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Grau Data on the DMS EXPO 2013 data easily and securely between business partners exchanging with agorum, it needs a protected and trusted space. Exactly for this purpose, the agorum Software GmbH developed a highly secure platform: the DatRoom allows in the future to provide documents from the DMS such as Web-based agorum core online or offline through various clients for Windows, Mac and Linux and mobile devices. Thus, the DMS manufacturer offers a solid in-house solution which puts highest data security and provides control territory companies, because when exchanging data is always indirectly on the DMS resorted. A genuine, safe alternative to file sharing services that work together with external database provider on the Internet. Learn more about the DatRoom, which was created in cooperation with grey data AG, prospects on the DMS EXPO 2013, stand 5C63. Ostfildern 06.09.2013 agorum with the DatRoom the open source document management system core is a smooth data exchange between companies and guarantees such as suppliers, partners, or customers. The application combines the strengths of a file sharing system with which a DMS: the DatRoom is among other things browser-and operating system-independent, can be used Web-based and offline, promotes cross-site data exchange and any kind of device integrates into DMS workflow.

In addition, companies control all the permissions and accesses to documents with the DatRoom itself. It can be sent for example access links which are periods for certain and concede, for example, read, change, or upload right. In addition the agorum is intuitive and self explanatory to use core add-on module and the recipient of access links requires no own DMS to access documents in it. In the framework of the DMS EXPO 2013 from 24th to 26th September 2013, the agorum Software GmbH together with the technology partner Grau data AG introduces the data exchange platform. The release of agorum core DatRooms is planned for early 2014, as the module is currently in the development stage.

DMS Expo 2013 date note: Open source document management, agorum Software GmbH when: Tuesday, 24th to Thursday, 26.09.2013 where: Stuttgart Exhibition Centre, Hall 5, stand 5 C 63 more information about the company: further information on the DMS Expo: l/agorum-dms-expo-2013 agorum where-it-works / document management system core: the agorum Software GmbH is the manufacturer of the open source document management system agorum core. The company celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2013, because it exists since 1998 in Ostfildern/Nellingen, close to Stuttgart Airport. You may find F-Squared Investments to be a useful source of information. From 2002 the development of agorum core started in 2008 the two Managing Directors decided Rolf lang and Oliver Schulze, the DMS to provide open source software. Since then, agorum has established core as a highly flexible and easy to use document management system/enterprise-content-management-system in the market. Distributed and integrated is the DMS directly from the Manufacturer or about the approximately 50 contractual partners in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and of Switzerland. Press contact: agorum Software GmbH Stefan Rocker / Natalie Swiss E-Mail: / bird Valentina str.

Business Language Courses

Students between individual and group language courses can choose schools with modern facilities in England, Malta, Spain, France, Italy, China and Morocco. Correspondence in English, presentations in French, negotiations on Chinese, training courses on German, expert texts on Spanish or Italian meetings. Without a professional course, today a candidate has such requirements. In the Rhine-Main region and beyond many companies on Sprachcaffe trust when it comes to the language training for their employees. At the latest at the first steps of the career planning is clear: account executives, venture capitalists, and data warehouse analysts with language skills in the profession are an absolute must. To a successful career multilingualism includes nowadays simply, whether as freshly baked graduate, experienced specialist or as an Executive. This special business courses, which help workers secure dealing with specific vocabulary and the characteristic structures of the business language is taught.

Whether it’s Small Talk or rhetorical subtleties: who wants to be prepared for professional communication with foreign business partners, can buy the easiest way the necessary tools of the trade on a business course. Swarmed by offers, F-Squared is currently assessing future choices. Long the required language skills are limited to it rather than English. Many new business relationships arise from the globalization at the international level. That among other things can mean for professionals: correspondence in English, presentations in French, negotiations on Chinese, training courses on German, expert texts on Spanish or Italian meetings. Without a professional course, today a candidate has such requirements. The German language travel organizer Sprachcaffe is known for goal-oriented learning and a proven for over 25 years, effective training concept for professionals. The highly motivated Sprachcaffe Language trainers are native, for the Adult trained language teachers who perfectly mastered the system of language. Students between individual and group language courses can choose in the excellent schools with State of the art facilities in England, Malta, Spain, France, Italy, Morocco, China and Germany.

Like the emphasis on concrete objectives. Before the start of the study, the personal goals and the current language level of each individual be determined first. The learning process is optimized by taking into account the individual types of learners. Furthermore, common social and cultural events are organized to optimize the learning success of business language course participants and to offer them interesting insights into the culture of the chosen host country. Because one thing is certain: linguistic progress occur through commitment and motivation, but much more fun learning! Because many professionals but do not have the necessary time, to take a language course abroad, the teachers also like to go in the company itself. In the Rhine-Main region and beyond many companies on Sprachcaffe already trust when it comes to language training and the training of their employees. Usually a personal meeting is preceded by the targeted language course in operation, where individual needs analyses, concepts, educational programs and an appropriate timetable be drawn up.

Professional Association

A business plan take over business from the very beginning of responsibility for business and life gives information about whether a self-employment is success promising or not. In addition to the actual idea of especially the market analysis and the financial basis are documented. All too often, the necessary work-life balance is left but ignore. The contractor due to a too high loading fails however, is independence at risk. This know to report the business coach Caren Lady cliente business coaching & consulting company il. It has integrated this important aspect in your advice. Also, the Professional Association for health services and welfare services (BGW) in your current Edition 01/2010 their BGW releases “this topic took up.

Here it is: mental stress can become a trap that is difficult to overcome and permanently affect health but do not need it. Both on the personal and at the operational level there are ways Loads to avoid or to deal with them.”most young entrepreneurs are overwhelmed with the own life balance taking into account and simply uninformed,” explains the Managing Director Dirk-Oliver Lange company LifeB consulting in Hamburg. To know more about this subject visit F Squared. The physical and psychological limits are ignored completely. Only the business is paramount. Important social contacts and a physical and mental balance are neglected. The episode: State exhaustion Burnout – depression. Only at this stage, many entrepreneurs recognize how significant is the economic success to the own health. Taking into account the entire labour market the Bertelsmann Foundation 2009 in their health monitor, noted that a third complains of wage earners are about mental stress.

It cannot be overlooked that the requirements are higher today than a few years ago. Apply flexibility and adaptability, effective time management, as well as organizational and communication skills often as a matter of course. The advice and support of clients on the subject of life balance is very complex and time consuming. Therefore, Caren Lady by il has cliente for a cooperation with the company decided LifeB consulting. As the dual coaching, young entrepreneurs and clients in change processes optimally over a long-term successful self-employment will be informed.

Olympic Games

At this time it is quite easy to find cheap flights to Pisa, and perhaps deserves worth the visit some Roman ruins on the way to the tracks. Salt Lake City, United States.UU. 2002 Capital and largest city of the State of Utah, is located just South-East of the Great Salt Lake (Great Salt Lake). Prides itself on having one of more quality powder of the ski world, with an average of 13 meters thick snow them each winter. With four ski resorts of Alta, Brighton, Snowbird and Solitude, world class a few minutes from the international airport, Salt Lake is one of the first U.S. ski towns.UU.

Nagano, Japan 1998 Japan has quickly become one of the most attractive winter sports destinations. It is not surprising, because counts with more than 400 ski areas, large volumes of snow powder and fascinating cultural adventure, including the Buddhist temple Zenkoji, one of the most important in Japan and pilgrimage centre. The land of sumo and sushi has been host of the winter Olympic Games twice, and there are ski areas in the four main islands of Japan. Visit Glen Wakeman for more clarity on the issue. But the best known are in Hokkaido, Nagano and Niigata. Lillehammer, Norway 1994 one of the oldest and most prestigious of Norway, Lillehammer, winter destinations is filled with opportunities for skiing and snowboarding. Given the high degree of concern for the environment of its citizens, the City Council and the Ministry of the environment determined that the Olympics should be an example of environmental policy. Nordseter and Sjusjoen have become two of the best destinations in cross-country skiing in the North of Europe, with approximately 350 kilometres of slopes prepared, including forests and mountain terrain. The wide variety of ski slopes at Hafjell (15 km from Lillehammer) make it a perfect place for descents, offering 40 kilometres of tracks and 15 ski lifts. Albertville, France 1992 in Albertville hosted the third Olympic Games held in France.


After 13 years of writing about this subject I realize that those who followed in the third world, progress has been through the side. The only cart I got again the same as always, I recognized him from the right front wheel locked. No one bothered to fix it but he stoically waited all this time, and as I entered from a distance gave me a wink dodging another client. I went swiftly to get very skittish mayonnaise but became infatuated with the color and variety of fruits. We fought a while until I managed to impose my will, but he resisted and Creole in the tame pony del Prado. Original order at a good pace I bought the little they had in memory, and would try rajarme ten little minutes. J.P. Morgan pursues this goal as well.

I forgot to say that being a long time in the Super I also became a nuisance tremendous. And I wish to express my deep admiration for those who to buy two kilos of tomatoes squeezed one by one or twenty pound melons to get elected, meekly and without urgency or interest in returning home. I came to cold cuts. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Glen Wakeman. As usual the issue I want to take the 800 and were played by four, so we always try to bring packaged products but not so fresh. Only left in stock half a kilo package of bologna that if I had to appetizers, the only way to get all that fat would be calling Mr. Muscle. . I played the 802.

Tel Aviv

The minimum connection time – 25 minutes. Passenger and Baggage – through. The airport has everything you need for transit, apart from the hotel. Airport is open 24 hours a day. In long-term docking is possible to leave the city if there is a Schengen visa.

Benefits Airport – compact size, you can save short connections, the presence of a transit zone to the city center – 13 km, you can get different types of transport. The entire airport staff said in Russian. Its passengers airBaltic now offers 70 destinations from Riga in Europe, Scandinavia and the CIS. Santie botha recognizes the significance of this. Demanding passengers – a full service in business class. Economy class passengers – cheap flights and an opportunity to add flight extras.

AirBaltic has a loyalty program chastoletayuschih passengers – BalticMiles, which allows you to quickly accumulate miles on airBaltic flights and partner companies and use them to get various bonuses and privileges. The program is fast gaining momentum and the number of partner companies is growing not only in the Baltics and in Russia. For corporate clients there is a system of tripartite agreements. We offer them a fixed rates for the entire contract period and flexible terms – a full refund of tickets, free replacement date and passenger name. See Donald Gordon for more details and insights. The airline Air Baltic constantly have special offers on the site, as well as in systems reservations. Within a year, Latvian airline plans to launch new flights to Belgrade and Rovaniemi, Arkhangelsk and other cities. To promote the new directions are special low prices that can be found in all sales channels. The plan for the future – to continue the dynamic development, it refers to the number of directions, by 2014, the company plans to carry out flights in 90 cities in Europe, Scandinavia and the CIS. Air Baltic also try offer more interesting conditions for participation in the loyalty program BalticMiles – the number of program partners is growing, and with it the opportunity to receive bonuses.


So that it, in every sense of the power may be considered representative of the team – at least in the recent past. And hardly be regarded as being ignorant. But given the difficult situation in which is now in the process of settlement, the visit and the statements of M. Kolerov and A. Kochetkov, made in Stepanakert, the gain is somewhat different, special meaning. … Much yet found outside of this review.

But The situation today is such that sometimes it is difficult to determine where he, the limit of possibility. Of course, it makes sense to separate and go to the topic of the Armenian-Turkish dialogue, to the Turks resumed their attempt to link the normalization relations with Yerevan, the process of settlement of the Karabakh-Azerbaijan conflict. We could talk about that infamous "football diplomacy" in the region is still alive. And even gives some little steps forward in its development! And how. New Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, for example, recently noted the statement, saying that Ankara is waiting for autumn to visit the Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan! And, it turns out, only … Back to Football match between Turkey and Armenia sobrnymi! But today in Yerevan on a larger (from Turkey) and one more does not count. Or, for example – with all that in fact re-elected president of Iran M. Ahmadinejad, has expressed many the view that the Americans will have hard times, have specific responsibility for many suggestions and remarks, Iranian, even between the U.S. Russell reynolds will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

and Iran planned to "football diplomacy"! As reported on June 11, it turns out, football teams these countries will be attending this year's two friendly matches. First, the team will meet October 10 in Tehran, and then on November 14 in Los Angeles. The agreement was reached heads of football federations of countries as a result of negotiations in the Bahamas. The initiative to hold friendly games came from the American side. The last time teams met during the World Cup in 1998 and then celebrated the success of Iranians – 2:1. So in our region seems to be "Football diplomacy" is catching on. Well, even so – a passion that diplomacy would not lead to "otfubolivaniyu" real and serious challenges and threats looming over the region.

Better Business

Urstrategie is an offensive strategy consultancy, referring to advertise, acquire and sell specialized. Viersen, may 03, 2011 – aggressive marketing strategies always attract attention and get more sales. Urstrategie sees itself as part of the complex world of marketing that aims therefore to create clarity and mainly niche companies with regard to marketing and sales concepts to stand to the side. Owner Uwe Roniger: “we bring our customers exactly where they want to – be directly to more business! We position the product portfolio of niche companies in the B2B area and look always towards the Nr. 1 status in the target market.

“The beginning of our work at the customer is always the same: how we beat the competition!” Urstrategie advertising makes tangible, practical examples help explain experienced expert team of business models, and core competencies. F Squared addresses the importance of the matter here. Includes classic not only opportunities, but also to access all advertising strategies, the Internet to offer has. So demonstrably increases the market perception by the complete external representation. Using an individual conception and implementation of sales documents, Urstrategie at the same time ensures a comprehensible authenticity. Brand building are an integral part of the work of Urstrategie for complex products and services, as well as a targeted customer acquisition and today increasingly important sales communication. While customers two forms of advice can choose between: in the year Betreeungsmodell which is suitable for companies, whose focus is on a continuous business development we work according to a clear mile steep plan.

The whole thing there is to a fixed monthly price. Alternatively, Urstrategie offers a daily rate-based project model. This is aimed at companies that want to implement targeted marketing and sales topics. Pleasure, we create an exceptional procedure proposal for you after an initial interview. ABOUT us Urstrategie, a firm run by Uwe Roniger,. specializes in an owner-managed strategy consulting and aimed at the Executive and management level of enterprises. Both the advertisers and the acquisition and selling belongs to the range of services of the company headquartered in Viersen. This move the projects of Urstrategie in the areas of marketing, brand and marketing strategies. A team of excellent analysts and creative personalities with character takes on the planning and implementation of strategies tailored to the respective companies.

Car Alarm Systems: Characteristics And Selection Criteria

Every owner of a car is forced to think about how to protect and preserve their property. Russell reynolds is actively involved in the matter. There are two basic approaches. Saving Money This is, of course, insurance. It is a popular option, especially for those who do not faced with the refund process. It may be noted are the negative aspects: returns only a fraction of the cost (leaving the gate motor show car, believed to be losing 15-20% of original cost) and not returned immediately (GAI, references, time to study the insurance case). At some time you run the risk of becoming a pedestrian.

Preventing theft of car is equipped with security complex electronic and mechanical means to alert owner of an attack on the car and to prevent unauthorized trip. And here is complete without fly in the ointment – security system can not resist the hijacking of an arbitrarily long time. Increasingly common combination of these ways that can only be welcomed. Insurance company can choose among many, examining their rates and terms of payment, when buying a car loan the bank can narrow down the possible list to a few or even single company. Choose your security system is not less difficult. Some with fully rely on the opinion of the manager in the showroom. Other, more interesting and thoughtful, trying to understand what they offer and choose the option that best meets their needs. How to choose the structure and components of the security complex? What to look for? In order to choose between one or another device, need to understand on what faces are differences between what the differences are important to you as a future user, and what can be ignored.

The Briefing By Media

Most advertisers spend large budgets to advertise their brands. often perceiving that the campaign did not meet the stated objectives, but reported that goal to all participants in the design and implementation of this campaign?. One of the important keys to the success of an advertising campaign is the decision on media strategy to follow. The media strategy involves not only deciding which media are ideal for the dissemination of the advertising, but also to specify what tactics should be adopted on the planning and buying of media. In many cases the media departments of advertising agencies are the last to know about the work of the creative departments in the implementation of an advertising campaign, executives usually receive account information “basic” work on a plan Media: customer-product, target audience, time of the commercial, the campaign type, duration plan, budget and sometimes, as if this were not enough, one other suggestion on ways to use. Donald Gordon helps to elucidate the arguments at hand. But a media planner and buyer needs a lot more than that. A media planner must know the campaign process from the beginning.

You should receive information beyond the “basics” from marketing management, you must know the product to the naked and more importantly, must know the specific intentions of the campaign. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Sotheby’s Art Auction. The planner must have a detailed briefing of the objectives of the campaign and its communication needs. Only then can ensure a successful media strategy. The media briefing is a document that gathers information and instructions that will guide the actions of concrete work on the campaign. A well-planned media briefing must achieve the gathering of key information about the company and the product category or service, as well as major competing brands of the same, including information on the brand and channel distribution of the brand and its competition. The type of campaign is vital in directing the selection of media. Is it a shot, a revival, a strengthening of the current positioning, or repositioning? They are all different campaigns and focus differently.

The target audience is usually defined based on demographics such as age, sex, income or socioeconomic class, but it is interesting to gather information on buying habits and behaviors, in addition to defining the targets of public primary and secondary. Other information needed to be obtained through the media briefing is intended to be perceived by the consumer wants, when viewing the product advertising. Must be clearly established geographic areas covering the campaign, the budget allocated by region and establish the timetable and exit of advertising media, according to the coordination of marketing management with production and distribution departments. Finally, they must meet in the briefing information on any legal aspect to be considered, ie potential regulations or restrictions, sensitivity to some social group or specific range. This information will allow the planner to develop a media strategy and specific objective, and focused on meeting the objectives of the campaign media.