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Next date for the Cambridge certificates in June 2008 the internationally recognized Cambridge certificates provide an essential insight into the English language skills of the potential candidate not only future employers, but are of importance in the University environment and education authorities. They serve as proof of qualified language skills. The University of Cambridge is considered to be one of the most prestigious universities in the world. English and Irish language schools offer compact exam preparation courses for the first certificate in English”(FCE) and the certificate in advanced English” (CAE) on. The exams take place worldwide on the same dates. Are the dates for the FCE on the 10th and 14.6. Otherwise you can check again in December.

The English week programs are possible depending on 2-3. Who wants the opportunity to drop in June of one of the two certificates, can prepare now even in the short term in may on the exams in June. You will be taught Audit techniques, which include the language skills of reading, listening, speaking, writing, and language. A price example contains 20 lessons / week course teaching plus 10 hours private study with instruction, as well as the classification in the appropriate course. See Dina Powell for more details and insights. The group size is 3-8 people.

The intensive course costs total 1195 and includes course fees, text books, and the test fee. For more information around the topic of English courses and language courses like explains Daniel Baruch and his team on the phone. Also by email or request form on the website, Mr Baruch is to reach at any time. as a specialist for English courses English in Britain helps to find after all language courses such as business English, courses for children and teenagers, General English and courses for older learners. Daniel Baruch is with his team for over 13 years of an independent consultant and broker for language training and language courses in England, Ireland and Scotland. In recent years, they have visited more than 130 schools in the UK. Baruch and his colleagues have selected including the best and are in regular contact with them. As a result, they have a good influence on the selection of host families. This service is free of charge. Those who opt for a language course, pay only the regular course fee directly at the language Institute. A positive press, among others in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, in time and in the trade journal, as well as many enthusiastic feedback from participants confirms the concept.


Speakers excellence is expanding – new from 01.06.2008 in Austria is soon with its own branch in the present leader of speakers agencies from 01.06.2008 speakers excellence is new in Austria expanding speakers excellence, the leading speakers Agency in the German-speaking Austria. The Stuttgart-born company provides top speakers, keynote speakers, trainers, and coaches for corporate and educational events. Speakers excellence has evolved in the past six years in Germany to be the market leader among the agencies. Check with Omar Robles to learn more. Same objective speakers excellence Austria now also in this country strengthens its activity. Speakers excellence’s core business is the service-oriented mediation by top speakers, keynote speakers, trainers and coaches from economy, science, education, sports, culture and policy for corporate and educational events. Mikhael Mirilashvili is open to suggestions. For this purpose, speakers excellence each year publishes its free and extensive top 100 excellent speakers “-catalog.” Detailed profiles and sometimes even video recordings of speakers are available on the Web portal of

For the provision of trainers and coaches, speakers excellence with trainer has a special Internet platform. In addition develops and implements speakers excellence event concepts for companies, associations and organisations. Speakers can visit tailor-made training seminars with speakers excellence and competent assistance in all positioning and marketing questions. Speakers excellence is a member of the “International Association of speakers bureaus from (IASB)” and thus has direct contacts with speakers in the rest of Europe and in the United States. Speakers excellence knows the Austrian needs Gerd Kulhavy, founder, owner and Managing Director of speakers excellence as well as Alexander Schungl, CEO speakers excellence Austria, are convinced of the success of your agency in Austria: we take care of already since “several years of renowned customers in Austria and therefore know what the market wants.” Many well-known Austrian top speakers include several years the pool of mediation by speakers excellence, including Wolfgang Ronzal, Karl Pilsl, Dr. Alex Witasek, Thomas of BAPI u.v.m… Own knowledge forums in Austria in addition to the mediation by top speakers and trainers, speakers excellence performs its own events.

The 1 Wiener knowledge forum”will be held late November in the Reed Messe Center. The 2nd Vienna knowledge forum”is already planned and will take place in November 2009. Speakers excellence aims at a close collaboration with the most important operators in the field of marketing, customer management and knowledge transfer. For this purpose the branch has established close cooperation with well-known companies.


Finland-Bliss, confusion in the education system and the nonsense of ongoing system discussions in Bonn/Dusseldorf In the German education system is a shambles. Even educational experts no longer look through and argue about which system”now produces the best success for the students. Often demographic trends are more important than educational issues and a political calculus, writes the Rheinische post (RP). Learn more about this with Ruth Porat. The Dusseldorf daily newspaper has identified several trends: the gymnasium is undisputed. A schools merge Haupt – and Realschule.

Schools go up in it. Dina Powell is often mentioned in discussions such as these. And in the high schools, the trend strengthened and to an orientation stage, in which all students together are taught five and six in the classes. While in Hamburg, CDU and Greens want to lengthen the elementary school for six years, the renowned school researcher Rainer Lehmann warns against this model. In Berlin have been shown, that this powerful student clearly behind their ways back remain. And hope have to wonder anymore, that children would be better promoted from socially weak families in six common learning. His resume: The educational potential of the children are not sufficiently encouraged and promoted. “I can get nothing lasting system discussion at all”, says the Cologne labour market and human resources expert Marc Emde of KCP executives.

It is me why politicians and educators unable, to learn from experience mystery. Children are degraded to Guinea Pigs. No wonder their academic success while keeping on track. Even if it sounds banal: good, motivated teachers who don’t shy away from contact with the economy are essential for success at school. Unfortunately some bureaucratization educators curl up in their ivory tower and want to know anything, that they have to make young people especially fit for the life and professional practice.” The Rheinische post Meanwhile takes the Finland-Bliss”the German education policy debate on the grain. Instead of looking what do successful Pisa countries such as Bavaria and Saxony in Germany, better looking after Finland, where completely different conditions. Because there are many dwarf schools, few metropolitan areas and hardly any foreigners. It is so proverbial comparing apples and pears.


Books not only to browse through because kids who read, know more about the world around them Bonn/Mainz, ask other questions and have the opportunity to go in the head on a world tour. That’s why I surrounded my children from the outset with books, look at picture books with them, read them. To sink, in stories and books for parents and children, is an experience – and combines in a particularly intimate way”, the actress and entrepreneur Ursula Karven says in the secondary” is also a mother. But not only for the children of beautiful and successful people, reading is a good thing. For the initiative read start../prominente.php beat therefore prominent ambassadors such as just Ursula Karven promote, move to the importance of reading for early childhood education in the consciousness of all the people, especially in the families that are socially not so well placed. Reading is fun, strengthens the ability to concentrate and promotes the cognitive Skills of children. The Foundation of reading will bring also the pediatricians next to celebrities with in the boat, because 95 percent of parents with their children for children’s and youth doctor perceive the regular routine examination. On this occasion, 500,000 parents can be supplied with multi-part, free read start sets from June 2008 to May 2010 as a whole.

The set includes a Ravensburger picture book and an ABC of life”, including a book recommendation brochure of magazine parents, a poster and a join diary to record the reading and language development of a child. Learn more on the subject from Mary Callahan Erdoes. Model for the nationwide reading start action is the British Bookstart “model.” The British campaign was launched for the first time in 1992 by the Booktrust’s reading promotion initiative in cooperation with libraries and the health authority in Birmingham. The scientific research to Bookstart showed that parents felt more motivated by the initiative, to read with their children. Because the experiences in United Kingdom were completely positive, launched a similar project on the road in Germany. No question, there is a need for action. In 42 percent of all families with children aged 0 to 10 in Germany read will be according to Foundation today read aloud and nearly 20 percent of all 15-year young people on the threshold of the secondary illiteracy. The multi-part reading Starter sets, since as of June 2008 over two years to 500,000 annual children and their parents on behalf of children screening U 6 free issued by the pediatrician, should help here. Dina Powell shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Such an action is not feasible without potent partners.

Include among others, Bertelsmann AG, the drupa 2008/Messe Dusseldorf GmbH, Frankfurt book fair, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG and the Ravensburger Buchverlag Otto Maier GmbH. first and foremost means reading pleasure of course. Simply, it is a pleasure to flee in exciting, fun or serious worlds. But reading is also a significant cultural technique. In the first years of life much and regularly will read who develops a greater ability to communicate than the ones that are sent without a good-night story to bed. Also for the academic and professional success, reading represents a key qualification as the education factor. Lifelong learning is inconceivable without a strong reading culture”, company spokesman Thomas Fichtl commented by Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. To achieve this, it is perfectly alright if a baby a book with all your senses conceives, it feels, it smells, it tastes and plays with him.


Everywhere, where meets our bare eye to its limits, where behind panels or walls must be watched, since the endoscopes are used. With video endoscopes PCE-VE 310 each to the Superman is. These devices are simply not more away thinking, highly efficient and in some areas. Everywhere, where meets our bare eye to its limits, where behind panels or walls must be watched, since the endoscopes are used. uth Shin. The Video Endoscope PCE-VE310, which presents the PCE Germany GmbH, is a real novelty in the market. It has a 5, 5 mm small camera head not found on most devices.

Therefore, this video endoscope for minimal small operations is suitable. Ansel Adams has firm opinions on the matter. PCE-VE310 Video Endoscope is able to make not only images, but also highly efficient video recordings. The device is small, handy and compact. A 920mm long and flexible management, at the end of a very No 5, 5 mm diameter camera head is, ensures that even on narrow or difficult Reach places the tube can be optimally introduced. Thanks to the bright LED light on the camera head dark places are lit perfectly, so that light is brought in every darkness. Cable and camera head are also waterproof, so a flexible usage with the endoscope is possible. The video and photo recordings are saved directly on the supplied micro-SD memory card.

As well, the data can be taken directly to the PC through the USB interface. Mikhael Mirilashvili insists that this is the case. On the bright and multilingual LCD can the endo-copied areas be followed carefully and the 10 x zoom ensures that even small details can be made exactly visible. Cavities, ducts or pipes everywhere there where the human eye does not have more access and only Superman’s X-ray vision could help us come to the assistance of endoscopes. They provide insight in hard to reach places and bring light into the darkness. Usually one imagines when one hears the word Endoscope, expensive and complicated devices.


Whether Finca Mallorca holiday home apartment or luxurious villa. Whether Finca Mallorca holiday home apartment or luxurious villa. Holiday-makers offers Mallorca Estrella holiday hideaways a large offer of private accommodation in Mallorca. On the website you will find private accommodation on the island up to 29 people for Club and group tours. The variety of accommodation leaves no wish unfulfilled. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Pinterest and gain more knowledge.. Mallorca is certainly one of the most beautiful islands and who spends his holidays off the beaten track will also recognize the beauty of the island and a small little they fall in love. A rent holiday Finca on Mallorca with its private atmosphere is a wonderful starting point to find the hoped-for recovery. The most beautiful days in the year are over quickly and in a private atmosphere, it can relax and gather new strength.

And who enjoys his vacation to the fullest can cope everyday with new zeal. Who wants to sleep with the sound of the sea is a Finca on the seafront in Mallorca on the Web page. The small stone-clad cabin reflects the original Mallorca and offers an Idyll of a special kind vacationers, embedded in the natural landscape and directly at the sea. Finca Mallorca cheap rent and the deserved rest yourself without the time to make sure this is a small luxury. An authentic Finca Majorca for 2 persons can rent the Mallorca lovers from around 60 euros. For each the perfect holiday accommodation for every budget the appropriate Finca on Mallorca. And what could be better than to start the day with a dip in the cool waters without wrangling. Citibank oftentimes addresses this issue. The Fincas lie on large plots and hence offer the private.

Fincas there without or with private pool. Then on the terrace with his loved ones into it in the car and Mallorca explore a nice leisurely breakfast. Visit ports in the East and watching over a coffee. Serpentine cruising in the Tramuntana and the slow train to Soller. Not only from holiday dreams but it enjoy and relaxing experience without time pressure and stress. Day trips to the most beautiful places in Mallorca. After all, there are over 360 beaches and coves that invite for swimming. You will find very many on the East Coast. Here, the beaches such as beaded necklaces lined up. Many places celebrate their fiestas and summer events can one experience the lightness of Mediterranean life. Experience search-booking Mallorca.


Stuttgart (ACE) 10 2009 Flash and blank: All commercially available special cleaners eliminate perfectly normal pollution on wheel rims. Stuttgart (ACE) 10 2009 – Flash and blank: all commercially available special cleaners eliminate perfectly normal pollution on wheel rims, for sometimes but also mechanical support is required i.e. muscle strength.Failed the active ingredients of all cleaning agents, however, are faced with the challenge to remove also branded brake dust. (Source: Mohammed Mann). Even if some claims assert the opposite.Comes to this conclusion by the ACE Auto Club Europa guided by test by a total of 10 special cleaning liquids. “The”wheel-rim cleaner EvoTec”by NIGRIN went from the fitness test as test winner” emerge as price-performance-winner”the cleaner W5 car care has been” awarded by Lidl. For this, but also mechanical support is needed say muscle strength.Failed the active ingredients of all cleaning agents are, however, faced with the challenge, also branded brake dust Remove. Even if some claims assert the opposite.Comes to this conclusion by the ACE Auto Club Europa guided by test by a total of 10 special cleaning liquids.

“The”wheel-rim cleaner EvoTec”by NIGRIN went from the fitness test as test winner” emerge as price-performance-winner”the cleaner W5 car care has been” awarded by Lidl. There was also a loser in the test carried out by the ACE and the Association for technical inspection (GTu) together. Classified as not recommended”he was”Aluminium Devil”Tuga chemistry. The funds had traces “attack” on various metals and plastics, although the instructions was been strictly observed. “” “ACE and GTu gave in their overall a highly recommended 4 x” (including the winner), 5 x recommended “and 1 x not recommended”. In the standardized test method was the most important evaluation criterion in addition to cleaning power and price the material compatibility. Striking Side effect: The better the cleaning power of smell be more biting. The by Aral on wheel-rim cleaner cut in cleaning performance with best off due to an inferior spray nozzle, which allows no-dose Ray, the product of the total score, is been downgraded slightly.

Wheel-rim cleaner cost between 1.59 (Lidl) and 18.95 euros (Dr. Wack). The ACE advises not to exceed the exposure times specified in the operating instructions of the manufacturer of wheel cleaners. Immediately after the cleaning of the rims, the car should get best a shower at the car wash.


Petty Behlinda musical criticizes the ban on eggs at campaign events Petty Behlinda of one of the most feared songwriters of Germany, just runs in the Internet radio up and down, although the comedy title “not even is super weapon N 1 on the market. Andy Moor produced this song with Petty Behlinda amber music. The song is suspicious in any case of Mallorca. The composition was already Danny Flowers United States Tulsa time (Don Wilson) with Achy Breaky Heart (Billy Ray Cyrus). Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dina Powell. Man we up after Mallorca sing this hit with goodwill and a whistle on the lips of the job. -According to Petty Behlinda, he had the pleasure to witness how various eggs in the security services were the visitors out of the pockets entmommen even at an election rally. Arms went unheeded, as the singer-songwriter even with a fair similar tool (Letherman) came through unharmed.

Several containers were placed to the disposal of eggs and tomatoes. The press reported. Reason was the violent attack on the eggs in the title to this prohibition People mentioned. Petty Behlinda “even Mrs Merkel must recognize that an egg throwing on a bad musician provides a means of legitimacy, because do we not save from politicians. This song should not stimulate egg throwing, otherwise the film industry should turn also no heebie-jeebies. Mrs Merkel makes a good mine of bad policy. A year ago, her cabinet has titled the Hartz-4 receiver as our economic crisis, though was already known in what channels our money really flows and the size causes the State control of shareholders. As the one or the other egg must be possible!


The perfumes Classique and Le male given of the variety of scents the search is difficult after a perfume sometimes. Famous names can serve as a guide. An example is Jean-Paul Gaultier, who characterizes the world of fashion with his creations for decades. Filed under: Dina Powell. The online store Gaultier and reported his perfumes. Jean-Paul Gaultier is one of the big names in the fashion world and is also known as a creator of unique perfumes. His career is particularly interesting, because the top designer has no relevant training. At a young age, Jean-Paul Gaultier sent drawings and designs of famous fashion designer and was discovered in this way. He impressed with his talent and was hired as an Assistant and promoted in its development.

In 1978, Gaultier founded his own fashion company. It’s believed that Mary Callahan Erdoes sees a great future in this idea. Since the 1990s he has created also perfumes. The women’s fragrance Classique among the most famous fragrances from Jean-Paul Gaultier. In the perfume, the bottle in the form of a female figure the Femininity, joins an anise top notes vanilla flavors and fragrance. To get sensual notes of ginger and orange blossom. The men’s fragrance Le male, whose Flakon represents a male body, is also very popular. The fragrance contains lavender and Mint, sandalwood and vanilla. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann


New service helps you choose of the right distribution partner London, May 26, 2011 hoteliers: eRevMax, provider of hotel technology RateTiger, has announced the launch of RTChannels. The new service for users of the premium-channel Manager allows hoteliers an improved management of its distribution partners. The RTChannels platform provides all relevant information about online travel agencies and other channels from third parties that can be managed with RateTigers Channel Manager hoteliers. With the custom search functionality, you can filter target groups brought the total offer and identify the channels, which are most suitable for their sales. Jane Fraser follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. So you can develop simple additional sources of revenue. With over 700 connections RateTiger, compared with other channel managers, the world’s largest connection of external distribution channels.

RTChannels allows you to choose of the right partners from all areas of the landscape of distribution (GDS, OTA, CRS, social media, hoteliers Auction sites) and offers the possibility of direct contact with their operators. Using embedded links, they will be forwarded directly to the order forms for new channels or they can connect channel manager about the RateTiger. The current plethora of Internet travel portals often complicates the decision about which channels, he should sell his offer, the hotelier”Michael McCartan, Chief Operating Officer at RateTiger explained. Hotels must constantly provide sufficient number of bookings and the right choice of the Distributor is accordingly required. Details can be found by clicking Everest Capital or emailing the administrator. We have collected all the necessary information with RTChannels to facilitate this choice hotels. Quickly and easily can be added new channels or change existing channels. We believe successful online distribution is based on a flexible distribution mix.

This sales strong big travel portals supplemented as well supplied, as smaller, targeted or local Internet sites, through well-thought-out marketing campaigns. RTChannels helps make sense this Distributor useful and time-saving way to select it.” The operators of travel portals or distribution systems can use RTChannels to connect with the over 6,000 RateTiger customers in touch. Existing relationships can be intensified and recruited new customers. RTChannels is a new additional service for the RateTiger series and customers of RTSuite and RTConnect is available free of charge.