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Recommendations for improving the level of verbal child's readiness for school readiness child's schooling is largely determined by its level of speech development. Children are often not observed a pronounced lag in language development, which in pre-school age usually does not attract attention, but in the future makes it difficult to master writing and leads to errors in it, beyond the usual address school methods. Must be checked as follows: 1) correct pronunciation of all sounds, especially the whistling, hissing, and 2) the ability to distinguish speech sounds in the ear, as it is a prerequisite for literacy,: – if Some sounds seem the same child, it will be hampered by choosing the appropriate these sounds of letters while writing – to 6 years of a child can say the sounds that are in the beginning, middle, end of short (from 3-4 letters) of words (house, floor, salt …); 3) the vocabulary of a child 6 years of age must be at least 2,000 words – in the vocabulary of the child must attend generalizing words: fruits, vegetables, shoes, furniture, kitchenware, transportation, home and wild animals, their young, professional, tools, and insects. The child should be able to explain what goes into each of these groups – the child should be able to pick up as many characters and action to one object in view of its size, weight, shape, color, taste, smell, temperature, material, etc., as this subject can be used – to be able to find a given word word similar in meaning, as well as words of opposite meaning, 4) ability actively use existing words, to build out their proposals and statements connected (Lamp – lamp, chair – chairs, brow – the foreheads): – be able to coordinate adjectives with nouns, nouns with adjectives nouns with numerals (the tree which ?…, three balls and five – ….?) – understand and use prepositions (in, in, under, around, out of, out of) 5) possession connected speech: – the ability of the child to give a detailed, understandable to a stranger answer to the question. discuss. The ability to understand connected speech, tracing the sequence of events (ask the child to retell the tale, the content of the cartoon, to reflect on events of his life, pay attention to preservation of the logical sequence of events, well-formed sentences of the text itself – the ability to make a story on film. The story must present a beginning, climax, end. The child should be able to finish the story for adults, etc. Dear parents, if the knowledge and skills of the child in some ways do not conform, do not hesitate to speech therapist and a psychologist for further remedial work with your child!.


Back in 1824 in North America, Mexico Highlands to the west of the Rocky Mountains American entomologist Thomas discovered a beetle leaf beetle Seismic, painted like a zebra cherrnymi African and white stripes. He lived in Mexico, this beetle Apache tribe on the lands. At the time, and Texas, and California and other southwestern and western U.S. states, except state Origon belonged to Mexico. So it was until 1845, when the U.S. simply selected all the territory from Mexico, making it a most half, that is the way it is now.

So imagine living this beetle leaf beetle, lived and no one bothered, ate the leaves as wild aslenovyh plants. The Indians then planted himself just Manso (maize), beans, pumpkin yes, that is all that beetles are not interested. But one day around 1830, the entire company of these beetles inadvertently saw the Indians asked for their supreme god to send down the Yale crows on their land of rain, as in the year in those regions was a big drought. Beetles have seen everything and the Indians built a large fire, and as high priest threw him in a variety of herbs, and like all Indians plyassali ritual dance around a bonfire. Fireplace beetles do not like it, but Tanya is very liked it. So much, that they, too, sitting on the bushes danced with the Indians. Since it was a dance-prayer, all the soldiers were without weapons, and each time the high priest threw volshabnye herbs into the fire, all the Indians in led by the leader (caciques years) raised their hands and followed the priest exclaimed, "Oh great and mighty raven Yale, you are god of all things, help us your children, send us rain, and then we have all the fields dry, drought. Put on your anger on mercy – help us! We are asking you, help us! "And so it went for three days, so that the beetles had all good to remember, but on the fourth day went a long-awaited rain.

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