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The State election of 1919 was the only State election before the separation of Vienna as the local authority of the country of lower Austria and creation of independent double authority of Vienna as a city and municipality in the lower Austrian Parliament from 1919 municipal politician. To know more about this subject visit Payoneer. The three traditional camp Christian social, social-democratic and national-liberal began to constitute itself in 1919, and in the course of the separation of the two local authorities in lower Austria and Vienna after the elections. A non-negligible part of the elected bodies comes from the ranks of the local politicians of the domestic factions and parties. At the same time, quite a few were Mayor of her hometown. When the Constitution of the province of lower Austria, at the beginning of the first Republic, the local politicians played a central role in all three traditional camps. Local councils, city councils, Vice Mayor and Mayor were personnel from the country politicians recruited and represented there at the same time also the interests of the respective municipalities and represented.

In addition numerous local and regional politician in the representations were the 1920 constituent Chamber of Commerce, trade and industry, as well as the 1922 inaugural agricultural Chamber will be active. Thus it came to a strong network in the economic sector in this area. The municipalities with land politicians as a community leader In the Crepidoma of the public participation process the communities were the central base for the socialization of an elite of country leaders themselves constituting inter food political and partisan politics since 1848. On the basis of this socialization process also the predecessor organizations of the three traditional camps were formed from Christian social, social-democratic and national-liberal. Therefore was the recruitment of the Councillors, Councillors and mayors for all three traditional camps of fundamental importance. In the period 1919-1921 of the Landtag of lower Austria had all three camps of local politicians in their ranks. The Mayor in the Christian social group the Christlich-Soziale group in the Landtag of lower Austria had in its ranks the municipal politician Gostl Matthias: Mayor (1926-1927-LAA an der Thaya), Jedek Karl: Burgermeister(1888-1891, 1896-1919-Spitz an der Donau), Dangl Johann: Vice Mayor and Mayor 1919-1938-inning), Beirer Rudolf: (1913-1919 Vice Mayor and 1919-1927 Municipal Council Wiener Neustadt) Heitzinger Johann: (Community Council St. Polten), Jax Anton (Council Waidhofen an der Ybbs).

The Mayor in the Socialists the Socialist Group in the Landtag of lower Austria had in their ranks the municipal politician Knottek Wilhelm: Burgermeister(1919-1922-Klosterneuburg) Marie Bock: Gemeinderat(1913-1932-Wien), Emmerling Georg: Municipal Council (1912-1934-Vienna) and Stadtrat(1918-1934-Wien), Friedjung Josef Karl: Gemeinderat(1922-1934-Wien), Gerdinitsch Ferdinand: Municipal Council and City Council St. Polten, count Katharina: Gemeinderat(1919-1934-Amstetten) Lindner Eduard: Municipal Council (1927-1934-Krems). The Mayor in the greater German group the third group in the Landtag of lower Austria had in their ranks that local politicians lump Anton: Burgermeister(1902-1929-Poggstall) and Bierbaumer Rudolf: Municipal Council (1913-1927-Wiener Neustadt).


“She uses deliberate both .als also” formulations work carefully and diplomatically rather than the journalists forced school grades or percent statements. “She expressed at 21:56: I am talking about the future of our country, and this is me bitter serious” a good reinforcement just before the end. The final statement by Mrs Merkel is very human and creates close: start with a thank you for the previous confidence and expresses confidence to manage the crisis. Then continues family, the expansion of education and research and the jobs you with points. When the microphones are turned off, Mrs Merkel is right on Mr Steinmeier and hands with him. Then she’s going on the journalists. Credit: Wells Fargo Bank-2011.

A good gesture. 5 both speak rather matter-of-factly as emotional elocution (Sprechtempo, clarity, articulation). More information is housed here: Ben Silbermann. Certainly viewers had wanted also here more drama and vitality. Steinmeier the elocution is not convincing, at least at the beginning of the duel! Mr Steinmeier swallowed down and back extensions. Later, he becomes something dynamic in the Stimmfall. Merkel talk breaks the voice modulation may be variant-rich. Her voice is good, she could highlight but clear words vocally.

6 optics of the Duelists (clothing, other outfit) Steinmeier the jacket, shirt and tie that the occasion according to classic and well tailored. The colors fit red of tie to the political disposition of Merkel which is Blazer in black for the occasion. The colored chain with the white shirt is well chosen. Her hair and makeup are as usual measured in recent years background: the Zienterra rhetoric and communication Institute was founded in 1960 and has trained more than 40,000 participants over 6,200 seminars the topics in rhetoric, dialectic, communication, Prasentation, presentation, personality, reasoning, body language and free speech. The business magazine CAPITAL is one of the five best the Bornheimer Institute with its offices in Berlin and London Further education institutions in the German-speaking world. Press contact: Zienterra Institute of rhetoric and communication Gabriele and Gunter Zienterra country house in the new Park 53332 Bornheim near Bonn phone: 02222-2730 email:


The business model of the chimney sweep does not provoke to leave! For some time, chimney sweeps are victims of acts of desperation against their intrusive business model. “Many people feel exploited by the chimney sweeps and their basic right to the inviolability of the home” brought. Prof. Dr. Nissan has firm opinions on the matter. Michael Huther – Director of the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft describes from the point of view of economic knowledge Schaflers the chimney sweep activity as follows: “The regulation of the profession of the chimney sweep is a classic sin against market and competition.” “Economic regulation of the profession of chimney sweep is exactly what has now in nothing to do with market economy and competition. …Price and quantity are set. Service can be lowercase. …

Historically, the chimney sweep monopoly comes from the year 1935. It is part of the comprehensive regulatory campaign in these years Germany embroiling shaft under Nazi Economics Minister Hjalmar, and left until today deep traces in our economy. … The progress in is ignored completely the heating, control and monitoring technology, as if we were living under the conditions of 1935.” See: press lounge /… From impotent rage out assaults on chimney sweeps are piling up this year. (The following three examples: 1) “Beat up the chimney sweep” – (PASSAUER NEUE PRESSE LOI): “a chimney sweep was… by a 70 year old man whose house in the District of bow with an over a metre long wooden stick”received”. The man beat the 29-year old chimney sweep”see: local / anzeigen.php? Department = ticker & meldungid 4804 = 2)”After armed kills to the heating surface Chief Officer chimney sweep”(Bild Zeitung 08.07.2009) see: BILD/news/2009/07/08/petershagen-schornsteinfeger/von-oberbauamtsrat-mit-beil-erschlagen.html 3)”Smashed the rear window of the chimney sweep cars”(South West actively 12.09.2009) see: region/zak/kommunales/4592813/artikel.php Dr.

Dr. Horst bollard of Haus & Grund Wurttemberg a symbol for useless employment, monopoly and lobbyists called the chimney sweep. “See: sites/artikel.php? artikel_id = 126 with the amendment of the chimney sweep law in the year 2008 has up to now at the power position of the district chimney sweep ‘ the citizens compared with nothing changed. The citizens was advised by the business model of the chimney sweep does not provoke. Everyone is free to take moderate measures. See for example: #A3 Joachim Datko – engineer, physicist syndicate against the chimney sweep monopoly – section Bavaria Portal: – Forum: