible with each other, the demands to the supply voltage? 15%, which is close to the domestic guests? 20%, although, given recent events in the UES, I am going to buy the stabilizer voltage, and the best independent energogenerator. Regards, V. Kalitkin.

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Gas stations – it's environmentally friendly, reliable and modern units for stand-alone and backup power supply. They allow the owner to be independent from routine and emergency outages, and sometimes so that altogether cancel the service suppliers. Compared with diesel or gasoline power generators, gas have a number of tangible benefits. Petrol and diesel engines are limited to types used in these fuels. Gas power plants work well as a liquefied gas "LPG" or gas 'methane' from the main pipeline and passing gas released during oil production, which usually burned. If the electricity needs are great, compact generators easily merge, forming one strong unit increased reliability. After the failure of the stop or to prevent one of the components generator is only slightly reduces the overall power output.

In addition to gas – the cheap and efficient fossil fuel. Gas power plants can be supplied in modular buildings or containers. Acquisition gas-fired plants in modules allow you to increase capacity as needed. Because gas-fired power capacity is easily increased, since the pairing of new modules, and the subsequent installation are carried out quick and easy. For maximum flexibility, you can install a gas power plant with an additional module, which runs to relieve peak loads. Recently, various gas power types actively promoted by the manufacturers.

The most common grounds are a low cost of energy produced and the independence of global supply chains. I especially want to mention the environmental cleanliness and safety of electrical gas that when they are undemanding and reliability will provide reliable and continuous operation in a continuous loop. Another advantage of gas power is its ability to the combustion gas to produce a considerable amount of heat. It can be used to heat the same areas that receive the gas generator power. Consequently, the gas generator may some cases, perform the functions of TPP. Our company offers you a variety of its technical characteristics and price range gas power plants.

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The modern man receives information from various media outlets that spread it through radio, television, internet and various print media (newspapers, magazines, advertising brochures.) All kinds of prints from latest news and events were the same attributes of our modern daily life. But technology does not stand still and be replaced by conventional notebooks gradually came to handheld PCs and electronic books. These devices are already commercially available and their cost in recent years has dropped substantially. The wealth of information in all the world is stored in various formats for reading electronic devices. Designs for print newspapers and magazines are also typeset into electronic form.

This means that under certain conditions, it is possible to mass migration of humanity to electronic publications. We read in 'Wikipedia': 'E-paper – Technology information display, designed to simulate normal ink on paper. E-paper forms an image of reflected light, as plain paper and can display text and graphics on indefinitely without consuming with electrical energy and allowing you to change the image in the future. " Electronic paper, unlike computer monitors reflect light like a normal printed page. Angle of view it has more than LCD flat panel displays. It's light, reliable, and displays based on it can be flexible, although not as much as regular paper.

Will the alternative electronic devices replacing paper-based information? With confidence You can give a positive answer. What's the point in the daily expenditure of one million tons of paper, and, consequently, the green earth's resources in a one-day source of information, which is already the next day and no interest requires processing at recycling plants. How much strength, energy and various materials will save humanity, if the electronic paper will be widely distributed! Electronic paper – is a convenient container for information-lived. Now its value is in the range of 300-400 $, but as the technology and cheaper its price will fall. Electronic devices based on electronic paper handy, compact and mobile. Description, functionality and other features you find on this page of our store. As for the good and the eternal, universal humanity masterpieces of world literature and art, worthy of such information to be imprinted on paper of good quality in a beautiful cover, and bring lots of positive emotions to its owner.

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