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They were cast in the workshop of the Leningrad artistic casting team of sculptors under the leadership of MG Manizer. This kind of gallery of images of the Soviet people: sailor worker, the guerrillas, soldier, worker, engineer. There is also a figure of the border guard with a dog – Alsatian dogs. People believe that this dog brings luck, if it is to rub your nose or paw, or even just to touch her. Students before exams specially come to the station to stroke the dog and ask her luck. Here, Tech CEO expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Ladies with dogs in Ramenskoye and Penza in Ramenskoye In August 2004, Ramenskoye, Moscow region appeared sculpture track 'Lady with the Dog', which became a symbol of love. To the lady in broad-brimmed hat and a rate after a registrar come to the couple near their assigned dates. According to the head area Ramenkoe Vladimir Demin, the idea of this song is not inspired by Chekhov's story, and the story of life. "Once in a neglected yard, I saw a woman in an old coat thrown off the hands of a small dog, and she raised her paw and watered the grass, – said in an interview newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets. – A woman took her under his arm and took home … As time passed, we transformed this court. Cold autumn I saw the same lady, but she looked elegant: a fur coat, a hat and a dog next to her Hustler leash. And now the romantic lady with the dog from the distant past sat on a bench not far from our "white house". It was embarrassing – Do not pluck this fair lady hat, will not harm a dog? In relation thereto, we check to see how our people are able to perceive the beautiful and good.


It wants to prevent cloggings and complications in the hydraulical net of its house or commercial establishment? Some simple attitudes can be useful. Below, a relation of tips of the desentupidora Sampex consists, to prevent cloggings and too much problems in hydraulical tubings and nets. In the kitchen It prevents to play remaining portions of food and, mainly, oil in the thin one of the sink. The accumulation of these two residues is the main cause of cloggings in sinks of kitchen. Valley to point out, still, that a small oil spoon can make unusable thousand of liters of water and that, currently, is possible to recycle it.

In the bathroom Residues as hygienical paper, dental wire, absorbents or still diapers must be deposited in the garbage, never in the sanitary vase. In the thin ones, of the sink or the shower, dental wire and wires of hair they must be removed, therefore they accumulate in the tubing, causing cloggings. In the laundry She always keeps everything clean and she prevents the accumulation of garbage in the thin ones of the tank, as wires of clothes, still half fabric pieces or or lost cadaros. The ideal is to place a net in the thin ones. It will serve as ' filtro' will hinder that bigger residues escape. With these simple attitudes, it is possible to prevent great complications and upheavals with the hydraulical net and tubings. if, exactly taking the had precautions, the problem to appear, enter in contact with a specialized desentupidora, that will be basic to solve the case and to prevent that the situation if repeats.


Much people find quaint JESUS to load the cross of the Humanity? However, the mother does not load the son in the womb for nine months? She is loading its cross. Gary D. Bernison recognizes the significance of this. The father does not provide the food, the study, the clothes and all more it to it to become a Man of Good? He is loading its cross until it to become independent. Thus we are JESUS with all. Letter of JESUS to the Church of Philadelphia To the Angel of the church in Philadelphia writes: These things say the Saint, the True one, That one that the key of Davi has, that opens, and nobody will close, and that it closes, and nobody will open. Apocalypse of JESUS according to Joo, CAP.

3:7. JESUS ahead puts of the Man a door always opened, it to be able to enter, and to have the awaken mind. It knows that the weakness human being, Always looms When the Human being abandons its Internal Christ Who speaks of the Perpetual Temple That it brings inside of itself. The moment is this Where in the Time That is of GOD, All the children its Must remain. To enter in this Space, In this bendito Time, Is to be circumscribed, To the total obedience, the MASTER JESUS Who the Humanity loaded the cross Of all to grant to it longed for It freedom.


To mount horses seems a simple task thus looking at who already mounts in time, but this is a task that also demands concentration and ability of knight and of the horse, must exist a synchronism enters the two that it cannot fail. For who it wants to run away from stress day to day and only uses its horse for strolls in the final mansion of week, it is always important to make with that it makes activities at least one to the two times in the week, thus the animal always it is prepared and it will be able to ride tranquilamente when you to want. The horse is an animal that it needs to keep its musculatura, for that the regular strolls is basic for it. So that its horse is obedient and it takes care of to it in the hours to ride is important that everything is well, mainly with the cell and the hooves. The hooves always must be clean at least 1 time to the day and before the raid by horseback, therefore thus you strap any dirt that can hurt the animal or bring some discomfort. You to mount with security, the bellyband must be fixed correctly, however nor always force will go to make with that the bellyband is imprisoned correctly, you must also look the correct place to arrest it and to press it the few.

If you will have difficulties in mounting in the horse, twirl in crupper of it one or two times until it if feels the will and leaves to mount. Whenever it not to leave you to mount repeats this process until the horse gets used. It uses all the item necessary to ride with security, as much for you how much for the animal and remembers that the item prettiest nor always are most useful, then has only led what really it is necessary not to bring discomfort to the animal. In a distant raid by horseback, it always looks for to know the way with antecedence since the horse also needs to eat and to drink. You need to stop it frequently to rest. He takes care of not to ride with the horse of ' ' belly cheia' ' , therefore it can have a congestion and pass badly.

he always waits some minutes until the food is digested to use to advantage everything that the animal can offer. He stops children who want to learn to mount horses, it is important always to initiate with ponies, for being more docile and always to be folloied for a responsible adult and that it knows to deal with horses, of preference a professor. It is important also that the children start if to gratis adapt with horses through the games and games of horses that are available in some sites, therefore these games show a little of as she is to mount horses and give some initial tips. These are only some tips for you that it is starting to mount horses, wait that they have been useful for its learning, now are alone to practise to gain confidence!


But there are a lot of gourmet bakeries, which provide such service. Freshly baked cookies with a photo of your child and other information printed on it is real. You can also choose a specific language ads birth, which must be printed for each cookie that you send. Is not that a sweet way to send your ad? Photo Magnets. Another idea birth announcement, this photo magnets. Sweet child’s face will be printed on the magnet, together with his / her date of birth, place of birth, height, weight, etc. Fridge magnets come in various sizes, so you do not have to worry about losing the sent information. On the magnet will a lot of space so that you can write as much information as you want. Contact information is here: Boyden.

You just have to provide pictures and other important information about your child in a company that provides this service. If you want to any extra help with the language, read the ad templates child birth. Frame with a picture frame with the whole family! How does that sound! You can save an image of your baby alone with his brothers and sisters, grandmothers and grandfathers. Plus frame with a picture, is that those who received such an advertisement, can keep his home or office as a reminder. This is a great idea.

Food jar. Like cookies, this is yet another tasty way to announce the birth of a child, you can try. Purchase self-adhesive labels that you can easily stick on the jar of food. You can choose to peanuts, chocolate, candy, etc., and send them to their relatives and friends along with a photo of your child and other information. Champagne. If you want to celebrate the birth in grand style, then you should try self-adhesive labels on bottles of champagne. Specifically preprinted label with information about your child, photography, and short poems. Bottles with labels can be sent to all friends and relatives.


Recommendations for improving the level of verbal child's readiness for school readiness child's schooling is largely determined by its level of speech development. Children are often not observed a pronounced lag in language development, which in pre-school age usually does not attract attention, but in the future makes it difficult to master writing and leads to errors in it, beyond the usual address school methods. Must be checked as follows: 1) correct pronunciation of all sounds, especially the whistling, hissing, and 2) the ability to distinguish speech sounds in the ear, as it is a prerequisite for literacy,: – if Some sounds seem the same child, it will be hampered by choosing the appropriate these sounds of letters while writing – to 6 years of a child can say the sounds that are in the beginning, middle, end of short (from 3-4 letters) of words (house, floor, salt …); 3) the vocabulary of a child 6 years of age must be at least 2,000 words – in the vocabulary of the child must attend generalizing words: fruits, vegetables, shoes, furniture, kitchenware, transportation, home and wild animals, their young, professional, tools, and insects. The child should be able to explain what goes into each of these groups – the child should be able to pick up as many characters and action to one object in view of its size, weight, shape, color, taste, smell, temperature, material, etc., as this subject can be used – to be able to find a given word word similar in meaning, as well as words of opposite meaning, 4) ability actively use existing words, to build out their proposals and statements connected (Lamp – lamp, chair – chairs, brow – the foreheads): – be able to coordinate adjectives with nouns, nouns with adjectives nouns with numerals (the tree which ?…, three balls and five – ….?) – understand and use prepositions (in, in, under, around, out of, out of) 5) possession connected speech: – the ability of the child to give a detailed, understandable to a stranger answer to the question. discuss. The ability to understand connected speech, tracing the sequence of events (ask the child to retell the tale, the content of the cartoon, to reflect on events of his life, pay attention to preservation of the logical sequence of events, well-formed sentences of the text itself – the ability to make a story on film. The story must present a beginning, climax, end. The child should be able to finish the story for adults, etc. Dear parents, if the knowledge and skills of the child in some ways do not conform, do not hesitate to speech therapist and a psychologist for further remedial work with your child!.


The reply neither he is only in a long life Many aged ones know of experience that a long life without the sensation to have carried through something or to be necessary is tiring. Already it saw this? Therefore, exactly when we find that if it can find happiness in the life, also appear intriguing questions, that involve to all we. this especially now why? Then, publisher Vermont Royster commented that, in little more than 50 years, the men had greatly extended its knowledge and its capacity technique, but, then it added: ' ' Here he has something curious. In the contemplation of the prpio man, of its quandaries, its place in the universe, we avaamos very little since the start of the time. Still we have questions on who we are, why we exist and where vamos.' ' – Science Digest. Of course, it can simplismente be tried not to make case of such questions and to enjoy the life. It has very in favor of if having pleasure in the life, although its problems. But he is not realistic to take a life of illusions.

Our life would have true meaning and the base for the happiness if we could start to understand ' ' who we are, why we exist and where vamos' '. We can obtain this? Weighed thinkers happen frequently they had arrived the conclusion on that the reply he depends on the basic question: God exists? If God exists, then it is logical that it knows of where we came, why we exist and where we go. It also knows why the evil exists, if this goes to finish, and, in this in case that, as. it knows what we can make to become our happyer life and more significant. Then God exists? ' As to find the happiness He sees this experiena: ' ' During my life of casado' ' he explained certain man of the west of the United States, ' ' I had acquired everything what he wanted in material direction: a beautiful home, cars, boats, and horses.


In accordance with the authors, in the Europe, the aristocratic families kept its wealth and the control of its lands, favored for the crown. The relations between its components were based on the hierarchy and the tradition, where the men lived for the actions directed toward the war and, the women to the social life in the castles where he inhabited, being that the children were created and educated for the employees of the house. The family peasant, in turn, was comumente structuralized of form to organize itself well with the great existing natality in its seio. They lived, in its majority, with other families, in vilarejos or villages, joined that them in the communitarian dependence, the customs and also for the tradition. The men withheld mantenedor work e, the women created the children (children or not) in communitarian regimen, where these, since early, depended on all the community and, not only of the parents. .


Back in 1824 in North America, Mexico Highlands to the west of the Rocky Mountains American entomologist Thomas discovered a beetle leaf beetle Seismic, painted like a zebra cherrnymi African and white stripes. He lived in Mexico, this beetle Apache tribe on the lands. At the time, and Texas, and California and other southwestern and western U.S. states, except state Origon belonged to Mexico. So it was until 1845, when the U.S. simply selected all the territory from Mexico, making it a most half, that is the way it is now.

So imagine living this beetle leaf beetle, lived and no one bothered, ate the leaves as wild aslenovyh plants. The Indians then planted himself just Manso (maize), beans, pumpkin yes, that is all that beetles are not interested. But one day around 1830, the entire company of these beetles inadvertently saw the Indians asked for their supreme god to send down the Yale crows on their land of rain, as in the year in those regions was a big drought. Beetles have seen everything and the Indians built a large fire, and as high priest threw him in a variety of herbs, and like all Indians plyassali ritual dance around a bonfire. Fireplace beetles do not like it, but Tanya is very liked it. So much, that they, too, sitting on the bushes danced with the Indians. Since it was a dance-prayer, all the soldiers were without weapons, and each time the high priest threw volshabnye herbs into the fire, all the Indians in led by the leader (caciques years) raised their hands and followed the priest exclaimed, "Oh great and mighty raven Yale, you are god of all things, help us your children, send us rain, and then we have all the fields dry, drought. Put on your anger on mercy – help us! We are asking you, help us! "And so it went for three days, so that the beetles had all good to remember, but on the fourth day went a long-awaited rain.

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What we must make at moments of crisis and unemployment? At moments of the most adjusted economic crisis it is to make a familiar meeting, to elaborate a domestic planning. To write down all the expenditures and to create rules for consumption. For example: to go to the cinema, to use to advantage the days of promotion or to lease a ribbon in a video rental all family to attend. She goes to carry through a purchase, pechinche, she does not have shame to go to some store to search prices and has much patience in the hour to buy. The more pressed it will be the familiar, bigger budget the necessity of planning of expenses. It against the account prevents wastefulnesses of water, light, telephone and foods.

Either a conscientious consumer. What she is necessary to be a conscientious consumer in them gives some tips of economy? The tip most important in economy of any relation of cost benefit utility . What I am acquiring really is necessary, the cost-benefit of this product valley the option for this purchase. Part discountings, searches prices, looks similar products, control small expenses. This week I was the two store that were to few meters one of the other to buy a board to pass clothes, in one of the store cost R$ 129,90 and in another one, a similar with good quality was R$ 34,90, I saved R$ 95,00, what it assists to pay a water account, light, etc. the difference is enormous in the commerce, therefore to search is very important for its pocket.

It searchs searched offers (it verifies in some places to have certainty of the promotion), is intent to the credit cards and guaranteed check, negotiates taxes better and looks for to buy the sight to get greaters discountings. Exists some rule on what to spend at this moment of crisis? What accounts are with priority?> First it is feeding, according to clothes, third a professional qualification and personal marketing. To invest in you. The companies are more demanding and selective at moments of man power containment. With priority accounts are: accounts of water, light, telephone, gas, installment or rent of the house, medical installment of the automobile, insurances and accords. It negotiates installments, credit cards, guaranteed check and other debts. Economically as to face the unemployment? Focar in the best abilities and differentials. To plan in the elaboration and delivers of each resume. It does not lose contact with friends and professionals of the area. It searchs improvement courses. It does not invest repayment resources to open a business unless it has studied markets, finances, operational systems and tax burden amongst others. Crisis goes to get worse? All crisis is synonymous of new chances, with claw, determination and patience we find the success.

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