Month: January 2016

Is it time for the assessment of knowledge of the people who were in this land before the Spanish arrived? The policy begins to unfold is a consequence of the results of the Census called Native Peoples. (A valuable related resource: PayNet). The communities rejected the horizontal part and surrounded by doctors, as is done in public hospitals in the province. Something is happening when the Ministry of Health of the province of Buenos Aires plans to incorporate indigenous medicine to formal health. a Oeno it comes to teaching the logic of the functioning of our health system but to permeate the system so that it can contain an offer that meets the philosophy of the original peoples , said Carlos Mate, Minister of Health of Buenos Aires. Converge, meet, reconcile, learn, are verbs that Matt used to talk about the new relationship that will seek to establish the knowledge of our people. The main idea of this concept is: adapt the health system to the population and not bind the people to go to the foot of the system.

Especially because not or succeed. appropriations by his culture, his vision of the concepts of health and disease, native peoples do not access or unwilling to access the formal health system that we offer to said Dr. Gustavo Marin, director of Primary Care. a Oey the system has not recognized this knowledge, bias, or due to ignorance or to keep your hegemoniaa he added. But it also seeks to reach Indian medicine the rest of the population.


Beautiful inside and out. This is the teaching of the Pure Fashion program to all young people involved. And for beauty advice on Marco Aldany no one better than the first chain of Hair & Beauty in our country, who just participated in the catwalk Pure Fashion 2009. We did not want to miss an appointment who was born in the United States is gaining weight and relevance, and which celebrates its second edition in Spain, says Carlos Ruiz, Director of Marketing and Sales of the company. And is that Pure Fashion aims to be the reference in the field of fashion for young people with values. In fact, more than 300 people attended the Grand Hotel Las Rozas to the closing gala of this program, by Maria Leon, communications director Pedro del Hierro and sponsor of this event which was commissioned Marco Aldany styling: The reason collaborate in this event is the philosophy by which Marco Aldany bet and how well received wherever it is having already taken place: to create a training program for girls aged 14 and 18 years who want to be models, but to which they conveyed this concern through training programs which transmits positive values and life styles based on leadership, commitment and internal and external beauty . Click Ben Silbermann to learn more. continuaa Ruiz.

A picture is worth no more than 1. 000 words Taking into account that the shows you want to convey an objective and democratic image of beauty, has found the gateway that best complements. It will involve children from different schools and institutes in Madrid they will learn that being a model is not just to have external beauty of wearing a face, a makeup or a particular hairstyle, but, haa to have other social values such as commitment , authenticity, self-esteem, etc. . , Added Ruiz. So, with the collaboration of Marco Aldany in Pure Fashion chain will do its bit for the candidates to be submitted to the gateway representing their own canon of beauty. Girls who participate carry out social objectives (commitment to its environment and with the most disadvantaged), staff (balance, self-esteem, beauty balanced), professional (leadership, commitment, perseverance, communication), affective (authenticity, values, comprehensive training).

Besides these young women know firsthand that it is social action and volunteerism, will receive a course on nutrition and the importance of sport, a protocol or public speaking course and learn to work together. About Marco Marco Aldany a Aldany, chain ownership of The Chic Corporation, is the leading company in Spain in the hairdressing sector. It currently has more than 400 operating rooms in our country, is also present in Central America and Portugal. More than 50 years of presence in the sector has given him the experience, structure and resources that allow you to mark your own pace, achieving a steady increase, year to year in revenues and profits.


As every year, eventoplus Group has done its market research for corporate events, held responsible for events with companies (142 responses), event agencies (81 responses) and service providers for events (122 responses). Health market. If 2009 was a difficult year, the company responsible for events not foresee an improvement in 2010: the weighted average of their responses indicates a reduction of 5% of their budgets in 2010. In fact, 50% think that the events have been canceled in 2009 will not be made in 2010 either. If agencies and suppliers are more optimistic (only 21% of providers and 20% of agencies provide a slump in 2010, against 43% of providers and 52% of agencies that see a recovery), customers can send and wait a difficult 2010. Other related sectors can compensate for this negative development of the national corporate market. First, some traditional markets issuers to Spain again to send groups (UK, Germany, and to a lesser extent France). Second, the market has provided a good congress 2010, better than 2009.

Finally, the Spanish presidency of the EU generates an activity that will bring profitability to many suppliers, and some agencies. Cambiosa According to practitioners, the industry will be different in several respects, after this recession: measuring the impact and justification for the events will be very important, the procurement process will remain very tight, it will simplify the staging; lower the level of luxury. Only 5% of respondents expect no significant lasting impact. In the end, the market is driven to a stage much more cautious in financial terms and content of the event: the love of large assemblies and "showcase event" giving rise to much more pragmatism in the purchase.