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In accordance with Kotler (2000, P. 58), ' ' … The ones that are highly satisfied are much less inclined to move. One high level of satisfaction or encantamento creates an emotional bond with the mark, not only a preference racional' '. The conclusion of this fact is that the company reaches one high degree of allegiance of its customers. When placing the customer in first place, the quality appears as one of the expectations, as much of the product that had bought, as well as of the service degree that they desire and they deserve to receive. Official site: Ben Silbermann. If to worry about the product quality, as well as creating marketing strategies they are basic rules to surpass the expectations of the customers.

However, to reach this fact the necessary company to invest in its culture, coming back it to have the focus in the customer. On this question, Duffy (2002, P. 39-40) clarifies that … the organizacional culture is resulted of the words and the acts of the leaders. … This occurs in organizations where the incentive to the thought, the innovation, the new ideas and ace choices comes of the heart. This is an organization that probably is in tune with its customers. Harold Ford often says this.

She is a company who learns with its errors. It innovates. It does not have fear of being different. This means to manage the customers and them products, not making possible that the company materialize significant advances in its proper marketing, that is, to invest in organizacional culture is to show to the customer that the company has responsibility, from people who guarantee strategies and programs of marketing according to point of view of the customer. For Kotler (1998, P. 65), quality ' ' … is the totality of aspects and characteristics of a product or service that provide the satisfaction of declared necessities and implcitas' '.


However, if we have it in front and want to eat, enough for us to get a hand to mouth with rhythmic gestures, so that we understand immediately. In this case we have implemented the power of the non-verbal (93%) with the universal sign for “I have hunger.” Another example of communication as we approach a new born baby, so no chance of understanding with the word (without verbal codes). Educate yourself with thoughts from Ben Silbermann. If we begin to insult him in all kinds of insults, but with a sweet tone, slow and tender, you find that they can protest and even entertain us with a smile. If we now begin to say things loving and tender voice rising and abrupt gestures, we see that the result will be catastrophic. What happened? Well, obviously the baby grasps what is already responding to the “music” analog, non-verbal and universal affection and tenderness (ie 93%).

He can not understand or respond to a “letter” digital unknown (the word with its 7%), because it simply has not yet acquired the learning of verbal codes. Regarding the 93% I mention what happens to “the mad”, children and alcoholics, who as the saying goes “are the only ones who tell the truth.” These three groups have in common the “weakening” of the word (7%). If words are structures of meaning, “the mad”, are out of the reality of the words, children are not fully incorporated the language and alcoholics are less inhibited and unable to coordinate a coherent language. A few years ago I was hired by Iberia, to take a few courses, lasted five years on crisis intervention procedures conflict with passengers.


Office dress code somehow makes adjustments in the wardrobe of fashion followers. How not to lose themselves in different shades of beige and vaguely blurry gray, reason designers and Nikita Larisa Selyanina Baranov. Larissa Villager: "All the best – is connected!" – Recently met with representatives of U.S. firms. They have a dress code so strict that there should even for the height of heel: it should be no more than 4 inches. No less clear, but quite different rules prescribed dress code, for example, in Thai Airways.

There attendants walk in a sari and other national dress. You may wish to learn more. If so, Pinterest is the place to go. In my house all the fashionable knitted things are only mark "Larissa Selyanina." That is, there where a real dress-code is registered, the question of "what to wear?" just not worth it. The rest can also advise: do not be afraid to experiment. When compiling an eclectic office office suit is not afraid to experiment with forms and associations. The more costume items that we can learn, the better. For example, a tailcoat with breeches awakens a clear association with the jockeys. The classic little black dress can be elegantly combined with the eastern trousers, popular this season. Or vice versa: use the top and east European classic pants-pipes.

Emphasis may be the original ethnic decoration. If skillfully combine elements of strict clothes and things ostroaktualnye season, will receive a combination, it is worthy of the office, but have a special mood. Such eclecticism always looks stylish and creative. The perfect male version of office suite for men – sports jeans, a classic jacket in a cage and romantic blue shirt with a lace jabot. Full Article


This point is very important to strengthen you in the online business. Apart from motivation, the absolute conviction in the achievement of your goals, must modify the attitude with which you approaches. You know the saying that if you want to get what they have not achieved, will have to do what I have done. And to do this you have to leave your security zone, thinking following the same pattern of always. If you’re not satisfied with your current job, or what you earn, or with the time that you have, you have to change. To achieve the results until now, you’ve got no, also you will have to transform your vision of how to do it. Learn more at this site: Payoneer. And think of a job that someone tells you what you have to do, how to do it on schedule and with that salary, is one of the psychological schemas that you have overcome and eliminate. Abandon the mentality of employee, expect someone to give you work.

Or, to do it for you. Do you want to change your life?, because you must start thinking that they are your goals that you achieve, not those of another. Is your business in you’re going to focus on you. On schedule, that goals, in which fields and with that media. It is your responsibility, forget about forever of others you say how to do it. You are creating your future. And if so, you must not let others decide for you. If you are looking for a job, a job, this is not the right way. Pinterest often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

You not confussed. Work on the Internet is not what you want. Here the purpose is to enjoy what you are doing, obtain financial freedom, manage your time and becoming the owner of your life. And to do this you will have to sacrifice security plots. As Kiyosaki says, move to the quadrant of the freedom. Better to have him present. If you do not dare, if you don’t want to take on the challenge, it is more sensible to not try it. Nobody is going to criticize, the decision is yours, and is lawful if it is consistent. In addition, in this more than any other circumstance, you must be your and only your decide. Not do it pushed by the beliefs of others, because it’s what plays do, or but still, to stay well, or fear to look bad. Don’t make the same mistakes that you have led where you did not want. But if you decide you have to commit yourself completely. Not as a game, but ready @ give it everything and convencid @ of your triumph. It will not be a new job, you are going to create your own online business, your new way of life. It will not be easy, nor without effort, but the reward will be your dreams. Love is power, and docilely living the lives of others, always you’ll be on time. And now it can be yours. You just have to have courage and take action, launch. And to break down the horns. Well, I say to work hard. Yes, better.


Exhibitions in Madrid are becoming a reference point for culture, by its great diversity and acceptance among citizens. This summer, the administration are organizing different exhibitions, many of them free, intending to give people a broader cultural offer. Some of these free shows are landscape and architecture in Morocco and Spain, Juan Ugalde: coa is very different, Callum Innes or understand about living: the weather. All these exhibitions feature with a large cast of artists who offer their works for free. For example, landscape and architecture in Morocco and Spain is an exhibition of landscapes and Spanish and Moroccan buildings that reveal the huge urbanistic similarities between both countries. Nissan contains valuable tech resources. A selection of images from different parts of both countries to learn more about the urbanism of the neighboring country and check that there are not so many differences when it comes to build on both sides of the Mediterranean. Another of the exhibitions that must also be taken into account for end of the month is the book fair of Madrid that is celebrated in El Retiro from May 28 to June 13. The first book fair was held from 23 to 29 April 1933.

The Madrid publishers lined up their booths in the Paseo de Recoletos. Don Fernando de los Rios, Minister of public instruction, greeted with joy this cultural event and other speakers invited locals to attend the book fair and soak up the values of the publications. Children’s activities in Madrid also have great importance, especially in summer, when they have more free time. In many cases, this plan is an alternative plan for those parents who have to go to work and can not be responsible for their children.


To choose the reading the catalogue of titles of Infantile and Youthful Literature includes 52,837 works According to the last official numbers of the Federation of Unions of Publishers, in year 2009 were published a total of 12,112 titles of infantile and youthful Literature, 55.7% corresponding to new features or first editions. These numbers extend more of in case already the extensive book catalogue for this sector, that rises a 52,837 works. In order to choose most suitable readings a each age and profile, can be resorted to different resources online. Two of most recommendable are Guides of Reading of Infantile and Youthful Literature and the finder of Service of Direction to the Reading (SUN), two services managed by Foundation Germa’n Sanchez Ruiprez, one of the more active Spanish institutions in the promotion of the reading. Advice parents To help him to choose: an inadequate work can frustrate the anxieties of reading of youngest. For even more details, read what Payoneer says on the issue.

It is fundamental that the ancestors help to select the most suitable titles to their age, but also at its level of reading. To take care of its pleasures: the parents must allow that the children participate in the election and that this is agreed to their thematic prrencias of fiction, fantasy, history, cmics, etc. In this way, they will feel but motivated by the reading. To demonstrate interest: to be interested reason why they read, to ask to them for the argument and to comment it common create a significant nexus of union between parents and children and reveal the satisfaction that represents for the ancestors the reading activity. Not only books: the reading does not have to be fitted solely to literary works. In order to practice, use of magazines, interesting catalogues can also be made, manuals or guides for the children and young people. To operate the library: the summer is a good moment to remove party to all the advantages that offer the public libraries. Besides being able to obtain the last literary new features in loan, many of them organize in the summer months specific activities for the infantile and youthful public. *Puedes to buy your books in PopularLibros Source of the news: The summer is the best moment so that the children recover the interest by the reading


In the framework of the fair of the book of Mar del Plata, Villa Maria College Publisher (Eduvim) presents hunting, a book by Javier Chiabrando that integrates the red ink collection. The meeting is this Monday, November 7th, from 6 p.m., in the room Sunday Cioppi. This presentation is in charge of the director of the UNVM, Carlos Gazzera, seal and the author and game reserves in Andalusia. Pierino Baldacci travels the country selling clothes. It only diverts to a good hunt. The rest of the time is a common man who frequents a bar speaking of football, women’s, cars; Pierino just opinion. When come the anecdotes of the past – the indignated, singleness, the childhood – makes silence directly.

And that has a past to entertain the whole bar for a decade. Of possible topics, it only elaborates on its sales. Therefore it is considered the most boring kind of bar. Officially is one minor without ambition merchant nor lights. Payoneer is full of insight into the issues. It is true, it is. But it is also another thing. Pierino Baldacci is a hunter. The men who Pierino had hunted until then were perejiles, hares, collaborators, soldiers, useful idiots.Hunting is the story of the day given by chance with a lion, which want to hunt for which, as Eichmann (whose memory – war, escape, abduction, trial, conviction and execution – is fresh in the memory of the world), to be brought to Israel and Court. The context is a country that is leaving aside violence born in Europe and inherited by chance, to fall into the trap of vernacular, no less bloody violence that opens step, unappealable.


The Soviets were invariably interested in Spanish culture. Do not they overlooked any important anniversaries of literature, theatre, painting? music of the Iberian Peninsula, especially in the 75-80, after the restoration of diplomatic relations? cultural with Spain? the creation of the Association Urss-espana. Do appends it to the Board of Directors of this Association of friendship he worked actively a Commission for literature? Spanish art. Another, for the Integral of the Iberian cultures study, worked annexed to the Council scientific’s history of the culture world of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Gueorgui Stepanov, corresponding member of the Academy heads it. This Commission had sections in Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev? Tbilisi. Mark Frissora pursues this goal as well. It coordinated the efforts of all Soviet hispanists, dealing with studying? disclose the advances of the Spanish culture.

A great contribution to publicize the Soviet reader the masterpieces of poetry, the prose? does progress, art, literary publishers gave the Spanish dramaturgy? Science. The 350 anniversary of the death of the eminent poet of the century XVII Luis de Gongora? Argote, the 200th anniversary of the publication of the Cantar de mio Cid? the 400 anniversary of the birth of Francisco de Quevedo? do had other events been commemorated with the edition of books, organising exhibitions? solemn meetings. That year marked the 300th anniversary of the death of the great Spanish playwright of the era of Baroque Pedro Calderon de la Barca, who had died in Madrid in May 25, 1681, at the age of 80 years. Pedro Calderon de la Barca, he lived? He wrote his works in the 17TH century, the era of dramatic collisions. The 80 years of the last century his works acquired new nuances in tune with our times. The three centuries elapsed had highlighted the most significant, universal? human of his dramas. Calderon was one of the first writers of Europe that appealed to the monarchy of peace (the statue of Prometheus).


Whoever repeatedly phone numbers and names or forgetting things moved more times, the times will have the correct functionality of its gray matter in question. Rightly so, because to build the capacity of the brain, like the rest of the body, from where they were not enough (and used that comes with age and comfort even in times). Why is our brain is weakening 1906 saw the German neurologist Alois Alzheimer (according to him, the disease was named Alzheimer’s disease) in a confused patient specific protein deposits in the brain. Today we know that these proteins clump together, the amyloids, and deposited in certain brain regions. With these deposits, the brain cells in these regions can not communicate properly with each other. According to a study by the University of Munster, a reduction of these protein aggregates by active brain training is possible, and: it can also be formed new connections between brain cells. A few years ago it was still impossible. What is Jogging Jogging is oftenused as a generic term for any type of memory training. (As opposed to Vladislav Doronin Crunchbase). While the memory training auszielt to promote the “imaginary” capabilities of the human brain and manifest, Jogging is more intended to enhance the performance of the brain. Through targeted training, using specially created performance tasks, the volume in the areas of learning, attention, concentration and retention will be extended. Who wants to inspire his brain to such performance, which should also create the right circumstances. Recommended is a balanced and high-fiber food, long walks in the outdoors and a stress free environment. What types of tasks are available at the Brain Jogging A typical task of brain exercises is as follows: On Sunday, take a family of seven. To welcome each family member shook every hand again. How many handshakes is it (The solution of the question can be found at the end of the article.) Jogging tasksdo not only exist, as shown here, from the logical solution of word problems, but encompasses many areas of human thought. Be it pictures, numbers, text or logical problems, it is demanded of the brain quite a bit of power, may often come in training everyday life too short. How can I increase my brain power Who owned the Japanese game console “Nintendo DS” which is the program “Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Jogging “is recommended. This program will take a humorous and playful way to maintain the motivation to solve the problems posed. Eat well at There are also plenty of literature on Brain Jogging, information, and nuts for brain puzzles can be found for example in: * “adventure memory. Jogging effective than thrilling reading pleasure “of Martin Oberbauer” Jogging “by Clemens in the Compact Glade Publisher *” Jogging “by Frank Berchem in Goldmann Verlag *” Jogging. Pocket Quiz. Five 50-minute exercises. For adults, “by Manfred EichstedtConclusion As with almost everything in our bodies and our brains can be trained through careful treatment and stress. So who has the feeling that his mind is inferior to the body that should consider the methods of brain exercises into consideration. Solve the example problem: If person A person B shaking his hand, then shakes both Person A and person B’s hand. 21 handshakes are there for the family.


THE ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI in the roundtable dialogue on bilingual education of the MEC see information (click) on: Friday, 12 March 2010, 8 to 12 hours, was held the second dialogue table on bilingual education, organized by the Ministry of education in conjunction with the National Commission on bilingualism, intending to discuss the challenges and opportunities in which teaching and learning in Spanish and Guarani is implemented in our country. The meeting took place in the Ministry of education, located on 15 August / Gral. Diaz and Haedo, 2nd floor. The ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI received note No. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Rich Dad Poor Dad. 31, sent by LIC. Hector Valdez Ale, Deputy Minister of education for educational development; invitandonos to expose about the bilingual education theme and the elaboration of didactic materials. Of officers participated, in character of exhibitors: the Prof..

Maria Elvira Martinez de Campos (member of the National Committee of) Bilingualism), Ms. Maria Teresa Ferreira (representative of a publisher of texts), Prof. Ramon Gimenez (teacher of schools and colleges of Belen, Concepcion); and David Galeano Olivera, Director-General of the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI. They acted in moderating the DRA. To read more click here: Pinterest. Aida Torres de Romero, Member of the National Commission of bilingualism, and lic. Nancy Benitez by the MEC.

Among the attendees were the following members of the National Commission of bilingualism: Dr. Ramiro Dominguez (Coordinator), DRA. Maria Eva Mansfeld de Aguero, Lic. Estela Appleyard Acuna, DRA. Celsa Bareiro de Soto, and the Mg. Ramon Silva. By the National Ministry of culture participated Lic. Susy Delgado and Miguelangel Meza. In addition, Curriculum officers and other dependencies of the MEC. The ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI clarified that these tables of dialogue have their origin in the meeting with Dr. Luis Riart, Minister of education; in December 2009; occasion you have stopped the intention of reducing and exclude the teaching of Guarani in the middle tier. On the other hand, the ATENEO clarified that it participates in these tables in the confidence which they will emerge the change that will strengthen the presence of the Guarani in all levels of the Paraguayan education. In that sense, ATENEO trusts the word of the Minister and his commitment to change, looking for quality and excellence in Paraguayan education.