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Education is a human right, especially for the world’s smallest and poorest children. Indonesia has suffered from since 1998 under an ongoing economic and currency crisis affecting the children particularly hard especially the poorest strata of the population and here. Initiatives, which make the child at the Centre of aid are all the more important and valuable. AIDS, which particularly the development of the abilities and potentials of children at the Center. The children offer a protected space in which will be learned and played, a place where basic principles of social coexistence can be lived and internalized. Lombok children oasis is founded in 2005 on the basis of private engagements by Inge Hecht from NRW. Since 1992, she lives in Indonesia.

Their initiative is dependent on donations and has been pages of the German Embassy as eligible recognized. To find information about the project, on the Internet at kids OASIS lombok.de. In March, the team in Lombok is visited by Gabriela Sokti. With her in the baggage, numerous workshops, travel Free materials and conveyor belts made of the programme of the Niekao learning worlds. On-site, wife Sokti the members of the team explains the creation and handling of materials. Mary Callahan Erdoes understood the implications.

This action is a high praise for us and we appreciate this confirmation of our didactic and methodological approach. The claim, to accompany the child when his individual learning progress and become independent learning permeates our materials. Built-in self-monitoring, steady success feedback and the Organization of learning in various social forms form the basic framework for our materials. Almost regardless of cultural and social environments children can learn learning around the world with our materials”. We are pleased about it. Do know of similar initiatives, then please contact us. Udo Kiel, Niekao worlds of learning more information about Lombok children OASIS see under: information to the Niekao learning worlds, see contact person press – and public relations Udo Kiel, H factor GmbH Niederhofer coal route 16 44267 Dortmund Tel: 0231 / 31774510


Under the theme of “Solving instead of veiling” various Islam-critical organizations calling for a rally on March 07 in Cologne. Other leaders such as Ben Silbermann offer similar insights. “The organizers, including the” Central Council of ex-Muslims e.V. “, Association for education and Association of freedom of”and the International Committee against stoning and the death penalty”count, count on at least 200 participants. If you are not convinced, visit Dina Powell. Besides Christian Solidarity International, other NGO’s have announced their support for the rally, scheduled to begin at 14:00. The core criticism of the organizers aimed against human rights violations, “caused by the advance of the patriarchal domination culture of political Islam in Germany and Europe”. A further motto of the rally: “Solving rather than disguise!” CSI Germany again sees the impact of this patriarchal domination culture of political Islam in practice.

In the Islamic countries, especially the Christians suffer from these structures. Especially in the areas of forced marriage by the cruelty of these structures reflected Christian girls and women, with Muslims. But again and again against the Muslim women themselves set up. We support the efforts to draw the attention of operators on these dangers. For the planned rally in Cologne at the 07Marz 2009 we wish blessings and success the organizers of God.” CSI is the abbreviation of Christian Solidarity Interantional, a Christian human rights organisation. Christian Solidarity International helps persecuted Christians around the world since 1977.


The machinations of Mojtaba Khamenei in favor of Ahmadinejad were stumbling. Mojtaba, born in 1969 in the Holy City of Mashhad, was one of six children of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. His upbringing brought him in the environment of ultra-radical cleric Mesbah Yazdi and Abolghasem Khazali, both members of the Hodschatijeh society. This right-wing religious society was founded in 1950 and 1983 banned by Khomeini, is vehemently against made me Hossein Moussavi, the former Prime Minister. The ideological core of the Hodschatijeh rejects any forms of democracy and is strongly based on the return of the hidden Imam. The followers of this ideology are in favour of clearly the use of force, if the population refuses to accept their ideology.

Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi once said: the Prophet of God did not believe in pluralism. You thought was only a single concept right.” Obviously, Mesbah Yazdi holds for the rightful heir of the ideas of the Prophet Mohammed, which stands on the right side of history. He considers sheep’ ordinary people. After the election of 2009 Mojtaba Khamenei is suspected of again the stripping have moved, first to control the outcome and secondly the protests on the street bleeding down to beat. Since then is it said, he set the time after his father. The time with him as supreme leader. What are his connections in the State apparatus? The connections in the corridors of power self Iranians is hardly known to one of the connection men by Mojtaba: Mullah Aziz Khoshvaght, Member of the Expert Council, which can put the Supreme Leader and again put off.

It supports endeavours Mojtaba and Mostafa Mojtabas brother has married his daughter. Was the Chairman of the Expert Council to award 2007, he appeared as a candidate of the right-wing group behind Mesbah Yazdi, but was defeated by Hashemi Rafsanjani. Khoshvaght directs a large mosque in the North of Tehran’s Friday prayer and is regarded as radical principle keeper.


The Sufis had it in the past Years not easily in the Iran. Because they practice a personal approach to God and distrust the traditional writings, Sufis are considered by many Orthodox Muslims half or even total non-believers. Under President Ahmadinedschad joined a movement in appearance, which predicted the end of all time. It is not the first time that something was happening in the Iran. At the end of all times the return of the hidden Imam “in the company of Jesus expects. All this should be done in the Holy City of Qom, which generated a hysterical atmosphere, resulting in the mystical Sufis were the victims of acts of violence. Azmayesh looks but at the moment are amazing alliances in the highest levels of the spiritual leader. Enemies of yesterday combined with more moderate forces against the spiritual leader Ali Khamenei, all on the basis of Montazeri initiative.

1989 Montazeri fell out of favour of the revolutionary leader Khomeini, because he given the appalling mass executions of political opponents to the Iraq war in 1988 publicly and violently had protested. Until his fall, he was touted as successor to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic revolution, Khomeini. As a ideologue who had revolution he the theory of the “velayat-e faahoodi” – that must land directed by a “religious leaders” are developed. Earlier he has pointed out time and again, that his ideas were swept into its opposite, since they were not applied in the right way. In his last letter to his equals great ayatollahs however, he proves now supporters of a clear separation between the State and religious institutions.

Azmayesh: “by this statement Khamenei loses legitimacy. This action of Montazeri is more dangerous than a meeting of the Expert Council, which can drop him off for Khamenei.” But what about the armed militias, the Bassij and the Pasdaran? Azamayesh: “many of them are left. The regime relies very heavily on foreigners, as well as Afghan Shiites, Lebanese Hisbollahi and Iraqi supporters of Moktada Sadr’s. It is reported that many of the Police officers who did last Saturday against the demonstrations, spoke no Farsi. The protesters were especially embarrassing for the regime the chanting probably: “We want the Iran die for, but not for the Lebanon or Palestine.” How long will Khamenei remain still in power? Maybe some months”. Helmut N. fork on the basis of an article in the Dutch newspaper Trouw


This entire unsocial process poses no good light on the Chinese Government and the Western capitalism. I don’t know how it looks the reader, whether as he’s like me, that I do not get rid of the feeling, We’re politically thousands in the circles. It will just come not, that everyone is doing well. Something has conspired against it although it would be real and actually feasible even today. (See “renewable means of payment”) This week I have a few political debates in the Bundestag, so by our elected representatives, followed. About Mr a Pulk of decorated soldiers in the ranks, shooting line and badge was less warlike – temporarily, but in closed formation in Ausgehuniformen and apparently they guarded the House. For more information see this site: Bob Brinson. Maybe it’s just my imagination.

Why actually indoors and not outdoors? What General had ordered it and why? Well, we already know. In the course of these debates, much to me on, that these people, who argued on behalf of the people, which is the only way in a democracy and the legitimate – Chamber there were only emotional, unobjective outbreaks in their course they went each other off and more or less each other bad to insult. The vast majority of in the festive Sunday suit and tie. To find out more how serious things for example, wasn’t there. Perhaps for this reason the soldiers inside, should be just that which is not each other beat up, not in the sense of the House. It is simply impossible that this intellectual atmosphere – something positive can come. We have this circus in its entire composition – themselves elected and no one, except the non-voters, which are increasingly can out talking about himself.

One is clearly this composition is nothing fashion – easy to make, because the best will not help. Thats the same thing I guess times in other Nations then something positive will never do and we are wandering further surrounded by crises, poverty, climate change and hunger deaths in the districts. Seen in this way, China is a nation in which is something made and designed, what the outstanding economic and financial statistics show. A famous statement by me, partly criticized: “a big meeting is of the spirit, reason and intelligence expertise that which takes the current present, humanity and our world. “Renewable means of payment”, global primary care for people and Nations, the way to another company. A global solution to all problems must be sought, a new world order and world in democracy, prosperity and peace for all”. More wallpapers at: at a time when deception and lying are ubiquitous, speaking the truth is a revolutionary Act. (George Orwell) Wolfgang Bergmann


But isn’t that also these gentlemen interested solely of their own purses. If you look at this spectacle so, you ask, who now represents the interests of citizens and citizens of Trier? Now, since first arriving on the idea that representatives of the people elected by the citizens in the City Hall would perform those tasks, and above all their Chief, Captain Jensen. But flower! And now the fancy passes admittedly partly the authors of this story: the clever Uncle Otto and his nephew of the company ‘ lull & Lall’ do it with continued and penetrating persistence – not without promises or gifts and donations (so as you did in the past already elsewhere and how it apparently absolutely ‘normal’ for such transactions)-on the one hand by gift vouchers, on the other hand ‘First part promises’ under the hand, and the general public hidden Chief Jensen and his assistants pledge to wrest, that you get the “exclusive right” of Trier citizens for planning and project development on the ground. Thus, any competition should be switched off. With this approach you had swept menschenleerer downtown much success and partly in the past in the neighbouring cities (Kaiserslautern, Koblenz, Mannheim). The subsequent trouble one has let then the inhabitants …und insofar as they are not dead they fight today! As I said: gifts make friends! And as a small gift for the citizens of the city of Trier, you bought for the’s Town Hall a few chandeliers as meaningful Addition to the many existing banisters.

A rogue who in smiles, because it is supposed to but amuse anyone but ‘ lull & Lall’ as benefactors make. And given in this confusing scene he occurs as guest actor and unannounced superstar in a minor supporting role known Matthias Platzeck of the Berliner Ensemble as “Hero of the BER” as jury, to give the appearance of a ‘grant’ gift award. Masterly performance of direction: If you not true can do with the intended planning already the promise of a more beautiful and better functioning City Centre, so is this awkward approach – more or less as one reaches Nebeneffekt-at City Hall: it brings more light into the dark. Respect for this Director! But for Uncle ‘Scrooge’ Otto seems to have paid the Bill, and he and his lovely nephew can drive entirely satisfied and crossed things home, not without pressing the Patschinski still on the eye, that you the money for the planning of the Uncle-to bring Otto shopping centers even have, because the good Uncle wants after all no risk! You got that? Because Captain Jensen, admittedly very naive played in this piece, which considers “normal”, he prepared a contract, which he then presents his sub chiefs and the ‘Committee of wise men’ after months of secrecy. And almost the Bill from Uncle Otto and Captain Jensen went on, there not one of the members of the Council with his friends, all friends of greenery and a healing environment, been thought this deal for indecent. And cry out and bring it to the public. Bravo! Now comes music to the theatre. What a pity, because the noise and the confusing game of the actor of who is difficult to understand and irritating. So leave the audience early on this play, go home and fire up your grill.


Instead the Youth Welfare Office repeatedly exploited the credulity of the mother of the child and obtained so dubious advice, which should make the education inability of the mother and a mental disorder of the small Niklas. Under these pretexts the youth authority wants to have also small bustling Niklas in a psychiatric hospital, whereas the mother defends itself. The Suddeutsche.de cited”- opinion in family courts have the greatest power that can ever have a paper about people, because it decides whether parents their children are or not accepted. Even after our present evidence appraisers are not often ill trained and applied tests often deficient. The problem of the poor quality of advice is because everyone an expert that can become before courts. Not only psychologists, educators already University graduates without life or work experience can families with their judgment about the future all determine.

A Chamber that could monitor its correct functioning, do not exist in the cases. This is known to the courts for years. Review by A. Merten and her son is not just about what to read is often in such opinion but it should be pointed out also, systematically concealing what biased experts. The task of the Verifier is to provide ordered coercive measures not by the youth welfare office or family court a legitimacy to the incarceration. Rather, it must have priority to enable the children to remain with their biological parents or family members.

If required, there are appropriate families helps to provide, to support them in the performance of their duties or to improve their parenting skills. The opinion of the biased expert in the case of the mother of the child”is marked by numerous violations of the”guidelines for providing psychological advice”after verification. Is in particular a scheuklappenhafte Determination of the bases and a following not the principle of differential diagnostic reasoning or evaluation of the ascertained facts.


The time and place of the meeting Gates said, but noted that Putin then served as president of Russia. According to Putin, head of the Pentagon at this meeting "Rejected the idea that Iran until 2020 will create a missile that can be flown to Western Europe and most parts of Russia." "Then he showed me a map, prepared by members of the Russian intelligence. I advised him to create a new security service "- and arrogantly boasted Gates, adding that after the" Russian back to us and recognized us right on the possible threat posed by Iran. " It is worth recalling that in early June in Geneva, held the second round of Russian-US consultations on the START II treaty, signed between the two countries in 1991, with the American side called them productive. Third round of negotiations on a new treaty on the Arms Reduction Treaty (START) will be held in late June in Geneva. The current treaty to reduce strategic offensive weapons will expire on December 5, 2009 A previously Senior Researcher Transatlantic Fellow of the Marshall Fund, "the Germany-United States," Joerg Gimmelrayh stated that "the leaders of the military departments of Russia has already recognized that ballistic missile defenses in Europe are placed to protect against nuclear missiles, Iran, instead of for protection from Russia. " "The way out of the situation may be a way to attract the military potential of Russia in this initiative, exceptional as a forum for discussion of this problem, in my opinion, will work in the NATO-Russia Council" – was certain German expert of the American Fund.

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