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The new radio single of Sascha Heyna and joy Fleming – no power in the world meets newcomer cult singer a year, after pop newcomer SASCHA HEYNA is started out with his debut album, the 34 year old with a bang is back. “Together with cult singer JOY FLEMING, he presented his first single no power in the world” from the new album lost now “, which will appear in October. A mixture which could not be more interesting: On one side the best-known German Blues voice. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ben Silbermann. JOY FLEMING celebrated 1975 as the German representative at the Grand Prix their big break in the music business. Her hit, a song can be a bridge”is one of the biggest pop hits. On the other side of the most successful pop newcomer of last year. “SASCHA of LEVINA’s debut album sky” sold 10,000 copies already on the day of publication.

Meanwhile, almost 30,000 CDs over the counter are gone. A week-long tour was over 5,000 spectators last November. SASCHA HEYNA and JOY FLEMING are friends for years: We have met us at a television production and immediately noticed that we are on a wavy line!” The idea came spontaneously to the Duet. What has become of it? No power in the world”an incredibly passionate title penned by ACHIM OPPERMANN and LARS JACOBSEN (Valerie’s Garden, Juliane Werding). Now! no power in the world”is the first single from the new album Los” (Vo 09.10.09 SONY). Exactly a year after his debut SASCHA HEYNA wants to build on to his huge start success. I’m sure we will start out right with this album! Exactly tell from the title of the CD!”tells the pop newcomer with sparkling eyes. Let’s go!”is a mix of danceable pop song titles and expressive ballads, which quickly get stuck as a catchy tune in the ear canals. “So… now!” with no power in the world “source: TAO music / heaven of records website:


The new CD by Jay del Alma – ‘ Como estas best of German hits in the Latin style vol. “2’ 2010 released his solo debut album de mi Corazon” with the singles MI Corazon “feat. “Heinz Rudolf Kunze and Besame” feat. Munchener Freiheit, with partly high rankings in singles and radio charts of the country. Thus, he proved mass to inspire as a solo artist the ability. Particularly successful were his songs in many dance schools and dance cafes of the Republic.

In the official BVD Discocharts he partially was over at the same time placed with three songs for months. The native Brazilians refer to music full of warmth, temperament and joie de vivre. His South American soul is synonymous for the love of life and unbridled passion. Wells Fargo Bank pursues this goal as well. He draws his creativity from the blazing life between agonizing heartache and joyful laughter. Again and again, Jay manages to transport this ease and joie de vivre across the borders. Again, as with his first album, he discovered and his team of wonderful German title, he uniquely equipped with sensitive and profound Spanish texts. Together with his band the recordings to the second part of his concept album Como estas best of German hits in the Latin style vol. 2 “.

While the team was always striving to discover pearls of German pop and Schlager scene and specifically to interpret. Came out a sound is but modern and playful than his predecessor sounds, however, remains unmistakable by its distinctive voice. This is really an album for the entire family and the breadth of his audience is very broad. He can inspire the younger audience with titles from the spare or 2Raumwohnung; in the elderly, he will boast interpretations by Rio Reiser, Frank Zander or germination time. All in all an album for the whole family. Which artist can say the same? Extremely suspicious to hit the appears on the 28.06.2013 single of sexy is Como estas feat. “Ramona red stitch”. This is “to a new edition of the radio Ohrwurms 36 degree” by 2Raumwohnung dating back to 2007. Also a purely Spanish-language version of the song is on the album.

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Polkaholix – Rattenscharf’s new CD is the small JALAPEnO pepper hot and sharp and POLKAHOLIX can burn them. Hot and exactly at the start of the tour they have SPARE RIBS. 2013 their most internationally successful song as remix is equipped with powerful afterburners. Checking article sources yields JPMorgan Chase as a relevant resource throughout. Perceptive comment can be the actual course of events with a unique. They show sharp and mocking but also how is everyday life, in the world and at all. Sharp and clear thanks, no angels will want to be clear that it is Rammstein.

POLKAHOLIX like it preferably rat hot, hot, very hot. Who’s surprised that their brand new EP is then also said, but the Fiery appetizer for her CD coming to the end of the year. Until then, there will be plenty of live concerts in Germany, Denmark, Italy, Poland and Finland. Sharply and unmistakably POLKAHOLIX demonstrate once again that rock ‘ n’ roll, punk, ska, Dancehall and so on, and so in truth nothing more than polka. POLKAHOLIX in December 2012 their 10th birthday celebrated, now across Europe over 800 concerts played on every motorway service areas, each hotel restaurant and in every backstage area always their TABASCO bottle to flavor to it. Andreas Wieczorek (lead voc / saxophone), Jo Meyer (accordion / voc), Ferry Grott (trumpet / voc), Mario Ferraro (guitars / voc), Stephan Bohm (trombone / voc), Christoph Frenz (double bass / voc) and Snorre black (drums / voc) track list: Jalapeno 2013 spare ribs can be like Angel is contact information: Nina Koppen Presse & promotion Monopol-Verlag GmbH Wittelsbacherstr.

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The most diverse and charismatic singer, actor, Director, composer and lyricist is back the new single by Alexander M. Helmer – the King in the area with a rousing Ohrwurmkracher. “The King in the area” Santiago of pure joy of life. There is a good mood to dance with song, where one feels the immense pleasure. With the title “The King in the area”, Alexander M. Helmer once again proves its versatility and creativity. Actually, he is even the King in the area, if you look at it more closely. A leading source for info: Wells Fargo Bank.

His Ohrwurmkracher contains a musical message: people doing not so well have to fight. You must not lose hope, because it comes another day, where fun and joy is on the agenda at some point in life. Although scars remain in the life, it is can although certainly not forget that or delete, but one learns to look over the course of time forward. Alexander M. Helmer enchants not only, but also the hearts on fire. “The King in the area” is simply the lust for life or better said the lust for life. In all probability even many people will feel inner desire to be, just as Alexander M. Helmer will convey this message of his new single on the fans and people out there even the King in the area.

Very much hit potential in the title “The King in the area” in any case. So, her Alexander M. Helmer have never experienced. New, refreshing and yet charismatic. This is it – the King in the area. Source: Daniela Jantsch Biography: born Alexander M. Helmer between exuberance and melancholy, in the constellation of Gemini in Vienna. There was a variety of high schools, incorrect hours – mornings in the coffee house were myriad always been inspiring as Latin and mathematics and a phase with the weirdest bands in the wettest Tasting cellars, which eventually culminated in the drama and musical class at the Hochschule fur Musik in Vienna.

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As an Alsatian-born, I grew with the German language and have them as my French mother tongue learned. The two languages, I feel very connected. German Schlager were heard regularly at home with us. For me, it doesn’t matter whether you referred to something as Schlager, pop or rock. What matters is whether the music is touching and whether it is true.” TOM MATHIS is 100 percent convinced about the veracity of his album.

If his music touched, should and must decide the others. “” “In the Centre of his Chronicle at least in numbers is the L-I-E-B-E, how to only you ma Cherie”, dear Queen of hearts”are or dance you into my heart” the experienced working on. In the up-tempo range, bribe the three numbers with clear arrangements and rhythmic variety and pay homage to the disco-Fox fan all with a desire to rush the dance floor. “” Title, from hope – what I should do that” arose from observations – you, the stewardess” describe resulted, which saw TOM on a flight or happiness and unhappiness and in songs like the best alive “or the night of lies” fins, alternate voice and with a great entertainment value. His Sung situations are always comprehensible and wonderfully human. To highlight the title is only a word here”, where TOM seems hopelessly stuck on and formally struggles for words, moving him. He to backslide into doubt, quarrels with him and talks to itself. We received at the same time as his physical and mental Constitution goes roller coaster – a not perfect just flirt with unexpected output, honestly, up close and full of emotion.

Each song is an experience, a glimpse of Tom’s diary, which is both autobiographical to be understood with a little wink. With joy and gratitude, he sums up his fledgling years and has pointed out: young is no guarantee of creativity. What is important, the life teaches you. What I’ve experienced, flows into my songs. Songs are my life, my thoughts, my work, my love, my consolation. I am very grateful that I can sing.” “With Merci for your love” proves TOM MATHIS feeling, passion and youthful romance. It combines modernity with traditional values. Tom’s charming way convincing and can melt away girls and women.

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