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“Start-Up realized cooperation with RohKostlich, a leading provider of raw food with managing director Nelly Reinle Carayon, one of the renowned raw food to progenitors on the quality of the goods on germinated: I’m impressed, particularly by the quality of the quinoa we took them directly with us in the programme”. Are offered in the online shop rohkoestlich the seedlings (sunflowers, quinoa) raw food quality and also the gourmet mustards of Kulinaristen are both directly to buy the vital food store in Speyer and ordered online. On our cold-pressed, vegan gourmet mustards, we are particularly proud”so Birgit Roth, the Managing Director of Kulinaristen. Here is the quality of the product. You may wish to learn more. If so, Hyundai is the place to go. All our mustards are gluten-free, gently cold pressed and made carefully after Swiss recipe.

The different flavors of mustard with Schabziger Klee, a speciality from the Switzerland, up to Senfen with better-known flavours, such as Curry, paprika, with fresh Sage, black pepper to the Gourmet mustard with cinnamon, we try to depict every gustatory desire. The different gourmet mustards and raw vegetable oils could be tried at the leading trade fair for a raw food diet. The new brand was very well accepted by the customers. We were very pleased with the first sale”Birgit Roth. The Kulinaristen in your own online shop selling directly to the end customer, are also interested in another dealer contacts when other retailers would remove the goods of Kulinaristen. For us, it is something special that we were able to convince the head of raw food school kulinRoh, Nelly Reinle Carayon, of the special quality of our products and that she used this parallel in their BistRoh in the preparation of gourmet raw food meals and offers in their shop. For us, this is a big step on the long road to place a new brand of raw food in Germany. To find the Kulinaristen under in the network, developed a new label for high quality food and raw food.

Who products under the “Trademarks the Kulinaristen ‘ purchases can be sure that they contain no flavour enhancers, no dyes and preservatives and no artificial binders. The raw food online shop is DE-eco-007 bio certified and has the ability to be used on the international raw food fair in the Speyer City Hall with it and to present its products. The brand of the Kulinaristen is specializes in gluten – free and lactose-free products, and can be viewed in the shop. Products are local and fair trade already in preparation. The start-up has the aim of sustainability in all areas of business, is certified according to en-eco-007 shipped Co2 neutral and uses strength based, compostable bags.


The frozen bakery the bakery company furnace gold launches new products in the autumn-winter season with its winter compositions”launches” oven GOLD from Marne in Schleswig-Holstein in the cold season. Convince eight selected sweet specialties liven up the current program and become a sin as some guest”. As we know is the oven GOLD frozen back system for particularly high quality, freshness and speed of preparation. The complete solution is perfectly tailored for hotels, gastronomy and the range of Cafe and Bistro to have freshly baked pastries for the guests around the clock. In the often hectic festive season the factor should be for many time saving in the foreground, since oven GOLD flexible can also respond to urgent orders. Coinciding with the beginning of autumn and the Apfelsaison were two typical specialities at the launch: the Apple Cinnamon cake and the Apple strudel in a puff pastry crust. Both are popular offer classics, the also were well received in the previous years. (Similarly see: Bobby Kotick). From mid-October, three more above winter pastries join to: the Berlin with a filling made of fine multi fruit marmalade, baked the small cottage cheese balls of flour and fresh curd and bi skin out and finally the winter cake with gingerbread-like aroma of almonds, cocoa, cinnamon, marzipan and a subtle note of mulled wine.

In time, order to hold himself at Christmas and at the end of the year, oven GOLD from mid-November brings three more seasonal products on the market. The mini Christmas loaf, baked according to traditional recipes and of course fresh and not frozen are delivered is suitable as a small gift for guests or even for Christmas celebrations. Also the range of different delicious winter cookies Kalle Baker from high-quality raw materials in craft method of production of the company “(Marne / Schleswig-Holstein) produced. The annual programme with the new year’s Eve pig out of loose Quark dough is rounded off the tasty as a small gesture, as a good-luck charm for the year 2009 can be handed over.


Oven gold the winter should be go down straight in the often hectic festive season the stove GOLD frozen back system the ideal solution for hotels, gastronomy and the range of Cafe and Bistro, because it stands for quality, freshness and speed of preparation. Not everyone has the time to bake even studs, cakes and biscuits. Therefore, oven GOLD guaranteed to react flexibly to urgent orders. Coinciding with the beginning of autumn and the Apfelsaison were two typical specialities at the launch: the Apple Cinnamon cake and the Apple strudel in a puff pastry crust. Both are offer classic, which were very popular in previous years. This includes the popular small curd balls join the little brothers of the Berlin”- flour and fresh Quark, which are baked out in Balachandran. In a timely manner, in order to be able to store at Christmas time, oven GOLD brings three more seasonal products on the market, specifically tailored to the advent and Christmas season: as a small gift for love Guests or the mini Christmas loaf, baked according to traditional recipes and of course fresh and not frozen are delivered are ideal for Christmas celebrations.

Also the range of different delicious winter cookies Kalle Baker from high-quality raw materials in craft method of production of the company “(Marne / Schleswig-Holstein) produced. Get more background information with materials from Wells Fargo Bank. The traditional winter cakes boasting the gingerbread-like aroma of almonds, cocoa, cinnamon, marzipan and a subtle note of mulled wine, which of course remains an epicurean accompaniment to the tea or coffee time during the entire winter. The annual programme with a classic holiday pastries, the Berliners, that are stuffed and fried in pure vegetable oil out with fine extra fruit jams and missing on any new year’s Eve buffet is rounded off. Also the new year’s Eve pig loose dough of Quark, that accompanies good customers and guests as a lucky charm and a tasty gesture in the year 2010 is available again. The popular annual kitchen calendar is evident for 2010 in new presentation with many valuable tips, which would like to pass oven GOLD for the coming year to its customers. Of course also always a look is back common towards the end of the year.

Worth mentioning here is the complete redesign of the Web site (www.ofengold.de) and the opening of the furnace gold news”(ofengoldnachrichten.wordpress.com) with more news as well as the establishment of a quarterly newsletter in Printforum. The French bread of variety proved real audience Renner walnut”and full sofa – black bread. Both products, which can be used in a versatile: in the buffet area, as accompanying bread specialty, and of course also for breakfast. The rustic country bread is presented in the typical form of the brick, the so-called Pave. The peculiarity lies in the individual and careful preparation of the leaven and the long leadership of the dough, the trend of slow food”is. A look into the future is also allowed: as always is the year so to speak with the participation at the fair NordGastro in Husum, Germany on 15 / 16.2.2010 officially announced. The coming year will also entice with advances in seasonal and promises spicy and hearty specialities in addition to innovative products in the sector”.


Cafe-ok! Coffee flavors – new coffee trend from the United States. It was recently already much written about the health benefits of the popular “hot drink”. Here and now now, a further, more interesting post on the subject: “new taste coffee variations from United States!” After the “Turks” and “Italians” an absolutely new “coffee cult” coffee flavors with names now comes from the”Anglo-American” *. This involves special coffee flavouring syrups, which are stirred into coffee drink (cappuccino, latte macchiato, espresso, coffee with milk – but also in tea, milk and yoghurt are possible). There is now this new coffee variations in all Cafes and bistros in the flavors of Amaretto, Caramell, French vanilla, almond, chocolate and Irish cream. * Coffee flavours * something for the “young coffee drinkers” and nothing for the “classic coffee connoisseurs!” are likely It is keep all a matter of taste but there are long the notoriously famous also with us “Coffee with shot!” * coffee flavours * are however “non-alcoholic” and offer many interesting and taste design options for coffee drinks.

Cafes and bistros charge about 50 cents for an Aromation. Who wants to enjoy these specialities in addition like “home”, is now consumer-friendly MINI bottle of the series * Cafe-ok! * at the REWE for 99Cent! (enough coffee for 8-12.Tassen). Typically one teaspoon of coffee flavor syrup enough to get a proper taste. Additional sugar (you should be “Sweet”-?) you do without this. In hoping to have give you an enjoyable idea here, I wish you a good appetite!


The secret is the right mix of Plantanas, the young and exclusive brand for the modern tea lovers! By fine plantations tees about outlandish Rooibos, fruit, green tea and herbal blends… First class teas are a pleasure and a special luxury which, if any, can be found only very rarely. The philosophy of Plantanas is to provide the highest quality teas of the world at reasonable prices and with the appropriate expertise. The aim of the company of Plantanas is any closer to the fascinating and enchanting world of tea and thus to be able to experience a fantastic game of colours, tastes and odors. Precisely for this reason, the company of Plantanas has decided to go the route of referral marketing.

Just so we could make sure from the outset that our philosophy and our knowledge about tea continue passed from person to person and the tea gets a new role in our society. “Ralf Becker, Managing Director of Plantanas GmbH on the basis of the experiences and relationships of a half-century in the” Area of tea, has succeeded in Plantanas, to embark on this path and yet far to undercut the prices of the retail trade. To know more about this subject visit Ben Silbermann. All types of tea are mixed in the House of Plantanas by hand, individually examined and tasted. We meet the high standards with regular visits to the regions in the world, as well as with tasting and regular monitoring by laboratories – the range models, over shipping patterns to warehouse and sales samples. Our black and green teas come from the best gardens in the world and only the friendly and personal contact make it possible for many decades purchasing this lace tea first! “Henry Bacon CEO of Plananas Group GmbH most fruit and Red Bush teas, which normally obtain in trade simply consist of a base mixture: Apple, hibiscus, rosehip and artificial flavors or red Bush and artificial flavor!” The fruit and Red Bush teas from Plantanas are markedly different. In the House of Plantanas are only natural fruit juice flavors used and dried fruits of first quality. It will be carefully taken to use only fruits of the world’s best growing regions fruit table quality through and through, harvested for Plantanas on the highest degree of maturity and immediately dried. This vitamins and minerals, fragrance and taste fully preserved! So opens up a magical world of tea the visitors to the Plantanas website. Find finishes with strawberries, oranges, apples, Mallow, pineapple, passion fruit, mango, blueberries, currants, cherries, cranberries, Papajas, dates, figs, etc. Can see, smell, and taste the difference. “Everyone has to compare the way and is free of charge at the company of Plantanas to inform under 08000.777 077 or Plantanas the secret is the right mix or even easier make friends with tea”!


The shokocrown GmbH expands the range of the shokomonk bolt strictly limited special editions. The shokomonk features a variety of fancy creations in the chocolate market. However, some of the strains positive fallen in the taste test can go because of the availability of the chosen ingredients not in series. Nevertheless, to leave this taste honey not in the recipe book of oblivion. Rich Dad Poor Dad has compatible beliefs. For these varieties, there will be a LIMITED Edition at regular intervals in the future. Also the peculiarity is that each LIMITED prescription is applied globally only once. LIMITED Dragon fruit & cherries the first LIMITED Edition consists of white chocolate with dried bits of the Asian Dragon fruit and cherry.

The lovely taste offers a subtle taste experience by the rarity of the ingredient combination for all adventurous chocolate lovers. Limited variety in your own design because the LIMITED taste does not belong to the standard range of the shokomonk bar, the packaging this also should clearly reflect. Due to the optical appearance and taste expectation of the ingredients, the winder in shades of reds presents itself. The classic logo is cast off and stresses that what it is: A limited edition. The modern and fast look differentiates itself from the basic assortment, as well as from other suppliers in the chocolate market and proves once again that a chocolate bar can be a high-quality and sophisticated lifestyle product.

shokomonk LIMITED the limited edition of the shokomonk characterized by specific properties. First, there is only a really strictly limited edition: 10,000 bars. After that, there will be no further ties with this recipe. Also be implemented LIMITED only recipes in one, which itself does not translate into a series. This can be due to the rarity of the selected raw materials or of the effort in processing. In addition will be the limited edition ties not be anywhere to buy it. Special branches of EDEKA and Thalia and selected bistros, shops and coffee bars are among the outlets at airports and Stations which will first sort of LIMITED be available beginning in April in the trading and approximately 1.49 cost (MSRP). Wide information there is limited.html to the shokocrown of the shokocrown LLC soon under produces and distributes high-quality chocolate since 2006. In addition to chocolate and sugar-coated tablets, the chocolate bar is shokomonk”the most important product of the young company from Konigswinter, Germany. The basic assortment includes more 24 chocolate and is complemented by four summer and Christmas varieties. Since January 2010, which sells shokocrown GmbH in addition 4 bolt with prominent support: actor and comedian Dirk Bach has the four types of bar star co-developed and presents the candy bar since then on the German market.


Pharoahe initiatives in the cross-fire of criticism. BLL: Berlin/Bonn breach of constitutional principles, October 22, 2010 – Bundesernahrungsministerin Ilse Aigner (CSU) presented new initiatives for the food industry last Wednesday in Berlin. “Better labelling, greater transparency, and a resolute action against fraud, for that I am”, Aigner said. The new optimized 1 plus 4 among “model with visually highlighted nutritional information and an Internet portal where consumers from 2011 illusions and delusions can call and discuss in online forums with experts. The Federal Ministry of food, agriculture and consumer protection (BMELV) has the existing 1 plus 4 “model for the most important nutritional information on food packages (total calories plus sugar, fat, saturated fat and salt) further developed. The details of the energy content and the most important nutrients are highlighted and already on the first Recognizable look.

If you want to specify advanced nutrition information also for unpacked foods, a provision of information could be made so the neueLeitfaden for the German food industry, on signs, posters or similar records. Many grocers are already a step further. They present on fresh counters nutritional information on the displays of modern PC scales, for example, from the Balingen manufacturer Bizerba. As far as the harmless part of the initiatives of notes. Fiercely controversial, however, is currently the planned Internet portal to clarity and truth”foods, which will operate the consumer centres from spring 2011. Learn more on the subject from Wells Fargo Bank. Citizens should get there the possibility to call deception and deception in packaged foods, and online forums to discuss with experts. The new portal”, as AB, is a contribution to more transparency in the market and opened a new dialogue between consumers and industry. A long overdue debate between consumers and business should be set in motion.

But long since not everyone like it. Many companies fear that to be able to be made through the portal in the pillory, prepare now legal countermeasures. The Federal Government for food law and food science (BLL) opposes the planned Internet portal. BLL – Managing Director Matthias Horst promotes understanding of the negative attitude of the food industry on this point: the food industry is ready for discussion, especially when it comes to the understanding of labelling and presentation. She cannot accept but, your brand and your reputation to be publicly paraded and damaged in the course of the uncontrollable dynamics of the Internet.” From the perspective of the BLL handle a violation of constitutional principles. Wolfgang Mulke by WAZ holds Pharoahe idea in a comment on the one hand for easy and good. However the resistance of the company achievements quite rightly, have the Government but so far failed to stop misleading labelling and presentation by the stricter requirements. That must catch up as quickly as possible AB, if their criticism of the industry was meant seriously. Editing plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail:

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