Month: May 2017

Businesses are seeking, so increasingly more studied, minimize the costs of an investment and maximize the benefit that it can bring you. In this line, a technology investment is virtually the only option for companies expanding and even those that are consolidated. Communication within the company is a key factor, and for this reason it is interesting to manage the existing offer to take the best decisions. To read more click here: Jeremy Tucker. In this framework, the IP PBX that is nothing more than a telephone system full; represents the leap needed in enterprise telephony since it allows with a low initial investment, send conversations as packets of data on the web, working on IP data networks. The PABX, works as a switch of local calls over the data within the enterprise network and allows all users to share the same external telephone lines, enabling uniformity and low cost; rapid communications, with a minimum of investment. This technology, which is in the process of expansion, above all in Europe provides communication without limits, safe mode and that accompanied the expansion and permanent movement of any company. But as not all customers / vendors used it, the IP PBX allows to connect to traditional lines PSTN lines, through an optional bridge, in such a way, that daily updating in business on this advanced voice and data network is a fairly simple task.

Their installation would not represent an interruption in the operation of the company or an alteration in its infrastructure, the implementation of an IP PBX allows to maintain regular telephone numbers of the company. An IP PBX system consists of one or more phones (phones based on software or hardware-based phones) SIP, a server of IP PBX and a VOIP gateway to connect to existing PSTN lines. Its operation is similar to a proxy server: customers with SIP phones are registered with the IP PBX server, and when you want to make a call, the IP PBX establishes the connection. The IP PBX has in its interior a database with all users or phones and their corresponding SIP address your number by assigning-, for them unable to connect from inside or from outside your system, or call through a VOIP gateway from a VOIP service provider. Original author and source of the article


This child certainly does well what give the four hundred blows, more than anything because his rebelliousness seems sometimes a little without justification, without cause, which linked with James Dean when pulled stones to a White House, anticipating him age however. The film, the first of Truffaut, has interest in the employment of a new cinematic language for the time, and because it has been subsequently considered a work Summit of the Nouvelle vague. The boy protagonist is claimed as a conflictual being within their society, missing school, lying to her parents, stealing typewriters, going to film or exhibitions rather than to class and challenging, a little, to your teacher. His sidekick, a college classmate, is something more refined, without doubt because it comes from a slightly more affluent social class. The adventures of the main interpreter, Doinel, will lead to a correctional or reformatory, which flees to fulfil one of his dreams, see the sea.

Why regarded this film a work outstanding French cinema? In addition to obtaining the Cannes Prize for best director, Truffaut, in 1959, I think that the reason is the constant and subtle contrast that always exists between the rebel child and a society anchored in a rigid regime in the values which, in spite of this, starts to become less clear-cut, partly because of the emergence within it of other modes of familyother points of view, as it is masterfully with the family situation of Doinel, with single mother, then married, and who has an occasional lover. It speaks of a cinema cult or intellectual, perhaps with excessive kindness, because, finally, after the French director tells us in his debut a story more than one rebellious, misfit, lazy boy and thief, who doesn’t want to go to school and enjoy with a debauchery rather than with a freedom theme in the 1950s were perhaps very tricky, but in 2010 already is not seen as something peculiar. I do not want me, God frees me, saying that this movie is not original, but yes, in my view, she has lost freshness with the passage of time.


It always used dark eyeglasses the night to protect its retina, said to be in treatment. It ordered to its Juvenal, copeiro of its house, that lowered the intensity of the light and that it closed all curtains. In this night it took wine tinto that it did not want to drink to be able to arise itself early to go to work. It did not have supper, only took its wine, but it was good, it was very affectionate. It arranged the form room that did not remember the room of a romantic young, full memory of its door pictures, etc. It liked to know the place where it slept e, fetiche must be one, all man wants to know as it is the environment where loved its sleeps! It woke up, it already was far.

It bound, it asked for excuses was called to decide businesses and it tried to sleep a little more. She was agitated and with strong pains in the body and the throat. It was until the bathroom and if she looked in the mirror. The neck was swelled and with marking indelveis. On this day it had that to use high gullet to work and marked a consultation with the doctor of the family, to put Nicola bound and it was to its meeting. Wise person not to say does not stop it. They had had supper in the restaurant of it and had finished sleeping there where it had one sute for any emergency. It was until the bathroom and not it found mirror.

In the room nothing. It did not ask and if it put between sheets and it was the wait of it. It delayed, it fell in a deep sleep. When it woke up already was day clearly, it slept its side and Clarissa noticed that its neck was with an enormous nodule. Scared it was direct until the doctor’s office, examined it to the nurse, the doctor was travelling. The nurse asked if it had some cat or dog that divided the bed as it. Horrified with as much nonsense she answered that not.


Of course, to create a site that is not enough to ensure that it is not entered by visitors. The site needed to unwind, this is a whole science of optimizing your site for search queries. Here are some tips. The most valuable is the site – content, it content. Schedule is important, but more as a page layout. People are looking for valuable information and therefore the most important element of the site is – unique content. This makes the site unique and makes it stand out amidst the others. Add to the site unique content – it will automatically raise his rating.

The easiest way to increase traffic to the site – register it in the directories: paid, free, white, and others. But for such a procedure would take plenty of time and it is therefore easier to pay and make automatic registration in catalogs there are a number of other ways to promote your website and one of them – this is article marketing. You write an article, post it on the site – the catalog of articles and doing a paper 2.3 contextual links to the resource, thereby increasing the number of incoming links. This lends credibility to your site. Another way – identical.

Do you write comments on blogs, forums, social networks, and leave your signature, a reference to the following website a way to increase attendance – viral traffic. You create an e-book, which has your details. The reader will need to visit your site, if you as the author of his interest. In this book is distributed on the Internet for free, therefore it can be downloaded from any website a lot of people. If you have a mailing list, then subscribe to it, people can also visit your site if you provide your contact information in it. ges. Video on You tube. Put an interesting video in which insert their details. This kind of advertising your site. Here are brief. If this is all done systematically increasing the uniqueness of the site's content, chat conversations in online forums, to mailing list – the result will not hesitate to come …. Igor Kozlov