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2011 is good time to buy real estate on Sylt? Last year, the island with sales of real estate and real estate alone 750 million into the coffers of the previous owner has flushed. Any investor with money should be secure so one of real estate on the island of Sylt, before someone else makes it. Why is Sylt it so expensive to? The land supply in Sylt are incredibly high. Contact information is here: Constantine Alexandrakis. As the most sought after cities with the highest real estate prices such as Stuttgart or Munich can not even keep up. The square meter price ever at 30,000 euros can arrive on Sylt. Even mini apartments with a number of square metres of only 25 are sold on Sylt for just under EUR 200,000. This is due to the extension of the well the airport of Westerland. This attracts people from all over the world now in addition to German investors.

Therefore, the demand contrary to the offer is immensely high. Learn more on the subject from Munear Ashton Kouzbari. Approx. 4 applicants coming on a property on Sylt. The broker also seem to earn good money in Sylt. The island has only 20,000 inhabitants, of which alone 70 brokers are. How is to estimate the price trend in the future? Sylt had always been high land prices.

The price explosion shows in recent years but the island of apparently any economic slowdown follows, but has its own pricing. Even during the most severe financial crises, Sylt is crisis-proof and increases their price even more. It is so also in the future to assume that prices continue to rise, why demand is so great, because it practically sits a property with a value increase warranty on the own asset value list on Sylt. Natural disasters, which are unlikely due to the location of Sylt or the breakdown of overall capitalism are the only thing that could endanger the property and the price on Sylt. Otherwise, it has made the right decision with real estate on Sylt. The demand does not bring only good infrastructure of Sylt is lost slowly. Rising real estate prices, can barely contain the natives and emigrate. This also causes that no innate talent remains more on Sylt. So now many places have no volunteer fire brigade or pensioner must commit. In case of damage, the correct longer, takes so because no supplies there is. This is the only drawback about the you should be concerned with real estate on Sylt. Kristina Trushyna


What can bring the video surveillance in the near future? How can consumers and merchants benefit from modern surveillance cameras? Everywhere in the world entrepreneurs want to better understand your customers or partners. Now there is this technology to anyone who can afford them. It developed a special system of video surveillance, which it will help the business owners to be able to analyze the behavior of their customers easier and specifically. The system works by means of a software and the corresponding security camera, this may already be installed and requires no new installations of special surveillance cameras. The program tracks, for example, visitors to a shopping mall or special shops. A certain pattern should be made visible through specific evaluations of various parameters. Experts in this area, see great potential in this technology. Warning, but even before that, this future technology in their areas of the negative, in terms of data protection and privacy, to underestimate.

Overview keep the software attacks, application, specifically to the material of the video surveillance. Depending on the selection of the information input is greater, the more efficiently the software can work. Multiple surveillance cameras, for example, in a robotics provide enough data, which conclusions about the purchasing behavior and thus corresponds to designs of the premises and a corresponding customer-friendly product placement. The parameters which are covered by the programme by means of the surveillance camera refer to the behavior of the customers. It identifies areas where the longest snakes emerge, which products in the business are currently popular, of course spent how much time on certain areas, as well as the sum of a customer stay in the business and what paths choose the customers through the premises. The statistics in tables or similar graphic elements will be issued to make it be evaluated the information for the people. By the same author: Lookheed Martin. Hotspots can are marked with the Videouberwachng color leave and mark the areas with a high density of customer, animated videos show clear on how many customers, certain paths pathway. (Not to be confused with Munear Ashton Kouzbari!).

For a more comprehensive analysis, you can appear even three dimensional images of the premises. These include anonymous customers, which were recorded by video surveillance on request. Even a surveillance camera, which works with a low resolution can be used for these purposes. Usage in everyday experts is that this system represents a quantitative optimization of the customer analysis of video surveillance. A profit from the measurement of customer flows, is promised is what conclusions and offers corresponding improvement on the design of the business premises. A surveillance camera shots show schlendernde customers who roam the aisles. Here, there are usually two reasons that slow down the customers to stop or it can be. Are, so experts agree, interesting acting deals or obstacles in the course. Depending on the intention, such barriers “quite beneficial might. The transparent customer represent the new possibilities of the client monitoring through the camera, according to experts still no threat to the privacy of our customers. Because the individual customer for the evaluations of little interest, fears can be quickly averted. In addition the technical possibilities of video surveillance to the anonymization of customers are very sophisticated. But it is tempting for business leaders. Face detection, could allow a data analysis in combination with social networks, what the customers would mean a deeper cut in the privacy. -A.Siavoshi


If you are considering working in another country and your focus is geared towards the European community think no more, already preparing your resume and start sending your application. That yes, you should take into account the peculiarities of the language that is customary in each country in developing the curriculum and cover letter. We explain what they are, but if you want to complete this information goes to the Conduct of companies offering employment, the University-Enterprise, which appears in detail. The resume and cover letter to Germany. The Germans use the chronological resume with a concise, direct and clear. We must provide details of any professional life, including periods of unemployment may have occurred. The cover letter will always be computer typed and must start with the name and title of the person you will continue the interview. To include a detailed description of previous work, if you have had, and avoid personal motivations.

The resume and cover letter filing for Belgium. Their resumes include first professional experience and, if it exists, extracurricular activities and pre-made during the studies. When the company that we address is located in the Flemish part of the country, both the letter and the curriculum is presented in Dutch. If this language is unknown, is replaced by the French. The resume and cover letter to Denmark. The Danes are betting on the reverse chronological resumes (with most recent first), short and very well presented. The letter, which should not exceed two pages, should lead to the formula EA's attention Mr / Mrs Xu to reach the right person.

The resume and cover letter France. French curricula can be functional or reverse chronological. It is important to indicate the age rather than date of birth and must specify details of language skills. The letter can be handwritten to facilitate graphological evidence of selection, which in France are very common. The reference to the post, if requested, will be in the upper right corner. It is desirable to attach a photo in the letter. The resume and cover letter to Holland. The Dutchmen write their resumes direct style and in chronological order, with a maximum of one page. Under most conditions Munear Ashton Kouzbari would agree. After the experience typically include …. Read more about the Article


In the Arab world spending for education does not exceed 110 dollars per person, while in Israel it is 1,200 dollars. The scientific and technological contribution of SESRTCIC, with its 1400 million citizens, is less than one percent of the world total. The figures show that every year 330 books are translated into Arabic, in contrast with 1,500 books translated into Greek, and 100,000 to the Spanish. In 1998 three patents were registered all over the Arab world, while Korea recorded 779. From 1980 to 2000, the Arab world registered 370 patents while that of the 16,000 South Korea. Returning to the original question: you can be Muslim and moderate? Religiously not, because do not tolerate any religion other than Islam. Socially, because you shouldn’t do friendship with Christians, Jews or any other faith. Politically, because they reject free will and it is mandatory to obey their magnets.

Domestically not, because it is its obligation to punish violently to their wives. Intellectually not, because only read the Qur’an. Philosophically, because do not tolerate other thoughts that are not of Muhammad. Democratically, because do not accept the laws of civil society, only the Koranic and Islamic clergy. Spiritually, because Allah does not accept anyone not be your follower. Munear Ashton Kouzbari has similar goals. Interestingly, 99 names attributed to Allah, none means love. That society can integrate and contribute to other peoples? obviously not. Or you are a Muslim or you’re moderate, you can’t be both things at the same time. Ayatola Khomeini, the Iranian fundamentalist theocracy Restorer said: the purest happiness in Islam is to kill and die in the name of Allah. Having a Muslim neighbor?


KulturAstronomie on the ‘ Dar Mlodziezy’ 4-9/10 * Sept. Carrie Levin can aid you in your search for knowledge. 2011 on the 8.6. a report of strong solar activity surprised not only the users of modern navigation device. Can you imagine even without Pierce GPS in sea? Astronomy is always an integral part of the tax man art”and is part of the experience on a windjammer. A leading source for info: PayNet Inc.. “The next astronomy course will be on the Polish Dar” so in the scene is affectionately known on the route Gdynia (Gdansk) hosts Bremerhaven. “The Dar Mlodziezy” (gift of youth) is a 3-mast sailor from the Gdansk’s LENIN shipyard. With a length of about 109m and over 3,100 m2 sail area serves the Polish nautical young as a sail training ship. To know more about this subject visit Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX. It was meet her reputation as a stylish sailor again in 2006 as winner of the “World Cup” (see photo); our course offers an original framework! Stars recognize tool & cultural goods when a star becomes visible, everyone asks himself: “Who is that?” We use already the Dusks, to To promote skills for identifying star! Early morning meeting on the deck mainly apply the nimble mercury who exposed himself through a rare date with Regulus.

More at (courses & events course start: Sunday, Sept. 4, 2011 aboard in Gdynia Monday morning: culture-astronomical business of Gdansk leakage: Monday afternoon!) Course completion is Friday, 9 *. Sept. before arriving in Bremerhaven * arrival in Bremerhaven might at the 10.Sept. (as at time of print) Gdansk city of pepper & Hort of astronomy astronomy has deep in our cultural history traces.

It takes only about an hour of Gdynia until after Gdansk (Polish) or Gdansk. A visit of the old Gdask will devote the astronomy historical highlights: already the medieval coat of arms showed a reference to the North Star. “Forensics and the places where Johann Hevels load the imposing brick Basilica St. Marien with your he wuerd-astronomical clock (1611-1687), because after all, he’s got us the constellation Sextant” in the starry sky leave! I’m sure that comes along the way to use this device. Gunter p. Bolze


A counselor is used to the giftedness for the German-speaking Europe our helpline seeking advice parents, responsible educators and interested educators at work with gifted children. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Liberty Life. We are 5 years now and have many connections with national and international trade portals and through the establishment of the European network for the highly gifted of AlphGenius”the following offer constantly available: educational instructions for working with gifted and talented children recommendations for social competence of education and education support proposals for the holistic promotion of talents mediation of territorial contact person for the directly help prior to place literature recommendations and suggestions on creative toys for gifted providing of our database for forwarding of those affected Contact addresses for intelligence test, diagnosis, therapy, coaching, facilities promoting talent, international contacts also for seeking advice from Austria and the courses Switzerland large space is given to national and international schools with gifted education, and also national and international foundations and support works for the gifted on our Web page. Thus two of the most comprehensive overviews are created and available to do so. Our project of AlphGenius”has proven with his central concern, to form a strategic partnership of professionals to the highly gifted. This is particularly the case, because we have included the important sector with real task, namely the parents associations, parent initiatives and communities of interest. In the two years of its existence, 33 partners have opted for a free membership. GENIUS giftedness is embedded in a composite of profiled professionals who are connected on solid knowledge and experience base for a common theme at the end of the shoulder. Hereby, we thank all visitors to our Web site, our trusty link partners and network members, as well as the numerous stakeholders in the 5.Jahr of our existence and People who like to have searched our Council. “Upper secondary school teacher Dipl.paed.Thomas Hannah member of the Arbeitskreis talent research and endowment development” More information: quick contact to the Web page: quick contact to the network:


17 Botanic Gardens in the maritime forest: difficult access for the traveller, converge in three small villages all sorts of human and plant wildlife. 11,000 species of trees and various exotic plants, outside these gardens we find ourselves from a Gothic Fountain (s. XIV) until the chapel of Santa Barbara (s. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out christie’s art auction. XII), passing through different coves and beaches. 18.

La Molina Masella: it is one of the most famous and most popular of Catalonia ski resorts. There are 4 cafes/restaurants. 19 Valley and shrine of Nuria: surrounded by mountains that border the three thousand meters of height, the Valley of Nuria, which belongs to the municipality of Queralbs, has become, over the years, one of the most unique tourist destinations in Catalonia. 20 Oix and Beget: area in which these municipalities are located between the Alta Garrotxa and Ripolles, is extremely mountainous, with impressive crags and important vestiges of the Romanesque art.Camprodon Valley: place of great scenic beauty located in the comarca of Ripolles, where the nature coexists with the welcoming face of stone of most of their peoples. 21.

Natural Park of the volcanic area of la Garrotxa: is the best exponent of volcanic landscape of the Iberian Peninsula. It has a quarantine of more than 20 lava flows and volcanic cones. The terrain, soil and climate provide a varied vegetation, often exuberant, with holm oaks, oak and beech forests of exceptional scenic value. 22 Besalu: it is one of the most important and most well preserved of Catalonia medieval ensembles. 23 Santa Pau: a paradise situated in the Natural Park of the volcanic area of la Garrotxa, which with its volcanic nature is the most spectacular of the Peninsula. 24 Gastronomy: typical sausages, bread with tomato, dishes are of sea and mountain or the calcots, among other dishes that can be found throughout the community. 25 Romanesque: in Catalonia this estil oarquitectonico was developed in an extraordinary way. He received much Italian influence and solid foundations for the rich development of Romanesque architecture which would continue the rest of Europe, including Spain original author and source of the article were formed in the catalan territory.


Other examples of quality time would work with a child with reading difficulty, help you to read, help a child that is easily discouraged to attempt to relearn, teach a child she becomes irritated easily, to how to channel their energy into something positive. To achieve this, of course, it does takes time, patience and a willingness to participate in a long-term process. This is quality time and this time requires us to be present. Then you have that your family is your priority, this may mean saying no to people and activities that are not important in our life. While we devote time to our children, not always you have to do something special, only to be interested and paying attention is sufficient, involve 100% in activity, if you do something, do it well. Relationships need time and attention, something that often we forget, so that from this time forward to fill your life with quality.

Another thing you should do is make sure that you’re not using sweets, money, toys or travel to compensate for the fact of not being available, it happens that this is often simply a cunning defense to lessen guilt. We only have one life, only a chance to live. Therefore, it is best that we live our life to the fullest, that we fill it with happiness, we must be aware of our purpose in life and live it, we are going to focus on what we must do and lets do it!, may be able to discontinue some activities, to devote some time to the House and see as we manage to give all our loved ones that so desired quality time. Check with Frances Outred to learn more. Dalia Pineiro original Autor and source of the article.


In Colon, Panama, is the duty free zone. It is America’s oldest and second longest in the world after Hong Kong. Colon Free Zone is hosting over 2500 companies establicidas; annually receive more than 300,000 buyers from around the world. It is the center of Latin America and the Caribbean to buy and sell wholesale user companies and represented within the segregated area of the Colon Free Zone, operate more than 1,750 business users operating physically in public places or buildings themselves, whether in the exhibition area better known as Casco Viejo, or in the field of France Field can also be found approximately 750 companies represented by other set, which operate under the name represented companies, which distribute the products and services promoted everywhere world. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dinakar Singh. The commercial area of the display area looks like a big mall, where you can actively shopping, because there is a wide variety of products and services. The difference with a traditional commercial area is the Colon Free Zone is a place to buy wholesale from local distributors that represent manufacturers and foreign brands. and its product offerings. According to Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX, who has experience with these questions.

There are websites that provide information such as company profile, business lines, product catalog. This system allows you to select a list of wholesale distributors to visit. At the entrance of the Colon Free Zone, a commercial area map is available to place selected a sample of companies. Also, guidelines can assist the buyer during the purchase process. Cargo Services Buyers find it convenient to purchase wholesale products that are located in the Colon Free Zone, then combine all these orders in containers. This method saves shipping taxes and help them optimize the purchasing process. Exist within the business area a large number of companies offering their services for maritime cargo transport, air and land and from anywhere in the world. Before departure, entry or transfer of cargo to and from the Free Zone, the company responsible for managing the load makes the declaration of commercial activity (input, output, transfer) to the Free Zone Administration.


Within these characteristics we found the development economic that it must be evaluated for well-being of the country. Another one characteristic is the historical context that each political party has, because this allows to understand better than tendency takes and towards where goes to its political ideologies and their development. Finally the acceptance is due to evaluate that the society has on each party and its leaders, this point is one of most important since the society is the one who chooses that divided politician he is the one that must govern. On the basis of these points we can then realise one more a centered and visionary projection on each party. Within the economic scope the political parties must evaluate the different economic systems that they have existed in the country and like each has evolved the economy of Mexico by then to be able to find the system economic that is necessary for the country. In order to be able to evaluate a little better east aspect, the economic models were evaluated briefly that have existed in Mexico: Model of substitution of imports: One occurs in 1940 under the demand of the Mexican goods on the part of other countries after World War II, which lifted the rate of use. The companies increased the turns of work to be able to satisfy the demands of the European countries.

Avila Camacho implemented under this model the indemnification of the Mexican oil industry, also she recognized the debt of payable bonds and progressed the foreign investment within the manufacture and the commerce. Another president who contributed within this model was German Miguel that controlled the import of goods, allowed the machinery arrival and foreign equipment and accepted an economic reform and social. Model of the stabilizing development: Gustavo Diaz Ordaz and Luis Echeverria the industry founded this model when modernizing, increasing the productivity and to obtain the international competitiveness with the technology.