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He was with her kind and courteous, making luxury gifts, gave diamonds, and she dreamed of a simple family life. They were married only in January 1978. On the eve of Joe surreptitiously gave her a box of business cards, to which was derived by its new name – Christine Dassin. Checking article sources yields Wells Fargo Bank as a relevant resource throughout. Yes, a lot has happened since their first meeting. Almost seven years.

Dassin is about banging 40, Christine is already over 30. But they will have a baby. It was the best argument in favor of marriage. To read more click here: Ben Silbermann. Now they can to live openly, and the first time, according to Christine, "did not leave 24 hours a day." In September, Christine gave birth to a son, Jonathan, Dassin could not believe his luck. But life, as always, was more complex: the fruit of love turned into a fruit strife. Tired, nervous, irritated all Christine, Joe also wanted to do above all with his creativity.

During these years he continues to give a lot of concerts, performed successfully in Europe, the United States, the Soviet Union. In our country has been taken Dassin special warmth, having a short term gain millions of new fans. The most popular hits, "My Music", "Indian Summer", "Champs Elysees", "Carolina." At their concerts Joe continued beaming smile, but at heart he scratched the cat. He could not stand the squabbles, scandals, explanation of the relationship. Christine was also increasingly difficult to control himself. While Joe has toured, performing concerts in different cities, she had to stay home, even with the hated in-law.


In general, this point is clear. 2) It is more complicated. All claim that they know how to play. But I personally can not play the second guitar player, if he does not know about the guitar pro. One barrier screening. I would be very uncomfortable with guitar, playing half a year. The second barrier. And most importantly – someone who, while guitarists dime a dozen.

Each second takes up the guitar and says that he plays on it. Only in the selection of bass guitar or, worse, lead vocalist, realize how few of them. 3) Suppose we do find some people to their seats. Composition recruited. Now, faced with the problem, how do we negotiate the time of rehearsals. The first one-two all, of course, will attend. The sound will lousy, because, as always, everything came so look at each other. What to play – nobody knows.

But then begin excuses like: I'm busy today, let's not me or the person can do, no one informed not to come a rehearsal, or he will be busy all the time, and the rehearsal will go bimonthly. 4) The preceding paragraph is based on the adequacy and aged people. The problem is that people who want to play it for fun, often dally for this event. In addition, this often involved young people who did not initially disciplined and irresponsible. There are, of course, the alternative – to find professional musicians. But they, in their turn, it will be interesting, or play for money, or you will have to pay them for their time.


As an Alsatian-born, I grew with the German language and have them as my French mother tongue learned. The two languages, I feel very connected. German Schlager were heard regularly at home with us. For me, it doesn’t matter whether you referred to something as Schlager, pop or rock. What matters is whether the music is touching and whether it is true.” TOM MATHIS is 100 percent convinced about the veracity of his album.

If his music touched, should and must decide the others. “” “In the Centre of his Chronicle at least in numbers is the L-I-E-B-E, how to only you ma Cherie”, dear Queen of hearts”are or dance you into my heart” the experienced working on. In the up-tempo range, bribe the three numbers with clear arrangements and rhythmic variety and pay homage to the disco-Fox fan all with a desire to rush the dance floor. “” Title, from hope – what I should do that” arose from observations – you, the stewardess” describe resulted, which saw TOM on a flight or happiness and unhappiness and in songs like the best alive “or the night of lies” fins, alternate voice and with a great entertainment value. His Sung situations are always comprehensible and wonderfully human. To highlight the title is only a word here”, where TOM seems hopelessly stuck on and formally struggles for words, moving him. He to backslide into doubt, quarrels with him and talks to itself. We received at the same time as his physical and mental Constitution goes roller coaster – a not perfect just flirt with unexpected output, honestly, up close and full of emotion.

Each song is an experience, a glimpse of Tom’s diary, which is both autobiographical to be understood with a little wink. With joy and gratitude, he sums up his fledgling years and has pointed out: young is no guarantee of creativity. What is important, the life teaches you. What I’ve experienced, flows into my songs. Songs are my life, my thoughts, my work, my love, my consolation. I am very grateful that I can sing.” “With Merci for your love” proves TOM MATHIS feeling, passion and youthful romance. It combines modernity with traditional values. Tom’s charming way convincing and can melt away girls and women.

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