Why continue to rise the Bovespa 30 July 2009 much have already won that bet on the Brazilian stock market in 2009? Truly, a lot. Robert Kiyosaki may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The Bovespa accumulates a 32.79% increase so far, but this is not the best. The strong exchange rate appreciation that has suffered the real so far of the year increases the profitability measured in dollars, achieving an enviable profitability gained 63.5%. Pinterest: the source for more info. We are late or we can still take advantage of this good moment of the Brazilian stock market? I think that there are valid reasons to assume that we are still in time to take advantage of this momentum of the market. There are reasons to believe that its growth is supported by good economic fundamentals. As came them anticipating in my articles, the Brazilian economy is one of Latin American economies that together with the economy of Peru (and a little further back, with the Colombian economy), show the best prospects for growth and development in the medium and long term. How can we get out as of this strong rise looming for the Brazil Bovespa index and investors from the rest of the emerging bags? Would not wait one more minute, when global economic recovery is top newspapers, already the smart money (big investors) will be entered and pushed up prices, and when we realize, we find no cheap prices now.

It is the time to invest and opportunities such as these rarely in history are repeated. Brazil is heading to stop being the Latin American power only to truly be a world power. The path already undertaken and best of all is that the chosen direction is accepted by both the ruling party and the opposition. The international financial crisis represented only a break in the Brazilian economy in its March to occupy a prominent global role and this will be demonstrated in a few years when their goals are reached.