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Discussion forum in time has opened a new community Forumfactory around the theme of film & television at the season opening of many TV series with The user to their favorite TV shows to replace on this platform. The TV series are divided into the Forum by genre. So, one finds also addition or Telenovelas, hospital series or soaps action series. Within the genres, the individual series are listed, for example under the crime series CSI, monk or crossing Jordan. The Forum is not only restricted to American broadcasts, but you can also exchange for German series. Because the team of Forumfactory places emphasis on timeliness, new series will be included in the portfolio. In particular also the wishes of the user will be taken into account.

Next you can discuss therefore glee in the fan forum about the series, which won four Emmys in the United States. information about the actions of the series fans and find out which character is played by the actor. You can contact reflected in their contributions to the series or entertain themselves by means of prefixes to individual characters. Under you can take position to do so, if the favorite actor has left the favorite series. Or the user can replace their assumptions about how it will proceed in the next show or the next season. Of course, the fans can report here also by personal meetings with their stars. When the fan Forum developed as well as our other forums, we think of a future extension of the forum for the movies and music. “, so Forumfactory Chief Carsten Grentrup.

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Bucks new University familiar German social community specialists in the development of their online campus. “The third campus” is an interactive online service that makes it easy for students to access to information and also makes available, attractive tools for social networking and personal productivity them. The platform provides a central and individualized virtual introduction to all areas of the University to all stakeholders. Third is enormously increase the attraction of our College campus. With the SITE FORUM platform students, employees and prospective customers online via personalized courses and academic information can be accessed easily and intuitively”, explains Professor Trevor Nicholls, Pro Vice Chancellor for campus & facilities at the bucks new University.

The portal offers an innovative and highly current service with our College in a manner presents itself to the outside, of which we can be proud. It will prove to be an invaluable resource for turn to our students from all over the world.” The previous site the bucks new University migrates currently on a new architecture, revised and expanded in the future to provide a comprehensive service offering. The inclusion of local and global partners from the economy is a factor which the University admits a particularly high priority. As digital natives’ students are today used to collaborate online about social community tools and that is why no University do without a modern, compelling online presence. Dirk Schlenzig, CEO of the SITEFORUM group, by creating a Web environment, State of the art, the bucks new University shows that she implement their best practices taught in the courses even in reality”performs. We hope that many more colleges & universities in the UK follow the new bucks new uni but also on the European mainland.”

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Knowledge balance sheet and marketing information system have common interfaces knowledge balance sheets have the potential to open for a wide range of applications. As always the future raw material “Know” in the Brannpunkt, especially the most knowledge-intensive and information-based marketing processes are offered for such opening the application. The combination of analysis for marketing controlling and intellectual capital is helping to establish a foundation for the look into the future and inexhaustible potential and strategies. Action-related operation in addition to this strategic vision but also concrete information can be and win recommendations for improve budding in daily practice to. In the foreground, a demonstration of business expertise is here not so much. Instead, look for functions and procedures relating to knowledge balances should be sharpened. Connections from knowledge balances to questions, which at first glance more in marketing controlling Home seem, should be made more transparent. CF.

Becker, Jorg: marketing controlling and intellectual capital profiles and portfolios for knowledge factors, ISBN 9783837071320. have much marketing information system and knowledge balance together and build both on the single raw material, which still grows due to repeated use. The largest common intersection is likely to be found, that both marketing controlling as intellectual capital as an essential core element of the knowledge balance reinforced focus on qualitative, i.e. so-called soft”align success factors. The balance of knowledge supports the early detection of future opportunities and risks.

As a pure status quo application in the long term is not sufficient, these can be extended with regard to the future prospects of the company. Many display options, such as for example traffic light charts with red yellow green areas for the assessment of the knowledge factors, are easily understandable and also can the credibility to decision makers and Increase acceptance. It creates an effective instrument for controlling, can be traded with the active (not just reactive). CF. Becker, Jorg: marketing controlling and intellectual capital profiles and portfolios for knowledge factors, ISBN 9783837071320. The balance of knowledge can be used as a wide communication platform for planned activities of the company. Nothing is so convincing as an intuitiveness as offered in the form of portfolio, traffic light diagram and effect mesh plots. This promoted also holistic, strategic thinking. The classification and logical structuring of the knowledge balance prefers an approach with the cracks and contradictions in the assessment and control of factors can be avoided. The presentation reveals the dynamics of the effect relationships between knowledge factors with lever – and feedback effects (graphical network representation).

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Webshop Vertireb failed / sales of smartphones over retail the Android Chief responsible for Google Andy Rubin can be via the official Google blog announced that the company will stop selling your own Android Smartphone nexus one via the Web shop. Instead, the Smartphone in the retail sector should be available. Rubin justified this step by the fact that the Web store has not complied with the expectations in him. Another reason is the issue that most Smartphone buyers only want to have the device in hand to test it before you decide to purchase. One consequence of this change of strategy is that customers now must decide with your mobile phone provider for the Smartphone. In the Web shop selling version, customers could select the desired mobile phone contract or buy the Smartphone without contract to the nexus one. But Andy Rubin had to saying positive things in addition to the failure of Web shop selling strategy: Google be pleased about the success of the Android platform and the dissemination of innovations that are migrated from the nexus one in other smartphones.

Google and many other companies, to the Open Handset Alliance include, have created a platform with the open-source Android operating system, which quickly conquered the Smartphone market. According to U.S. sales figures from the first quarter of this year (2010) more smartphones running Android were sold as smartphones running Apple’s operating system. This is mainly because that many of Apple’s have joined competitors in the Smartphone market in the above-mentioned consortium. In from open handset existing 65 companies Alliance are located next to Google including HTC, LG Electronics, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Vodafone and T-Mobile. Porter Stansberry helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Information about the Google Smartphone nexus one: the nexus one was presented by Google in early January and is manufactured by HTC. The Smartphone running the Android operating system will have a 1 GHz processor fast operated and offers the popular smartphone features a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash. Arndt lane field writes articles for a while of new developments in the field Technology. It also helps to find electric Grill lighter.

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Diagonal screen size 15.4-inch wide format. This laptop easily and naturally to cope with any office tasks. We now turn to the more expensive segment – business-notebook segment asus. asus notebooks aimed at business, different from the other segments, is that laptops are extremely compact and lightweight, made of high strength and aesthetic materials such as magnesium alloys, carbon, leather and steel, and most importantly, that the powerful internal stuffing and equipped with all sorts of wireless interfaces – these notebooks can run for long battery life. In Segment Business Notebook asus, includes two categories of laptops for business – Ultra-Mobile Laptops diagonal display which does not exceed 12 inches and subsegments just a mobile business notebook asus, which differ from their ultra-fellow diagonal display in the 13-14 inches and usually a built-in optical drive. asus notebooks in the 13-14 inch form factor is more universal, unnecessarily in most cases have a built in DVD-RW or a more modern drive, as well as such displays can be more comfortable to work. Give an example of a business segment of the notebook by asus. asus F9E – ultra-mobile notebook by asus 12-inch display.

The notebook asus F9E applied modern Integrated Graphics Intel gma X3100, and in conjunction with the built-in optical drive, laptops are becoming more versatile, in addition to the laptop has wireless interfaces WiFi and Bluetooth, which is very important for the business model. The notebook asus F9E use the budget option of the Core 2 Duo T5550 2Ghz, thus reducing the overall cost of the laptop to the level of budget 15 inch models segment soho, and only a few losing in performance. Complete asus F9E while reducing the cost of the laptop did not suffer and it still includes a laptop bag and optical mouse. And the last, we consider the multimedia segment of the notebook asus. Multimedia notebooks have everything you need to entertainment in the form of the latest games and professional activities, such as video editing. asus notebooks are equipped with a multimedia focus widescreen display between 15 inches and larger, as these powerful asus notebooks can boast the presence of a discrete graphics and flagship processor. Laptops in this segment can be multiediynym center of your home. An example of a truly multimedia laptop without reservations may be Joint development engineers and designers of high-tech companies asus and Lamborghini – Notebook asus Lamborghini VX2S.

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Or: there are “important” main or “unimportant” minor factors? In an increasingly dynamic and competitive operating environment, the relative importance of ‘soft’ factors compared to the usually measured ‘hard’ factors continue increasing. A location factor is not alone for this reason important, because it can be measured. Conversely, a location factor is not already so less significant, because no precise rules exist about him. For the location of Bad Homburg progress the Director book for the urban development under the name of master plan. The development of such general plan should be with broad public participation. The results of the work should be always again publicly presented and to the discussion.

The actual work to be made by the Councilor, the Administration and personalities from business and society. The political discussion on the risk, advised that such a master plan is only the matter of a political majority or but like many others Rank plans just in the drawer. “Referring to repeated postponements in the sports facilities development plan is among some players of a city development prevention plan” spoken. That set to certain personalities, which are earmarked for the real work to (see above) would not sufficiently involved in the hamlets. The success of such master plan thus crucially depends on whether you can agree on a reasonable and optimal procedure to do this.

The setting up of a Steering Group is a step on the way to the comprehensive master plan, with all facets of urban should be poured by the culture to demographic development in a coherent plan work. Last but not least, hence transparency and sustainability of the planning process should be ensured. See from a general strategic perspective among others Jorg Becker: strategic potential check of the site exploring site perspectives, ISBN 978-3-8370-4978-7. A location factor is important not only for this reason, because he can be measured. Conversely, a location factor is not already so less significant, because no precise rules exist about him. Applies also for the so-called soft”factors: they are far more frequently also comprehensible to quantify than usually assumed. In an increasingly dynamic and competitive operating environment takes the relative importance of the soft”factors to the usually measured hard factors continue to. CF. perspective comprehensive planning among others Jorg Becker: location indicators I. performance levels locally, sensors on the location pulse, ISBN 978-3-8391-1823-8 cf. in addition also Jorg Becker: site analysis from the cockpit of the indicators visiting the counter area, ISBN 978-3-8423-1858-8 Jorg Becker

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The new, free printer dashboard of ThinPrint cloud service gives an overview of all the States printers and consumables Berlin in just a few minutes, March 23, 2011 – ThinPrint makes available its new cloud service printer dashboard. The free, Web-based printer monitoring solution provides all important information about the printer landscape. Printer dashboard determines the status of each printer and helps to avoid costly failures, as well as to resolve printing problems promptly. Printing is still one of the expensive services in the company. According to a study by IDC, companies spend approximately three to six percent of their sales for the print to which industry no matter. And numerous other studies have shown that many companies don’t even know their actual printing costs. The new free printer-monitoring solution printer dashboard a remedy now.

Users who register on the ThinPrint Web site for the service and the associated to the solution, so called agents”install, get within a few Minutes a complete overview of your printer environment. The service creates an overview of expendable materials, reports critical levels of toner and paper jams for each printer and makes it possible to order toner and paper directly from the application by mouse click. Thanks to integrated accounting, users know the paper and toner or ink of any printer, as well as the costs of this. This solution is an absolute must for anyone who is dealing with the subject of printer management, such as, for example, printer dealer who want to quickly gain an overview of the situation of their customers”, so Charlotte Kunzell, COO and CIO of ThinPrint AG. Printer downtime can be avoid, determine the workload and the cost of individual models, and reduce the overall costs with our service. And all there free on our website.” Interested parties can register for printer Dashboard under: printerdashboard this press release and press photo are online available and are available for download: press. ThinPrint AG and Cortado the ThinPrint AG and their Cortado’s Mobile Division offer innovative printing solutions and pioneering mobile business applications for each cloud strategy. The ThinPrint product family optimizes printing in approximately 10,000 companies any size and industry, from 5 up to 500,000 users.

Cortado – the mobile Division of ThinPrint AG makes smartphones and tablets with features adapted to the respective display to full employment. As a global software manufacturer employs the ThinPrint AG more than 180 committed and qualified professionals in the headquarters in Berlin, Germany as well as in offices in the United States, Australia, Japan and Brazil. The company has built up an international network of partners, is Microsoft Gold Certified partner, Nokia Forum Pro Member, BlackBerry Alliance select Member, Apple enterprise developer partners and works closely with over 20 carriers worldwide. The solutions are marketed by more than 500 renowned distributors and resellers in over 80 countries. Thanks to numerous OEM partnerships are the client components of the patent pending .print technology in a variety of terminals, print boxes and integrated thin client of leading hardware manufacturers. The strategic partnerships of the company with Citrix Systems, Fuji Xerox, HP, Lexmark International, Microsoft, VMware, and Wyse Technology enjoy a special significance. Contact for the press: ThinPrint, Silke Kluckert, public relations manager, Tel.: + 49.30.394931-66, fax: + 49.30.394931-99, E-Mail:,

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Parameters One of the important parameters – the maximum distance between the centers, that is the maximum length of the workpiece. It gives information about the size of the machine and what things it can do. Often This value, expressed in millimeters, is a marking of the model. For example, the maximum length of the processing machine – 25 cm, then it will be interesting to modelers and manufacturers of gift items. Height of centers over bed and maximum distance from the axis of rotation podruchnika determine the maximum diameter of the workpiece.

If you use a copier or a support this option is usually less important. Power consumption in wood lathe is small compared with many other stationary power tools, but it is quite sufficient for the task. Virtually all modern lathes speed varies. The traditional method of adjustment – a permutation of the belt in the gearbox to the driving and driven pulley of the diameters. This is usually done manually, and sometimes – Handed down to the front of the lever. Another common method of electronic control, which is often used in tandem with the rearrangement of the belt. This option allows more flexible adjustment of the machine. Control the frequency of rotation is very important for the woodworking industry, as it allows to adapt the machine to work with the procurement of a certain diameter and with the required accuracy.

The typical range of speeds – from 500 to 2500 rev / min. Attachment to the spindle by means of set screw connection or conical with a small angle. The last option – Morse taper, entered into use Stephen Morse in 1864. Fix the nozzle in this case

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