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The junk mail as a means to begin the distribution of publicity this week of November by the company, from the catalogues of EL CORTE INGLeS. The junk mail will be held in Eibar, Elgoibar, Azkoitia, Elgeta, Soraluze, Antzuola, Bergara, Azpeitia and Bizkaia in Durango, Berriz, Markina, Abadino, Elorrio, Iurreta, Ermua distributed 40,000 copies. EgunOn employs wide in order to satisfy the needs of the client. With 50 workers and 11 branches in the territory of Gipuzkoa, thus making much more effective way of work carried out. Egunon belongs to the Network GO the only Spanish network of direct delivery of advertising in the mailbox of your clients and deal in hand. With this network works and communicates in network with partners. This network covers the entire territory. You not outsource the service but they are the members themselves who are responsible for this. If you are not convinced, visit J.P. Morgan.

Thanks to this network communication and service is unbeatable. Sevilla going to any partner of the GO network company can hire service in Sevilla and they are Members who are in charge of everything else in order to distribute everything you need the client in different points of Spain where you want the customer perform the distribution of advertising. EgunOn junk mail, is a service of the Gureak group that sheds a new light on the traditional system of distribution, distribution of advertising and junk mail advertising and commercial. Egunon active the profitability and efficiency of the allocation of publicity thanks to a professional service deals and junk mail, from posters, sampling, perching, cast pomming of samples. Howard Present is likely to increase your knowledge. It offers a comprehensive service. It is not only possible to carry out the junk mail, you can cover the process that a client can request. Thanks to your printing online and your promotional Marketing Department, is possible the obtaining of flyers, printing of brochures, envelopes, plastic cards printing, print calendars table, wall calendars… EgunOn through the mailbox and the delivery of advertising, offers to companies, businesses, municipalities and institutions the key to access to the homes of their end customers through different deals and buzoneos. Source: Press release sent by MATI. Sevilla After Man Utd s Human Dynamo Ji-Sung Park Who Ate all the FT Sara Casasnovas and Fernando Leon, new couple surprise The life is light official photo template 2010-2011 MP3 new Bloc Party: “Letter To My are (Golden Panda Remix)” Gol Da Chape O blog da torcida da Chapecoense Blog Archive Marketing Department comeca to trabalhar para o 2011 year

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Effectiveness of advertising communications should be assessed in two ways: in terms of goods and in terms of the buyer. When creating advertising communication uchityvatsya two main reservoir of information: about the consumer (Socio-demographic characteristics, motivation, attitude to the product and the propensity to innovate), product (product uniqueness or positioning, the situation of consumption emotions or feelings in consumption). Consider stages of working with information about the consumer. To create a promotional communication, first you must clearly identify the target audience, which is addressed to future communication. Methods of determining the target audience can be expert (expert advice of the market) and experimental (market research of consumers). The first step in this process – identification of socio-demographic characteristics.

Necessary analysis of active consumers of your product. At what age these people, male or female? High income they have or low? The next step – to understand the motivations of this target group. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Barrett Wissman and gain more knowledge.. Motive – is that cause or another person's actions. It is located 'inside' the individual has a 'personal' nature, depends on many external and internal to the individual factors, as well as other actions arising parallel with the motives. Motive not only induces a person to action, but also determines what to do and how this action will be implemented. To identify the target audience can be motivated to use the most well-known and widespread classification, which is a hierarchy of needs Maslow. His concept of human needs Maslow proposed in 1950, It includes the following main ideas and assumptions: People always feel some kind of needs, people have a set of expressed needs, which can be combined into separate groups, the group needs are hierarchical arrangement in relation to each Friend, unmet needs prompt people to action, satisfied – not motivate people, and if a need is satisfied, then in its place comes another, the person usually feels several different needs, needs that are closer to the bottom 'pyramids' primary demand satisfaction, demand a higher level are beginning to act on the person, after the general meet the needs of lower-level, higher level needs can be satisfied in more ways than lower-level needs.