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The minimum connection time – 25 minutes. Passenger and Baggage – through. The airport has everything you need for transit, apart from the hotel. Airport is open 24 hours a day. In long-term docking is possible to leave the city if there is a Schengen visa.

Benefits Airport – compact size, you can save short connections, the presence of a transit zone to the city center – 13 km, you can get different types of transport. The entire airport staff said in Russian. Its passengers airBaltic now offers 70 destinations from Riga in Europe, Scandinavia and the CIS. Demanding passengers – a full service in business class. Economy class passengers – cheap flights and an opportunity to add flight extras.

AirBaltic has a loyalty program chastoletayuschih passengers – BalticMiles, which allows you to quickly accumulate miles on airBaltic flights and partner companies and use them to get various bonuses and privileges. The program is fast gaining momentum and the number of partner companies is growing not only in the Baltics and in Russia. For corporate clients there is a system of tripartite agreements. We offer them a fixed rates for the entire contract period and flexible terms – a full refund of tickets, free replacement date and passenger name. The airline Air Baltic constantly have special offers on the site, as well as in systems reservations. Within a year, Latvian airline plans to launch new flights to Belgrade and Rovaniemi, Arkhangelsk and other cities. To promote the new directions are special low prices that can be found in all sales channels. The plan for the future – to continue the dynamic development, it refers to the number of directions, by 2014, the company plans to carry out flights in 90 cities in Europe, Scandinavia and the CIS. Air Baltic also try offer more interesting conditions for participation in the loyalty program BalticMiles – the number of program partners is growing, and with it the opportunity to receive bonuses.

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As you can independently organize their trip to Spain? PLAN YOUR VACATION? But do not want to pay the tour operator and travel agency and the commission then? Modern technologies allow to organize your tour, do not leaving your computer, directly on our website (). Think it is very difficult? No, it's pretty simple if you know the structure of the organization of the tour. Also, let's look distinct advantage if you organize the trip independently. 1. The selection and design of the tour. Visit a travel agency takes a long time (to get there, stand in line, wait until all turns out.) Plus, the selection options.

The agency itself decides for you which cities you visit, and where how you going to stay. Or you can at any time, without hurrying, in the comfort of home or at work at the computer choose your tour. On our site you will find many interesting things about Spain that will help you determine the route. 2. Rent home or hotel. Often you can just choose the hotel where you stay, and then from the list of those who signed a contract with a tour operator.

Or at your disposal spaces of the Internet where you can book hotel or home to your taste. 3. Purchase tickets. Often the cost of air travel is the main part of the budget round. How can you save if you plan your trip yourself? Book flights Online. In this case you do not pay for work aviakassirov and airlines provide you discounts. If you book your advance, you can buy tickets at minimum prices. It is these seats are bought in the first place. C through the Internet you can check out offers from several airlines. 4. Rent a car. Many travel agencies do not offer car rentals. At the same time, the car – the most convenient way to travel, it gives you the freedom to move across the country. At any time you can change the planned route, do not depend on the schedule of buses. Rent a car online as easy as to buy tickets. 5. Visa. Visa processing through travel agency will cost 100-200 euros. If you make a visa by yourself, then it will cost 925 – 1500 rubles. Required documents: – Proof of hotel reservation. After booking the hotel you will receive a voucher that takes the Spanish Embassy to confirm the fact that their country is your place to stay. – Confirmation of ticket (or reservation tickets) back and forth. This confirmation you will be able to get the agency airline where the ticket was booked. – Confirmation that you have enough money to visit the country. This may be a letter from the employer on wages and / or bank statements, etc. – Availability of health insurance for the entire stay. – Photos and completed questionnaires. Summarizing the above, I want to note: the Commission of travel companies is very high. Why pay them if the same things you can do yourself? And the most important difference between the organized tourism, and independent – is that the first once again visit the places of pilgrimage of tourists are in the company of women, requiring low-cost shopping, the pervasive children, and sometimes inadequate even neighbors in the hotel. The latter interact with people (you can download the Russian-Spanish phrase book or to start learning Spanish), watch how they live, are immersed in the culture of another country and thus learn much more than the first. Because that's what distinguishes one country from another.

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