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To begin learning accounts certainly we have to ask the initial question is: What is accounting? These are the notes, numerical calculations and states that take an organization to record and monitor the assets of the organization. It serves to: provide a digital image of what happens in life and organizational activity. Record and monitor the transactions of the organization accurately and quickly. Source varied, current and reliable information for decision making. Protecting the assets of the organization through mechanisms that demonstrate timely automatically and embezzlement or theft of assets. Explain and justify the management of resources.

Prepare financial statements. Heritage equation (Equation Basic Accounting) Assets = Liabilities + Capital (Real and rights) (Rights of Third Parties) (Proprietary Right) This equation is always in balance. It is the fundamental basis of accounting for the registration of operations. Its basis is the equation of Heritage, A = P + C. For the equation is in balance is necessary: – The assets increased from the left side of the Account (Please) (Cargo) – increase the liability on the right side of the Account (Haber) (subscription) – That the Capital increase on the right side of the Account (Haber) (Fertilizer) Any commercial operation or accounting event involves an exchange of values to the contrary, should be recorded in such a way that affects at least two accounts and debits and credits are for amounts equal and should be analyzed in its entirety Debit (MUST) and Credit (CREDIT). Official site: Barrett Wissman. The total of these elements in each transaction is the same. Debit, Load: when quantities are entered on the left side of the equation Pay, Proof: When numbers are written on the right side of the equation decreases the active subscribers (Haber). Capital liabilities and increase subscribers (Haber) Liabilities and Capital decrease by loading (Must) Must Have, the account has a debit balance.

It should be understood by seating the act of breaking down an operation in its entirety accounting, debits and credits. Classification of assets are made up of things of value owned, such as: Cash Accounts and notes receivable Goods Appliances Office Equipment Land Buildings liabilities are obligations that, as the assets are rated according to the order of priority of payment. The liabilities should be classified as current liabilities or short term, long-term liabilities and other liabilities. example, bank obligations Accounts payable to suppliers Other accounts payable to pay social benefits payable Tax Allowance Definition projects.

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Email marketing can be a highly effective tool for achieving sales and traffic. For a long time, email marketing was spurned by serious companies of online promotion. But the reality is that, properly used, is a very effective way to get more visitors and more sales. The first thing is the list of recipients. Not fall with those purchased databases. In doing so, assumes the same denial of the ultimate purpose of email marketing, that is loyalty to the users, among other things.

That is why, with time, it is possible to knead a good list of contacts, that not only have many more chances to be active, but it will be in large part the heart of your target. Your database is yours, be considered as one asset of your company. These data collection time-consuming, so does not endanger it by sending spam, or communications marketineras without relevance. The purpose of email marketing is, of course, sell. But if you think that simply with calls to actions of the type buy our product, is one real bargain will have any chance of success, think again. If you would like to know more then you should visit Barrett Wissman. The trick here is to give first to receive later. Well, the orders as read our articles, can be easily changed by knows what is the secret of our success, or discover the advantages of 20th, and achieved a significant comparative advantage over your competition. It is not something Citibank would like to discuss.

Offers an advantage well concrete and very real, is the best way to persuade users to follow our calls to action. Do not spam. There are certain keywords that will immediately trigger the spam from mail clients filter: free, click, click, buy. Consider your mails as a true added value, on the basis that in reality, the recipients of these are actually receiving something of value. They are not making him please click on its link. You offer them something that will really make a difference in their lives, or at least, in his way of thinking. Create a landing page for the occasion. Do not route the clicks to the home, is the most direct way of losing a sale. Make your landing page visual and stylistically similar to his mail. Likewise, you must respect the look and feel of your site, in order to maintain internal consistency. Do not send emails very often. Like good wine, reserve it for special occasions. Advertise your shipment in social networks, Twitter for example. From them the importance they deserve, so that they don’t end up hopelessly in the Recycle Bin. Well spent, email marketing is a way to create permanence of brand and provide a value-added, which surely your users will appreciate.

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Perhaps some agreements with greater resonance were: Cuba signs an agreement with Venezuela to purchase oil on preferential terms (30 October 2000) source: ttp: / /, the other was conducted in Havana, on December 15 of the year 2004. Source: Strategic Alliance agreed between the Presidents Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez took off with a range of agreements without parallel, which sets a floor of guarantee for the price of Venezuelan oil, opens wide the island capital and exports from the South American partner, stationed more than 15,000 doctors and Cuban health in Venezuela Tevcnicos and allows the reciprocal of State banks opening, among other mechanisms of unpredictable political and economic impact. F Squared will not settle for partial explanations. Castro and Chavez signed an agreement for the implementation of the Bolivarian alternative for the Americas, in the Palace of the revolution, (ALBA), which recognizes as a basis the political, economic and social asymmetries in both countries. We reject firmly the content and purposes of the FTAA (free trade of the Americas Area), said the chairpersons on an additional statement. Instead, they claimed the ALBA initiative, launched by Chavez it makes in the year 2000, as the true Latin American and Caribbean, integration based on justice, and both pledged to fight to make it reality. It is worth noting that the foreign policy of the Government of Venezuela offers many benefits to the nation because Caribbean which has played a key role in the Venezuelan oil exports and some of its derivatives to the island since the beginning of the conventions, the energy field. In addition to this, agreements on agriculture, education, telecommunications, iron and steel are others of great importance for the island of Cuba. The serious question that originates from all this is is there equality of benefits for both countries under these conventions? While it is true that the program neighborhood inside benefited many low-income Venezuelans, it is also true that the Caribbean country has greatly benefited with the supply of Venezuelan crude oil, however, there is still a vacuum of information regarding the balanced exchange of how many barrels of oil costs Venezuela a medico cubano or vice versa.