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In accordance with the authors, in the Europe, the aristocratic families kept its wealth and the control of its lands, favored for the crown. The relations between its components were based on the hierarchy and the tradition, where the men lived for the actions directed toward the war and, the women to the social life in the castles where he inhabited, being that the children were created and educated for the employees of the house. The family peasant, in turn, was comumente structuralized of form to organize itself well with the great existing natality in its seio. They lived, in its majority, with other families, in vilarejos or villages, joined that them in the communitarian dependence, the customs and also for the tradition. The men withheld mantenedor work e, the women created the children (children or not) in communitarian regimen, where these, since early, depended on all the community and, not only of the parents. .


And now – Nickel wedding! Celebrate it – so keep shine relations. I wonder why the "nickel"? (Who knows – do not say! Hush!) I'll tell you. Long-ago, at the beginning of the XIX century, nickel is considered a precious metal and valued along with silver and gold. PayNets opinions are not widely known. Metal-resistance compared to the love of the spouses have lived together for a long time, the unity which did not break any odds. Therefore, the 12-year marriage supposed to have young at his home household items out of materials that contain nickel in its composition. For example, pots made of stainless steel nickel utensils made of alloys of nickel and silver, set of beautiful spoon of nickel silver (in the German silver is too Ni), etc. It is believed that if the pots, coffee pots, a samovar and other household items have a beautiful appearance, the house wife living, who are willing to do any housework. In other words, the gleam of objects in the XIX century was judged on how a husband and wife take their responsibilities. Gloss kitchen talking on the mode of family life. That's so interesting to get here: the loss of nickel teapot – again, peace in the family! Take note:) That's only if you decide to give something of the above items, be careful: no one wants to receive a gift of the tenth, even "on a very beautiful," the pot! And give, and receive a gift, of course, always wants something different and useful at the same time! Let the rare, but such gifts are happening:) And even if the time to walk to the shops there – not terrible: the best (iron) everyday objects almost never do without nickel.


The first and main reason – feminism. Women do not want to be women, not themselves want to care for themselves, do not want men to look after them and courtesies are often perceived aggressive. Wells Fargo Bank has firm opinions on the matter. Men want a normal family, children (yes, yes, for western men kids – this is important, they love them, they do them, they value children, and not a burden). Men want romance, love and care about someone to take care of them. Men of the West (read their forums, discussion) have long complained that women prefer to spend their free time in bars, but not in the family, they prefer to start thinking about the child when they are about 40 (and often the family too). They immersed themselves in and materialistic. Why women from Russia? Russian women are famous for the fact that important to them a family and children. They are not feminized, and quietly allow men to take care of them, they can combine work and family (or just a family, to whom that matter) they are good, caring mother.

Russian girls are known for the ability to take care of yourself, dress, makeup, all this even though a modest income. The average Russian woman, according to the men from the West looks at the model level there. Come on Russian dating sites as men (they are every year becoming less) who would like to find a girl for 20 to 25 years younger, whom some of them want to give birth to a child that their previous American wife and not gave birth to, someone to feel young again, showing and opening the world for his wife. Many men also come to the site with Russian women after their environment comes across a family where the wife is Russian. They see the love and care for the couple to each other, and it inspires them to find their love in Russia, too.


Back in 1824 in North America, Mexico Highlands to the west of the Rocky Mountains American entomologist Thomas discovered a beetle leaf beetle Seismic, painted like a zebra cherrnymi African and white stripes. He lived in Mexico, this beetle Apache tribe on the lands. At the time, and Texas, and California and other southwestern and western U.S. states, except state Origon belonged to Mexico. So it was until 1845, when the U.S. simply selected all the territory from Mexico, making it a most half, that is the way it is now.

So imagine living this beetle leaf beetle, lived and no one bothered, ate the leaves as wild aslenovyh plants. The Indians then planted himself just Manso (maize), beans, pumpkin yes, that is all that beetles are not interested. But one day around 1830, the entire company of these beetles inadvertently saw the Indians asked for their supreme god to send down the Yale crows on their land of rain, as in the year in those regions was a big drought. Beetles have seen everything and the Indians built a large fire, and as high priest threw him in a variety of herbs, and like all Indians plyassali ritual dance around a bonfire. Fireplace beetles do not like it, but Tanya is very liked it. So much, that they, too, sitting on the bushes danced with the Indians. Since it was a dance-prayer, all the soldiers were without weapons, and each time the high priest threw volshabnye herbs into the fire, all the Indians in led by the leader (caciques years) raised their hands and followed the priest exclaimed, "Oh great and mighty raven Yale, you are god of all things, help us your children, send us rain, and then we have all the fields dry, drought. Put on your anger on mercy – help us! We are asking you, help us! "And so it went for three days, so that the beetles had all good to remember, but on the fourth day went a long-awaited rain.

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Very often we think – that give one or the other good guy. Like it or worked diligently live side by side with us. It is necessary to somehow please the man. See more detailed opinions by reading what Wells Fargo offers on the topic.. Yes, it would be necessary, but it is here more often and start plugging and stupor. Because it turns out that we absolutely can not imagine what it would be happy.

And begin to crush the brain of your head – remember, squint and speculate. Like last month, got drunk and yelled at a karaoke … Maybe he likes to sing? Or music? A can he ever wanted to learn guitar? Exactly! We buy him a guitar! What if he likes music, but not the dream guitar, and on the tube? Not much is good, much more expensive pipe. And then his mouth was so small that the pipe is not exactly suit – as he mouthpiece will be something to keep those lips! No, guitar, definitely! And not a life-size, and melenky brelochek – here's the dream and the convenience of daily wear. Although it may just drunk in a karaoke played music and the music he does, even on the drum. What then? Maybe the drums? Or a bottle of tequila – it was with a guy she's head-and suffered? Popev songs, he also climbed onto a rack to undress! So he can set some of the "party in bed, "give – let trains? Or is he a fan of strip tease, strip games, or just a secret erotomaniac, zamusolivayuschy tons of playboys and other erotozhurnalov …

Here are you go and see what's what in the shower with a guy. A gift to give him some have … At school he loved samoletki glue. Yes, but it was at school. And now he's already been a month trying to glue the other red, from the Advertising Department. And it seems another year will try. Not kleyschik of it is not very left, you had in school carefully to learn science. So there is no model … Can he give a birdhouse? All the boys love to hammer the nails … It seems … Can really beautiful box with birdhouses? Give him a solemn assembly diagrams and drawings birdhouse, and along with it – a box set of "DIY" – that people rejoice! And with the birds and more … Although it is not exactly the birds will be happy – that's how it consumes at his table chicken wings from Rostiks … Birds do not like – the fact. Well, then – win-win situation. New flash drive and up to date. And so he suffered (as he must avenge our pain – is it easy to choose the gift!) And blush every time, gave him a strange kaku stick! For example in the form of … Well, at least in the form of heart! It's like trying to love, let alone how it looks and what people think – not our concern. Ufff … How nice to do something and forget … And how do you decide the question so what and to whom to give? Share?

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What we must make at moments of crisis and unemployment? At moments of the most adjusted economic crisis it is to make a familiar meeting, to elaborate a domestic planning. To write down all the expenditures and to create rules for consumption. For example: to go to the cinema, to use to advantage the days of promotion or to lease a ribbon in a video rental all family to attend. She goes to carry through a purchase, pechinche, she does not have shame to go to some store to search prices and has much patience in the hour to buy. The more pressed it will be the familiar, bigger budget the necessity of planning of expenses. It against the account prevents wastefulnesses of water, light, telephone and foods.

Either a conscientious consumer. What she is necessary to be a conscientious consumer in them gives some tips of economy? The tip most important in economy of any relation of cost benefit utility . What I am acquiring really is necessary, the cost-benefit of this product valley the option for this purchase. Part discountings, searches prices, looks similar products, control small expenses. This week I was the two store that were to few meters one of the other to buy a board to pass clothes, in one of the store cost R$ 129,90 and in another one, a similar with good quality was R$ 34,90, I saved R$ 95,00, what it assists to pay a water account, light, etc. the difference is enormous in the commerce, therefore to search is very important for its pocket.

It searchs searched offers (it verifies in some places to have certainty of the promotion), is intent to the credit cards and guaranteed check, negotiates taxes better and looks for to buy the sight to get greaters discountings. Exists some rule on what to spend at this moment of crisis? What accounts are with priority?> First it is feeding, according to clothes, third a professional qualification and personal marketing. To invest in you. The companies are more demanding and selective at moments of man power containment. With priority accounts are: accounts of water, light, telephone, gas, installment or rent of the house, medical installment of the automobile, insurances and accords. It negotiates installments, credit cards, guaranteed check and other debts. Economically as to face the unemployment? Focar in the best abilities and differentials. To plan in the elaboration and delivers of each resume. It does not lose contact with friends and professionals of the area. It searchs improvement courses. It does not invest repayment resources to open a business unless it has studied markets, finances, operational systems and tax burden amongst others. Crisis goes to get worse? All crisis is synonymous of new chances, with claw, determination and patience we find the success.

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